Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/08/2013 – Dennis Miller and Jay Mohr

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Guest Dennis Miller and Jay Mohr

Recorded 08-07-2013 – Release Date 08-08-2013

Production Number #1138

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A very short lead in to this episode with a great #TopDrop from Monica proclaiming that Alison’s Cassette Tape story was a “dud”.

BB and Adam are now explaining how cruel people can be and how BB has now been tasked as the executioner to Alison’s news stories.

Adam is now bringing up his thoughts for the coming “Big Momma’s Got It All” bit with Jay Mohr later in the show.


Adam is sharing his most shaming lifetime experience, the “Excuse You! Coca Cola beach story”.

BB is sharing his recent encounter with a woman of the same ilk, BB is now describing the incident and sharing some inside info from the POV of a grocery store cashier.

Adam is now describing the shaming head shake he receives when trying to back out of his own driveway, hilarious series of rhetorical questions from Adam that Alison tops with a “Rhetorical head shake” follow up one liner, clever.


Alison is now sharing her own tale of a somewhat recent journey to visit a sick relative in the hospital, she’s breaking down her reactions to being yelled at by two members of the hospital staff.

Adam is now wondering why people are flabbergasted by near misses on the roadways, hilarious hyena hypothetical scenario, gold!

Adam is dubbing these people “a victim waiting to happen” and once again declaring his hate for those people.


Adam is now sharing his observation of a car in front of him with the license plate “Hill Dweller” and “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” frame.

Adam is explaining that this woman is happier than everyone, Alison has a nice observation and Adam wants to know what exactly is in it for her, Adam wants to know who that person is that has that amount of time, Adam is wildly jealous of that person.

Adam is telling the gang about his follow up email with Bryan Cranston, BB has a nice on word summation, good stuff.


Adam and BB have some nice back and forth about wedging in traffic, Adam is excusing it and offering some alternate points of view.

Adam is now telling the gang about something he’s wanted to bring up for a while, about Russell Simmons, he’s explaining why he’s never been a huge fan of Russell and sees some of his lifestyle as hypocritical.

Adam is now quoting some words aimed at Don Lemon, they’re now playing a clip from the news of Don addressing some problems in the black community.


Adam is now bringing up Russell’s tweets and Alison is now reading one of them, Adam is explaining it and he’s asking what the disservice was that Russell’s referencing.

BB thinks Don was undermining his own point and telling the gang why, Alison and Adam disagree and think Russell would have taken issue with Don’s comments regardless.

BB is asking the gang about “acting white” and doesn’t understand the logic behind that mode of thinking, Adam gets a nice double barreled self-satisfied sniff in.


Adam is telling everyone how Jay specifically requested “Blah Blah Blog” and swears he’s unbeatable, Adam is wisely comparing it to the guys in the stands thinking they could do a better job throwing out the first pitch.

Adam wants to know who is more comfortable in their own skin, Adam Levine or the Dyson Vacuum guy, BB is breaking down his decision to go with “the Suction Savant”.

Adam is now setting up his phoner with Dennis Miller, recorded earlier in the day.


Dennis is now joining the show for his 3rd appearance, all phoners.

Dennis is ribbing Adam about his Leno-esque obsession with old cars, hilarious steam car riffing with some nice historical comedy from both guys.

Adam is sharing his hilarious joke about Leno’s obituary, death in a steam car in the 2030’s.


Dennis is now telling comparing Rosanne Barr to Kevin Nealon who is opening for him, explaining he doesn’t like to hear him before he hits the stage due to his incredible stand up abilities.

Dennis now joking about his appearance at the fair and how they’ve now actually deep fried a deep fryer, Adam is joking about tempura cotton candy, gold!

Adam is now sharing his “I can’t fucking do that” reaction to Dennis and his stand up and how it’s beyond a compliment.


Dennis is telling Adam about how much he enjoys his books, Adam is now telling him about his approach for a 3rd book and how he actually writes his own stuff with Mike Lynch.

