Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/02/2013 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan

Recorded 08-01-2013 – Release Date 08-02-2013

Production Number #1134

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Dawson/Lynch have an amazing intro for Adam that he adds to nicely, BB has a great recent #TopDrop from A-Rose.

Adam is sharing an anecdote from dealing with the kiddies earlier in the day, he’s now citing women who spend many hours of their life with hot hair blowing into the side of their head.

BB is citing dogs being afraid of the device and saying it’s the litmus test for a device, Adam is now telling people to travel with battery operated hairdryers while in wolf country in the back woods of Alaska.


Alison is sharing how she sometimes uses a fan while using the hair dryer, Adam is mocking her for “Kill-O-Watt” much like his wife.

Adam is citing how he walked in on Natalia, standing in front of a full length mirror in her bikini just brushing her hair.

Adam is now becoming Dianne Wiest in “Parenthood”, BB admires the deep reference and Adam’s vocal tone almost inflects hers.


Adam is now sharing what Natalia was actually up to and BB has some perfectly times drop work to really drive the hilarious brutality of this story home.

Adam is sharing how she now has a new app that allows her to make her own music videos, BB is now using the hippy “I don’t know if it’s forever man” argument about posting something to the internet.

Adam and Alison are now wisely disagreeing as we all know the only thing that ever vanishes from the internet is Adam Carolla content.


BB is now asking if there will be a day when everyone has embarrassing material and can’t run for office, Alison and Adam once again agree that we’re already there as a society.

Adam is bringing up the Clinton “I didn’t inhale” line of BS and mocking the country for nobody calling him out, he’s comparing it to the Village People and how they flew under the collective gay radar despite not at all trying.

Adam is now sharing how a fan sent him “Relieved of Duty” as another example of something that sounds better than it is.


Adam is now back to his daughter’s love of Rihanna, Alison has some questions about the video and now Adam is taking the riff to hilarious lengths, wow!

Alison is now sharing how she actually did want her hair shaved on one side, Adam is calling it the “Chick from Bow Wow Wow” haircut, and sadly Superfan Giovanni actually had that haircut in 5th grade!

Adam is now sharing how the band “Bow Wow Wow” did loveline in 1998 and 2003, both times Annabella Lwin wasn’t the most pleasant guest and Adam has a new term to describe her visits, whoa!


Adam is now sharing how he’s rejected “Cliffhanger” for the upcoming “Basic Cable Classics” live show with Bill Simmons and Jay Mohr at the Wiltern this Saturday.

I will be in attendance and Adam has decided to cover the entire “Fast and Furious” series, I just emailed him a list of the continuity and timeline, here is hoping he reads it!

Adam is now trying to explain how he has to reconcile the experience of his family and how they’ve treated him vs. how we fans treat him and take care of him.


BB wants to know Adam’s contingency plan if they ended up under funded for the new movie, Adam is explaining how he has a thing where he moves through life one step at a time, he’s working on the script first and will focus on the next step when he gets there, interesting.


Hobo Power

Adam and BB are now explaining he rules for the grading scale of stink and Alison has a nice reminder about a score of 25 requiring vomit.

1st Caller Jim, He works in the healthcare industry and has a small examination room, he’s describing a man with a rotting big toe.

Adam has a great fetish joke that he tops with an even funnier “Ear, Nose and Toe?”


Adam is taking Jim on and off hold, he’s now calling him a vocal combination of Cheech and Norm MacDonald, he’s now giving Adam 3 guesses.

Jim is using a fake name as not to be recognized by any patients, he’s defending his rotting toe ridden working man patient. Jim got a 28 Hobo Power.


2nd Caller Joey, Adam is sharing how people get pissed about the morning show version of this bit that would interfere with people’s breakfast.

Joey is an EMT and he is sharing the tale of a recent call where he had to place a heart monitor on an obese man.

Adam is now putting Joey on hold to complain about the EKG, he had to take the test for his racing physical, the sticky wasn’t working on the heart monitor and it took over a half an hour.


Adam is telling the gang how he instructed the hospital worker to throw out the non-working sticky pads and how he had a “that’s a good one” chuckle in reaction to Adam’s super practical advice.

BB tries to shit up a point and now Alison is explaining the likely reason.

Adam is back to Joey asking him about his call, they’ve now retroactively given first caller Jim a 28 and giving Joey the win with a 30 for the cottage cheese in wounded man story.


3rd Caller Wyatt, calling from Afghanistan.

Adam is now quizzing Wyatt about his deployment and he’s remarkably frank. Adam is calling Paris Island another thing/place that sounds better than it is.

Adam is asking him about the chow over there and he’s telling Adam about how it becomes monotonous so he turns to the food in his care packages.


Adam wants to know how similar a base is to prison, asking if it becomes currency, Adam just wanted to say hi but doesn’t want to hear his grotesque story.

Wyatt is now describing it as Adam gives him a god bless you sign off.


Adam is back from break with Mike Stanly joining the show, he’s a standup comic on the road, currently in Detroit his hometown.

He won the contest for sharing Adam’s digital party link on Facebook.

Adam is now sharing his beef with Detroit describing his snow covered view to the apocalypse.


Adam is now asking Mike about how the Coney Island dogs businesses work, he wants to know why there are two restaurants 9 feet away from each other.

Mike is telling Adam that they’re a feuding family and now Adam is explaining how they made a point to go to “Coney Island Dog” for the trip and even Mike August couldn’t stop complaining mid bite.

