Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/12/2013 – Larry Miller

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Guest Larry Miller

Recorded 08-11-2013 – Release Date 08-12-2013

Production Number #1140

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Adam is opening the first of 5 special one on one Original Format ACP episodes featuring members of the cast of Adam’s almost 120% crowd funded upcoming feature film “Road Hard”.

Adam is explaining why they decided to release 5 new episodes instead of best of during their vacation week, basically the Fund Anything campaign got us about 5+hrs of bonus show!

Adam is explaining how Larry came to be cast as his real life Super/Power Agent James Babydoll Dixon and why reality is often funnier than fiction.


Adam is complimenting Larry on his recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, Larry is commenting on that appearance in light of his brain injury.

Adam is telling Larry about visiting with his father who also suffered a brain injury and is now suffering Parkinson’s symptoms.

Adam is now giving the cliff notes version of Larry’s fall that resulted in his head trauma, he’s giving a lighter yet more detailed account of the events than compared to his return to the ACS earlier this year.


Larry is explaining the road back to normalcy, he’s citing breakfast with his kids and how they would accuse him of having a “broken brain”.

Adam is now sharing how he wet the bed with one of his exes, he’s citing his bedwetting history and how from that point on it would always be brought up, and Larry seems to appreciate the point.

Larry is now citing a college buddy who was notorious for urinating on his gal pals on the regular, Larry is now citing his bizarre peeing practices, and this is akin to Dr. Drew’s roommate who peed on the record turntable.

Holy Shit Adam is now telling Larry that very story, using specific language he’s never used to tell it.


1st Caller Brian Koppelman, the famous co-writer of “Rounders” and “Ocean’s 13”, Brian is now letting Adam off the Ocean’s hook for the time being.

He’s asking Larry about his inspirational story about his mugging in San Francisco, Larry is now describing the story in detail, blaming himself for the events.

Larry is going super in depth and Adam seems truly captivated by this story. Adam just came up with a good closing line for the story that Larry even stops to appreciate.


Larry is sharing the actual funny twist that resulted in a nice laugh from a courteous motorist who stopped to check on Larry.

Adam is telling Adam about Ellen DeGeneres calling him a few days later to check in on him.

Larry is saying he was really pleased because he wasn’t killed and he’s citing how he refused to testify against the perpetrators.


Brian is now connecting this to some of Adam’s logic, regarding events and moving on, existing in the present.

Brian is very smart and Adam is very happy he got Larry to tell the story and Brian has a nice reply to Adam who was reaching to find some common ground regarding Brian’s writing career, he says that Adam brings him enough joy that his work doesn’t have to be received well by Adam.

Brian should tell him about “Knockaround Guys” his follow up with his writing partner from “Rounders” featuring longtime/frequent guest Seth Green and Adam’s favorite Vin Diesel.


Adam is now going in depth on Brian’s point about personal vs. non-personal attacks and events and why he tries to get people over the non-personal stuff.

Brian is telling Adam that he might like the upcoming 30 for 30 he made with his writing partner focused on “Jimmy Collins”.

Adam is now humiliated by his National Treasure compliment but is dually happy that there might be a 3rd move to look forward to.


Adam is calling the National Treasure films the “kickass quesadilla” of the entertainment world.

Adam is using the Sandler filmmaking assembly line and breaking down the logic behind them, Larry is trying to explain his take as an actor trying to improve a film one scene at a time.

Adam is explaining how money buys you time on a film set and time buys you quality, very accurate.


Adam is describing the scene in “The Hammer” where Ozzie presented Adam with his custom robe “I make ‘a for you!”.

Adam is describing the ring rope gag they added on the day while filming “The Hammer”, this would be called the “Hamper” gag.

Adam is describing the two strips of electrical tape that are dangling in the background to provide continuity for Adam’s “Hamper” gag that they never got to reshoot due to budget restrictions.


Adam is telling everyone about his lunch with Dr. Drew and his lovely wife Susan earlier in the day, he’s plugging their upcoming dates on tour.


2nd Caller Not Bill, Billy.

Adam is now mocking his refusal to answer to Bill, Adam is now having Larry join him for a nice improv scene recreating what just happened.

The Ted vs. Teddy riff. Hilarious replies from Adam and great delivery from Larry asking to strangle the man, gold!


Billy is a huge fan and he’s asking Larry and Adam about problems while working on productions, Larry is telling them about working on “Undercover Blues” he’s trying to come up with the original title which he claims was vastly superior.

Adam is now reading the original title “Cloak and Diaper”, nice work Producer Gary.

Adam is saying it sounds like a Hungarian dessert and Larry is riffing along with him.


Larry is sharing the story of how the babies impacted the production along with how the people who chose to change the title were completely wrong, Adam calls it a “lateral move towards confusion”.


3rd Caller, Dave from Winnipeg, he was in attendance at the Burton Cummings theater.

Adam is saying he enjoyed the show but was just brutalized by Customs to the point it tarnished his day.

Adam is describing his “crime” that resulted in their delay, the story that echoes his early 2000’s trip to Canada to promote the “Man Show”.


Adam is stating that when people say “you’re in a lot of trouble” it means you’ve got nothing to fear but when they act like it’s nothing, that’s when you might be in real trouble.

Larry is telling Adam about two of his favorite people hailing from Winnipeg, Adam is asking Dave about the time of year, Adam seems to be obsessed with the harsh weather.

Dave was diagnosed with colon cancer very recently and his now undergoing chemo and radiation, Dave wants to know if Larry has any advice for not going crazy being bed ridden for so much time.


Larry is giving Dave some beautiful and sound advice, Adam and Larry are wishing Dave good luck and are very appreciative to count him as a fan, good luck Dave you can beat this!

Adam is now citing his trip to the hospital to visit Larry, Adam was looking for signs of a change and how he walked out of the rehab facility thinking Larry was ready to leave.

Adam is explaining how he would have reacted differently and what makes up Larry’s constitution to be able to follow along with his recommended care.


Adam is now recounting the attempt to get into the physical therapy/rehabilitation center with Larry’s fake name, Adam wishes he had a recording of the whole interaction.

Larry agrees with Adam about how frustrating it was along with how it was also proper protocol, people were doing their jobs.

Adam is doing the sole live read for Evoice the only sponsor for this episode.


4th Caller, Kevin from Chicago (not the racing suit Kevin).

Kevin wants to know if Larry is familiar with James Babydoll Dixon, Larry is describing how he gets to build his version of James in the movie and doesn’t have to affect a limp or anything like that.

Adam is now describing the “light and sweet” conference calls, Larry loves the tidbit.


Adam is summing things up, plugging the 3 Bryan Cranston videos on the Road Hard site, Adam is now wrapping the show with thanks to Chris Laxamana and Gary Patrick Smith.