Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/06/2013 – Kristen DiAngelo and Jo Koy

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Guest Kristen DiAngelo and Jo Koy

Recorded 08-05-2013 – Release Date 08-06-2013

Production Number #1136

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Adam is opening the show with a very spirited series of mandates and BB has a nice #TopDrop, Jo Koy is now back in studio for his 4th visit.

Adam and BB are breaking down the calls Jo made into the KLSX ACS where he would mock their guest Joey Chestnut, they’re all weighing in that they’re not sure Joey understood the joke.

Adam and Jo Koy are now riffing, Adam vs. Kobayashi. This is some “sweet love”.

This is an almost 10min riff.


Adam is now explaining how Danny Bonaduce lives in a state between REM sleep and pro wrestling, he’s comparing it young boys enjoying watching “Star Wars”.

Jo is sharing how Danny would challenge him to fistfights during his 2007 call in segments, BB has a nice sound-alike and Alison has an even better vocal mash up comment.


Made Up Movie

1st Caller AJ, Adam is asking him about life in Fresno. AJ’s title is “A Man’s World” and Adam is now riffing a Steve Harvey, all black, sophisticated black people movie.

BB is on the same page thinking about the work of Tyler Perry, Adam on Steve Harvey “There’s a pussy and a cock and he kind of gets in the middle of the two…”

Adam and Jo are now bringing the movie to life, good stuff.


They’re now adding a serious role for a shaved head Carrot Top, playing Kevin Hart’s best friend.

Adam is adding a layer of closeted homosexuality to the mix and now Jo is adding a “What the Fuck” from an angry uncle, this is wonderful!

Alison’s reaction is priceless and Adam is calling Steve Harvey the black Dr. Phil, hilarious! They’re now really breaking down Steve and Adam is asking AJ what he was thinking about for the premise.


Jo is telling the gang about seeing Dr. Phil’s weight loss shake at a store and Adam is telling Jo about Phil’s diet book.

Adam is now impersonating Phil with a great one liner, Adam is now declaring that beauty and diet books are the modern equivalent to a celebrity releasing an album in the 1970’s.

Alison is now declaring Adam as being “so right” about this topic, Adam is having them clear the screen after his Steve/Phil comparison.


2nd Caller Derrick, his title is “A Case of the Mondays”.

Some initial comedy with Alison revealing the title early, Alison is now riffing a rivalry between substitute teachers scenario in Schaumburg Illinois, not too far from the Superfan.

Adam is now tapping into a new element for the plot, he’s adding a diversity/bussing program that changes to have the teachers bussed into the new districts as well.

They’re adding layers and BB has some great use of Jo’s fantastic new drop.


3rd Caller Kelly, calling from NYC and Adam is quizzing her a bit, her title is not used due to her phone disconnecting right as Adam comments on the line quality.


4th Caller Clark, his title is “Black Tie Casual” Adam is making this an action thriller and Jo is of the exact same mindset.

Adam is saying it’s one of these movies from every 13yrs featuring a group of people being boated in to a remote location.

Adam is taking it back to Clark to ask him about the plot, BB has a nice video addition to amplify the creep factor, Adam just took it too far with his evil turn, BB closes it with the new classic drop and Alison has a great reaction.


Adam is now making/asking Jo to bust out some PF Changs greeter, Adam is now playing the annoyed customer dealing with the unruly greeter.

Adam has a great “Celebrity Card” riff that Jo rolls with perfectly, Jo has some great fake “ask the guys in the back” stuff, and he’s able to change up how he modulates on the mic with amazing accuracy.

Adam is now trying to tell Jo about “Crank Yankers” this is insanely great, just a noise wall of madness and misunderstanding.

And Scene, they just closed out another almost 10min long form improv and Jo is declaring his love for Adam that Adam gives right back, awwwww!


Kristen DiAngelo is now making her ACS debut, Adam is asking her about the meaning of the title of her film, she’s explaining why she prefers courtesan.

Adam is now asking her about working in the sex industry for over 3 decades, Adam’s asking her to breakdown what that exactly means.

Adam is asking her about her time in Australia and asking her about her prostitution work while residing there, Adam wants her to explain the nature of work and has a great “Welcome Whores” joke that even Kristen enjoys.


Kristen is explaining how the sex industry works and differs between the United States and Australia specifically.

Kristen is going in depth on the way the business welcomes new people in Australia, Adam wants to know how much money you can make as an escort.

Kristen is telling Adam his question is too arbitrary and Adam wants to know the split between a service and a girl, Kristen says it’s typically 50/50.


Adam is asking what this is going to morph into, Adam is now asking her about guys who just want to talk and Adam seems to be referencing Ron Lester admitting on Loveline that he enjoyed performing oral sex on prostitutes.

Kristen says it’s about 50/50 when it comes to single and marries customers, she’s got an interesting argument about personal responsibility when it comes to vice.

