Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/20/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 379

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/20/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 379

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dave Dameshek

Recorded 07-19-2016 – Release Date 07-20-2016

Production Number #379 – Gurley Commercial

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Adam opens the show with the great Dave Dameshek in studio, Adam says everyone clamors for Shek and he says his dad was a doctor and that’s close enough.

Adam is now bringing up the commercials with hot chicks running mountain bike shops, Adam wants to know who this woman is that he’s never seen before in life.

Adam says the other chick in commercials he likes is the woman who has the breakfast laid out for her husband and is asking him if he’s read the small print on prop #144 in the annual ballot proposition commercials.


Adam says what Dave does for a living is something his school counselor would yell at him, “unless they start something called The NFL Network…” and Dave argues the new era of the NFL benefits Adam as well and he invites Adam to the L.A. Rams training camp.

They’re now talking about the Todd Gurley commercial for ‘Carl’s Jr.’ which features the athlete biting into a CGI burger, Adam is describing the commercial with Jay Mohr.

Adam predicts a director eventually gave up on Todd speaking in the commercial, he keeps insisting Todd doesn’t speak a syllable in the ad.


Adam is talking about the season tickets for The L.A. Rams and Adam likes “to the tune of” after Dave asks him about an old timey turn.

Adam is now joking about bequeathing season tickets to your heirs and Dave confirms they have that setup in his family, his dad’s seats go to him and his sister, wow!

Adam says that at some point people are going to buy up the rights and sell off the seats en masse, Dave entertains the notion and they move on.


Adam is praising the driveway outside The NFL Network where they have all indigenous plants local to the area, instead of using sprinklers and grass.

Dave calls Adam hard right wing and says this is a rare example of him loving the world.

Adam asks who is coaching the Rams and Dave tells him it’s the same guy and they bring up ‘Hard Knocks’ and Adam jokes about Todd Gurley speaking like Tony Randall and Dave Dameshek brings up his old Mr. Sheldrake bit from the KLSX ACS in 2006.


Adam and Dave are talking about the NFL and the various divisions, Adam says the Rams will surprise you by beating a great team and then will surprise you again by losing to a bad team, they’re inconsistent unlike legacy franchises on the east coast.

They bring up Randal Tex Cobb and Buster Douglas in comparison for tomato can’s that could win when it counted most while disappointing the rest of the time.

They’re talking about the Rams team and Adam asks if we can’t now admit that we know nothing about prognosticating about the performance of Quarterback’s in the NFL.


Adam brings up Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar and uses Frank Mir’s judgement and prediction for Mark Hunt to win to make a point about how up in the air MMA math is, “what else do you need to know about not knowing?” – Adam



Dave Dameshek makes ghost noises and would like Adam to have a boat edition

Adam doesn’t like memory foam tattling on him, cocktail party gabbing about Adam sleeping on his stomach, judging him and mocking him with other mattresses gathered around.

They’re now riffing up a storm about the various bedding items talking it up, hilarious riff.


1st Caller James, he’s got a funny “pillow talk” comment and reveals he first discovered both Dave and Adam from Rich Eisen’s show, James says he can’t listen as it takes too many commercials now.

Adam is now in defense of Rich and his format, he brings up radio which breaks every 5 minutes, if Rich is doing 10-20min before a commercial than that is pretty good for a content vs advertisement ratio.

Dave says the short windows in modern radio are too little for him and he finds the formatting confining and unpleasant, it’s not like it was just 10 years ago back in 2006.


Adam jokes about no longer doing Rich’s show as he’s a “Rageaholic” and too unpleasant to be around, Dave has a funny reaction, did someone says this about Adam!?


Adam talks about sitting in for Dan Patrick and other radio show hosts, he says it’s good news as he only has to kill time in 4 minute chunks, Dave says he did a show in Pittsburgh that didn’t sell any ad time and Dave had to run for a full hour with the phone lines down.

Adam talks about radio PSA’s and what a bad sign they are.

James wants to know how Adam and Dave Dameshek first met, Dave is retelling it and explains he met Cousin Sal while working on a trivia show and ended up Jimmy Kimmel’s home and first met him and Kevin Hench.


Adam came in and ignored both Dave and Kevin for the next 6 ½ hours and Adam says they were in the probation phase, Adam has a vetting process.

Dave explains how he next met Adam, he was in the room for a job interview and there was a 4th guy he couldn’t place, it was Bobcat Goldthwait, Dave wanted to know if it was a test to see how he would react.

Dave shares how he tried to befriend Adam and was met with silence, even bringing up ‘Battle Bots’ or at least trying to.


Dave was convinced he blew his shot and wasn’t going to get hired on the show, Dave quotes Adam’s “he’s like Steven Wright without material” and Adam says he has this thing he would correct where he realizes he’s the boss and his words matter/can hurt.

Adam says he doesn’t view himself as being in power or mattering more than anyone else and doesn’t realize how he can insult people or make them feel badly.

They wrap up the story of their friendship and Adam goes into a live read.


True Car


Come on out and see how the fudge is packed, Adam wraps the show with some plugs and mentions the new hats available in the store.