Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/14/2014 – Dr. Gad Saad

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Guest Dr. Gad Saad

Recorded 07-21-2014 – Release Date 08-14-2014

Production Number #1376

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Adam is opening the show with BB playing the “Oh Fuck!” drop from Rob Huebel as today’s #TopDrop and now Alison is getting BB to clarify its origins.

Adam gives out some live show plugs and he’s getting into “The Molly Saga” and Adam invents “Hobo Kibble” and Alison wants to know made out of them or for them, Adam is now trying to figure it out and BB has a killer FuBu joke.

Adam is now explaining how the hobo kibble works, it makes your pee not smell and your turds firm and non-splattery, Adam is asking about people who beg for money at gas stations and wants to know how that is possible.


Adam is explaining he would hand out hobo kibble in place of cash to these desperate pan handlers, Adam is saying that 10min of pan handling will by you enough to live for a day at Taco Bell, Adam would add “salt peter” to the kibble much like the stuff done to prisoners and people in jail with Phenylketonurics in the drinks.

Adam is joking about cotton candy soaked in beer for the flavor and Adam is saying that hobos don’t do dumpster diving anymore, nope that’s for dumb hipster “freegans” and Alison is riffing about today’s Nuevo hobos.

Adam is bringing up the low cost of Little Caesars pizza and their Muenster cheese tomato hockey pucks.


Adam is back to Molly and her elite canned food, she now holds out until they mix chicken and cream cheese into her meals, guilt tripping Lynette and Natalia, Adam says she has a much better life than all of us and it’s about 40$ a dish.

Adam is bringing up Larry Miller’s son joining the marines and how proud Larry is of him, Adam is sharing the conversation they had.

Adam jokes about “not even sexual” regarding the contact not allowed with his family, Adam brings up their late night movie watching from bed to celebrate their last night together with this dynamic.


Adam says it feels like just yesterday he was at the kid’s bar mitzvah and now he’s 18, Adam is praising the Miller family and the “No Beach out Of Reach” saying on the marquee outside Camp Pendleton and Adam is joking about “No Muff Too Tough” which cracks up Dawson and he recalls seeing it in the 1970s.

Adam says he’s found the male equivalent to women and their fake nails and hoop earrings, Adam says that bragging about getting pussy is the men’s variant of that.

They’re all now riffing about Adam’s hypothetical van scenario with a “NMTT” bumper sticker and Adam is mocking people who take coin toss scenarios and give very emphatic passionate answers.


Adam is doing a live read for Stamps.com


Hooray For Baldywood

BB saw “Alive Inside” and is recommending it today after taking about it on his podcast “The Film Vault” and he explains how the people react to the music played for them in their old age in the midst of dementia.

Adam is now joking about them playing “Send Me an Angel” when he’s in their place, hilarious!

Adam is bringing up how music connects on a level we’ve probably barely scratched the surface of, he’s bringing up the score for “Road Hard” and how it transforms the scene to have a music bed.

BB gets an assist from Gary and wraps up the review, Adam now wants a 100min hour and only gets mixed up about time when it comes to the running time of films.


Alison is bringing up her period talk, she’s explaining how she hears that from people and now says she hasn’t taken a normal shit in 2 weeks, pooping like rabbit.

Adam is now bringing up the spinal column of Swedish meatballs that look like 128 little shits all together, Alison jokes you could skip her turds on a pond.

Adam has a funny TMI dig for Alison.


Adam is explaining that his flora and fauna has changed and has a funny “who you fucking Lynette?” one liner and says he must wear deodorant before leaving the house for the first time in his life, his ass funk has changed.

Adam brings up the 7 year process for cell replication and death, Alison gives him an assist.

BB is tuned out cutting drops of Alison and Adam jokes about his doctor calling about his tumor and wanting to talk to everyone else first, BB has a killer reaction.


Dr. Gad Saad is now making his ACS debut and Adam is asking him about his book and career, how he researches all consumption and Adam brings up Dog’s turning in a circle, doing their evolutionary duty and Adam connects it to humans.

Gad is in agreement and brings up the human reticence effect and Adam is connecting this to his Classic Loveline “Polar Bear” research idea.

Adam wants to know why people are wired that way and the one exception dickhead who chimes in to defend that this isn’t true, that people aren’t subject to the same rules of nature.


Adam is bringing up the way people don’t understand hypothesis and use anecdotal evidence to shatter scientific arguments, Adam want’s to shatter their orbital socket.

Alison is now defending Adam and his arguments that are based in fact, Gad is bringing up the endless cognitive trap and Adam wants all of those assholes on an island, Disagreement Island.

Gad brings up his tax rate in Quebec Canada and just did the thing that Adam was talking about, BB calls him on it, gold!


Adam is now using a hypothetical 120mph speed limit that the citizens did 100% across the board, the government keeps the flock in order and should be aiming to keep people happy and civil, Adam wants to know why there are no politicians meeting with psychologists.

Adam is asking why Gad isn’t advising the president and he says there was a recent campaign to add such a person to the cabinet.

Gad is bringing up sun exposure and women’s understanding of melanoma and young male smokers, how data points don’t work unless they trigger a “Dar-wienian” Darwinian + Weiner.


Gad is explaining how people and wrong choices made are often thought to be uninformed which isn’t accurate, it’s not about information.

Adam brings up Gad’s heritage from Lebanon and his agreement about how the fighting will never stop over there, Adam says it will never work regardless of land or concessions.

Adam is sharing his “move the Jews to Baja California” theory, Adam says that if you pulled the Jews out of the mix the Palestinians would start killing each other.

Gad brings up his great appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Adam says he loves the Jews and studied them, Alison has a killer one liner and BB gets a dig in implying Adam is anti-Semitic.


Adam brings up his step grandfather Lotzi and how kind he was, how he was unlike all of the other Carolla’s and Alison is trying to figure out how he ended up with his grandma, Adam says the story of the diminutive Jewish guy hooking up with the ball buster is a story old as time.

Adam is bringing up his Grandma’s obvious tendencies too escape her inherent white trashiness and how she saw Lotzi has a bohemian European.

Adam is bringing up the guys who fight a lot “told me my wife’s pussy smells” and Alison has a killer one liner, Adam is now using Matt Fondiler to prove the counter point.


“My imaginary friend is bigger and stronger than your imaginary friend” – Gad on how religion corrupts al logic and reason.

Alison asks about the end of religion and how she didn’t foresee us still stuck in such ideological bullshit in this day and age, Gad is waxing poetic on the human condition and the death sentence we all have of 85yrs.

He says an atheist position takes a lot of courage, Adam is now giving his take on the origins of religion and the bizarre existence we all take part in.


Adam is now getting to the insecurity of religion, if you are secure you wouldn’t need to kill others if you truly believed, you would chuckle and enjoy life if you were a true believer.

Adam jokes about everyone peeing in sinks in his heaven, Alison has a great “pill” point and Adam has a nice follow up.

Gad is bringing up the variety of religions and the opposite prescriptions given by them all, contradictory positons on the most miniscule and grand issues.


Gad is now quoting Richard Dawkins about atheist and denying 10k religions vs. 9999 religions, Adam is bringing up the simple concept of an afterlife where all of your Darwinian desires are rewarded, the earthly Band-Aids as Alison puts it, in more eloquent words.

Adam is getting Gad to list some of the reasons why religion is argued to be part of human evolution, the believers and the non-believers, the coalition us vs. them mindset.

Adam says all he wants to do is show up in the Middle East and ask how it’s going, he has stood on the sidelines for 50 years on earth and would like a new direction, Adam is using the Cleveland Browns for his example of coaching and BB has a funny reply.


Gad is bringing up the narcissism of believing that god is looking out for you, Adam is mocking he idea of someone being touched by god that is the most narcissistic reply as what it leaves unsaid is worse than someone just bragging about their own skill level and accomplishments.

Adam wants to know if we can’t treat humans more like animals and solve things from the top down, use the government to influence a healthy way of living, Adam says he’s contacted many politicians who don’t understand this basic stuff.

Gad is bringing up how people not believing in evolution is the biggest hurdle to overcome, sadly our government is filled with idiots who don’t believe in anything.


Gad is now bringing up the various arguments against evolution including feminists who view it as an attack on their ideology.

Adam is bringing up the thing he said about all things being equal, Adam says he would rather a gay couple raise his kids if they were educated and had a good income over a poor man and woman.

Adam is bringing up the “all things being equal” angle of his argument and now Gad is bringing up the women’s studies programs, Adam brings up his mom’s 19yrs of Chicano studies.


Gad is now bringing up the lame patriarchy arguments that imply humans dictate evolutionary biology, Gad is killing it, bring him back again, he’s a great guest!

Gad is sharing how he was speaking at top university and a woman in the audience thought the idea of humans being driven by biological mechanism was heretic.

Adam says “it is that” regarding bridges and civil engineering, he’s not saying good or bad, he’s saying is, he’s not arguing for it either, is = is.


Gad brings up his research questions and mentions Alison’s menstrual cycle and how it drives consumption, Gad asks her when she is most likely to make herself beautiful.

Mating drive vs. “snacking drive” and Adam is in agreement and making some killer follow up points.

Adam brings up his twins and how they are who they are, without any social construct dictating their behaviors.


Gad is now getting to toy preferences and the lame arguments from crazy hippies about it, Gad brings up some monkeys and their toy preferences, the same as humans.

Gad is now using little girls who suffer from a specific condition that makes them more masculine and their innate toy preference.

Alison says these people are agenda driven, Adam wants to know who gave them this information and why people think this ass backwards stuff.


Gad blames the misunderstanding and misuses of evolutionary theory for evil things for the wild reaction to and counter logic people now infect themselves with.

Alison is stuck on monkeys playing with toys.


Adam and BB are doing a live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs for the fantastic Dr. Gad Saad and some nice compliments to boot!