Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/20/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 162

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-14-2014 – Release Date 07-20-2014

Production Number #162

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Adam is opening the show with Drew lamenting Adam being mean to him, Adam explains why he’s being rough and gives a plug for the PayPal subscriptions.

Adam is now bringing up Drew doesn’t often cover his mouth when he coughs, Adam asks him about it and brings up a conversation from over lunch during “Catch a Contractor” and now Adam is lamenting the superstitious native behavior of people in society.

Adam is sharing his lack of problems theory on people focusing on the nonsense minutia when they aren’t preoccupied with real problems.


Adam is now further getting to his theory on made up problems, he was asked on set during lunch about Purell wipes, Adam bragged about not using soap, shampoo, not washing his hands or face.

Adam was asked by Skip’s wife Alison about his face and lack of wrinkles, he told her he doesn’t use Botox and never used creams or lotions, he’s sharing his theory on the body being the way it’s meant to be.

Adam is bringing up the turkey BLT he was eating from TOGO’s and how he pointed out the sheer number of hand, belts and trucks it’s been on to make its way to their hands and mouths.


Adam wants to know why people aren’t more instinctive about this shit and he’s really driving his point home about the germs in the food he eats.

Drew is bringing up the problematic angle of the sheer number of people we all encounter, he’s saying we’re trying to reduce the risk of common viruses and Adam wants to know why he never gets sick.

Drew says it could be the “sewer rat” theory and Adam uses a nice “Yeah but Still” to combat Drew’s logical reply about his father being like Adam.


Drew is bringing up the idea to eliminate handshakes in hospital settings and Adam says we might as well just get rid of it all together, we’re in a narcissistic free for all, might as well give up the hand shake.

Adam is bringing up the “Historical Smoking” part of the rating for the movie “Monument’s Men” and how the MPAA came up with it.

Adam is explaining why they break down the reasoning for the rating, he’s telling Drew about the R rating for The Hammer and how the amateur boxing is listed as “Violence” despite amateur boxing in the Olympics on Saturday at noon.


Adam is bringing up how there was almost not violence in his movie compared to other films or TV shows 40 years older than the movie.

Adam reads the Historical Smoking thing and Drew has a nice reaction, Chris is on mic and Adam is joking about future smoking in movies not being his cup of tea.

Adam wants to know if we’re out of problems and brings up the two separate realms of our society, citing all of the serous shit going on globally and the hand wringing about historical smoking.


Adam is sarcastically asking about Drew being a smoker, citing his viewing of Humphrey Bogart movies and now suggests a slippery slope of what humans can or cannot see.

Adam wants to know who thinks this is going to change anything, Adam wants to know why this considered progress or an evolution.

Drew is now citing the “generationally nomenclature” topic the Skeleton vs. Skeleeton pronunciation, Adam recalls this example vividly and quotes the “Skeleetal” pronunciation.


Adam is now bringing up the “End War” bumper stickers and asking what purpose it could possibly serve, Adam is asking what people are doing with the bumper stickers, is it purely narcissism and Adam explains they just want people to think they’re on the good side of any topic, the happy side of a subject.

Drew is now doing a live read for AVG cleaner.


Drew is now asking Adam about his take on spanking and he’s quoting Drew’s “only to stop an immediate dangerous behavior, running into traffic” example for when it’s ok.

Adam is now brining up Natalia spitting in Olga’s face from a year and a half ago, Adam remembers it as 4 years ago.

Adam is explaining why he was ok with Olga hitting her for that behavior, Adam says that a part of him used to be like Drew saying it’s never ok, but now he wants to beat adults too.


Adam says he feels like he’s doing a lot of laps with a lot of people, begging them to avoid repetition and mindlessness.

Drew is now arguing against cultural relativism, Adam is agreement and he’s citing the cultures that were raised with violence in the home, Adam is using his own upbringing sans spanking to prove his impartial stance.

Adam is joking about the idea of his parents ever burning calories trying to raise him, Adam says it might be effective from child to child with different results.


Drew has some data about how it only encourages more of the negative behavior, Drew is quoting the “Males become warriors and the females become worriers” rule of thumb.

