Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/07/2013 – Bryan Cranston and Monica Mehta

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Bryan Cranston and Monica Mehta

Recorded 08-06-2013 – Release Date 08-07-2013

Production Number #1137

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Dawson has an amazing intro that I assume was written by Lynch, Even Adam has to give it up to Dawson along with BB for his perfect “hitting of the post”.

BB is now playing Jo’s “What the Fuck!?” from yesterday and proclaiming it needs to be the next ringtone #TopDrop.

Adam is now telling the gang about Bryan making his 7th appearance on the podcast, his first phoner along with Monica making her 2nd visit.


Adam is now praising Bryan and his success as evidence that talent can still win, BB has a funny trailer one liner in response to Adam’s Kardashians comment. BB has a comment about Bryan appearing on the morning show in 2008, he also guested in 2006. So 2 radio visits, 6 podcast episodes and now this coming phoner.

Adam has a great Aston Martin analogy and Alison has a nice Netflix comment and even better leggy blonde reply, Adam is now killing it riffing off of her comment, comedy perfection!

Adam has another analogy McDonalds vs. the Apple Pan and BB has a nice plug for Superfan Constantino and his Pizza restaurant in San Francisco.


Adam is telling the gang about Drew’s big faux pas during the recording for the latest batch of “The Adam and Drew Show”.

Alison has a nice understated comment as Adam describes the mushroom cloud peanut bag, Adam is now talking about his “pack-o-lackeys”, hilarious comments from the entire gang, this is gold.

Adam is now talking about Chris “wetting” himself and has some hilarious comments that he closes with a brilliant delivery on “DO NO HARM!?” Alison’s reaction is perfect, makes it funnier.


Adam is now explaining how he tries to train people to keep caring about things after they are done with them, Adam is now in character as his famous caveman “Tobar”(Tovar) describing the thinking process of Drew and the other people who disappoint him with thoughtless actions.

Adam has a great pissing analogy and Alison wants to know if Drew has tuned out Adam’s years of ranting about this type of stuff.

Adam is now explaining how Drew can switch to autopilot with the best of them, he’s got a great muscle memory and front door analogy that sums up the logic perfectly.

Adam and the gang are now riffing on “Nut Alarm” in response to Alison’s comment, gold!


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Adam is now telling the gang about a tweet describing the record number of people being pulled over between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, he’s sharing how he and Gary both recent ran into hiding cops.

Adam is now bringing up the bullet train to Vegas that will never exist despite years of promising, Adam’s making an excellent point about speed and safety while reflecting back on the government for not providing faster transportation.

Adam is now really going off on the city and the terrible job they’re doing to alleviate traffic, Alison is reading some information on what they’re cracking down on with motorists.


Adam is now going off on stress and how it can be induced by traffic, lowering your quality of life.

Alison is now explaining the severity of the powerlessness she feels while stuck in traffic and is running late for an appointment, awwwww.

Adam is now asking how much stress has been induced and how man “carbon calories” have been burned, he’s now bringing up road rage and accidents caused by the traffic in Los Angeles.


Adam is now calling it a way to make everyone in your city slightly more miserable, Alison has a great point about the aggression that’s bred from people being trapped on the roads.

Adam is now asking for an awareness campaign for traffic laws that might speed things up.

BB has an excellent logical point about the evolution laws to reflect the times and Adam has a killer riff about Ralph Nader coming with every one of the VW’s his mom used to drive.


Adam is now telling the gang about Navageddon coming to reality, he was tweeted about some hackers taking control of a car.

Adam is now sharing his experience with Drivers Training, the story of the 3D Hustler and the inappropriate driving instructor.

Alison has an interesting question about gender and now Adam is now pondering her profound “What If?” scenario.


Bryan Cranston is now on the ACS for his 7th appearance, 9th if you count the KLSX morning show.

Adam is asking Bryan about his upcoming work on stage, they have a nice back and forth where Bryan gets a nice funny dig in towards Adam, in the spirit of their “Fund Anything” video.

Bryan is now telling Adam about the upcoming 8 Sunday’s airing the final “Breaking Bad” Episodes.


Adam is now bringing up the time he drove Bryan to the airport, they’re having a nice back and forth about it and now Adam is complimenting Bryan on his work and kindness.

Bryan is now praising Adam for hitting 1 Million dollars for “Road Hard”, Bryan read the script and has agreed to be in the movie, he’s really a fan of the script.

This seems to another step in the Meta “Adam vs. Cranston” Fund Anything campaign, Bryan is now trying to steal Adam’s role in the movie, a nice opposing twist from the earlier angle from the Fund Anything video.


Bryan is performing up a storm and Adam’s acting is ranging from flawless to bumpy non Ace Awards level improv with BB, this is gold!

Do not miss this bit, only the ACS can get Cranston to do something like this, Adam is now being offered a consultant role for the film in place of the lead role.

Bryan is now suggesting Ben Affleck to direct the film in place of Adam, this is all one take and they’re exceptionally riffing this bit.


Bryan’s reply to Adam’s claims of being a good actor is off the charts hilarious, killer triplets one liner and now Bryan is stealing Adam’s “Self Satisfied Sniff” gold!

This has become a live action James Woods vs. Peter Griffin bit from “Family Guy”.

Bryan is bringing it full circle, calling Adam a whiny bitch and Adam is trying to stand up for himself, hilarious closing from both guys telling each other to fuck off.


Adam is welcoming Monica back to the show for her 2nd visit while mocking Mike August for screwing up her credits for both bookings.

Adam is now asking her to start micro and drive towards the macro, he’s asking her what would get this country in shape the fastest.

Monica is now going in depth on the 30yr low of our savings rate, she’s citing the previous levels of past generations.


