Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 164

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 164

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-22-2014 – Release Date 07-27-2014

Production Number #164

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Adam has an aborted intro that nobody cuts out despite him asking them too, I like it better this way but I wonder if Adam knows how man sloppy cuts have been released in his feed, probably best left unsaid or brought up.

Adam is telling Drew about the Amazon click through campaign so Adam can pay for some rich guys to play more golf, Drew wants to know how the patent trolls can go to bed at night and is mocking their very conceit.

Adam is now explaining how they have more than one case going right now and mocking them for this being what seems to be their only business angle.


Drew is asking about case precedent, Adam says they can’t go after more podcasts and now Gary is disagreeing vehemently because he has a point about legal precedent vs. case precedent.

Adam is now being very honest and giving his take on how unless you have something unique to Marc Maron or Joe Rogan you’re not going to sue other top podcasts.

Gary is now on mic explaining how he understands everything he’s read on this case, Drew is peppering Gary with questions and trying to steer it towards something.


Gary says that if they lose they’ll never appeal as it will set a legal precedent, Adam is telling Gary to lower his eyebrow and telling Adam that he’s using the term precedent and he’s not, Drew tossed that in.

Adam says he thinks they will go away when they win and he’s addressing Gary’s point about the case must be retried before you’re 100% safe and there is a legal precedent.

Drew and Adam are both commenting on the idea of this and Adam says they aren’t jilted lovers, they’re money people on the hunt for cash, Adam shares his “Nothing Personal” name update for the trolls, and Drew seems to enjoy that.


1st Caller Kyle, his brother is severely co-dependent and has PTSD, he’s asking how and if he should step in to help him motivate and change his life.

Kyle is going in depth on the situation and wants to know of codependency texts for his mother to skim “Your kid’s a loser now what?” is a funny title Adam and Drew riff up into creation.

Adam is now telling Kyle how he need to learn what he learned about pressuring relatives and trying to improve their lives, Adam is bringing up his mother and his families desire to move west and the slightly upgraded piece of shit his mom was waiting for his grandma to die so she could take it over.


Adam is citing a semi recent anecdote about talking to his sister about their mother’s 4 year process to complete a 6 month remodeling task.

Adam is sharing his “We talk about muffins” lesson he learned from his mother, now Drew is jumping and they’re riffing about muffin talk.

Drew recommends the work of Pia Melody and her research in “Love Addiction” and Adam is now riffing about naming people Pia, citing his Pia Zadora misunderstanding and his Hernia vs. A-Hernia pronunciation.


Drew asks Adam if he learned another language, ha!

Adam is now sharing his “hybred” vs. “Hybrid” misunderstanding and how he can’t understand brid being used for things that are bred.

Adam is bringing up an old Duisenberg featured in a car show, he realized that old timers use the bred over hybrid and Drew is explaining how human’s try to make sense out of things, Drew is sharing his knowledge of the term “Hybrid” from the biological word.


Kyle is sharing the lame details of his brother getting PTSD due to a mean commanding officer, his whole unit was discharged citing PTSD and his brother is now on pills 3 times a day.

Drew is advocating strong mental health resources for his brother and Drew is now offering a “live your own life” philosophy for people not having to live a certain life nor branch out with their own satellite family.

Adam is bringing up the Italian tendency to “hang out and let someone do it for them” way of operating and he’s citing Sonny’s trend towards that behavior.


Drew is now telling Adam about going to Disneyland with his son and Mike Carano, Drew and Gary are now explaining who Mike is to Adam.

Adam says that Mike’s way of getting exercise at Disneyland is genius and explaining to Drew why he had to hire a “plaid” to escort them around Disneyland.

Adam is explaining the nature of this event and why he had to spend the money, Drew is thanking Shirley for hooking him up with the fast pass.

You can hear all of this on Miscellaneous Adventures from the World of Mike Carano • Episode 42


Adam is now commenting on the bullshit he was fed about the ride boarding process with the escort and he’s comparing that to Mike Altier telling him the wrong info about the winner of the Toyota Grand Prix.

Adam is now breaking down the misinformation he was given about a back door.

Adam is now breaking down why this a bad message for the kid “daddy pays and you go to the front of the line” and he’s bringing up Sonny pussing out on the Matterhorn and using his stern voice to help his son work up the courage to learn a stronger feeling of self-empowerment.


Adam is now breaking down the daggers he was staring at Lynette as she was trying to give Sonny an out, Drew says “that’s why he’s the way he is” and blames Lynette for coddling him,

Drew says to “error towards unity” when it comes to parenting and trying to send a message to your children.

