Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/13/2013 – Kevin Hench

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Guest Kevin Hench

Recorded 08-11-2013 – Release Date 08-13-2013

Production Number #1141

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Adam is opening the show with Kevin Hench making his 8th appearance on the podcast, Adam is explaining how this week of shows came about and how if you want to thank him, you can contribute to Road Hard with only 5 days left.

Adam is telling the audience about first meeting Hench at the Man Show and explaining his role working on the sitcom “Last Man Standing” with Tim Allen.

Adam is praising the show and now bringing up Kevin’s new milk based diet, Adam is sharing an anecdote from contacting Daniel Kellison after his wife gave birth to their son.


Kevin is asking if Adam was ever breastfed, Adam doesn’t think so and has a funny “breast fed with powdered milk” reply.

Adam is explaining how Kevin undergoes these self-induced flagellations in the form of cleanses and whacky diets.

Adam is telling the audience about ordering his scramble while Kevin ordered nothing, Kevin is explaining he’s on the “raw milk cleanse”.


Kevin is plugging his provider of milk, Adam has a funny reply about their milk sponsor, and he’s getting Kevin to elaborate.

Kevin just told Adam he’s up to a gallon of milk, Kevin is joking about his mom coming to pick him up and his standard “off his game” performance on the podcast.

Adam is calling this literal intestinal fortitude from Kevin and explaining there is probably little difference between 8-10 days of raw milk consumption.


Adam is sharing what he told Kevin about the Paul Newman doc, regarding Paul’s constant setting of hurdles to make his life more challenging and to accomplish more.

Adam and Kevin are now transitioning into the topic of Road Hard, Kevin is describing the challenges they’re going to face and Adam is using the production of the Hammer to compare what he might be in store for this time.

Adam is bringing up the “why now?” question form Babydoll and why it was the worst time and also the best time to film the movie.


Adam is now bringing up the final scene shot for the film, wrapping at 230am before having to get up at 5 to return to work, Adam is bringing up the twins arrival and why it was no better time for him not to be there.

Kevin is sharing his “hallelujah baby” response to his wife, the lovely and talented Heather Juergensen after hearing her plan to save his sleep in a similar situation.


Adam is now Asking Kevin to explain how “Road Hard” came about from Ada’s kernel of an idea, Kevin is explaining how he first heard Adam’s accounts from the road.

Kevin is going in depth on the holding and development deals and how it plays into the idea of the film.

Adam is bringing up the concept of writer’s block and how it never afflicts them when they write together, Adam is explaining that the experience of not being able to write fast enough often equates with the level of quality of the project you’re developing.


Adam is bringing up the idea of a step backwards in life and why it’s so compelling for a narrative, Adam is citing the early careers of Seth MacFarlane, Zach Galifinakis and Joel McHale, Adam is bringing up the inevitable career slide that can go both ways.

Kevin has a killer delivery of the “Just Chillin’?!” line from Adan’s experience with the parking lot attendant while visiting his dad in the hospital.

Adam is telling people not to feel sorry for the comedian travelling to some remote city and using his own experience as the former partner to two media giants.


1st Caller Natasha, She contributed to Road Hard and is another winner of the Party with Adam social media campaign.

Natasha is explaining her job and now Adam is riffing about “age appropriate porn”, Kevin is right in step and helping him flesh it out.

Kevin is quizzing her on her fandom for the Aceman and now Adam is quizzing her about her native cuisine, he’s citing his grandfather’s hilarious misconception regarding Der Wienerschnitzel.


Kevin is joking about the rewards for his fund anything campaign, hilarious butler riff from Adam.

Adam is now giving a plug for Party at Adam’s House and saying goodbye to Natasha.

Kevin is sharing how it can be overwhelming to process how generous Adam’s fans have been in funding their new movie, Kevin is contrasting his childhood against Adam’s and saying that people being nice to him feels normal.

Kevin is asking a complex question about Adam’s ability to accept and receive love and he’s totally answering it, nice work Henchman!


Adam is explaining how he processes it and Kevin has a nice reply about Adam lacking a blueprint for accepting love, Kevin is wisely pointing out that Adam’s connection with his fans is not the same as “any other comedian”.

Adam just said the fan love doesn’t make him “widely uncomfortable” as we all mostly assumed, Kevin is now taking it to Adam’s relationship to his children and how he provides them with an abundance of love and affection.

Adam is explaining his thinking behind reaching the funding goal and what it means for the fans, he’s contrasting it to the coach preparing for the next draft after winning a season and the people still celebrating a win from ages ago.


Kevin is asking about Diane Farr coming on the show, noting her own notes regarding the screenplay.

Adam is talking about how this movie is also going to be a nice a showcase for actors who might not have gotten their due, he’s citing DAG’s immense talent and almost constant tony nominations, he’s comparing him to the cross sport athletes of the 1980’s and 90’s.

