Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/13/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

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Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan

Recorded 07-20-2014 – Release Date 08-13-2014

Production Number #1375

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Adam is opening recording number #3 from the 20th of July with a standard “on vacation” intro with reminders of how to support the pirate ship and live show date plugs.

Adam has a funny back and forth with BB about signing his book and another character from history’s book as well, that some fans might think is appropriate company for BB, they’re wrong, he’s a humorist and being absurd.

Adam is welcoming them to the show and BB has Alison’s “There’s something in my butt” drop for today’s #TopDrop.


Mr. Brightside

Adam is waiting for the calls to come up on the screen and there is a weird silence as Gary tells him the info off mic.


1st Caller Tony, he uses “sir” and Adam is trying to discern why, ex-military? Southern thing? And he’s contrasting how people out west address everyone as dude.

Tony is having a lot of trouble getting started, he’s sharing how he was forced to resign from his job and is now trying his hand at being an entrepreneur despite his large debt.

Adam is now exploring his vague comments about his job and protecting the innocent, Adam is getting him to reveal how he essentially signed his own pink slip by refusing to drive into work, he’s using euphemisms to paint himself as a victim and Adam mocks him and his “high pitched” voice reply.


Alison is commenting on the mysterious escalation that Tony is whitewashing regarding his 30min commute he was sick of doing.

Tony claims to be “real good at two things at once” i.e. Multitasking, he can’t even track on the phone and Adam is on a riff with BB and they’re back to his job ending, Adam says if he was the boss he would want Tony to stay home.

Adam is bringing up the lack of a “Boss Voice” in today’s world due to the chicks and willowy dudes, he thanks Tony for doing the voice.


Now Adam is doing a great back and forth with the “Yes” drop from a few months back, Adam is killing it and getting fake Tony to agree to a multitude of nonsense.

BB realizes this is the same “Tony” holy shit, BB called that and now Tony confirms it is him without a hint of surprise in his voice, yikes…

How Great Magnet!


Adam is now quizzing him about his idea for an e-cigarette reselling business, basically hawking shitty hack jobs from China copping the design of someone else’s patent.

“Tony you sell dreams, that’s what you sell” – Adam

Adam jokes about doing what Stephen Dorff says and tells Tony to call back again that the listeners love him, really?


2nd Caller Tyler was medically disqualified from playing division 1 football at school in Syracuse, too many concussions and Adam is asking him about how many he’s had total.

Adam has some super practical advice for him to cheer up, he got what he needed as far as personal discipline and personally responsibility and got out before he loses more brain function.


3rd Caller Herschel, he bring up “Green Eyed Lady” Adam’s old Karaoke number, one of them.

Herschel is going through an intense custody situation and Adam is now using all the richest people in America, Oprah and Donald Trump and what they would do to be 38 years old, how much they would pay, the one thing you can’t buy is time.

Adam tells him he can get his shit together in the next 48 months before 40 years old, he then yells at Alison and BB like a whack job, I know your excited but this is why your life is the way it is dude.

Adam sniffs out that he only owns a half sized refrigerator.


This is the infamous beginning of the Refrigerator conversations referenced on future recordings released before this.

Adam, BB and Alison are discussing lower drawer freezers as being above the side by side style Alison rocks, the formerly top of the line style, the kind Adam painted with automotive paint in 2005.

Adam says do what Bryan says not to do, BB is now in the mix and they’re giving Alison a complex about her side by side.


They’re doing another lap of busting Alison’s ovaries over this, Adam is being super sarcastic and BB is joking along getting some digs in.

Alison is promising to change her behavior.


4th Caller Rob also has a side by side fridge and Adam jokes about not being able to spin this one for him, Rob is telling them about moving a tortoise and a cat to Corona Ca, with a stop in Sacramento.

His mom died and Adam has fun with his dead mom knowing about his side by side fridge, Adam is still in his super punchy mood, I think them bringing this up on the later recordings has taken the magic out of it, much like the Dag drops played before the show aired last year.

Adam is now asking him about his mom and her death at 67, he brings up Lynette’s best friend Jennifer (the one he liked) who died at 32 and Adam says that if he could promised his kids would live to 67, he might take the deal.

He compliments Rob’s mom run on earth and has some fun with him being the self-proclaimed favorite.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings live read.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

More double door fridge riffing.

Alison’s news

1st Story Is on Bill Cosby’s return to TV, Adam says don’t count on it making it to air, he’s bringing up the Matthew Broderick pilot and how it didn’t make it to series despite the decade of pursuit from the networks.

This conversation came up again before/after this due to the pre-taping, this is the stuff people mention about continuity.

Adam is explain to Alison how these network deals go and why they pass, Adam brings up “Cupid” the 1998 ABC Jeremy Piven series, Adam is confused, are they looking at the reboot from the same creator.


Adam brings up how “The Man Show” and Loveline were both made for different networks and picked up by others, Adam is sharing the “bad picker” theory about network executives and how he would tour their archives to see what was passed on over the past 4 years to dig out the rejected gold.

Adam says “sports gets it” they will take another team’s rejects and make them stars, BB is in agreement and Adam is explaining how it works in the world of sports vs. T.V.


2nd Story Is on the death of Elaine Stritch, Alison is sharing the details of her career, Adam is joking about her “tunics” and refusal to wear pants, BB is now asking about non 80yr old women wearing a men’s dress shirt and no pants.

Adam has a killer Van Heusen one liner and explains it’s sexy due to the implication of sex the previous night and Alison doesn’t recall wearing a man’s dress shirt and Adam jokes about her “many” (one) white supremacist ex and how they only sport wife beaters, no dress shirts.

BB is asking about women throwing out men’s football jersey’s during a breakup, Adam is bringing up the lie of the garage sale plot in sitcoms, Adam is always the one harping on his wife to get rid of shit and junk, it’s not about men and their insistence on keeping old shit.


Adam is doing a live read for Legal Zoom and calls back Alison’s side by side fridge.


3rd Story Is on a man who died choking during a hotdog eating contest, Adam is sharing how he enjoys dogs and wouldn’t want to dip them in water, he wants to relish it.

Adam is bringing up his high school pie eating competition and how he tried to keep the pie for later, Adam brings up Mrs. Tawny the stupid evil cunt who tried to steal a poor kid’s only access to pie because he outsmarted her.

Adam brings up the heat from the Powder puff football game where Adam got “blue” on the mic while announcing it, rare element of the story often skipped over.


Adam is sharing how he then narced on Mrs. Tawny to the witnesses around them and got them to pressure her to let him keep the pie, she made him give her the tin back, Adam is explaining how his parents didn’t “shop right” and how he was always left hungry.

Alison comments on his “me time” eating in response to him taking the pie home to be alone to enjoy it.

4th Story is on a writer pondering how popular fiction character sex tapes would be in real life, Ross and Rachel from “Friends” for example.

Adam says he would pay to see Dora the Explorer being violated, Alison now lists some more examples and Adam says the mom from Family, Kristy McNichol is now being tossed around in hypothetical sex tapes.

Alison reveals she didn’t watch the series “Lost” and she’s bringing up the show “The Leftovers” and how it might be pulling the same shit.

Adam is asking why “Lost” got such a reaction, BB is saying it was purgatory all along but that was in the final season, the finale.

Adam asks abut the consensus of the ending for “The Sopranos” and Alison wraps up the news.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read and references Alison’s side by side once again, Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs.