Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/19/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 378

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/19/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 378

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 07-17-2016 – Release Date 07-19-2016

Production Number #378 – Please Guard That Slider

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Dr. Bruce is back and Adam has a standard intro, Bruce says he’s never seen Drew take off for so long, Adam is immediately getting into Drew’s anxiety which Adam says he sees him using as more of a propellant rather than it hindering him.

Adam says Drew used to obsess over the cost of college for his kids, now they’re grown up he’s still panicking and Adam refuses to sign off on the 2 million dollars to send the kids to school rule of thumb.

Adam talks about learning via building and Dr. Bruce shares an anecdote of suggesting Drew cut back on his practice after LoveLine began airing on MTV and he almost had a heart attack from the stress level, he’s being hyperbolic a bit.


1st Caller Ken, he listens to all of the podcasts and he has observed Adam doesn’t give shit to Mark Geragos like he does his other cohosts.

Adam says well he respects Mark and then moves onto Drew’s “move” where he jumps in and finishes stories and sentences for you but incorrectly, or he jumps to the end of the story and ruins it right before the punchline or the point.

Adam talks about Dr. Drew looking at his phone and not paying attention, Adam says there are plenty of reasons to yell at Drew and he says Mark’s stepping on comments is more about his excitement and enthusiasm rather than him checking out.


Adam says Mark is an attorney, not a radio personality, Drew should have better instincts and he does not.

Adam is now telling Bruce to embrace the spirit of the rant and Adam sets up a clip of BB disagreeing with Adam on air and he says this is an example of what he doesn’t like on air.

BB’s “we have no way of verifying that” line, Bruce is now commenting on the clip and Adam asks him if he heard what he just did taking the contrarian opinion.


Adam asks Bruce if he knows what he’s doing or if he has control over his own mouth or face, this is from ACS #1860.

Bruce is taking Adam’s side while still somehow being contrarian and he says BB had a bad/flawed argument and should have known when to drop it.

Adam is making a point about rules of measurement and uses Kilometers and a confusing speed limit sign to make a point about someone who can’t give up when facts have proven them wrong.


Adam says you may have a differing opinion than Adam, but when you are factually wrong you need to stop at that point, Adam wanted to make sure he was giving out accurate information, BB was stuck on the wrong topic and couldn’t get the point.

Adam has a severely retarded Sonny example to make a point about responsibility, Gary didn’t know that he was supposed to “guard that slider” and they play the clip again.

They are providing some light commentary over the clip and they both don’t get that BB was stuck on the incorrect data regarding California being the highest spender per capita, not the rule of measurement.


Bruce is further trying to give his take and Adam tells him to take his Pokémon bullshit, he asks if there is anyone less satisfying to talk to than Bruce, Adam’s mom maybe?

Gary shares how much he likes Bruce and only finds him mildly annoying, he seems to plague Adam worse than anyone else, it’s just about Adam and eliciting a reaction from him.


2nd Caller David, he’s been going out with a gal for a year, they’ve had no physical contact and what might be a friendship in her mind while he views it as a relationship, Adam is now citing the song ‘What a Fool Believes’ and he breaks down the wishful thinking of young men that is often very foolish and a waste of everyone’s time.

Adam is further asking David about his status in life and he says the part with women that young men experience, either rejection or acceptance gets locked in early on and it never goes away.

Adam says guys like David are too reluctant to squeeze the trigger that too much time passes and it becomes weird and if there was an opportunity it’s long passed.


Adam has a great food in someone’s teeth analogy for young men who are too intimidated by women to let them know they’re interested, Adam tells David to focus on losing weight to better facilitate his dating life.

Adam tells him to lose the 20lbs. and Adam asks David what’s going on in Germany with the terrorists, he says he shouldn’t get into it as he’s very left of Adam.

Adam is now bringing up Obama and his town hall on race, Adam is now mocking the nonsensical claim that it’s easier for a kid to get a gun than a book, that’s asinine.


Adam brings up how Obama didn’t cite father’s in black communities, well guess who didn’t know their father that well and he suggests that perhaps Germany is feeling it’s black eye from World War II and they are now bending over backwards to be accepting and the opposite of what they once were, now they’re losing sight of reality.

Bruce asks Adam about his dating life, Adam says his parents convinced him he was worthless and it was a bad math to do but very pragmatic.

Adam says he remembers going out to dinner with other kids and their families and he would match the same order as the spindly kid who ordered a plain hamburger without cheese and no fries, Adam didn’t think it was right for someone else’s parent to pay for his meal when their own kid was ordering something so meager.

Adam says that’s why he loved Ray and stops to point out what Bruce just did before they move on to a live read.



Adam’s books are a lot different than they are on the page, so you get bonus content!

Bruce recommends Brian Johnson’s book from ACDC


3rd Caller Binder, he recently called into the ACS and Adam remembers him. Binder says one of his friends tried to kill himself and it didn’t work, he/her confusion.

Binder reveals this was a female friend and she tried to asphyxiate herself with a 1999 Mazda, Binder wants to know how he can help her and be a good friend.

Bruce has some sensible advice for dealing with a suicidal individual, Adam asks about her home life and the husband that left her.


Adam says people have to have something to live for, hopelessness breeds horrific behavior and dooms society.

Adam uses people who fight against cops and what hopelessness must exist in their lives, Adam talks about riding his motorcycle with the bald tire in the rain, he didn’t’ care, he wasn’t worried about something go wrong.


Adam talks about only having full time insurance for 2 out of the first 14 years of legally driving, Adam is sharing a dream he had with his buddy from high school and beyond where they robbed a bank.

Adam is now breaking down the reaction his buddy had, swearing they got away with it and Adam was experiencing extreme dread as his life was so great, he had so much to lose.

Adam says the dread was missing out on life and all of the things ahead of him, he says when you have nothing shooting cops is a lateral move.


Bruce brings up something that might be haunting Adam, he says there is no gay porn lurking out there that could ruin his career, funny Jimmy Kimmel addition that Bruce reacts to nicely.



Gary say’s it’s awesome and Adam says he likes assembling stuff but most people don’t edition


4th Caller Brenda, she wants to start drinking coffee and using the MCT oil, she has 25% kidney function and a bad heart, Bruce says decaf.

Adam is telling her she can just take a hit off the oil, she needn’t drink coffee to get the benefits of MCT.

Brenda has the bottle, she doesn’t answer if it’s front of her and Adam asks Bruce the same question, Adam says there is too much measuring in life and further recommends people play MCT Oil roulette with their upholstery and car seats.

They wrap the show with some plugs, solid ep!