Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/06/2014 – John Hiatt, Morgan Spurlock, and David Wild

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Guest John Hiatt, Morgan Spurlock, and David Wild

Recorded 08-05-2014 – Release Date 08-06-2014

Production Number #1389

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild in studio making his 50th, 60th, 5000th visit to the show, BB has an Alison quote from yesterday’s episode for today’s #TopDrop.

BB brings up a twitter account that quotes Alison and she’s unsure if it’s a good or bad tool, if the account owner is a fan or a hater.

Adam and BB have a funny back and forth and Adam gets into the mistaken identity shooting in the Dorner Case once again, talking about the women delivering newspapers.


Adam is talking to “his brothers” and Alison is chiming in and he’s using the surfer dude and older women driving a truck, Adam says if a madman is on the loose in LA, you must fear the LAPD, not the guy fleeing.

Alison is now commenting on the warnings they issue, David shares some extreme Zionist greetings for the gang as Adam welcomes him finally.

Adam says it would cost less to not tell the cops about a criminal on the loose, they don’t know how to react, and Adam is bringing up automatic cars that can’t roll down the hill and why you still have to turn in your wheels.


Adam teases the call coming in from John Hiatt and David is joking with Adam about using a song of John’s for his new movie “Road Hard” and Adam jokes about not liking David with a perfect and hilarious setup from David, nice!

Adam is teasing the live shows and explains his “see how the fudge is packed” metaphor and David is praising the live show with Dana Gould and how funny he was, Adam is bringing up the comedians who have logged so much time on stage in the pilot seat they spring to life in the moment.

Adam is sharing why he loves David so much, their tastes are so similar, David refuses to drop a name and BB has a funny bit of dog instruction, Alison name drops James Gunn.


David references his first song played on the ACS, Adam is remembering David’s story well and now Adam is bringing up the things people don’t talk about when it comes to a job interview, he references Adam De La Peña and his Hawaiian shirts.

Adam is saying you should research the 3 or 4 songs the person you’re going to be interviewed by you could possibly get in their good graces.

Now they’re playing the song David mentioned by John Hiatt, David said it was a little village song, “Don’t think about her when you’re trying to drive.”


Adam is bringing up how Judd Apatow reacted to finding out that Adam was a fan of Graham Parker, Adam is now talking about seeing John Hiatt live the last time he was out in Los Angeles.

David jokes that John should have a greatest failures album, in reply to Adam talking about John’s catalog, Alison wants to know about interviewing your heroes and she brings up the “Facts Of Life” reunion panel she was informed about and dreams of hosting.

Adam says that Jimmy Kimmel got into the business so he could go fly fishing with Huey Lewis, Adam is saying that meeting your heroes should be part of your career, and Alison has a funny cunt joke.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie Bed, Adam brings up how Natalia came to sleep with them last night due to Sonny’s snoring, and Natalia kept punching Adam during his sleep.

Adam is bringing up how sweet his kids are when they go to bed and he’s now telling them about Sonny requesting a vibrating bed and Adam refused, he needs to earn it, it’s all downhill from Reverie.

David is asking about Adam’s documentary about Paul Newman, Alison says she’s going to show up and climb into bed with Adam and Lynette due to her husband’s snoring, she’s not aware of the multiple styles of mouthpieces that can be worn, some with no discomfort that not only stop the snoring but could help Daniel’s health.


Alison has a great reaction to the drop of her mocking Daniel’s snoring, Adam is explaining how Newman worked racing into his life and career and how it lined up with the death of his son.

Adam says that it is only one of the times in his life where he can focus on one thing 100% is when he is racing in one of Paul’s cars, much like Paul and his own desire to use racing to escape his thoughts.

Adam is explaining how Paul Newman got into the salad dressing business and enjoyed cooking for everyone.


Adam is praising Newman’s Own and how they do everything from Dog Treats to charity, Adam brings up his kids being confused by the documentary footage then seeing Paul’s face on the bag of treats for Molly.

Adam does a plug for the automotive film festival, BB brings up Jules Dash.


John Hiatt is now making his ACS debut, he was on Classic Loveline #575 from THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1997 and bonded with Adam and Drew to such a degree Adam not only got backstage passes, but John added “Adam and Drew” to lyrics in his song “Slow Turning” for his encore at his next show over that weekend.

Adam came back on Sunday in a mode he’s never been in again on air, once in a lifetime Carolla moments.

After 11 years of my begging and hoping he finally returned to a broadcast with Adam Carolla to the KLSX morning show on my Birthday November 10th in 2008, he even played “Learning How to Love You” live in studio.

It’s been nearly 6 years sadly.


John sounds great and Adam has immediately perked up, John is a big fan of Adam’s too, Adam doesn’t hear it though.

Adam is complimenting his album and bringing up the last time he saw John Hiatt live in Los Angeles and how he forced his wife to become a fan, he talks about them hanging out on his tour bus, this was never brought up on air, how cool!

Adam is now giving out some of John’s plugs and asks him about living in Nashville, David is in studio and is bringing up some deep John Hiatt trivia about his first record deal, a song written for “Three Dog night” and Adam has a killer one liner “Mama Told You Not To Talk” aimed at David and is asking him about his song from 40yrs ago on his first record that was covered by TDN in 1975.