Adam is now bringing up a fan who tweeted him a picture of a sign proclaiming “it takes courage but saving money is worth it” and now Adam is going off on how society is taking many “no shit” thoughts and ideas and turning it into heroic feats, everyone is John McClane for cooking eggs for breakfast!

Monica is now going in depth on the way people finance a small business and how the lack of savings effect that.

Monica is now explaining the changes in personal debt and BB has a nice point about the lack of financial education classes being offered to high school students and Monica is now blaming it on our PC policed culture.


Adam is now telling the gang and Monica about his talk with Natalia about her career choices at age 5, how income level was able to change her opinion on what career path she might pursue.

Adam is now calling for people to explain the differences in lifestyle options for people who choose various professions, he’s got a great riff about “Stuart” coming into his daughter’s life as an adult.

Alison is making a great point about society being two faced about money, Adam agrees and is now expounding further.


Monica is sharing her take on consumerism with a clever purse analogy that is making a larger point about personal debt and responsibility.

Adam is now asking Monica for some quick tips, she’s got some practical advice for teaching your children through experiencing you managing your money and finances.

Adam and BB are talking about his parents and their lack of money to manage, he’s now talking about “save the music” campaigns and how if they exist, basic money courses should well before them as money is universal for all people.

Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Amber Alert that awoke many citizens across Los Angeles, Adam is calling the amber alert the worst name for an alert citing the “terror chart” color confusion.

Adam is now proclaiming the “terror chart” as being the number one sign of how incompetent our government is, he’s mocking the concept of colors without order being used to quantify a status level.

She’s now explaining the nature of the amber alert, she’s reading the horrific details of what generated the alert.


Adam is now bringing up how the suspected getaway car was a Nissan Versa, the car Adam promoted back in 2011, Adam is now saying the make and model of the car being listed was actually a beneficial use of the freeway signs loathes.

Adam has a great “Not without My Daughter” reply to BB.


2nd Story is on a school bus driver calling 911 while witnessing two 15yr olds beating a 13yr old on the bus, Adam is asking why the drivers are not supplied with pepper spray or allowed to break up these violent incidents.

Alison is explaining how the bus driver is now catching heat for not intervening from the citizens of his school district.

Adam is now bringing up the nature of camera in school busses and how it wouldn’t have made sense to a previous generation and why video cameras now only exist to capture events on film, not to prevent crime.


Adam wants their parents brought in, he wants to know why they have 15yr olds capable of such extreme violence.

Alison is explaining the details of the violence and how the kid is being blamed for reporting the drug dealers who later assaulted him.

Adam doesn’t want scenario’s where kids are being beaten to death while adults watch on, afraid to get involved, Alison is now playing a video from the bus driver proclaiming how bad he felt that he couldn’t intervene.


Adam is now asking what are we going to when a 15yr old will punch an elderly person, he’s asking if everyone will be forced to carry pepper spray or if maybe we can start focusing on bringing some civility back into this horrible society being crafted by shitty out of it parents crapping kids into the system.

Adam is making some amazing points about family and responsibility, along with instilling the right values in their kids.

BB just revealed he took the public bus to school and Adam is telling the gang about walking everywhere, Monica is now jumping in and bringing up the role of parental involvement in charter schools and how it changes the graduation rate 10 fold.


Adam is now bringing up how charter schools are combatted from the teachers unions and the school board who don’t want completion proving how horrible they are at their jobs.

Adam is on a roll, he’s blaming the teachers union for their work leading to the death of kids and calling for them to let the person with an entrepreneurial instinct to come in and fix things with charter schools.

Adam is now joking with Monica about the hatred she must have in her heart for echoing his sentiments, once again Adam has flawless logic and is taking Huffpo to task, welcoming their new plan to solve the ills of society.


Adam is on an epic riff/rant, Alison is asking Monica why her quotes about entrepreneurial spirit were deemed as racist, she’s got a hilarious bit of accent to reveal her ethnic roots, hilarious!

Monica is now launching into the Obama “we built that” speech and Adam along with Alison are agreeing about the ideas being presented.

They’re now launching into people who don’t understand economic mobility and refuse to listen to people who used to be poor and managed to rise above, another hilarious quote from Monica.


BB just brought up Life of Pi during his mildly insulting question, Adam has a great baboon one liner and now Monica is sharing a quick explanation of how her parents overcame poverty.

Adam is now joking about Monica’s “hate speak” and demanding her to take it all back.

Monica is now explaining how despite her parents not instilling education in her and leaving her as a latchkey kid that instead motivated her to achieve despite forging her own report cards as nobody was around to sign them.


Adam is now going off on the idea of latch keys, mocking the concept of not using a key for a latch, though the origin of the title might come from people leaving the key under a latch or hidden from the public, the latch might have more to do with the placement of said key while not being used.


3rd Story is on the 50th anniversary of the Cassette Tape, the source of all of Adam’s Classic Loveline.

Monica just proclaimed the story a “dud” and now they’re all reminiscing on the headaches caused by tapes and how difficult they were for listening to music in comparison to modern technology.

Alison is asking Dawson about the sound from tapes, he’s right that it can be mimicked very easily and now Adam is telling the gang about his days of making mix tapes for his workouts and boxing training.


Alison is closing the news to a nice sweet eulogy for the Cassette tape, a great new drop from BB and Dawson is stepping in to try to correct Adam on the “Maxell guy” with the infamous hair being blown back, BB just stepped in to correct Adam that he didn’t say “Maxell”, now Dawson is now back on mic to save the day and give Adam the credit he deserves, nice work DAWSON!

Adam is now riffing on the Maxell Guy aging and trying to utilize his fame in a different era, hilarious comment about getting August to book him for the show.


Adam has one of the funniest “Legal Zoom” live reads he’s ever done, wow!

Adam is now giving some plugs and wrapping up the show.