Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/23/2014 – David Wild

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Guest David Wild

Recorded 07-22-2014 – Release Date 07-23-2014

Production Number #1379

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Adam is opening the show to a clever lyric based into from Dawson and Lynch, Adam is sharing an update on his plan to drag the patent trolls into the deep water to drown them, yeah like “Crash and the Boys” and he clarifies the boxing terminology he’s using.

Adam is bringing up the other big podcasts that have agreed to switch their bookmarks in Amazon to the patent troll defense fund and encourage their listeners to do so as well.

David says that as a troll he says fuck the trolls, Adam is now joking about David doing hand troll modeling in college, hilarious evolution of a riff.


Adam is praising David’s work on the ESPY’s and bringing up the Arthur Ash courage award for Michael Sam.

Adam comments on the lights bugging him and Alison has a funny comment about her chair slowly descending and Adam jokes about it screaming for help, she tops it with a goofy backup beeper joke.

Adam is back to the Michael Sam story and setting up a clip from the roll in package played before he received the award.


Adam is now commenting on the idea that his tragic home life isn’t worked into the media story about his life, just the gay part.

Adam is exposing the hypocrisy and racism of not reacting to this story with the weight it deserves, Adam is remarking on how despicable it is that the idea of this and black athletes has become passé.

Adam is joking about David’s “Troll Privilege” and has a quick but killer riff, nice work inspiring it David.

David is now sharing and anecdote from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson about his concern in bringing up Michael’s late brothers.


BB is recommending the Stuart Scott speech and Adam says it’s just because they have the same frames, he says he hasn’t seen that part yet.

Adam is back to how horrible it is that it’s such common fair for Michael’s life story not being an issue in most people’s minds, Alison has a great follow on point clarifying Adam’s.

Adam says if this was a white athlete it would be touched on in a big way, Adam is now onto the sadder news of “Passion Fruit Frenzy” Mountain Dew.


Adam has a great joke about David standing up to assault Alison, Alison is giving some details and Adam has an “under the bridge Billy goat gruff” mash-up of children’s stories, this is comedy gold!

Adam is now bringing up his history of proclaiming Mountain Dew “Nectar of the Tards” and he’s further ranting about how much it sucks and how only assholes drink it.

Adam is now to the private jet with Trip Reid the executive at WW1 or KROQ who told him to stop talking shit about Mountain Dew, the “Don’t try” story.


Adam is bringing up the VO commercial he did for 50k and how Jimmy mocks him for that, for being a hypocrite and Adam has a great shitty neighbor analogy.

Alison is bringing up her realization about “Kissing Potion” assuming most listeners don’t remember that specific product from the 1980’s, Adam’s heyday.

Adam has a great back sack joke that Alison reacts to strongly, Adam says he’s not clever enough to make up Kissing Potion.


Adam is now doing a live read for Blue Apron and teasing the arrival of Chris Jericho, David praises his band and Adam is asking David about his next project.

David hopes it come in soon with Phil, Adam has a great “Rosenthal, Collins, McCracken?” reply and now BB is bringing up Phil Collins, calling him a troll.

Adam is telling them about seeing Phil joining his son’s band for a school assembly, Adam says he likes Genesis and he likes Phil Collins the human being, he likes drummers who can sing.


David agrees at the immense skill required to pull it off, Adam says anyone who drums and sings is cool and says the “push the mic out of the way with your head” is the coolest move in rock and roll, hilarious “I’ll head-butt your ass” one liner.

Adam is now getting to Phil’s devolution and the hippopotamus ass that “Groovy Kind of Love” blew, Adam wants to know why the shittiest songs are resurrected.

David comments on how that slowed down version might have effected Phil’s career.


Adam is now going in depth with this thoughts on Phil Collins, he’s now commenting over his song “A Groovy Kind of Love” and now David is bringing up “Easy Lover” and Adam is asking for the super shitty song he’s most famous for as if it’s on the tip of his tongue.

Adam is now ordering Gary to come up with a list of Phil’s songs, Adam is telling the gang about discovering his SiriusXM in his car after 10 months of the lease without knowing he had it.

Adam turned on the 80’s “First Wave” channel and Adam is giving his take on new wave music from 1979-1981.


David has a funny sarcastic “you like Graham Parker!?” reply to Adam, Adam is now sharing his interaction with Stern about ordering that someone kill the guy who programs the station.

Is Adam talking about the time he went to the Sirius studio with Greg Fitzsimmons and they actually walked over to the studio where the programmer and host “The Swedish Eagle” was live on air and they talked to him during a song, he was one of the co-creators of the original version of Loveline in 1983 before it was cemented into being in 1984 with Dr. Drew.