Adam is asking John about his history with songwriting and how he started at 11, Adam is asking if he has the rights to “Dust down a country road” and how he wants to use it for his movie “Road Hard” and how the producer wanted to know if Adam knows John.

Adam is now asking John, he says Adam can have it but is not aware of the legal stuff, he offers to make some calls, he says he will do what he can, and he loves Adam.

Adam brings up John’s new wave album that Adam discovered around 1981 on KROQ, Adam is asking if seems like a different live he lived long ago, he’s describing that time and that scene.


Adam is asking John about finding his sound and he says it’s a good question and is now filling him in on how it came to be.

Adam is asking John about the different music scenes of the era, David brings up Elvis and now John is responding to that comparison about his own status as a fully formed artist that hadn’t come along like it did so early for Elvis Presley.


Adam compliments “Bring The Family” and says that’s the album that marks John finding his voice, he references his sobriety and Adam is now asking about the artists process and how he would refuse to watch standup of himself from 1989, hilarious wording from Adam.

Adam wants to know if John is embarrassed by anyone of his past work, he’s got a highly evolved answer about evolving as an artist.

David is asking about Bob Dylan covering some of John’s songs and how he reacted to that.


Adam compliments one of John’s lyrics and now Adam is asking for the All of the Sudden “This Secret Life” song by John Hiatt and how it compares to his modern style, they’re now playing the song.

Adam wraps up with John and now they’re all discussing his legacy and the return of rock and roll in the late 70’s and early 1980s.


Adam is now doing a live read for Simply Safe home security.

Adam is now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Morgan Spurlock set to make his 5th appearance on the show, Adam plugs BB’s cause of the brain tumor walk and works an Amazon plug into it.

Morgan is now on the line promoting his new series on Showtime “Seven deadly Sins” and Adam compliments on how well they shot it and is telling them about watching “Gluttony” an installment of the series and he compares it to the UK Top Gear and the “Food Porn” on cooking shows.

Morgan is bringing up a guy on the show who is turned on by very elderly grandmas and Adam jokes about being into 18 year and 1 day old ladies.


Adam is now bringing up the time his grandma told him he wouldn’t survive long enough to be the rooster in the retirement home henhouse.

Alison has a nice question and Adam jokes about it, Adam is now bringing up how 90 year old dudes have to still perform, and women can just hang out and accept the offering form the young enthusiast.

Adam is asking about the young man and Morgan shares a quote that gets a nice reaction form Alison.


Adam says this is the equivalent of him loving lobster shells, not the meat, like him waiting outside of a Red Lobster waiting for shells, Adam jokes about this kid’s abundance of 80 year old pussy to eat.

Morgan brings up the “Envy” episode and the suit made for men to wear that simulates a woman’s body, Adam jokes about a size “56 troll” for David and now Morgan is telling them about the business and how it’s a family who makes these things.

Morgan has some great quotes about the fake vaginas and Adam tells him about visiting the Doc Johnson factory and how all business become a business after week one, it’s an assembly line.


Adam is very curious about these suits and asking some nice follow up questions, Morgan is telling them all of the details.

Adam wants to know if people were always this weird but didn’t have the outlet, or have people gotten weirder over time.

Morgan says people have always been like this but now can be honest and open about their lifestyles.


Adam has a great “Goat based” blog joke in reply to Alison and now he’s wrapping up with Morgan after some more compliments for his new show.

Alison is now helping Adam with the Life Lock live read.

“I wonder if someone has ever stolen my mom’s identity and then kinda thrown it back” – Adam


Adam is riffing about the scene of someone trying to use her identity and buy shit, Alison has a killer one liner and she’s haunted by this “Femme Skin” thing and Adam is sharing his take on the “functioning vagina” and has a great sea anemone joke.

Adam is saying people ask why after these things like a school shooting, people are crazy, they do crazy shit.

BB has a killer “Fully Functioning Vagina” joke that Alison seems to love and Adam jokes about the fake pussy bleeding 3 days per month, they’re all joking about it now, gold!


Adam wants the 20/20 (band) song played and he’s now reminiscing about many of the band’s name dropped by John earlier in the show.

BB is now playing a song by 3D “X Ray Eyes” who Adam confuses with 20/20 and David says he’s never heard this song, Adam finds out that “Yellow Pills” is the 20/20 track.

They’re now playing Yellow Pills, David has some info and Adam says it’s part of the 2nd British invasion where everyone was trying to sound like David Bowie.


Adam compliments how revolutionary KROQ was in that era, BB brings up “Mayor of the Sunset Strip” and Adam is now calling for someone to make that movie, the KROQ movie.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the 2nd person who has been transported to the US with Ebola, Alison is telling them about the family of the woman having talks about her funeral arrangements prior to her arriving in the states where she might be able to recover with the new treatment.

Adam is now asking about how old Ebola is, Alison is sharing the details of the spreading disease and Adam is bringing up the preparation of the dead and how it might lead to this.

