Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/01/2013 – Yakov Smirnoff, Live from Amalfi

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Guest Yakov Smirnoff, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 07-31-2013 – Release Date 08-01-2013

Production Number #1133

Show Page

Adam is opening the show with a nice somewhat muted intro and a nice burst of excitement for Yakov making his ACS debut.

Adam’s got a great bit of riffing mocking and praising Yakov’s laugh, he is now having Yakov pronounce “Sheet” metal while discussing the NoHo art’s district, now BB and Alison are weighing in.

Adam is now sharing his modern art/bird shit one liner that someone sent him on twitter after he shared it last week.


Adam is now asking Yakov about his journey, hilarious one liners from the Aceman.

Yakov is explaining his comedy origins at the Comedy Store, his roommate was Andrew Dice Clay, Adam’s really busting Yakov up and he’s even starting to become infected with Yakov’s laugh cadence, this is wonderful!

Yakov was working the world famous Comedy Store with two of the kings of late night TV along with some of the biggest names of the 80’s and 90’s.


Yakov is explaining his history with Mitzi Shore and how he ended up in the infamous house owned by the club/Mitzi, the house often discussed by Marc Maron during his Sam Kinison posse days.

Adam is now asking Yakov if he Andrew Dice Clay would smoke with his arm wrapped around his head while hanging around the house, great one liners from Ace, Alison and BB.

Yakov is now sharing the time Sam Kinison first started yelling with the audience, while Andrew Dice Clay was in attendance.


Yakov is now telling Adam about working on the Soviet cruise ships before coming to America.

Adam is now asking Yakov about the differences between American and Russia, he’s says it’s beyond comparison and is now answering Adam’s question about why they’re such a hard people.

Yakov is confirming his take and explaining the history of Putin and the KGB, extrapolating how that effects the country and the minds of its people.


Adam is now giving his take on capitalism winning out over other forms of government, he’s asking how it will all look in the history books of the future, and much like the Berlin wall now looks to everyone.

Yakov has a hilarious “what is the question” and Adam tops it mocking himself and his style of asking questions.

Alison sums it up nicely and Yakov is now explaining why there is still communism, Adam is explaining why Spike TV access makes it all good.


Yakov wants to know why socialism is now gaining favor in the united states and how it seems to be inherent to humans despite it not being able to be conducted fairly also being inherent to our limitations as a species.

Adam has a great explanation for the expansion of government and BB is chiming in with some funny commentary, Adam is now spreading a rumor of a homosexual affair between Yakov and Dice, Yakov’s understated reply is gold.

Adam is now sharing one of Yakov’s early jokes and preemptively apologizing for butchering it, Yakov is impressed and now Adam is riffing about being an early Carlos Mencia type, hilarious!


Yakov is now explaining how his career went from one of the highest grossing comedians of the 1980’s to almost nothing after a 1991 Letterman top 10 list.

Adam is now asking Yakov about his move to Branson Missouri for the current stage of his career, he knew Adam’s buddy Philip the juggler, what a nice moment!

Adam is now asking Yakov about the shows in Branson along with the audiences, Yakov claims to have entertained over 4 million people.


Adam just proclaimed Branson as “Sturgis for old people”, Adam is describing the double edged sword of an entertainer moving to Branson, how it might seem like a letdown but what it actually means for a person’s bank account.

Yakov is now telling the gang about his show “Happily Ever After” that he’s now brought to Los Angeles, he’s believes he’s found a unique angle for his one man show.

Bryan is asking Yakov is he’s returned to Russia since becoming famous in the United States, he’s got some solid one liner describing his hesitation at the idea back in 1990.

Q & Ace

1st question is off mic, Seems to be asking how many calories were spent raising the Aceman.

BB wants to know what a typical gift is from Adam’s parents for his kids, Adam is now sharing how they had a nice laugh about the 7 single dollars his kids got in the mail, sticking with the Carolla theme which Alison sums up nicely.

Adam is sharing how while they were opening the 7 dollar envelopes and how Jimmy Kimmel stole his Dad and Step Mom’s “static Kling” with his great gift.


2nd question is also off mic, seems to be asking about Adam’s intelligence, Adam’s got a solid diddled by Satan one liner, with and even funnier statute of limitations joke implying the dark lord is subject to the laws of the USA.

Adam is now telling the audience about working construction and how different it is than it’s portrayed on movies and in TV.

Adam is now talking about his terrorizing experiencing doing “earthquake rehab” work, Adam is on a lengthy explanation of his “dirt walled deprivation tank” a brilliant and complex metaphor explaining his childhood time spent alone thinking.


3rd question, can Comedians be funny without ever doing drugs.

Adam has a solid Dane Cook one liner and now Yakov is sharing a story of the “Comedy House” during the late 80’s Sam Kinison days, Yakov mistook a pile of powder for donut debris, this is like something out of a Woody Allen movie.

Adam is now joking about Leno being a fiend for the Bolivian marching powder, Yakov is protesting and Adam is just steamrolling him for comedic effect.


4th question, what happened to the missing 800$ aka Sonny Gate 2013.

Adam is now riffing about all possible tells that never took place that have led him to believe Sonny wasn’t involved.