Dawson is now reading off some of Phil’s songs and they’re looking at a list and Adam is now reading off some titles and now they’re playing the song that came on “First Wave” that bothered Adam so much.


Adam is playing “If You Leave” by OMD and mocking the whine rock and lyrics full of shitty Clichés.

Adam says the singer doesn’t even know what he’s saying and Adam does a great impression, he says he is aright with “Enola Gay” and Alison asks him his take on “Take on Me” by Aha and he praises the song and the video.

Adam has a great in defense of pop/yummy things, like his “Mmmbop” = Twinkie defense, Alison has a killer one liner about Aha as BB plays their hit single “Take on Me.”


BB is now playing the song “The sun always shines on TV” which David thinks U2 may have inadvertently borrowed for their hit “Beautiful Day” and Adam is now mocking “I Can’t Dance” by Genesis, BB defends it as a fun dumb song.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read.

Adam is now explaining “Paper Late” as the equivalent of our “Extra Extra” and BB plays the song “Paperlate” and now Alison and David are sharing anecdotes of artists mistaking them for other journalists who shit talked their band(s).


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he’s calling about the new regulations by Governor Brown regarding primary and high school students playing full contact football.

Adam is now asking what the population of this is that is effects, how many possible people of age playing football at school.

They’re now debating whether this effects private schools too, Adam says yes and is proven right as he explains his reasoning up and down to the doubtful BB.


David has an update on Michael Sam and his Jehovah Witness upbringing that deemed football evil and Adam is now jokingly informing his mother of other things that aren’t kosher with the faith.

Adam is now predicting that perhaps his mother converted to the faith after the death of one, two or three of her children, Adam has a great bit of math about Michael being the younger brother growing up in “Phase 2” of his mother’s home.

BB is now predicting the downfall of the sport of football over time due to the regulations in big markets and now Adam is saying the demand will always be there for the sport due to the action.


Alison has a great follow up question and Adam gives his in depth take on coaches’ options and BB gives a nice concise reply as well.

Adam is now doing a nature box live read, with heavy praise for the blueberry Almonds.


2nd Caller Ian, he has some nice praise for Adam despite some early feedback on his phone line, Ian is telling them about his life and struggle to maintain passion, and they all chuckle at his description of his demanding girlfriend.

Adam is telling him the need for him to compartmentalize, Adam is now listing off how people would try and overwhelm you with his schedule for example, Adam is saying you must have an ego about your product, the consumer won’t consider how overwhelmed you were at the time you created it.

Adam is on an epic riff about bringing it and showing up for your fans, he’s using the recent two show live event in Long Beach to make his point.


Adam says “they didn’t pay on a curve” and he’s critiquing guests who used to come in and mail it in on his morning show version of the ACS.

Alison is sharing her skills and experiences being booked last minute to fill in on TV segments, Adam is now equating the ability to stretch as a person to the vagina.

Adam is using Drew’s “no cock as big as a baby’s head” theory, Alison is commenting on the rest of the baby’s body being not much more of a pleasant experience, Adam is telling them about having to be there for the C- Section and quickly moving on.


Adam is waxing poetic on human potential, Alison has a great summation of Adam’s “snow bank” and “duct taped guys dongs” riffs.

Adam is telling them about being fine after pushing himself to accomplish so much over the past couple of months.

Adam tells him to shit out a kid, then goes back to him again and he’s working Ian into his live read for Kingsford Charcoal, BB is joining Adam and Adam is now praising the chimney as an invention.


Adam is riffing about trying to explain the concept of a Barbecue to Alison and David, the unlikely Jewish grillers.

Adam is now explaining how the chimney works in grilling, not the chimney in your home.

BB is helping Adam and they’re all looking at an image it seems.



3rd Caller Stephen, he wants Adam’s take on the NFL in London over the next 5 years, Adam is explaining the precedent and asking the caller how into it the people actually are.

BB calls his accent bullshit and Adam agrees, Stephen hangs up.


4th Caller Will claims to have not missed a single episode out of the 1372 released, he’s asking them about how he can survive in Los Angles, and he has a job offer but is hesitant after hearing years of Adam knock it.

Alison is now telling Will about the adjusted happiness quotient listed in Life hacker, Los Angeles is 95k to make the happiness sweet spot, and Adam has a hilarious Philadelphia one liner.

Adam is now ranting about the traffic in Los Angeles and he’s got his “they didn’t grow up with it” the inverse of the soccer/football example, many people who have immigrated are 1st generation drivers.


