Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/30/2014 – Paul Rodriguez Jr., Josh Landan, and David Wild

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Guest Paul Rodriguez Jr., Josh Landan, and David Wild

Recorded 07-29-2014 – Release Date 07-30-2014

Production Number #1385

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Adam is opening the show with a nice “thanks for spreading the good news” intro, David Wild is in studio making his 50 millionth appearance, BB opens the show to the Basic Bitch drop as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is bringing up “People are People” as the worst song of all time, David cites “We Built this city” and BB dubs it “The Waterworld of bad songs” after Adam says the same thing.

Adam is now listing off some more of the shittiest tracks and Adam now wants BB to play a “Public Image” song, BB plays the wrong track.


Adam says the song is “Could be wrong, could be right” and he now they find out the title is “Rise” and they’re playing it.

David says he thinks he likes the song and Adam says not at this point and the high pitched voice kicks in, Alison jokes he can’t like it in this studio, like Adam is some kind of dictator.

BB mocks the 6min length of this track and doesn’t seem to know it despite the long history of KROQ playing it.


David tells Adam its John Lydon and is surprised Adam doesn’t know that, Adam doesn’t confirm he was Loveline, but I think he was, we don’t seem to have a recording but Adam has met him for sure and didn’t like him.

Adam calls him a talentless hack and Adam is now bringing up the first liberators of the concentration camps who were confused by such things even taking place.

They’re now listing to more of this abysmal “song” and Alison has a funny one liner, Adam says you can’t recover from John Lydon’s vocals portion of the song.


BB tells Adam that “We Built This City” is the best of the three songs in question and he agrees with Adam, David is explaining this type of music and how John had a hit with this and one other track.

Adam asks this is what you do when you have no talent, David says he is for sure a douchebag and Adam jokes that it’s a surprise and implies maybe they haven’t crossed paths.

Alison brings up his history with the “Sex Pistols” and Dawson praises the music track under the lyrics.

Adam is bringing up the beastie boys song he heard on the drive home from Malibu that he thought he could do if he couldn’t sing, Adam is now praising them for not being able to sing or do anything.

Alison has a punk point and Adam calls for punk with talent, like Joe Jackson, David says Adam is mostly right, Adam tells them to listen to old Beastie Boys and now David is praising Paul’s Boutique which is Dr. Bruce’s favorite album of all time, oddly enough.


David is now in praise of “TODO” and Dawson is on mic, now Adam is giving examples of people who are more talented than the Beasties.

Alison wants to know the ultimate “can’t do it, wouldn’t want to” and lists ping pong balls out of ones pussy as an example.

Adam is now giving and example, David says in musical terms, its prog rock.


Adam is plugging how David is going to go see Boston and Cheap Trick tonight and Adam brings up his favorite Boston song.

This must have surpassed “Peace of Mind” and they’re now playing “Something about you” by Boston and David says this is one of his favorite tracks of theirs.

Adam is now telling them about the Boston song that is his life story, it’s the one that David chose and he’s now talking it up as it plays under them.


Adam is explaining how rough life is was at this time and how he would sit around Sunday nights dreading the week ahead.

Adam is now bringing up the way you can judge your status in life, if you answer the phone by diving for it, if you refuse to answer, all unhealthy, Healthy is walking over to pick it up a normal pace.

David sharing an anecdote and Adam is explaining how this song led to him pursuing comedy.


Adam is now finding out that Rise made it to 30 on the U.S. dance charts, Dawson says he’s heard it and Adam says that means yes.

David is bringing up how Tom fought his record label regarding Boston’s label and how David was writing an essay about the band for a reissue that was scrapped, but Tom loved the reissue and offered an interview while David was hosting the reunion of “Swingers” and how Tom was freaked out by David’s lifestyle choice, solid anecdote!

Adam is now defending David’s’ rights to his sexuality, as a “Trollic/Troll’ic” American that is an offence according to Adam, wow!


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.


Adam is now calling for a list of guys who are temperamental douchebags vs. guys who know what they want and are perfectionists, Adam is defending the latter.

Adam is sharing how he can come across as a douchebag and David says that people are way to free in the social media age to call people douchebags, David is sharing his take on the Freddie Prinze Jr. vs. Kiefer Sutherland beef.