Adam is further explaining how great his wife and kids are, Drew is now bringing up the electric car.


Drew is sharing his understanding of electric cars and is trying to dispel his “you’re a shill for the oil industry” accusations tossed at him.

Drew pledges to buy an electric vehicle and Adam is now citing the studies they have that has left pragmatist Adam unable to pull the trigger on an electric car.

Adam is bringing up the idea of how people would react to coal powered vehicles if they knew where the power was coming from.


Adam is now bringing up how the left love the science and data when it comes to flowery things like electric cars, when it comes to the murder rate in the inner city here in Chicago, not interested in hearing the reality or science.

Adam is bringing up his atheist pragmatism, let’s build nuclear plants.

“The right hates abortions but they also hate the morning after pill, the left hates cigarettes but they also hate e-cigarettes” – Adam exposing hypocrisy.


Adam is now having Gary look up the actual body count on Fukushima and nuclear power throughout history in comparison to coal and oil.

Adam is bringing up the blindness of the left when it comes to things they don’t want to hear about, icky topics.

Adam is now being honest about what caused the Fukushima disaster, it was the Tsunami and the construction plans.


Adam is now asking what people think, his dad owns a nuclear plant construction company.

Adam is bringing up electric power works and is 100% torque, Drew is in agreement with Adam, and the solution is to do everything.

Adam is now doing a bark box live read with an “extra nookie from the wife” side point.


Drew is now bringing up the morning after pill potential to interfere with implantation and he’s getting mad, Adam is telling him to go.

Drew is now telling people that all birth control can theoretically cause the same thing, so the only argument that holds water is to ban all birth control, if that’s the real issue at hand.

Drew is now calling the right out for objecting to this contraception because it’s taken after intercourse, Adam is now saying the left would applaud that bit of science but then turn their nose up at the science of nuclear power.


Adam is now bringing up the work of Sherwood Schwartz including his sitcoms “The Brady Bunch” and “Gilligan’s Island” and he’s now sharing how they both only found success from their inventive and catchy theme songs.

Drew cites trying to get his kids to watch “Gilligan’s Island” when they were younger and now Drew is sharing a story from Dawn Wells guesting on Classic Loveline (lost as of now) probably from 95-97 era.

Drew is now brining up “Family Affair” and “Three’s Company” being the two other catchiest themes and Gary is piping in some info for them.


Now Adam and Drew are doing the theme song for “My Three Sons” (I think Drew meant Family Affair) and now they’re learning who wrote the theme songs for the shows.

Adam is mocking the way Thurston Howell was portrayed as a bad cartoon of a rich guy and he’s further calling Sherwood and his contemporaries hacks and Adam is bringing up how he found the writers name after watching “The Brady Bunch Goes Hawaiian” two parter.


Drew is now doing an Evoice live read, Drew doesn’t like the “S&M dungeon” attempt at a joke in the copy.


2nd Caller Amy, she’s dealing with a husband who is addicted to porn and sexting, she wants to know if there is any hope of staying with him and cites him sexting a minor and his legal consequences.

Drew is now bringing up the “hot car kid” story and says that the cops overblew the story, Adam is now asking about the story and bringing up his reaction when it first broke in comparison to the reactions of everyone else around him freaking out.

Adam is now addressing the way people are prone to hysterics and Drew is arguing the sex addiction angle and how it’s no different than an alcohol or drug problem.


Adam is calling Drew out for using the mic like an intercom when he tells him to check his show from yesterday.

Adam is now sharing why he was skeptical initially and wanted to know “what’s in it for him” and now Drew is bringing up another case.

Amy wants to know if her husband stands a chance of getting help and changing if he enters a program and Drew is giving her the expert answers.


Adam is now suggesting a wife swap with Amy, to teach Lynette to appreciate Adam, Adam is now riffing a scene where Amy’s husband is on the phone with Lynette interrupting to ask about escorts at Disneyland.

Adam is killing it, great dick pic riff and reaction to the cost of a guide, to bad this can’t be in the running for Ace Awards 2014, gold!


3rd Caller Tony, Adam says he knows this guy. Tony was recently fired and has anxiety since “quitting” and wants a nice alternative to marijuana for his anxiety.

Drew tells him that he should be anxious and there is a time when it’s appropriate to motivate you to get ahead in life.


Adam is wrapping up the show with his “Good Juju” closer, he’s telling the audience about the 3000 final hard copies of “Not Taco Bell Material” and why he decided to buy them and sell them off basically at cost.

Drew has a “Bonfire of the Vanities” reference as they wrap.