Kevin is describing DAG as a much more complicated guy than the average “In Living Color” alum, Kevin is singing the praises of the super talented Diane Farr, the longest running female cohost from MTV Loveline and star of many television projects.


They’re both singing the praises of Jay Mohr and his acting abilities, Kevin saw Illeana Douglas and can’t wait to work with her.

Adam is doing a great Hulu Plus live read, Kevin is now telling Adam about not getting used to being able to afford things and how daunting Amazon Prime even feels.

Adam is explaining his hangs ups are all about waste, he’s using custom suits to make a point and saying a 25$ shirt is fine with him.


Adam is using the 91$ dollar lunches that require a reminder to get a thank you from his kids and how that contrasts against how big of a deal “The Sizzler” was to him as a kid and how he can’t believe how cavalier everyone else is about money.

Kevin is sharing his own anecdote of dining out a pretty nice restaurant and how his mother always ebbs towards ordering lightly while dinging out to setup the funny ending.

Adam is now telling Kevin about his mom not reading his last book because she’s so cheap she won’t buy a copy, Kevin is telling Adam that if she just thumbed through it at a bookstore she might see more than enough.


Adam is bringing up “sending Dorothy a copy of his book” and Kevin is using his own request to give advice about breaking into Hollywood and how they’re mutual time is more valuable and they have serious responsibilities.

Adam is bringing up his Dad’s brain trauma that had now led to cognitive problems, his stepmom was listing all the things his dad was good with that have now been impaired.

Adam’s reaction to money being on the list is priceless, Kevin wants to know the final bill on Adam’s dad stay in intensive care, Adam doesn’t know but knows whatever his dad put into the system over his lifetime was used up within the first 9hrs.


2nd Caller Jessie, He wants to know why they didn’t have a closing credit blooper reel and if they’ll employ one for this film.

Kevin is explaining that there wasn’t a lot of blown takes nor laughing on set due to the film being counted by the foot and the risk of losing locations.

Adam is bringing up how there is not a ton of improv between himself and Ozzie unlike how a scene between him, DAG and Phil Rosenthal might play out.


Adam is now bringing up the gym scene where Ozzie was being waved in to hit his mark, Kevin has a great Stella Adler joke.


3rd Caller Brian, he wants to know about Adam’s “Richman Poorman” idea and if can be turned into a book, it actually was http://adamcarolla.com/rich-man-poor-man/.

Adam is talking about how he and Kevin will joke about writing a variant on one of those “7 habits” books.

Adam is describing telling his staff about how super ineffective people go about life and work, Kevin is in agreement and offering his own explanation.


Adam is bringing up some #Classic Loveline calls where a young lady would tell them about her boyfriend locked up and how it was always for a parole violation, never citing the initial conviction.

Adam is mocking all of the “my boss is an asshole” excuses people use and Kevin is citing how many bits and ideas from the podcast might filter into the movie.


4th Caller Dave, he’s a journalist in Philadelphia and is set to interview “Tan Mom” who Dr. Drew went in depth with via that link on his excellent podcast, also on Carolla Digital.

Dave wants to know what Adam would ask her if she were to guest on the show, he’s telling Adam about her role “hanging out” in a porn film.

Dave thought she put her 14yr old in the tanning bed to gain that notoriety, but Gary just updated them it was actually her 5yr old, Dave is unintentionally guilty of the interview technique Adam laments in Adam and Drew Episode #69 Magic Stone.


Adam is joking about everyone who gains this media attention somehow ending up in porn, this is gold!

Kevin is now taking it a semiserious point with a “you might as well” theme, hilarious Wesley Snipes one liner from Ace.

Adam is back to Dave and is telling him to weave in some Fund Anything and Road Hard, Adam just got updated on Ronnie Coleman and his 8 Mr. Olympia titles.


Adam wants Dave to help him case “Tan Mom” as Aunt Agnes to frighten his own kids with threats of sending them to live with her.

Kevin is now hinting at the bar scene in “Road Hard” that features some floozies and how she might work for the project.

Adam is talking about James Deen and his medium sized cock, they’re now talking about Randy West blazing a trail for all guys with medium sized cocks, Kevin is making an excellent point and Adam is connecting it to guys with their shirts off.


Adam is bringing up his idea about racism and good things vs. bad things, he’s bringing up the racial injustice of only black guys with large penises being featured in porn.

Adam has a hilarious joke about Chris Maxipada, Adam is trying to get to his riff and Kevin is almost “Bald Bryan’ing” him.

Adam is now bringing up the infamous celebrity baseball game shower with Corbin Bernsen and Dennis Haysbert, luckily for poor Corbin he wasn’t brought up this time.


Adam is back to how there are now black Randy West’s in porn, he finally gets to close out his riff.

Adam is thanking the fans and asking for everyone to contribute to Road Hard.