Adam is now contrasting Seattle vs. Pennsylvania and Adam sums up his advice to Will who will be ok in Orange County.

Alison is now asking David about his fridge/freezer style, she’s bringing up the top bottom style that Adam and BB both have.

Alison wants to know what’s so great about the freezer on the bottom, they’re all really enjoying this bizarre tangent, good stuff.


David is telling them about his twitter account and offering the behind the Emmy experience, Adam thanks Alison for the freezer conversation and Adam jokes about what David was doing in with his hands.

They’re heading to break.


Adam explains that Chris Jericho was given confusing booking information form Mike August, BB has a sarcastic reply.

Adam is now doing a live read for Cheapo Air.

Adam is now bringing up the time he lent James Franco a car in 2013, one of his rare Lamborghinis for an ad campaign, Leno tipped Franco off about Adam’s collection, as discussed in ACS #1070 last year and again earlier this year on ACS #1246 when Adam said they could probably book James for the show in return for lending him the car for just the expenses of transporting it, tuning it and detailing it.


Adam is going over the details of the agreement, he’s using the conversations he has with Lynette about her being kind with his money, re: hiring a sitter to make a point about his car guys refusing reimbursement for the car work.

Adam predicts this will just be him giving his car away for free, Adam says that it went from James coming into the studio, to phoning in, to I’m phoning in when I’m phoning in regardless of the show being recorded.

Adam is explaining the process of changing the recording time to accommodate everyone, Adam is bringing up the 10am time zone twist.


Adam is now lamenting people, even Babydoll for messing up the time change between the coasts despite their business dealings.

Alison is once again surprised at this twist, great reactions, Adam is bringing up Matt Fondiler’s frustration with Mike August and the time zone confusion.

Adam is now walking them through his crazy hypothetical conversation he’s never going to have with Mike August in the name of saving time on his life.


Adam is sharing how much he respects Mike August while pointing out he couple of holes he has in his game, he’s further describing why Mike August does not improve in this department, he refuses to fix something he doesn’t see as broken.

Adam is now equating this to a golf game and Alison is now asking about people who get defensive in response to pointing out something they did wrong.

Adam is using the dog/pull toy analogy for people who immediately fire back with a reflexive argument in response to acknowledging the change that needs to be made in their behavior.


Alison has a hilarious “I love you” addition to what she needs when someone gives her critiques and Adam is sharing what men need in response, the opposite.

Alison says regardless of gender they just want to be heard, Adam is now asking Gary about 2nd laps, he says he doesn’t do them when people acknowledge that he was right.

BB is asking about the “it won’t happen again response” and if it’s worse when the behavior pops up again and Adam explains it doesn’t really happen much, a self-selecting group are the ones who admit mistakes and they tend to change and evolve because of it.


Adam is doing a draft kings live read.


Alison’s News

Alison is adding a caveat to her earlier point about arguing and the struggle to be heard, Adam is now bringing up Lynette’s comments about his arguing batting average, demanding to know why he wins.

Adam has a bar bet example and BB has an incredulous reply, gold!

Adam is sharing what kinds of arguments are frivolous and which are important to maintain your batting average.


1st Story Is on the bleaches American flags adorning the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, Adam has an inadvertently funny response about being surprised this wasn’t sponsored by the city.

Alison is now reading quotes from the Mayor and Adam is joking about this being thought out in advance, Adam and Alison are now trying to interpret the meaning and Adam explains that this kind of shit is usually done by a certain type of individual.

Adam is now getting to the meaning of flags, Alison is asking if they have white flags on hand in case of war, Adam is joking about all good nations having double sided flags, he’s riffing about unzipping and re-raising the flag.


Adam is riffing about the elite fraternity of people with freezers on the bottom, BB is jumping in and they’re mocking Alison, Adam is telling him to take it easy on her.

Alison is now informing Adam that this conversation still works, despite him pointing out that it first came up while they were pre-taping shows, 1373-1378.

Alison is now quickly changing the subject, sharing an anecdote about flags from Daniel and Alison has a comment about HBO and now Adam is sharing how was informed how to hangs flag properly indoors.


Adam says that someone who attended the Road Hard Backers party tweeted him that the flag was backwards, despite Robert Patrick Lewis instructing Adam to the contrary.

Adam and Alison have a nice closing exchange and she wraps up the news.


Adam is now doing a live read for Simple Safe home security.

Adam reminds the fans to switch their bookmarks for the Amazon link to benefit the legal campaign to stop the patent trolls.