Adam is asking Kristen about her admission that she got involved in the sex industry in her teens, she’s telling Adam about her parents having to fly overseas to work in a Muslim country.


Kristen was in her high school years and living alone, Adam wants to know how she got involved in sex work.

She found a job offer in a newspaper for a local massage parlor, Adam is seeing her point about the temptation to get a higher level of income.

Kristen is telling the gang about the stats among modernized countries when it comes to the legalization of prostitution.


Kristen is telling Adam about jumping out of moving vehicles and being held captive overnight.

Kristen’s tale is harrowing, she’s telling Adam about being picked up in a card room on a rainy night, and she was on her way home.

It was in California and he impersonated a police officer, Adam and Alison have some great questions and she’s explaining how hours of strangling had left her unable to scream.


Adam has a great joke about the band “War” in reply to Kristen telling them about being rescued by a group of low riders, she was left at a bus station.

She’s telling Adam that he claimed she tried to rob him, Adam is now explaining how with guys this isn’t something that one can “get out of their system”.

Adam is asking why as human beings we don’t understand what’s going on with our fellow humans, he’s citing the sheer amount of knowledge we have of the human anatomy and brain to make his point.


Adam is now arguing a great point about attempt and how people shouldn’t get reduced sentences because their victim managed to survive.

Kristen is explaining why some predators begin their horrific behavior with sex workers, Alison is asking her if she took a break after her kidnapping and assault.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the bogus therapy dog tags/vests being used by New Yorkers to evade rules about bringing dogs into certain areas.

Adam is now making a larger point about shame and rules, how we can police ourselves and how it spins out of control with the supreme narcissism surrounding pets.

Adam is explaining how people love their own pet and don’t understand that other people may not enjoy the animal as much as they do.


Handicapped placards, bogus therapy dog vets are now both officially game on for scammers and Adam is talking about how he spotted it at least a year ago, but the aforementioned Richard Belzer ACP was recorded in 2009.

Adam has a great “doggy glasses” for 3D movies riff and prediction about how we all will have encountered piles of dog shit in movie theaters before this life is through.

Adam is now remarking on people kicking their shoes off at every opportunity and calling it “officially the fuck on”.


2nd Story is on Chris Hansen leaving NBC after 22 years.

Adam is now reminiscing on his favorite aspects of “To Catch a Predator”, he’s got a nice description and breakdown of the sad scenes often displayed on that show.

Adam is now bringing up the “would you like to see the texts/pictures/video you sent” part of the show.


BB is now asking how the producers got wise in the 2nd season and how Chris would dodge the question about being in law enforcement to better serve the show.

Adam is giving a quick recap on his small domino cheese pizza test run he would employ.

Adam is now calling for Louie Anderson to be the new host of “To Catch a Predator” and Kristen is explaining how much she loves seeing the guys get busted.


Adam is now explaining his unique wiring that allows him to feel empathy for anyone in the moment, he’s got a hilarious almost “Family Guy”-esque riff about feeling bad for Hitler with food in his teeth.

Alison wants to know if Adam’s empathy becomes a liability for him, BB has a choice drop for Adam’s great “what if Hitler had mad MMA skills?”

Adam is using the Terry Mosier Street fight to make a point about his trusting nature and how it can steer him wrong, Alison agrees and explains how she finds herself surprised at how awful people can often be.


Adam is explaining how he hates the “screw them before they screw you” style of advice and how it only leads to creating more self-entitled assholes.

Adam’s using his former tenant that demanded Adam give him an agreement to break the lease early.

Adam is teasing “another Cranston thing” he’s describing the new 3rd video to bookend their trilogy.


3rd Story is on a python that escaped its enclosure and strangled two children

Adam is joking about them not being serial killers and has a great twist where he gives us a peek on his hidden theory about Panda Bears secretly being into torturing prostitutes.

Alison is telling Adam that it wasn’t included in the story if the kids were being consumed and Adam wants to know how the snake was able to strangle both kids.


Alison is complimenting the snake and its child killing strategy, Adam is now making a good point about the people who knew these kids trying to explain what happened to them.

BB and Alison both react to something Gary has thrown up on the monitor but they won’t comment, the reaction sounds almost as bad as the time I put a C-section up at the Laughs in Kirkland WA.

Adam is now joking about people saying they had the reptile for years and never had a problem, Adam’s joke about the snake telling another snake what kind of guy his owner is, comedy gold!


Adam is now bringing up how people try to apply the same relationship they have with coworkers to wild animals, hilarious buying your snake coworker a bag of bugles riff from the Aceman.

BB is joining Adam for the improv, great Doreen name drop from Ace and an equally great question from BB, hilarious!

Alison’s reaction to the snake walking the dog is amazing, Alison is now wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a live read, giving out the plugs and wrapping the show.