Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/09/2013 – The Amazing Johnathan, Live at the Irvine Improv

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Guest The Amazing Johnathan, Live at the Irvine Improv

Recorded 08-08-2013 – Release Date 08-09-2013

Production Number #1139

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Adam is opening this show and somewhere Charles is probably unhappy about it.

Adam is welcoming the AmazAzAzing Jonathan to the stage making his ACS debut for this format, Adam is explaining his history as a fan of Jonathan.

Adam just had a “Janeane Garofalo moment” forgetting about Jonathan’s March 9th 2007 KLSX ACS appearance live from Las Vegas, they were joined by Carrot Top and Adam’s favorite Asian big boob queen Minka.

In response to Jonathan’s reveal about his parents they’re now on a riff about old age homes and Adam is sharing his infamous attempt at a joke with his late grandma.


Adam is telling Jonathan about his dad and his legendary early morning breakfast request, Adam has a new variant on this riff adding a great vampire joke, gold!

Adam and Jonathan are on a great riff and now Adam is quizzing Jonathan about his father and his work for the military.

Jonathan is now explaining the nature of “Devil’s Night” the annual Detroit “tradition”.


Adam is asking Jonathan how he got into magic and how exactly he became interested in the “Dark side”, Jonathan is being honest about his shitty magical powers and is going along with Adam’s hilarious prostitute joke, good stuff!

Jonathan is now telling the gang about his botched talent show, Adam and Jonathan are debating God’s use of the various curse words, and Jonathan has a perfect logic counter argument to sway Adam’s cries of blasphemy.

Jonathan is being a great sport and is genuinely funny, some nice praise for Mangria too!


Q and Ace

1st Question from Amanda, her husband is significantly older and she wants to know what entails a good “trophy wife”.

Adam is asking about his previous wife, pondering if she was more of a “plaque” wife.

They’re now quizzing her about her husband, this is wonderful, Adam’s reaction and demand upon finding out the ethnicity of her husband and his lack of children.


Her husband is now on mic explaining he’s an Adam devotee and has followed his advice, Jonathan wants to know how to get his corvette and now Adam is having a hilarious back and forth with the husband about the value of his car.

Killer impression from Adam while joking about Armenians, Adam is now joking about her husband joining Jonathan’s dad in the dirt, holy shit.

Jonathan now has them on a molestation tangent, and Adam is explaining how he leaves the “right!?” out of the “you’re kidding”, he just leaves, nice comedy with BB.


2nd Question from Sarah, she wants to know what employee Adam would want to switch places with for a month and if that would change if it was for a whole year.

Adam is joking with Sarah about her general San Diego hotness, good stuff.

Adam is joking about a conversation with Chris Maxipada, after mocking his height, now he’s bringing up Chris’s “kings feast” at the Quale lodge while Adam is stuck on the racetrack.


Adam is now bringing up his recent success with the ladies and his life of constant free food and road trips, they’re now referencing his two killer 2012 stories, the School Bus and Trunk of the car stories, gold!

Adam is now joking about that mode of travel being his people’s heritage, Adam is now picking Chris Maxipada and he’s explaining all the reasons why he would choose to steal his life.

“He’s on a non-threatening pussy patrol” – Adam on his employee Chris.


Alison is sharing a solid anecdote from her podcast about Producer Gary and his height, Adam is now declaring he would take a break in Chris’ size 7’s(?) for a decade not just a month or year.

Adam is complimenting Clint, Sarah’s beau, he’s a lucky man according to Ace.

Adam is asking him about his corvette, he actually had a Camaro he sold to marry Sarah and Adam told him that was a smart move, he would do the same thing.

Jonathan is telling the gang about his all American car collection, a GTO that uses floppy discs? Jonathan is now saying he gets many of his cars from guys giving them up for women.

Jonathan is telling Adam about his indoor drive in Movie Theater, Adam’s joke about what he would tell his wife if she ever requested he sell a car is gold.

Adam makes a great joke about Jonathan just screening deep throat on a 24/7 loop, now Jonathan just revealed he actually releases live crickets to add to the ambiance.