David is in defense of another troll heighted man, not citing Freddie’s barefoot acting gripe, David has an unrelated anecdote.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tony, Adam is asking him about his Nissan Sentra and he brings up the Brodie knobs that Adam once referred to as a suicide knob and he explains what it is to the gang and the listeners.

Adam is trying to get him to get to his point and he’s doing that weird laugh that some callers do, Adam mocks his bandana tied to the steering wheel riff.

Adam is bringing up Chachi (Scott Baio) rocking bandannas tied to his thighs on the latter seasons of “Happy Days” and how it wasn’t the best stylistic choice and never caught on like bad catch phrases such as “Have Mercy” from Uncle Jesse (John Stamos)


Alison wisely brings up Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) and Tony wants to know about Lynette touring around the country seeing Bruce.

David says that Adam has never talked shit about Bruce, he is now clarifying his take on Bruce and how he might not be the smartest guy, and Adam is saying he has some great songs but says he’s never heard a great turn of phrase or a funny lyric.

Adam says Bruce just crafts great songs and compliments “Rosalita” and now David says that “Born in the USA” is his last favorite Bruce, saying when he get too earnest he loses his way.


Adam is now bringing up super bright guys and comparing them to guys like Bruce, Alison calls Mike Rowe the super clever Bruce.

Adam is now using Terrell Owens to make a point about compartmentalizing, people who are talented don’t have to be a genius, much like T.O. was great on the field and shitty off.

Adam is saying he still thinks John Hiatt is a better song writer.


Adam is now commenting on another song suggested by the caller, he’s now asking David to pose a question to Adam, in regards to the song “I’m on Fire” and now Tony is asking why Adam is on the road so much.

Adam is telling them about how much joy Bruce brings Lynette in her life, he’s saying that it’s like E-Street fantasy camp for her and it’s great, but he is cleaning the toilets.

Adam says that Bruce fans are like deadheads if they drove a BMW 7 series.


David is now giving some insider take on Bruce taking the mantle and raising the game, he’s bringing up “London Calling” at the Grammys and the rehearsal that he watched where Elvis Costello dominated, and Bruce owned it when the cameras turned on.

Adam says that if he had his choice for a random artist he would go with Bruce over something else.


David now has a song about the two women in his life, his own wife and Adam’s, Adam is now praising Lynette and he says his song for his wife is the cheapest gift he can give her.

David has a heavy anecdote from his wife’s pregnancy and is using the build up to “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac and how it made him cry seeing them live after his rough day.

David is playing the live recording from that very day, Adam hates the song and lets David know.


Adam, David and BB are all discussing the band, Adam says he hates many of their songs but likes them as performers.

Adam is now playing “Learning How to Love You” by John Hiatt, Adam is teasing the Hootie and the blowfish connection.

Adam is sharing why he loves these lyrics, Adam is asking to be turned up so he can hear it more, or so he can talk over it?

“In some cracked rearview” and now Adam is explaining how he had to learn how to do this part, to love back, whoa!

Adam has a great callback to “Rise” and a funny “aauuuugghghghghg” noise and wants to know where there buddies are to tell them what ideas are good and what ideas suck.


Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom and uses “People are People” in the read, Alison has a nice reaction.

David was proven right about the earlier Nick Lowe comment and tells Adam about a future guest who wants to come on the show.


2nd Caller Derek, he says he’s a huge fan and disagrees with Adam on some “political” issues and wants to know why they don’t have more guests to disagree with him on air.

Adam is bringing up how they have guests, they’ll have anyone on, they don’t want to bring on people to argue on purpose, and ultimately it’s a funny show.

Adam says only a different format would be for that, Adam is saying that most of his guests disagree with him politically.


David is now saying he doesn’t agree with Adam politically, Adam doesn’t have politics, he has social issue concerns and theories.

Derek is now bringing up Dinesh D’Souza, Adam is bringing up the Gavin Newsom episode and Adam says he doesn’t really book the guests, Adam references the discussion about my show from the last episode.

Adam says “Mike August doesn’t do a whole lot of thinking one way or another” and now BB is once again citing my show, Adam doesn’t have politics, it’s neither here nor there.


Adam says all he knows is human nature and psychology, he’s explaining that giving kids condoms doesn’t make them have sex and paying for kids lunches fucks them up as it sends a message about their parents love for them, he’s right.