Adam is describing the employees as “Dawn of the Dead” extras.


They’re back to Mike’s standup career, he mostly headlines now but will often feature for higher profile comedians like Artie Lange who he opened for at Just for Laughs.

They’re giving universal praise for Artie Lange and Adam is sharing some wisdom from Mike August about guests bringing it to a show and why they should do it for their own self-interest.

They’re wrapping with Mike and now Adam is remarking on the idea of being on the road in your late 20’s as opposed to the stigma of your late 40’s.


Alison’s News – Whole Hog Edition

Her top story is on the temporary asylum granted by Russia for Edward Snowden.

Adam is now asking if Russia should be on their best behavior, he’s got a great analogy relating it to a troubled marriage.

Adam is making a point about all the past mistakes and atrocities committed by the country and Alison and BB have come great points.


Adam is now explaining how he was talking to Dennis Prager, a Russian speaking Jew who’s been to Russia.

Adam asked him who he would rather have never been born Hitler or Stalin, a seriously challenging question for an orthodox Jew committed to logic.

Adam is now asking why he isn’t called a racist for critiquing Russia and why that is, Alison sums it up nicely noting their white skin while Adam points out their cultural differences being even more contrasting to our than somewhere like Mexico.



Alison has a great point about the macabre nature of the holocaust and now Adam is using Richard Speck vs. The Green River Killer to help make Alison’s point that the dark and scary always make things seem worse, even more than sheer numbers.


Alison is now asking Adam about meeting Yakov, Adam loved the man and they’re all now giving their take on his inherent sweetness and dapper style of dress.


2nd Story is on the sentencing of Arial Castro, Alison is telling Adam about his sentence and reading the facts of the story.

Adam just proclaimed everyone at HLN is now devastated because he is pleading out instead of facing an extended trial.

Adam is now joking about opening the house he held the captive women in as a “hell house” where he gives macabre tours, even hiring the guy who found the women and was all over the news.


Adam is now bringing up James Dean’s missing Porsche, the car James died in.

Adam is explaining how George Barris the famous car customizer would tour it around the country showing it to kids, trying to steer them away from driving dangerously.

Adam is explaining how the car was stolen en route back from Florida, Adam is now saying he “smells opec nation in some underground bunker somewhere”.


BB wants to know what the point if of stealing a car, and Adam has a sushi off a virgin reply that completely destroys BB.

Adam doesn’t remember ever attending a party with a woman who had sushi all over nude body, BB is stepping in to tell Adam there was a woman at the party nude with sushi laid out on her, He’s right!

Adam is now joking about personal pizzas and has a nice titties riff with Alison.


Alison is reading quotes from the courtroom, from the victims/captives and from Arial himself.

Adam’s got a great “slop” one liner and she’s got even more details about the victims diaries, Adam is now explaining his strict no diary policy for all of his future hostages.


3rd Story is on the upcoming 12hr miniseries of 24

Alison thought Adam was a fan and added the story from him, she’s now getting him to share the shows he actual watched on TV.

She wants what fiction he watches, she cited the Sopranos but that might have been the last series he was invested in.


Adam watches a ton of Bravo, Million Dollar matchmakers and Rachel Zoe stuff. Jimmy Kimmel Live and lots of MMA.

Adam also loves re-watching old crappy movies, he’s citing his love of Varsity Blues and classic Paul Newman racing DVDs.

Alison is asking Adam about being able to concentrate on a show while he’s drunk, he’s saying he can’t and that’s why he doesn’t tend to watch fiction narratives.


They’re back to “flipping out” and “blow out” Adam loves both series and both hosts have appeared on Adam’s KLSX morning show, Adam loves watching crazed narcissists.

Alison wants to know when John Hamm is finally going to guest on the ACS after appearing on almost every other podcast twice.


4th story is on a list of words that Auto Correct won’t correct

She’s now reading the list that won’t be corrected by the software and Adam wants to know why.

Alison is making the point it’s so the words don’t accidentally get added to texts that aren’t about them and Adam has another possible explanation that goes in hand in hand with hers.


Alison just asked Adam if he prefers even or odd numbers and now he’s trying to figure out what looks best on cars and jerseys.

Adam is now sharing why Paul Newman used the number 31, he’s sharing his own experience with the same thing.


5th Story is on the percentage/odds for the average TV network show to make it to air.

Alison is elaborating and allowing the guys to guess, Adam is sharing about the massive number of pilots them film each year and how it’s a never ending series of obstacle courses to get a show on TV.

Adam guesses under 10% odds, BB is saying 2% and now Adam is sharing what a book option means for a person.


It’s 6% and now Adam is telling the gang about how the annual up fronts come up and how you don’t find out till the day before if you’ll be flying out to present your show.

Adam is taking it back to the Millionaire Matchmaker and her use of “your picker is broken” which actually originated with Classic Loveline before the book too.

Adam is now declaring that each network has essentially a library of million dollar DVD’s, Adam and Alison are now joking about Adam’s “Manillion”.


BB wants to know why the networks don’t make pilots available for all of their unaired series and now Adam is explaining the reasoning behind it and how immature it all is.

Alison is now wrapping the news.

Adam is doing a crazy awesome “Legal Zoom” Live Read, BB is joining him and making it magic.

Adam is now giving the appropriate plugs and wrapping the week, great week of shows gang!