Adam is now riffing about people including reasons for car sales in the ads, hilarious examples from the Aceman. He’s telling all guys to just write “pussy whipped” instead of blaming their wives, because that’s what he immediately thinks.

Jonathan is telling the gang about his recent accident in his Camaro. Adam has some nice asshole comedy tripping Jonathan up, he’s telling Adam about hitting the axel of another driver.

Adam is incredulous that Jonathan was induced into a coma after the accident, Adam has a killer joke about the movie “Drive”.


Adam is now describing why he would make a bad partner to someone in a coma, Alison is jumping in and now Adam has some advice for Jonathan when it comes to combining dick and pulls out in a sentence.

Jonathan wants to know if Adam’s ever been in a car accident and Adam is telling him he’s been in some racing forms, Alison just told Jonathan that Adam wrecked a hotdog (the Red Bull race?).

Adam is telling Jonathan about his surgery before his race at Coronado.


Jonathan is asking Adam about his meniscus surgery, Adam is referencing the Terry Mosier Street fight story and now they’re riffing about Jim Carolla’s less than intimidating fighting prowess.

Adam is telling Jonathan about John Morton driving Adam’s car for the Coronado qualifying and how people were super impressed with how he was driving the wheels off of the car, he corrected them of course but then put his car into the wall right after.

Adam is now describing the assholes who come around and lift the cover off your wrecked car and take pictures in front of it, he’s comparing it to something far more sinister and BB is joining him for some great comedy.


Adam is asking Jonathan about his return to Vegas and Jonathan is telling him about retiring after his accident.

Adam has a killer Delorean joke, Jonathan is sharing his dad’s words about the biggest loser in the world being the guy who runs out of gas, and Jonathan is admitting his guilt when it comes to this.

Adam is now jumping in to defend Jonathan and throw junkies under the bus, Jonathan has a nice understated one liner that Adam appreciates.


Adam is telling Jonathan about the time he ran out of gas with Leno taping something for his show, Jonathan is telling Adam about running out of gas with Chris Angel.

Adam is now telling the gang about the time Chris guested on Loveline, accompanied by his “pot tin” spoons to demonstrate his telepathy.

Adam is now riffing about using those abilities for damaging silverware instead of solving crimes and curing tumors, comedy gold!


Jonathan is now being super cool and just revealing the nature of the trick, fuck yes Jonathan!

Adam is into it and Jonathan is telling Adam about how that trick can backfire, his tale from school as the adequate Jonathan, good stuff.

Adam’s impression of Jonathan’s dad is wonderful. Jonathan is telling the gang about his insane story from the principal’s office in depth.


Adam is telling Jonathan about David Blaine levitating in front of him, Adam has a great lotus position and mechanics creeper joke.

Adam is now riffing about the common psychic line of questions that people often buy into, Jonathan is explaining what that is akin to.

They’re talking about black magicians and in unison they both announce “Arsenio Hall” was a black magician, Jonathan is now starting to scare Adam as he takes his life story from “Powder” to “Powder meets Zapped”.


Adam is now getting back to Jonathan’s former “hour a night” schedule and Adam is relishing in the idea of his limited workload, funny replies from both guys.


Alison’s News

Adam is now bringing Chris Maxipada up to the stage for the people who have been demanding to see his not threatening/model good looks.

Alison’s top story is on Virgin Atlantic now offering live music and comedy on their flights, Adam assumed it would be on the longer flights.

Alison and Adam both agree they wouldn’t enjoy this and Adam doesn’t want to sit through any “Aisle work”. Jonathan has a great one liner about walking out on the act.


BB wants to know if that would be the best place for airplane humor, Alison and Adam are talking it out and Johnathan has a nice Carrot Top prop comedy reply.

Adam is now citing “Lost Wages” as the line that would get him to “walk out on the act” at 35k feet.

Adam wants to know how the band will work and Alison wants to see a picture, Jonathan has a stinker of an attempt at a Wedding Singer Reference.


2nd Story is on Paula Deen turning down an offer to appear on Dancing with the Stars, Adam is saying she might be the first celebrity to die on the dance floor.

Adam is now saying that Paula’s teeth are so white they are racist, Alison has a great reply and now Adam is calling them “Klan hood white”, holy shit this is gold!

