Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/15/2013 – Tom Lennon and Diane Farr

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Guest Tom Lennon and Diane Farr

Recorded 08-12-2013 – Release Date 08-15-2013

Production Number #1143

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Adam is now opening the show with the longest running female MTV Loveline cohost Diane Farr making her 2nd appearance on the podcast and Tom Lennon of The State, Reno 911, the script for every movie since 2005 and most importantly James Babydoll Dixon impression fame is making his ACS debut.

If you would like to hear Diane’s previous appearance on ACS #255(Production Number #587) from 2011 you can obtain it via the Official ACS Archive and you can hear her on Episode #13 of The Adam and Drew Show.

Tom hasn’t guested on The Adam Carolla Show since July of 2007 when he was on the KLSX incarnation with his writing/comedy/hetero life partner Robert Ben Garant promoting “Balls of Fury” starring Dan Fogler if memory serves.


Adam is explaining that Diane is going to be in the movie and Tom is already on a funny riff about creating a part for him while mocking the roles he’s often cast in, very funny!

Adam is explaining how he’s always known that Diane has acting chops, he’s saying she left the MTV show volitionally, contrasting past stories implying she was replaced.

Diane is now correcting Adam that she was on the show for Season 2 and 3, with 200 episodes, Adam is lamenting the MTV schedule and blaming them.


Tom is asking Adam and Diane if they have ever made out, Diane is now citing that there is a make out scene in the script and she’s explaining how every single male actor has given her the “sorry if I do, sorry if don’t” cliché line before filming intimate scenes.

Tom is wisely attributing it to a quote from Jack Nicholson and they’ve now decided everyone is just quoting/ripping him off.

Diane just revealed “A Bizarre Boner Twist” as Adam puts it, they’re only barely trying to get her to reveal who.


Diane just brought up Adam’s wife Lynette and bummed both him and Tom out almost equally, this is a great guest combo, amazing!

Adam just revealed that Diane is one of the three people to have read the full script, hilarious reply from Adam to Tom asking about what takes place besides kissing in the scene.

Adam is on a great “tasteful fingering” riff, Diane’s laughter and reactions are gold.


Adam is now plugging Tom’s new comedy “Hell Baby” featuring a fully nude Rikki Lindhome and hilarious Kumail Nanjiani, Adam is saying to see the movie completely un-high or totally high.

Tom is now bringing up the explicit nude scene, Adam is remarking on how attractive he found Rikki to be and how much he prefers it to the “artful nudity” in most films.

Adam is calling the rating for the movie “a batman signal of R”.


Tom is asking Adam about the first R rated movie he saw, Adam just revealed to them it was “Papillion” and he’s saying he was 8, but he was actually 9.

Tom is appreciating this reveal on a level nobody ever has in the 17yrs of Adam sharing this story with guests.

Adam is now citing some of his greatest quotes from James Babydoll Dixon, Tom is now riffing in character as Babydoll and Adam is calling for him and Jimmy to have a “Babydoll off”.


Adam and Tom as Babydoll are now loosely riffing, Adam is sharing tons of info to give Tom some material, and Adam is now sharing the story of the time Babydoll “told Entourage to fuck off”.

Tom is explaining that Babydoll was the only person telling “The State” to stick with MTV and not go to CBS, Tom is emphatic that Babydoll was the only person to know what was going to happen.

Adam is explaining how he first learned about Tom’s impression of James Babydoll Dixon, they’re now playing a clip from “The State” featuring Tom as Babydoll.


Adam is explaining how James was recognized on the Long Island Expressway from “The State”, Adam is failing to mention the time James was recognized while going through TSA at the airport.

Diane is joking about her variant of the Halle Berry topless rule, 5k vs. 500k.

Adam is now explaining that they’ve re-written her part to have the meeting between their characters take place sooner.


Tom is still riffing with sexual overtones, Adam is blaming it on the Mangria that Tom is enjoying.

Adam is explaining why he had to invent it due to his “problem”.

Adam is explaining how he invented it to Tom and Diane, their reactions are priceless.


Tom is giving a brief version of his journey and jumps to his 40’s where he’s actually starting to get into the “Road Hard” lifestyle, he should be in the movie!

Tom is taking it back to “The State” and Tom has a great joke that leads Adam to remark on Michael Ian Black’s dick being featured in “Hell Baby”.

Tom is describing the insane level of fights they engaged in as the comedy troupe “The State”, Adam is asking who the alpha male was in the group, Tom is saying there are about 6-7 in the group and that was what lead to such intensity.


Adam is bringing up his two partners who he loves working with, he’s explaining his different role/relationship when working with either guy.

Tom is saying that despite being 24 while filming these bits he doesn’t totally hate them, they’re all remarking on work from earlier in their careers and how painful it can be to look back on it.

They’re trying to set up another clip but it’s stuck, Adam is using the holocaust and Tuskegee experiments to make his point about the current midrange of technology we live in, echoing his sentiment about CG.


