Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/15/2014 – Dave Dameshek

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Guest Dave Dameshek

Recorded 07-21-2014 – Release Date 08-15-2014

Production Number #1377

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Adam is opening the 2nd recording of the 21st and BB has a classic KLSX “What are you gonna do?” Carolla drop for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is asking Dave Dameshek about his work at the NFL network and he’s telling them about the “Dave Dameshek soup station” Because he loves soup, new drop alert!

Dave says not liking soup is like not liking “The Beatles” and he explains that there are so many varieties of soup much like styles of Beatles tunes their must be one you enjoy.


Alison has a counter point about soup and quotes Chelsea Peretti, Adam references the nut based soup he was offered with his wife and Vince Vaughn and his wife, he’s sharing his riff from that episode about not having to tie your culinary hand behind your back.

Adam is now getting Alison to give her take on Corn Chowder, Dave is bringing up navy bean and 5 bean soup, threatening to leave the show and Adam echoes his “grandfather was killed” riff about soup.

Dave now shares an anecdote of Adam and Jimmy involving a beer sponsor and Jimmy’s refusal to consume it, Adam is now bringing up his own power rankings for Jams and Jellies, he’s explaining that grape jelly is the least popular and least tasty.


Adam is describing the pictures he takes and that are of the jelly holders at the restaurants he frequents with Kevin Hench.

Adam is now making an argument of a 5yr old PB&J sandwich, it settles into a better dish.

Dave is now on a donut tangent and Adam is setting up his “jelly rankings” and Dave is waxing poetic on spreading Peanut Butter on bread, Adam has a hilarious Guatemalan nanny one liner.


Adam is now reading his list of Jelly rankings.

Dave brings up fowl and Adam riffs about confusing the buffalo with the name we label chicken wings.

Gary is now reading from “In 50 Years We’ll Be Chicks” and Dave compliments how poignant Adam was via the translation of Mike Lynch, BB gets in a joke about swearing and Adam mocks him, gold.

Adam brings up how Lynette doesn’t like seeds in food, Alison shares her similar problem and Dave parts ways with texture when it comes to Mango, he’s bringing up his fruit of the year Sheky awards from 2013.

Dameshek has a Bobby Knight reference and Adam rolls with it nicely along with BB, couple solid one liners.


Adam is doing a live read for Nature box.


Adam is getting to the way fruit has been changed in the public eye when it comes to being health conscious, Adam has a killer Wolverine then Mark Spitz joke for BB and his hypothetical diet for his next movie.

Adam is making a point about how cruel and godless our existence is that the tastiest fruit is not healthy for you, Adam brings up how fruits and non-green veggies are no longer part of a healthy diet.

Dave is telling Adam about a blackboard restaurant that only continues to serve its most popular dishes and entrees.

They’re further going on about fruit textures.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Frank, he’s a new listener and Adam asks him how he discovered the show, he explains he saw them in the top 5 of ITunes and Dave takes it back to the idea of a meritocracy.

Frank says he could tell Adam was drunk on the Paul Rodriguez live from the Icehouse show, Adam wasn’t that buzzed, only two show nights can you hear it, Adam is explaining that and BB says “he hasn’t been listening that long” and now Adam is explaining when two beers can hit him pretty good vs. when it does nothing to him.

Adam is now going off on the daylight champagnes buzz and Dave says his new goal is to get drunk under the sun vs. his youth of trying to stay out as late as possible.

Adam wraps up with Frank and thanks him for this concern.


Dave is telling them about drinking leftover beers on Monday before basketball practice, Dave says it oddly made him better at his 3 point shot.


2nd Caller Jeff brings up a guest from last week, Pete Holmes. He’s referencing the computer/porn lockout system to keep you from wasting your life jacking off in front of a screen.

Adam brings up the stats about how much of your life you’ve wasted in traffic, he’s now pitching his timer lockout invention to Dave.

Adam is sharing what the gang picked for their times and Dawson’s outside the box thinking, BB compliments him.


Jeff says he’s exceeded his lifetime allotment and asks Adam about a 30 days pornography fast, could Adam do it and he’s asking about lotion, Adam is now explaining how he is going to train and test his kid’s type of “drunk” before letting them out in the world.

