Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/18/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 377

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/18/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 377

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 07-17-2016 – Release Date 07-18-2016

Production Number #377 – The Overweight Toddler

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Adam has the standard intro and he explains that Drew is in Sydney as they begin, Dr. Bruce is stuck in traffic and Adam teases a clip from ‘Left of Boom’and sets up a story about things working out in life.

Howard Stern referred a radio guy to consult with Adam about getting into podcasting, the host reached out and asked about a certain guy in the podcast game and Adam told him to run away and not work with him, an added benefit of being a good person in Hollywood is you get to steer people away from the bad guys.

Adam is now sharing his buddy Daniel Kellison’s theory on tipping and building a reputation, Adam would prefer the word get out that he’s a bad tipper so they are surprised and ok with the two Susan B. Anthony coins he leaves behind.


Adam says he rounds up or rounds down, it’s all about even math and he says he left 120.00 on a 111.00 ticket and he presumed nobody knew who he was, no sooner than he decided to leave the cheapskate tip he was greeted by the manager.

Adam does a solid impression of the manager of the Sushi restaurant he was at, telling him what a huge fan he is, right after Adam made the declaration to himself it was ok to leave a light tip as nobody knew him in the restaurant.

Gary is on mic and now Adam has Dawson get on mic to setup the clip from ‘Left of Boom’ and Dawson explains the premise and they play the amazing clip of Dawson narrating an intense scene in the first person inside of an elevator.


You hear some brief segment of classical music, Dawson explains the Endless Rant free book deal and how the classical music is used to indicate redacted and classified material, Adam is asking for what was said in that bit of the book.



Adam is listening to John Adams and wants fans to tweet him some book suggestions edition


Dr. Bruce is now in studio and Adam has a brick of Pokémon cards that Sonny’s been waiting for, he’s been asking Adam all week if he can go to the mailbox.

Adam had a fantasy that his son would be into his warehouses full of racecars more than dumb cartoon playing cards.


Bruce asks why Adam is doomed to find people who don’t find interest in the things he loves, Adam addresses it head on and says one could argue that he picked Lynette to recreate the trauma of his mother, but how would that account for the kids and their perceived bias against his interests, so the argument doesn’t really hold up.

Bruce says Sonny cheats at basketball and says he has something for him, he holds up his phone to play something and Adam says he as 0 interest in Pokémon as it feels like someone else’s thing, like amusing yourself while waiting to die in life’s waiting room instead of doing something real.

Bruce talks about how it’s encouraging weight loss and activity among young kids, Adam is asking if the wheels have fallen off the societal wagon to such a degree that we must barter with the kids to get them to go outside.


Bruce is now telling them about an obese toddler he saw in the E.R. and Adam asks what that kid was doing, Adam is thankful his kids loves activities outdoors and Adam says Pokémon feels about as satisfying as a gun buyback program.

Bruce is telling them about some ambiguous Glock giveaway over the weekend, Adam asks if the patient was poor and Bruce is refusing to speculate on if the patient was poor or not, he says it was Medi-Cal insurance, Adam says you need to give people the dignity to try.

Bruce says he was chastised by a patient’s family member, it was a minor joint injury and he was accused of being a bad doctor for this visit and a previous visit he wasn’t even there for, a case of mistaken identity.


Bruce is hesitant to give out details and Adam is now chastising him for bringing up shit he can’t talk about.



1st Caller Tom, he’s fairly libertarian and proclaims Adam to be as well, he asks Adam how he got to his understanding without lots of time spent reading and learning from literature since he didn’t learn it in school.

Adam is now mocking rape statistics and stats about the death of black men at the hands of cops, Adam says the left spoon-feeds more than the right but they both do it.

Adam says he always thought of himself as a democrat and come from a family of politically progressive people but he doesn’t get the voter suppression argument and Bruce brings up historical racism and biases, Adam thanks him for bringing up the obvious point, Adam didn’t bring up race why did Bruce.


Adam is now busting out his best interview jujitsu on Bruce ala how whipped Gavin Newsom’s ass on the ACS, Adam is saying the people who choose to not get ID are doing it on purpose, just like people who don’t wear seat belts.

Adam would like to get these people ID’s so they can be less disenfranchised, he doesn’t feel the voter suppression angle and he says what percent of society wants to vote but cannot obtain an ID, he guesses less than 1%.

Bruce has some good points and Adam explains he’s not into playing the blame game, he says blaming others is a sure way for you to repeat negative activities.


Adam is now sharing the story of the time Lynette thought her purse was stolen, she left it out and some manager had put it aside for her. She left it at a food court and had to take two Uber rides to get home and then get back to retrieve it and her Keys to the Tesla.

Lynette was rip-shit pissed off, he understood her emotions but he wanted to label it for what it was, she got distracted and left it, instead of the narrative of an international crime ring stalking her and taking it as the exact moment she got up from the table.

Adam says you needn’t spiral and feel like the worst mother or person alive, just learn from the mistake and make note of what really happened.


Adam says people are calling him a wife beater for merely trying to help his wife understand what happened, he says the left send that message, they’re enablers for emotional spiraling.

Adam says victims can succeed in this country, with any deformity or condition, but if you think of yourself as a victim you cannot be successful and he thinks the left is perpetuating a victim idealization mentality and dooming society in the process.


True Car


2nd Caller Tom, he’s not there.


3rd Caller John, he is telling them about his job history and he wants to know some tips on how to be taken more seriously in the workplace despite his young age.

Adam says he has worked with many women, he’s had ditzy assistants and brilliant line producers, after a few days at work together you simply become your skillset and affect to your coworkers and employers.

Adam brings up Jennifer who worked on ‘The Man Show’ and why they kept her as a line producer, it had nothing to do with her gender, she was great at her job.


Bruce teases some more Pokémon Go topics, he flubs the tease and Gary reads it for him.

Adam is giving out some plugs and he mentions the cruise, Gary gets on mic to explain the $575 contains all fees, good deal!