Mike is so talented that Dennis mistook Adam’s work for entirely written by him, wow!

Adam is explaining how he generates content on air and used to just throw it away, but now keeps track for future use, he’s telling Dennis about his “Steve Harvey is the Black Dr. Phil” idea from last week.


Adam is telling the audience what a Gatling gun of comedy Dennis Miller is, they’ve got a nice back and forth about their love for obscure references.

Adam is now telling Dennis he has a photograph of the very boxer he just referenced.

Adam is now describing the smoke in the photo and the ambiance it adds to the shots, they’re having a mutual love fest and wrapping the interview.


Ian Foley I now joining the show as the 2nd comedian to win the “Party at Adam’s House” social media contest.

Ian’s telling Adam about his pasta cooking and Adam is lamenting his half Italian heritage and he’s pissed that he’s not that into it, he’s connecting that to his Gemini birth sign and how it doesn’t reflect his partial personality.

Adam has a great “Beirut jumpy castle” one liner to mock the Detroit Comedy Fest, Adam and BB are on a crazy riff about the mayor of Detroit fending off the mobs of citizens with his giant key, this is Ace awards 2013 material.


Alison is now getting Adam to list off all of his fake football players, Alison is adding one to the mix, Marshal Law.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail from a store owner now required to allow service dogs for anxious customers.

Adam has a hilarious “ass lube/ you guys sell peanut butter?” riff about the guy shopping with his dog.

Adam is now telling the gang about what Mike August said, regarding Al Pacino at the “Chicago” show the night before Adam and Jay at the Wiltern.


Jay is now telling Adam about listening to the podcast and how Adam left out that Mike August was filming the scoreboard video of Al instead of Al on stage.

Jay is really going off on Mike, agreeing he is a “stoned pelican”, though he uses “high”.

Adam is calling Mike August a “Moose in a Porto Potty” describing his yelling into Jay’s phone while everyone else was being quiet.


BB just set up the new song about Mike August from Richard Banks and of course Mike Lynch, this is hilarious.

The lyrics and inflection are amazing, they’ve outdone themselves again. http://www.richbanks.com/ for more from the great Rich Banks.

Adam is now describing the standing sushi dinner Jay shared with Mike August, Superfan Gio actually walked in on the standing meal and didn’t want to interrupt Jay’s eating.


Jay is observing that the parody song sounded just like “Bread” and Adam is riffing about them singing songs about diaries left underneath trees.

Adam is plugging Jay’s various gigs, including his upcoming night as the MC for Billy Bragg and Adam is talking about the theater Jay’s playing.

Adam is now busting into a round of “Big Momma’s Got It All” Adam is claiming he’s in trouble for stealing music online, Jay’s on a roll.


Al Pacino is now joining Adam and Big Momma, Adam is telling her about his Elysium dilemma.

Jay has a great “Driver’s test” one liner mocking Adam’s go to bit, Adam is now telling her about failing a roadside sobriety test, hilarious!

Adam is now sharing Big Momma’s reaction to Mr. Gregory failing him in Driver’s ed. Hilarious “A watch?” reply from Big Momma.


Hilarious riff about the nature of a “field sobriety test”, Adam is working the Mangria into the riff, Big Momma is still defending him.

Adam is now holding Big Momma’s titties, hilarious “waste my time” reply from Big Momma about the lottery.

She’s now telling Adam about being a prisoner in his own mind, this is insanity, and Big Momma is quizzing Alison about her heritage.


Adam is trying to stir up some racial friction, Jay’s not playing into it and now Adam is floating his theory about dominos by Big Momma.

Asian people are now being worked into the bit, Big Momma doesn’t know her “stereotypes”, and this is like a bizzaro version of Adam’s “Too Late” bit where he explained things to 1780’s Guy.

Adam and Big Momma are now on an NBA tangent, she’s telling him he’s all mixed up. Adam is asking Big Momma about the judge and things are on like the 14th level of odd “is that a fruit!?”