He quotes the going on a fast food run and “somebodies been working out” line from his daughter hypothetical.

Adam is now connecting this to dry jacking and how he wants his son to be trained into not using lube, it’s a crutch.


Dave brings up letting his son see his wiener and how it burned it into his brain, he quotes his son “Dada you’re wiener is huge!” and now Adam is sharing how this donned on him, while thinking about their dads huge cocks and Adam is riffing about the ideal conditions for showing your dick to your kids.

Alison is now taking it back to the lube and the reasoning behind not using it.


They’re going to break.


They’re back from break with Adam doing a Tommy John Wear live read, Alison is giving him a nice assist and Adam says he is getting rid of all his old name brand shirts and underwear.


Alison’s News

Adam wants to know about this “Tucker Rule” that is taking the name for Adam’s raised goal posts, Adam brings up the confusing “Tuck Rule” and BB has a funny quip, Dave gets burned and Adam is working in Dave’s eponymous soup station to make him feel his pain.

Dave is now quoting Adam over the years bitching about the goal posts in the NFL and Alison brings up the 3+yrs of tweets and now they’re mocking Bill Simmons and his “safety” concerns about raising the goal posts.

Adam brings up the laser beams idea and Adam brings up his trident goal post with a bonus score for hitting the middle post.

Dave asks Alison about her pick of the Super Bowl and they get her to name two NFL teams.


1st Story Is on an article about the truth about shaving cream, she’s explaining how it works, Adam is sharing what he’s learned about one day’s growth and how hot water is plenty, he says that 4-5 days growth requiring a cream.

Adam address the notion of aftershave being used, Adam jokes about applying the liquid like the old advertisements with the hot chick behind the guy.

Dave is now sharing some shaving tips from Bill Nye told to him on the set of “Battle Bots” and Adam wants to get Bill back into shave science.


2nd Story Is on Gummi Bear bratwurst being sold and she’s got the background details about the man and his business and how he was asked about it as a joke, but it’s now a hit.

Adam says we need to stop fixing things that aren’t broken, Brats and Lasagna are both fine the way they are.

Adam wants regular lasagna, not some remake new version, Adam brings up how the lack of a traditional club sandwich in today’s world bugs him.


“Everyone hates the Jews, but the one thing, THE One THING they get right is the sandwiches” – Adam

Dave informs Adam that Rich Eisen is Jewish and Adam is now waxing poetic about meatball subs and he blames the Bay Area for these highfalutin pine nuts in Italian food, BB says that’s more authentic with a quick reply.

Adam is bringing up the Huevos rancheros he ordered at a place about a decade ago, Gary pulls up the menu and they have changed it back to the traditional variety.


Alison has a killer one liner that everyone misses then gets repeated without them realizing she was the quickest.

Alison is now asking Adam about the corn vs. flour tortillas and how he and Olga silently judge Lynette for eating the flour, the non-authentic preference.

Alison once again agrees with Lynette and Adam suggest they move into a small apartment together, Adam has a funny “tiny dishwasher” rely to Alison where he mentions Olga.


3rd Story Is a list of things never to put in your dishwasher, Adam is sharing his argument about why you don’t need one as a single man.

Adam is giving his theory on coffee mug cleaning, Dave brings up not cleaning a skillet by letting flavor soak into it.

BB is sharing his preference and Adam is arguing that 8 out of 10 guys don’t even use them, Adam says if you have a party go for it, but if you’re living alone, forget it.


Alison is now listing the things not to be placed in the dishwasher, they talk about wooden bowls and spoons.

Alison brings up insulated mugs, Adam says he avoids it all by never using the dishwasher.

Alison wraps up the news.


Alison asks Adam about always using soap, Adam is saying trust me I know, we don’t need soap on everything.

Adam says our or now, Alison questions it, odd beat.

Alison and Adam are bringing up lipstick glasses that still have lipstick on them after coming out of the dishwasher.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read, funny “Simon and that guy from Wham” joke instead of saying Simon & Garfunkel.

Dave promises to come do a “Creep of the Week” and references Alison’s Super Bowl picks, Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.

BB plays the daddy wiener drop of course.