Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/16/2013 – Chris Hardwick

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Guest Chris Hardwick

Recorded 08-12-2013 – Release Date 08-16-2013

Production Number #1144

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Adam is welcoming Chris back for his 5th appearance on the podcast, he’s been guesting on the show since 2009(Year 1) on episode #29 of the ACP original format.

Chris is complimenting Adam on the continual upgrades to the studio and how he’s seen it evolve with his annual visits.

Adam is now sharing how his pirate ship has evolved and how growing a business is attractive to him because of the spirit of “onward and upward”.


Chris is agreeing while riffing about stepping the shoulders of the 99% that Adam employs, Adam has a hilarious reply about stomping on trapezoids.

They’re in agreement about growth and progress, Adam is citing guys who brag about their old car they’ve been working on since high school, Adam loves the reaction while judging it.

Chris has a hilarious reply about not hanging with many mechanics, Chris is taking it down to the cellular with his reply.


Chris is extrapolating all of this Nerdist Empire from the pc game Sim City and his youth spent managing digital resources while playing.

Adam is telling Chris about building the console for the studio in the driveway of the warehouse, Adam is now asking Chris about the shows and the premise.

Chris is explaining how “Talking Dead” and “Talking Bad” work as wrap up shows for both series.


Adam is citing the last day of his Fund Anything campaign and how Bryan Cranston is largely to credit for the success, if you haven’t contributed but you’re a fan, or if you’ve only contributed once, go here now Road Hard and get your name in the credits of the movie for 20$, YOUR NAME FOR ALL TIME!

Adam and Chris are discussing how kind Bryan is and Adam is telling Chris about doing anyone’s show and why he has such and open door policy with podcast guest spots, Chris carefully sidesteps the topic.

Chris is taking it to Hitler with an idea of accidentally guesting on a show with a theme you don’t agree with, perhaps that’s why he never guested on the Superfan’s show, for those who don’t know Chris and Adam started at KROQ at almost the same time, Chris was Adam’s fill in guy for Classic Loveline.


Adam is telling Chris about how he has experienced some of the amateur hour productions with unprofessional hosts.

Chris is admitting that even as one of the biggest comedy podcasts he’s still pulling a bit of trickery and doesn’t feel that far removed from the amateur productions Adam is referencing.

Adam and Chris are now directly addressing the accusations lobbied against Chris regarding his nerd hobbies and how it has opened doors for his career in the new nerd dominated landscape.


Adam is now taking it back to the KROQ days, he’s bringing up the people who would ask him the equivalent of Dr. Drew’s “Are you a real doctor or just a love doctor?” regarding his carpentry knowledge.


1st Caller Constantino from San Francisco, Adam’s Superfan representing the Bay Area.

Adam is asking him about his role with the legendary Zorba’s Pizza, very interesting, Constantino ran the wine riot for Adam in San Francisco after I ran the one in Chicago.

What a great phone call, wonderful dude!


Adam and Chris are now discussing smaller more dedicated audiences and why they’re superior to the old model of finding success with a large less enthused audience.

Adam is asking Chris about his crew over at Nerdist and what it feels like to employ people, thanks boss!

Chris is very humble in his explanation about bringing in smarter more qualified people for certain roles and how it ends up adding pressure to ensure you don’t ruin things for those that depend on you.


Adam and Chris are riffing about tripping over your own dick in response to the comments Chris just made about the one fuck up ruining a project for everyone.

Adam’s quotes about how he would have to remove it from his mouth have now just led to the 3rd Ace Awards 2013 contender of the week, this is gold!

Adam and Chris are now riffing about measuring dicks, Chris claims to use the direct TV remote, Adam’s response about Lynette’s hypothetical reaction if she were to walk in on that is another bit of comedy gold.


Adam is now sharing his mailbox analogy for pubic hair grooming in response to Chris giving some practical advice to the fellas in the audience.

Adam is asking Chris his thought on the future of the podcasting industry, Chris doesn’t think the medium is as ubiquitous as many people try to claim.

Chris says the “extra step” required to get a podcast precludes it from the vast majority of the possible audience, Chris is now predicting a “platform singularity” where one box will access all media, interesting!


Adam and Chris are now discussing the podcast accessibility from modern cars, Chris is telling Adam about his friend who has a Tesla S and how it’s like “Driving in your smartphone”.


2nd Caller Mike, he’s calling from the lovely Bakersfield.

Mike wants to know how Chris was able to acquire his skills in dealing with hostile or drunk people, he’s citing the DICE awards and the phone prank on Talking Dead.