Adam has a great point about people raised in violence and who witness it as a solution to a problem are more likely to assault their peers on a school bus, a nice side point about the Jewish culture too.

Gary is now telling Adam about being spanked as a kid and Adam is mocking Matt Fondiler heading over to his parents’ house for a weekend pool party with his girlfriend and now Adam and Drew are riffing about even imagining going home at 30 to party with mom and dad.


Drew and Adam are now commenting on Adam’s old service porch bedroom and Adam is riffing about how when moving out of a room you would like it kept as a shrine to you, or turned into an office, not used as a storage closet.

Chris is now on mic commenting on the room too, Adam is telling them about setting up base camp and video village for “Catch a Contractor” and how hot the garage was they were based in, Adam is explaining why the lack of insulation and slab flooring doesn’t help with heat.


Drew is describing the most depressing parts, the 1920’s lighting fixtures and ancient knob on the tin lined bedroom door.

Drew is having fun chuckling about Adam’s bedroom, Adam is sharing how he will talk to Lynette about how he was raised by those people, and do they understand there was a point where he was 4, at the mercy of those people.

Drew is now commenting on Gary and Matt being closer to Drew’s kid’s generation than his and Adam’s, Adam said he knew many people with home as home base.


Gary is reporting that Matt was struck one time, only once. No other details.

Gary is now on mic sharing his take on how he views home, Adam and Drew are now mocking his half birthday party once again.

Adam says the loft of the A frame house he slept in at his dad’s place was the worst place he lived in, the garage after that was also no picnic.


Adam is doing a bark box live read with a funny intestines transition.


Drew wants to talk about traumatic reenactments, humans reenacting the trauma of their past and their ethnic past, he’s clarifying his point.

Adam says our society is not interested in exploring such topics, Adam is asking Drew how many people he actually knows who are interested in exploring these topics, Drew is explaining how the brain does this stuff on its own and people can’t explain it away.


1st Caller Rick, he’s a longtime/first time and has been listening since 1995 Loveline it seems, Rick hates the arguments against Plan B and now Drew is explaining how it works just like other BC, He’s bringing up how IUD’s work and calls them effective but points out how using one can make certain people a hypocrite.

Adam is commenting on how insane the misinformation is and Adam tells Drew to keep waiting for the apology about the lies spread about this medicine.


2nd Caller Chris, he’s enjoying their fighting and Adam’s bitching.

Chris says he is a political junkie and has noticed a recent upswing in Adam’s status as a political pundit.

Adam is saying he’s now changed his tune to any great extent while citing he may have grown slightly more conservative as he’s aged and had a family.

Adam is explaining his take on free meals at school, it has nothing to do with money, and it’s about the psychological aspect.


Adam is now talking about the room that needs to be filled and how everyone can be a pundit now as they have time to fill.

Adam is now bringing up Ariana Huffington and Anne Coulter as two examples of generators of content for the left and right.

Adam has a side point about Alec Baldwin, Chris is no longer on the line.

Adam is asking Drew about how he ‘s perceived and he’s commenting on the tea party accusations lobbed at him, Adam says he knows how life works, he’s done it, he’s seen it.


Adam says he has empirical knowledge and waxes poetic on hard work and calls the name calling and accusations at him at bizarre.

Adam is now bringing up the left turning being conservative into a pejorative and how it used to be synonymous with prudent.

Adam is sharing his ideals in a quick sound bite and telling people the keys to life, Adam is bringing up his atheism and how that never comes into play with the accusations lobbed at him.


Drew is once again calling for a liberty party and Adam is saying people can call him names all day, they’ll never convince him of what he is, he knows what and who he is.

Drew is once again trying to float his new party idea, Adam shuts him down and Drew does a voice crack mid live read for E Voice.

They reference Peter Brady and Drew wraps up the read.


Craig wants to know when Drew first thought Adam was funny, Drew says it was when Adam had the Saturday shift on KROQ as Mr. Birchum and would time his breaks to hear Adam on air.

Adam has a killer joke mocking what Drew was up to while doing shifts at a nursing home on the weekend back then in 1994/1995.

They wrap up the show in a nonstandard way.