Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/06/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 261

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/06/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 261

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 08-02-2015 – Release Date 08-06-2015

Production Number #261 – More Knowledge Than College

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Adam has a mandate to get it on intro, he’s thrown off by the music being added in post this time or typically?

Adam is talking about the spans of time between periods of your life, Adam is commenting on the limited lifespan for a flash in the pan career in today’s world.

Adam is explaining the difficulty to come up with the names of those forgotten to the public, Drew says he listens to lectures while doing housework, Adam uses audiobooks.


Adam and Drew are looking at a push mower the recognize from their childhoods, Adam is now explaining that your lawn is your offering to the world explaining where you’re coming from and who you are.

Drew is talking about hoarding often starts in people’s cars before spreading to their homes.

Adam is talking about how price keeps you from going to the grocery store in your bathrobe, Drew is bringing up his latest episode of The Dr. Drew podcast with Glenn Rockowitz where he was interviewed about Adam abusing him on air on this show


#ADSLOTJ – Lord of the Jungle Winner Mark, he bought the push mower and they have him on the phone

Adam asks if his wife his happy with him and his efforts around the house.


Drew is doing a Live Read for Bulletproof Coffee


Adam and Drew are addressing if Adam abuses him and Adam is sharing how Lynette doesn’t trust that Adam has any caretaking gene in him and cannot take care of the kids nor Molly while she’s away, he may not have the gene but he does have the gene where he does what he promises to do.

Adam is now addressing how he can’t take time off, he explains he must tinker when not working and Drew has the option of reading.

Adam and Drew are talking about Drew’s late father and the “financial abuse” he perpetrated on him, Drew is describing it in detail.


Dr. Drew Podcast #186 to hear the interview.


Adam and Drew are doing a Mazda Live Read


Adam is talking about his daughter wanting to go swimming, he was betting his kids to see if they could swim from one end of the pool to the other without coming up for air for 50$.

Adam shares his offer to do it with an assist for lesser money, his daughter told him to keep the money and Adam comments on money having no currency with his kids.

Adam comments on Sonny’s desire to get his 8k in profits for his ringtone ‘it’s just a waste of my time’.


Adam is commenting on the special Olympics having “squatting” as one of the events, Adam is trying to think of other possible events.

Adam is commenting on the likelihood of bulky calves among the special needs competitors.

Drew is talking about the differences in physicality and Adam asks Gary for the squatting record for the Special Olympics and he’s now pitching a movie of the week.


Drew is talking about his son and his insane work ethic, Adam is commenting on something like uber being available to someone today.

That alone allows you to earn income enough to pay for your car and even rent.

Adam is complimenting Bruce’s kid selling vintage Nikes online and making cash.


Adam is now sharing his love for a strong work ethic.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


Drew asks Adam about his schedule and touring after he plugs the upcoming live shows, Adam, plugs Take a Knee with Ty Lopez and Adam mocks ‘Wah Wah Wubzy’ and the difficulty in listening to a mentor when you’re fed a steady diet of narcissistic messages.

Adam is commenting on internships, he describes how he paid for his free work he did at The Groundlings and the ACME comedy theater.


Adam asks what it would be like if therapy was free and now Chris is reading a letter from Katie in Ohio, she describes his brother’s terminal girlfriend who is dying from brain cancer.

She wants to know if she should bring her child for a last visit with the dying woman, Adam offers his take on the uncertainty of doing this.

Drew explains why and how children will be angry and resent you from hiding this information, Adam says he’s never been mad at someone with good intentions.


Adam and Drew do another lap on the final visit, Adam thinks kids can understand the dying part pretty early and often.

Adam talks about Bambi’s dead mom and Old Yeller, Adam thinks kids can reconcile death on a level superior to adults due to our years of life and abundance of information.

Adam is talking about Drew being emotionally pragmatic in response to this story he told about his parent hiding an illness in the family from him.


Adam is talking about labeling people and the selfish guy who pays for the check, how selfish is he?

Adam says whatever people think of you is what you’ve worked pretty hard to get them to think about you.

Adam is giving a micro and macro example for guessing who has the problem with starting early, he’s making a point about presuming and assuming things and how at least 1 out of 10 times you will be burned by going with the odds.


Adam and Drew are doing a Betterment Live Read


1st Caller Hunter, he’s calling asking about the Ronda Rousey fight at UFC 190.

Drew is curious about the fight, Hunter wants to know what puts Ronda on such a higher level.

Adam is talking about her physicality, her mother and how new the women’s side of the UFC is, Adam is commenting on the evolution in the sport for the men’s divisions over the past 2 decades.


Adam talks about her Olympic level Judo and other skills, he thinks in a few years there will be a new group inspired by her and fighting at her level or close.

Adam is now offering up a closing “well!” as Ronda being the ultimate example of feminism and achieving what you want in life.


Drew is doing an eHarmony Live Read


Adam plugs Take a Knee and wraps up the show.