Alison jokes about them fucking corpses and “Femme Skin” and now Adam is asking David about his own funeral one day, Adam wants to know about why giving people a “1 days heads up” talking about the Jewish process for burial.


Adam jokes about them not being able to stop taking, even from the grave and Adam jokes about missing David’s funeral due to a taping of his show “Catch a Contractor.”

David is now riffing about name dropping from the grave and Adam brings Bob Dylan into this scenario, Adam wants to know if Jews work out the funeral stuff before, BB theorizes that it’s a crafty way to keep people away and from eating your food.

Alison picks up on BB’s sleeper anti-Semitism and has a nice reaction, Adam says that was way worse than anything he’s ever said, gold!


“Want to save on deli meat” – BB and now Alison is further reacting.

Adam is now trying to figure out how the Jews figured out to bury people so quickly, out of intelligence and Alison looked it up, Adam has a killer callback to BB’s comment.

BB is now defending his wording and Alison is reading the quotes about it from interpretations of the Torah and Adam jokes about BB’s other theory about weekend rates at the funeral home, gold!

“My ass is Jewish” – Alison

Adam adds another racist BB joke and now David has a killer “fuck you Bryan” and this is the funniest part of the riff.


2nd Story Is the release date for the new IPhone 6 and Adam is mocking the apple ads for their products and asks them to stop shaming him with the family orientated commercials.

Alison has a “Don Draper” reference then for some reason says “for those of you that get that” because Adam doesn’t watch the show nor BB, or because the audience?

Gary confirms that the date is legit and now Adam is further mocking the advertisements for the phones and Alison jokes about Adam watching porn on his IPhone.


Adam is assuming that everyone under 35 is beating off to their phones and now Adam is bringing up the bragging about things you can do with phone that leave him feeling inadequate.

Adam is now setting up the commercial that he hates with the dads.

It’s the wrong ad and Adam jokes about taking Sonny’s rectal temperature, gold!


Adam is now doing a live read for Stamps.com


They’re playing the right annoying commercial and Adam describes it and mocks it, he asking for some Queensrÿche songs for the advertisements, BB brings up Apple’s ad agency problems.

Adam is now asking if people are feeling condescend to, he’s bringing up the quirky music and Zoey Deschanel types.

Adam is calling for “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake and Adam is riffing a new commercial, this is great!

Adam typing in slow-mo looking for a rub and tug place and offering a 10% discount coupon upon arriving at the facility.


3rd Story Is on a U.S. General who died during gunfire in Afghanistan today, the senior most ranking death in the military since 1970.

Adam is now bringing up how we kick so much ass that he always assumes most deaths are friendly fire, he’s echoing his old 2001 “we kill more of us than you will” motto and BB brings up “The Usual Suspects” and Adam is unsure what we’re supposed to do in the middle east, Adam wants everyone out of every place and wants other cultures to grow up and act civilized.

Adam says that America doesn’t really want to be anywhere and asks if we are in places interfering where shit isn’t going down right now.


Alison wants to know if Adam was in favor of us going to Iraq and Afghanistan and he’s sharing his take from the post 9/11 era and how he didn’t react like other pussies in the media begging for an invasion.

Adam brings up the pressure on The United States to play world police while being shit on for doing it, Alison wants to know what would happen if we dismantled the Military Industrial complex and what that would do to the economy and Adam brings up the era of “Saddles and Buggy whips” and Adam doesn’t like people getting legacy employment for bygone industries.

Adam is saying that people retool in wartime and now that wartime is over let’s retool and go back to making tractors and Adam wishes it would all go away.


Adam is sharing the universal rules for not harming others, the basic right and wrong that all humans know without any religion or training.

Adam is speaking up for women and how people know they shouldn’t mistreat them or take their human rights away, Adam wants the universal rules in place.

You can keep your religion, currency, whatever, just no mass graves and get your shit together it’s 2014.


Adam is now bringing up the “even though I’m running unopposed” treasure campaigns/speeches from Junior high school and Adam says it’s the people who don’t want to pay for deli slices.

BB has an even worse reply, gold!

David is telling them about his childhood cash box and BB doesn’t even know what one is.



4th Story Is on a firefighter “doll rescue” from a car, Adam is now commenting on the super realistic doll and how you can make anything look perfect, Adam references Femme Skin and Alison has a telling “oh no” and now Adam is saying these dolls should not be out there.

Adam is sharing how he and Ray would have used this doll to fuck with people.

Adam says these dolls need a green vagina, he says its Alison’s idea and David has a great setup throwing BB under the bus and Adam rolls with it, hilarious!

Adam is talking about parked air conditioning and why it’s not offered, Adam tells them not to tell him about the Prius, he’s know about that since 2005 from a Loveline caller from the local Ford Dealership.


Adam is doing a live read for “Blinds Galore” and Matt is now in the mix sharing how they got blinds that were 10 inches too short, they got a free swap out no questions asked.

Alison is now wrapping up the news without talking about it.

Adam is wrapping up the show and David calls the pre-taped episodes “repeats” and David plugs a gig of his own.

Adam is now plugging John Hiatt and giving out the plug for the trolls.

BB wraps the show to one of Morgan’s new drops, this one quoting the son from the Femme Skin family empire.