Adam is admitting he did poke around a bit, Alison is getting him to explain if it was against Lynette’s wishes, he’s now mocking the differences in their relationship with money.


Adam is telling Yakov about the strange period of time when he was out of work in 2009 without a job prospect for the first time in 15yrs he was concerned about his place in entertainment.

Adam is now sharing the story of the time he went out to Dinner with Daniel Kellison in 2009 and Lynette almost insisted upon paying, he’s now praising her for her simple tastes, taking care of the kids and paying for Daniel’s super expensive Chinese food.


5th Question, Seem to be asking about Villaretardo, Adam likes to think of himself akin to a WWII vet who just wants to forget having to “bayonet a few krouts” gold!

Adam is joking about what would be qualified to replace Tony V.


6th Question is about the Top Gear Pilot/Possibly being brought onto the series that he original filmed for NBC, Adam is now describing the audience member as the guy off of the back of the “Gray Race” CD cover(there are multiple variants with different faces) this joke is so specific and so great.

Adam is breaking down the Death Valley filming for the show, it was over 130 degrees and Adam wanted

Adam is now explaining his luck with TV pilots, he’s citing the ABC Man Show and Fox Loveline pilots.


Alison is asking some nice questions and Adam is breaking down the process along with how shows get picked up after being passed on by a network.

Adam is making some great points about the almost transient network executives failing through the industry.


Yakov is now telling the gang about working with Richard Pryor before he set himself on fire and working with John Candy as well.

Adam is now giving his take on the passing of John Candy in comparison to losing one of the Corey’s, wow this is gold!

BB has a killer one liner and gets a nice chuckle out of Yakov and Alison has a nice “License to Drive” reference that tops everything.


Yakov is telling the gang about seeing Richard Pryor live when he first came to America, he’s got a funny anecdote about a language mix up.

Adam is now telling the gang about a gay rights night of entertainment at the Hollywood Bowl in 1977.

Adam is now quoting what Richard Pryor said while performing on stage for the audience of gay people and supporters, wow.


Alison is inquiring about how much attention that garnered at the time, Adam is really treading some interesting ground with this lost tidbit from history.

Adam now has the awesome assistant producer Gary searching for the rest of the news story.


Alison’s News

Her top story is about the death of a 13 year old girl in Sacramento, she dies from her peanut allergies.

Adam is now explaining that he’s never denied that peanut allergies are a real and possible fatal condition, he’s got an amazing heart valve analogy.

Alison is reading the details of her death and how the epinephrine didn’t save her life. Adam is making a point about people with lesser allergies making it difficult to for society to gauge the seriousness.


Alison is helping Adam with Munchausen by proxy and he’s now taking it to an awesome Terry Gilliam twist.

Gary is now on mic quoting Richard Pryor’s 1977 performance that Adam was describing earlier in the show.

Alison is amazed that he did 15min of material mocking the audience. Alison is sharing how terrified she was of the robot in Superman III.


Adam is now going off on the robots in cinema, BB steps in to shit on his point and it’ clear Adam’s trying to make a joke, he’s contrasting the dance “the robot” vs. evil machines from the future.

Adam has now appropriately created a new dance “The Nazi” and Alison is now asking Adam about hi embarrassing dancing done at weddings.


2nd Story is on the most requested book in Guantanamo Bay, it’s the “Shades of Grey” series.

Alison is reading the details and clarifying something for Adam, Adam is making a point about the hijackers attending strip clubs before 9/11.

Adam is joking about another bottle hitting the floor, making that classic movie theater rolling sound, he’s telling the audience to take it easy on the Mangria (wow!).


Adam is making a point that no matter how hardcore the religious radical, ejaculation comes first, then all the other shit below it.

Adam just invented “Trickle down Jizz’enomics”, Elision is pointing out how shitty the book series is and he’s got some harsh words for Archie comics, don’t be a Reggie Aceman!

BB wants to know how Adam’s comedy will fly in Branson, Yakov is recommending he stay put and now Adam is riffing about his various ways to make this tolerable for that audience.


Adam just invented the “Ejacu-matic” his variant of Gallagher’s famous watermelon stunt, Adam is now threatening to crash Yakov’s show with his new invention, splattering the audience in ranch dressing.

Alison is asking if the problem is that humans have too much shame or if animals have too little shame, she’s sharing an anecdote of watching two wasps fuck in the daylight.

Adam is now sharing how animals do things we wish we could do, he’s making some great points and BB is now pretending to not be interested.


3rd Story is on the convictions for Bradley Manning who leaked the material to WikiLeaks.

Adam doesn’t like the idea of facing more years than you could possibly live and is now calling for an alternative to consecutive life sentences, he’s calling death “ultimate parole”.

Hilarious joke about ankle bracelets being put on corpses, this is a great riff!


Alison just wrapped the news and Adam is cracking himself up teasing “The Amazing Jonathan” who will be joining them live from Irvine.

Adam is now telling the gang about driving through Las Vegas with Charles who doesn’t care for the man, Alison was in the car and now they’re remarking on The Amazing Charles and his possibly Mangria influenced negativity.

Adam is now describing it as an almost violent reaction.


BB is now having Yakov deliver one clean “What a Country!?” for later use, nice work BB!

Adam is giving plugs and wrapping the show.