Adam is now saying he’s not interested in the aisle and he’s telling them about his decade long job talking to fucked up14 year old, Adam observed and spits out his opinion based on observation.

David is now giving his take on how he wants less politics, David says that Adam said his movie was a great documentary and Adam didn’t say that it was a “great” doc, he said it was flawed but not deserving of 0%


See David is getting emotional and bringing up a movie Adam never saw, his reaction was based on that movie he saw, not the show he heard, Adam isn’t interested in politics.

Adam is now explaining his reaction to the 2nd doc, and why he even watched it and he’s now sharing his obsession and interested in people kicking the shit out of America and how it strikes a chord due to his own upbringing.

Adam says all you need to know is that he never saw the Obama movie, Adam is now asking if the guests are there.


3rd Caller Josh, he was curious about any game show idea Adam might have had or pitched, Adam is telling Josh about the game show idea he pitched a million times since starting in showbiz.

Adam is now bringing up how he forgets things he’s done and has no recollection of hosting a game show, especially not one that became popular.

Adam has a funny “you get to be a lead singer” example for how things can be tarnished by a simple change, he used Dixieland to make his point.


Adam jokes about his fake politics and reading Breitbart, hilarious riff.

Adam is now riffing about his game show with anti-taxation themes, Adam is joking about how winning things on game shows has hidden tax costs.

Adam is now injecting politics into the price is right and BB is bringing up how he won on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and had to write a check for about 35% of the winnings.

Adam says the government wins every time and Alison has a killer joke about Pat Sajak wanting to say these very things and Adam praises St. Archer and goes to break.


They’re back from break with Josh Landan making his ACS debut and P-ROD making his debut as well, I believe he did guest on the Morning show though.

Adam is now praising St. Archer and how you can’t switch from them to something like bud light, always go with the shitty beer first then move to the St. Archer.

Adam is now telling Josh about the one beer they make that he’s not in live with, he says they make 1 good beer and 3 out of this world beers.


Josh is now explaining why cans are better for beer, BB knows this and they’re joking about Coors Light and Adam wants to know about “When the Rockies turn blue” advertising guy and the auto windshield wipers guy, he wants to kick them both in the nuts.

Josh explains why their beer in cans is the best, Adam is now referencing the way Vin Diesel holds Corona beers in the Fast movies and how he hold them like a guy who doesn’t smoke, doing it for a part.

Adam says that like a golf swing there is an art to drinking and smoking and now Adam is offering to be the drinking coach for Vin, like a dialect coach.


Adam is taking it back to Saint Archer Brewing Co. and where you can currently buy their beer, Gary loves the white ale, Adam says his least favorite could be the blonde, BB tells him that it’s not their best.

Josh sings it praises and says it won a gold medal, Adam says the problem is the others are too good and Josh wants to know how he got hooked up with Paul Rodriguez Jr. and how people don’t assume that Paul is a beer connoisseur.

They were hooked up through Mikey Taylor and Adam is telling them about the party for Road Hard and how Adam bogarted a lot of their product and says it’s nice to putz around on a day off at the house with a beer.
BB is asking Josh about their alternate flavors, he’s giving some examples and Adam jokes about his speedball being coffee and beer at the same time.

Adam is asking how they get into the beer part of the business and how it’s known to be a much trickier business than wine actually, Josh is telling them about the stainless steel budget and Alison is getting him to share some numbers, or trying to.

Josh says that demand is now outpacing supply and Adam wants to know about the next territory and he tells them they are heading to the bay area, Adam is saying that beer has had a renaissance and Alison blames it on working around Bryan.


Adam is now arguing that it’s now been an explosion of experiences and people seem to want it all, using beer and 3D movies, BB is now asking Josh bout his history with beer, mainly drinking it.

Adam loves this reply and jokes about it then gets serious telling him about his own experience finding the right blend for Mangria, Adam is now sharing his love for a Schooner (glass) and asking how to properly drink beer from a can.

Adam jokes “P.U.” in reply to Paul still be stuck in traffic.


Adam is now doing a live read for Go to Meeting


Alison’s News

1st Story Alison says she saw a guy with elephantitis of the nuts at the gas station, they joke he was stealing Saint Archer cans, Adam is now bringing up the panis (panice) factor.

Adam is joking about the Peter Griffin effect of being able to appear naked without showing genitals being a bad sign.