Jonathan is now commenting on trying to drive after eating KFC and Alison wants to know if he’s ever tried to leave a bathroom with lotion covered hands and Adam has an even better question, they’re now giving other options and Jonathan has an old joke.


BB has a great DWTS hypothetical and everyone has an “oooh” in response, Adam is now standing up for the brothers and asking why there isn’t a single black male professional dancer on the show.

Adam is making some good points, with some hilarious phrasing.

Adam is telling the gang about Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook in his house and how annoying it is for him, nice back and forth with Alison on this.


They’re now commenting on the cover of her book and Adam is describing his optimal cookbook cover and describing he wants calories and pain turned into his delicious food.

Jonathan is telling the audience about the “Heart Attack Grill” and Adam is mocking the obvious and lame “Pink Taco”, Alison is glad that Adam is aware Gwyneth is wearing makeup and trying to disguise it on the cover of the book.

Adam is now remarking on the expense and futility of cookbook purchases, he’s asking if as a society need another diet or cookbook, asking if there is any information left to tell that isn’t already in print.


Adam referenced the chick from San Diego in the audience and everyone is not with him, BB compliments Adam on his save.

Alison is now jumping in to help Adam with his hole digging.

Alison is now observing Adam’s ascent into full on “Newman” mode and she wants to know if he can’t foresee himself one day writing a cook or diet book.


3rd Story is on the cardboard cutout of a cop preventing crime.

She’s commenting on the stupidity of the people this effects and Adam is delivering some solid jokes, he’s now telling her about the parked “cop bike” that he used to get burned by, assuming it was a real cop.

Adam is now listing off “guy who pulls ponytail through back of hat, guy who cruises Venice beach boardwalk with pet ferret, guy who drives or rides cop motorcycle with copy helmet and jacket.

Jonathan is giving the wrong answer and Adam is using his drag racing with the LAPD to prove his point about cops’ kind of doing whatever they want. Nice variant on the classic story.


Adam is now telling the gang about the one time he was heading home with Drew from Loveline where traffic was delayed due to an imitation asswipe on a cop bike, he’s citing the way he charts traffic patterns, akin to Jane Goodall.

Adam is really going in depth on this story and describing the horrible things he wishes upon these make a wish cops.

Alison wants to know how Adam can tell anything by someone’s pants, he’s citing his hyper vigilance and how it picks up on little things that spell things out for him.


4th Story, Alison has a “Survey Says” line that has them on a riff about who they survey for “The Family Feud” and now they’re on to “Nielsen’s” rating system/families.

Jonathan just mixed up Jeff Altman with Jeff Dunham, Adam loves it and gets the mistaken reference.

The survey says that most people would not want to live to be 120, Adam is now joking about his thoughts upon seeing his father in his early 80’s, whoa!


Adam is explaining how he feels many people are approaching life akin to someone who can turn right on a red, but isn’t yet in the position to make the turn, he’s now describing the honk getting them to the initial stage.

Adam is using this to ask about people who seem to have unlimited to waste being tuned out, Adam is now mocking Jonathan’s driving tips and accident, gold!


5th Story is on the post office possibly forgoing “door to door” delivery and Adam wants to know about all the greats who will one day make a stamp but it’ll be decades too late to matter.

Adam and Alison are now riffing about the idea of a stamp in your visage being an honor, nice commentary about image size and licking.

Alison is saying that the article states creative/novelty mailboxes will become a relic of a bygone era, Adam is now telling the audience about benedict canyon and how his entire childhood was charmed by the “Air Mail” custom mailbox about 18ft off the ground.


Adam is now telling a story about being a dickhead, he’s telling the gang about his accountant who handles all of Adam’s finances, great cable guy suck off riff from Ace.

Adam is describing the few mail items that show up at his house, he’s telling them how he was ordered to place a mailbox external to his gate and instead offered to add a mail slot.

Adam’s “Last Stand” over the mailbox ended up working out in his favor, Adam finally got them to change their policy and Adam still isn’t happy about it, as he would have preferred no mail.


Adam is now plugging his upcoming live shows with Drew, Jonathan’s podcast and the rest of the plugs, Adam is now wrapping the show.