Adam is now doing a dollar shave club live read with Jay Mohr, Jay’s telling Adam about using them himself as they do a nice live read.


Blah Blah Blog

1st blog choices are Michael Moore, Sean Penn and Glenn Close.

2nd blog choices are Russell Simmons, Alec Baldwin and Joy Behar


3rd blog choices are Roseanne Barr, Robin Quivers and Tom Green

Jay is proclaiming this the all-time hardest entry since he’s been a podcast listener.

Alison has a great response to the outcome of this one, get that drop BB!

Jay is busting out the Joe DiMaggio impression and has been instructed to answer the next one as Joe


4th blog choices are Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Jane Fonda

Adam is on a riff about the lever of blowhards they’re dealing with, hilarious joke about the labia weight from A-Rose.

Adam is now remarking on how he dislikes Jane for retiring only to return to acting to star alongside Jennifer Lopez and Adam is now gaslighting Jay saying he’s pals with Jamie Lee Curtis who Jay just mocked for her career transition.


5th blog choices are Dave Matthews, Thom Yorke and Ronnie Wood

Alison won it all, Adam is calling it a sloppy win and describing it as a cheap NFL victory.

Jay is commenting on Dawson’s epic head movement during his reads.


Jay is now demanding the tie breaker and offering hand jobs to everyone if he loses.


6th blog choices are Bill Maher, Paul Riser and Albert Brooks

Jay got his redemption and no longer has to wipe down with Purell tonight.


Al Pacino is now joining Adam’s Legal Zoom Live read, this is great!

Adam “Dawson Move Your Head Weird!”


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the demolishment of Ariel Castros home and how Adam will now not be able to buy it, Adam is explaining what he loves about this dude, he loves that everyone abandoned him.

Adam is remarking on the phrase “blood is thicker than water” and how it still doesn’t make sense to him, BB is asking if it’s a metaphor and Alison is jumping in, this is great.

Adam is calling for a Molotov cocktail to be tossed next time they destroy one of these types of places, to really get into the healing spirit.


Adam is now asking why these women are appearing in public, he used his classic “chained to a radiator” in a therapists office comment and Alison picks up on it immediately.

Adam’s quiet realization of what he just said is marvelous, now Adam is explaining how he doesn’t have the “chuck a rock at the van he was raped in” gene and how TV heals all of his wounds.

Big Momma just appeared via a time machine then bailed.


Alison is now explaining that she did a story about the 50th anniversary of the cassette tape, to explain the use of “dud”.

Jay is now asking Alison to explain further despite her interruptions, Alison is explaining why she chose to include that story yesterday.

Jay is now joking about Monica from the last episode, Joe Pesci is now weighing in on things at Adam’s behest.


Jay is telling Adam about seeing Drew Peterson at a grocery store in the valley, he’s describing the encounter and his wife Nikki’s reaction.

Adam has a great Mike August joke and Jay is telling Adam about someone working on Drew’s case, what a bizarre story.

Adam is now slamming on the breaks to breakdown the details, he’s working out the details of the case and asking if he’s now incarcerated.


Adam has Gary looking into it, Now Jay and the Norm drop are having a “Hey that guys sounds hot” off, this is wonderful!

Adam is wrapping the Draft Kings live read to tell Jay that Drew is currently locked up, he’s been behind bars since February.

Adam is now asking Jay if he stands by his story, threatening to contact the prison to warn them he’s on the loose, hahahaha nice work Gary!


Adam is sharing his theory about Steve Harvey being the black Dr. Phil with Jay, Jay’s busting out the impressions and asking if Adam is a fan.

Adam is now mocking Phil’s typical advice and shitting on Jay’s fandom.

Jay’s now asking Alison about “Iyanla fix my life” and Jay has a great joke about the noose of Ray Combs.

Adam is giving the appropriate plugs and says he’ll be on Jay’s podcast “Mohr Stories” on Monday, he’s now wrapping the show with a nice Fund Anything plug and goodbye for everyone including Jay’s beautiful and funny wife Nikki Cox.