Adam is now saying the scrotum is really unnecessary and BB argues it’s the most, for human life.


Adam is now sharing his Brad Pitt and Danny DeVito scrotum idea, about how a woman couldn’t figure out which scrotum belonged to which man.

Alison is bringing up her porn and Adam references the curling iron, Alison has a nice laugh and explains that one to Josh and now is explaining the other porn she was referencing.

Adam says men should be able to suck their balls in like landing gear, Alison wants to know if Adam could spot his own scrotum in a line up, he’s asking if he can be honest and has a callback to Alison’s “Danny Glover” misunderstanding.


Adam shares his meat and potatoes is his bread and butter riff and now further jokes about his scrotum.

Adam is mocking the hair on ballsack, Alison jokes about stretching them out and Adam does a “sack to sack go to the moon and back” and the bygone era of measuring things by stacking them to the moon.

BB shares his scrotum tuck for MMA and boxing and now they’re all discussing it.


Adam says that oral would be an easier sell without a ballsack, BB says less smell and Adam is arguing that there would be no more ticking time bomb.

Alison is now saying the balls are the twitter of blowjobs and now they are comparing toe cheese to ballsack funk.

Adam is now joking about using scrotum’s to cover Tupperware, he’s joking he’s a Nazi scientist now.

BB is now saying he thinks it would cover even more than Adam is giving it credit for.


BB says he’s seen puppetry of the penis, what the fuck dude!?

Adam is now riffing with Alison about the guy at the Arco and his throw rug worth of ballsack, Adam says that the 6 inches of ballsack skin makes more funk than even assholes.

Adam is now asking for the asshole to get a better publicist and explains to Alison that it’s a unique scent, Paul enter the show and BB wishes they would drink for every show.


Paul is now joining them and Adam is asking him about talking to his dad who told them he was going to retire, Adam is telling him to get on the same page.

Adam is asking him about his practice level and he says every day, Adam wants to know if he has a trick that is haunting him and he is trying to pull off.

Paul says that you never completely give up, he’s in contest season and is trying to do his hardest shit consistently.


Adam wants to know about a stigma for pads and helmets, Adam is saying he would be wrapped in bubble wrap and is bringing up the hockey player helmet rule and the grandfathering policy.

Paul says he doesn’t wear pads, it’s acceptable for Vert but not street, he’s explaining why you don’t see it.

Adam tells him about removing reflectors from his bike so he wasn’t a pussy who could be seen at night be a drunk driver, nice reaction from Alison.


Adam is now joking about a composite breakdancing mat, Paul references the UFC and MMA fighting and Adam is explaining why it’s not a direct analogy.


2nd Story or A Story Is on a man who dies on Venice beach and she describes the lighting strike, Adam wants to know how deeply religious people must react to a death like that.

Adam assumes people must think it was something they had coming, Josh is telling them about their buddy the lifeguard Matt who was there and now Josh is explaining what happened.

Adam says that salt water is more conductive and how the lighting stuns you and you drown.


Adam is now bringing up the people who get struck by lightning 3 times and how weird that is, Adam is bringing up people who get hit while driving.

Josh has some more info and now Alison is sharing another quote from an eyewitness.


3rd Story is on a woman who was saved by being killed by a lighting strike in her home in the UK by her rubber souled slippers.

Adam has a killer “zinc souled zippers” riff and now BB is telling Alison about “Code Black” and how intense the movie was.


4th Story is on the Sarah Palin channel and she’s quoting the blurb about the channel, they’re now playing a clip of her mission statement.

Alison explains the cost and Adam misses Tina Fey mocking her and Adam says that everyone is now going the Glenn Beck route, smaller more dedicated paying audience.

They’re talking about her grandkids and now they’re mixing up Trig and Trip, Adam says he knew someone named three.


Adam is now explaining that the name “Trip” comes from triple, as in the third, for people in family lineages with same named ancestors.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for Blinds Galore and Matt Fondiler is joining them and telling them about getting rid of the crappy white slats, Adam tells him not to work race into it.

Adam is praising the Saint Archer and calls himself “Papa Bear” and BB is quizzical and Adam calls him a “Cubling” the Saint Archer guys are getting the fattest plug of all time.

Adam is wrapping up the show to a drop of his weird throat noise from earlier.