Chris is giving a very thoughtful reply and explaining why he actually enjoys those moments.

Adam and Chris are commenting on the praise they get for off the cuff riffs and replies and how much more rewarding it is than prepared material, Chris is citing the feedback from live shows and why he prefers it to all of his other gigs.


Adam is saying that a 6.5 out of 10 spontaneous one liner will get a larger reaction than a funnier prepared joke.


3rd Caller Jeff wants to start a dialogue of some kind? He’s bringing up Adam’s “if you told me Henry Winkler was a dick?” idea, Adam is now stepping in to explain it to Chris while adding him to the nice guy list.

Jeff wants to know how Chris feels about Jenny McCarthy, Adam is giving Chris the out of “Jenny is Jenny” and he’s explaining the idea behind it, how it’s code for assholes.

Adam is explaining his 2005 beef with Jenny because of his 8hrs of volunteer work that ultimately led to her cancelling on Loveline twice, 2005 pregnancy book Jenny, cancelled two times then got banned from Adam.


Chris is explaining his working relationship with Jenny back in the “Singled Out” days where Chris originated the self-deprecating “cool nerd” persona as the host while Jenny shouted a lot while being leered at.

Chris is discussing the last time he hung out with Jenny, Jim Carrey and a pre “The Hangover” Bradley Cooper.

Adam is sharing his “nice or weird?” question about Jim Carrey, similar to his “Douche or not a Douche” question regarding John Mayer.

Chris sums it up with kind words.


4th Caller Adam, he wants to know when Adam is going to be heading down to Austin.

Adam is actually trying to work it out so he can attend a vintage race on the F1 track.

Chris is sharing some final thoughts on Jenny before they move on, he’s got a funny observation about the lasting effect of “Singled Out”.

Adam is now sharing his take on Chris and his career peaks and valleys, this is really interesting to hear as Chris probably assumes Adam didn’t pay such close attention.


Chris is telling Adam how he’s been told 6-12 years to figure out your voice in comedy and Adam is sharing his thoughts on meeting Jerry Seinfeld in a parking lot one time.

The infamous “Rich Man Poor Man” story, where Jerry told Adam to try and market that more or use it in his act for a theme like Jeff Foxworthy’s act.

Adam is asking Chris about his low point in show business, Chris is now sharing a story of his rock bottom via a joke from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show mocking his position in the industry.


Adam is bringing up how he and Chris share the common element of former partners who never stop gaining success in the industry, Adam has two and Chris has Jenny along with Mike Phirman.

Adam is explaining the Road Hard premise to Chris, who would make for a good cameo in the movie, Adam and Chris were in the movie “Art House” together where Adam played “Cool Guy”.

Chris is sharing his “did you fuck your cohost” career milestones and Adam is giving his take of someone whose partner looked similar to them as opposed to an attractive woman.


Chris is explaining how much harder it is to resurrect a career as opposed to starting from scratch, Adam is asking Chris about publications reaching out to talk to him about Jenny, like happens to Adam with both of his former partners.

Adam is citing the “Dr. Drew has 3 TV shows, you don’t have any, how does that make you feel?” story.

Adam and Chris are riffing about the veil of honesty people use to say horrible things to your face


Adam is sharing his “I’m fine, leave me alone” resistance to attention, he’s making an analogy for how it felt to have his lack of TV shows pointed out compared to how he felt before it was brought up.

Chris is bringing up his sobriety and how he shifted his natural obsessive abilities to career motivation.

Adam is telling Chris about how having dominion of his career has made him hyper aware and instead of work coming to him he’s now on the hunt, Chris agrees and is using the idea of his POV about working on a sitcom changing over the years, interesting.


“America in a Can, that’s Chris Hardwick” – Adam Carolla

Adam is now giving a get your shit together summation, Chris is giving a caveats for people who can’t get out of their own way due to extenuating circumstances.

Adam is apologizing to Chris for going to a sports analogy, he’s getting into the meritocracy of sport and using the NFL to make a point about how nepotism has no place in sports.


Adam is giving some plugs and Chris is also doing The Wilbur Theater, he gets in a slick plug for his own appearance.

Adam and Chis are riffing about Adam feeling right at home in Newport at a yacht club, Chris has a great gnawing on his own penis callback, hilarious.

Chris is now plugging his new show on Comedy Central “@ Midnight” and explaining that Tom Lennon is one of the executive producer, Chris has a very courteous thank you for the final plug and now Adam is wrapping the show.


Flawless Week of Special episodes, thanks Road Hard Contributors, you got us over 5hrs of new hilarious content!