Adam is now riffing about AV Ed, stopping by every two weeks and supplying him with the latest and greatest technology for his home theater, Adam is lamenting how the “one button” solution never works.

Adam is now asking Tom if he’s ever had a gay fantasy, Adam is now riffing about hooking up with a gay AV nerd, holy shit this is great!

Tom and Diane’s reactions are wonderful, Tom is almost at Adam’s “Japanese Hai” level of agreement and acknowledgement, and it really enhances the comedy.


They’re now playing the 2nd clip of Tom as James Babydoll Dixon, Adam is losing it already.

Tom is now sharing the details of his favorite meeting with “The State” at the old William Morris agency, he’s citing Mike August showing up still in his golf shoes, awesome.

Adam is asking Diane about her journey, she’s sharing the details of her early modeling days due to her frame and height.


Jr. High School, Diane disagrees and now Adam is busting out his new theory on women feeling awkward in their teenage years despite how they appear to the rest of the world, thus skewing their judgment, Diane doesn’t disagree.

Diane is taking them back to her days in theater school in England, Tom is now breaking down the “1, 2, 3” of her story so far.

Diane is telling Tom about an agent “hip pocketing” her, Tom is sharing that only attractive female actresses have told him about that and Adam is telling all women to hear “Futon Fuck” in place of hip pocket.


Adam has a hilarious “gynecologist baked me a casserole” comment to explain women’s inability to detect men who want to fuck them, he’s got a cable install topper and Diane once again doesn’t disagree.

Diane is talking about how she first heard about the audition for Loveline, she’s citing how Adam made her cry on her first day and she’s marveling about how he doesn’t remember hearing it, even Superfan Giovanni doesn’t maybe she needs to tell it on air!

Adam is talking about how they were paid 900 an episode during the first two season and how he got their favored nations pay doubled for the remaining episodes.


Diane is now saying she’s going to throw Drew under the bus, she’s telling them how she paid the rent by teaching acting a maximum security prison, hilarious reactions from Adam and Tom.

Adam is taking it to a deeper level, citing the danger of teaching felons how to lie better, comedy gold!

Tom is now playing the prisoner as Adam questions him as the guard, this is a great improv, Ace Awards 2013!


Diane is taking it back to the screen test, she’s sharing how Drew stepped all over her first question with medical jargon.

Adam is now correcting her and telling her probably never said “than me”, Diane is doing that thing people due where they personalize Adam’s comments.

Adam is now explaining how he alleviates people’s nerves by telling them not to worry about trying to be funny.


Diane is now citing original MTV female cohost Kris McGaha, she’s mixing up the details on this a bit too.

Adam is explaining how he loves people who “bring it” and what happens when people get stuck in their head trying to force the funny.

Adam and Tom are now riffing about Diane being dressed up like Alex from “A Clockwork Orange”.


Diane is now citing how she was losing it after hearing the producer’s comment on her appearance and question their choice in hiring her.

She was on mic and she learned the painful lesson all people who work with live microphones eventually do.

See Diane is not putting two and two together, it’s been made clear the producers made hiring and firing decisions based on bizarre nitpicks about the appearance of the female cohosts despite someone like Diane being a professional model.


MTV Loveline had 3 long running “permanent” Female Co-hosts, Kris McGaha from the first season in 1996, Diane for season 2 and 3 and Catherine McCord for the final season.

In between each host there was a revolving door of semi-regular co-hosts including Laura Kightlinger who must have done over 25 episodes.

Adam is really bumped by Diane insisting he said “funnier than me” which is not something he would say now, let alone in 1997 and Diane is admitting she was very sensitive and being picked apart by producers that day.


Diane is explaining how she was alerted to Adam joking about not knowing her name about 6 months into her loveline run while he was doing some radio promotion.

Adam is citing his “1 Year” sniff out rule and how he employed it with Kevin Hench.

Tom is lamenting Drew not remembering his name despite meeting countless times, Adam is now sharing the Sean Green story from earlier in the year where Drew pulled the most awkward social movie possible.


Diane is now sharing a classic Adam and Drew story, she’s mixing up the details again.

Adam is explaining how he and Drew would get roped into hosting and introduction duties at music festivals.

Drew brought his triplets to the show and they were introducing Korn with Gwar set to close out the show, Adam is explaining how Drew approached Adam about bringing his kids out on stage.


Tom has a hilarious “GWAR!” in response to Adam’s description of walking on stage, Adam is getting to the punch line of the story.

Adam is describing the 18,000 person strong wall of fuck you the kids had burned into their psyche, Diane and Tom’s reactions are once again off the charts great!

Adam is doing a nice Onnit.com live read and giving plugs for Tom and Diane, he’s ordering them both to come back for a follow up, hopefully together!


Tom is telling the audience “Hell Baby” is only 13$ on Amazon, he’s telling fans to use Adam’s link, win win!

Adam is plugging Diane’s book and website, he’s giving her a sweet thank you to boot.

Adam is wrapping this flawless episode of the ACS.