Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/16/2014 – Jerry Ferrara and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jerry Ferrara and David Wild

Recorded 07-15-2014 – Release Date 07-16-2014

Production Number #1368

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Adam has a thanks for sharing the good news intro, BB has a very deep cut with Daniel Bolelli “Trial by ordeal” and Alison comments on the deep cut.

Adam is bringing up the young he works with, an annoying eater who eats toast, trapped in the “Yummy Phase” and he’s now waxing poetic on how to introduce new things to the palate of a human.

Adam is sharing Natalia’s first taste of wine over dinner at a steakhouse, Adam is explaining how a dessert wine can taste like candy after dry martinis.


Adam is joking about 8 year olds not wanting an IPA over a grape soda, Alison has an exception to prove Adam’s rule and quotes a kid with extravagant tastes.

Adam is joking about pussy being on the list, Alison cites BJ’s and has a lame joke mocking herself as she tells it, very funny.

Adam is now calling out the kid by name “Andrew” he likes steamed hotdogs without toppings.


Adam is sharing how he offered to take everyone out for Lunch as they were working on the movie edit, Adam name checks Ryan instead of Matthew.

Adam is sharing his diet plan, he orders healthy and steals from others plates, and Alison says the only carbs she eats are other peoples, OPC.

Adam is now joking about a forum for people to eat each other’s carbs, hilarious Ashely Madison comment form A-Rose.


Adam is telling them about the homemade cookies brought to the Road Hard party, he’s mentioning the woman who “churned her own butter” before making them.

Adam jokes about eating cookies in smaller pieces, like digestible chunks, akin to watching “Roots” and now Adam is telling them about watching Andrew and his separation of his foods, much like former ACS producer Angie.

BB says that 75% of the time he’s a no mix guy and doesn’t like syrup on his eggs, Adam is sharing how he mixes his meals.

Adam is now bringing up Mike August and the super annoying way he consumes food by chopping it up first and ruining the food by making it cold, Alison has a killer joke about them taking his knife away.


Adam says nonstop beef is super annoying too salty, the rice is annoying too bland, Adam is mocking Andrew’s order of demolishing food, Alison is asking further about his eating compartmentalizing.

Adam is saying that Andrew is worse than August, August is saber rattling to annoy him but he doesn’t think Andrew enjoys eating at all.

BB is now weighing in and Adam is setting up a super annoying 1980’s song that someone tweeted at him.


They’re now playing “Send Me an Angel” and Adam is mocking what a horrible song it is, in particular the clap.

Adam says he had a conversation with Lynette last night about the song, she agreed with him that she hates the song too.

Alison has a killer one liner calling back the separate eating and BB mocks the techno drums, Alison has a funny comment about them too.


Adam is explaining how familiarity breeds this acceptance of shitty music, due to program directors and idiots with knobs who turn them.

Adam says he hopes that band “Real Life” gets hit by a “real commuter train” David Wild is now on the blower to tell Adam about the upcoming ESPY’s.

David is filling them in on how big the show’s become and Adam is joking about people mistaking David for a baller.


David is now making an athletic challenge to Adam, he’s challenging him to a set of tennis at the Mulholland Tennis Club and David is bringing up how he can’t believe they got up to that roof.

Adam is telling them about being naked and drunk, how difficult it was to get up there, rigid conduit comedy with David, nice one liner David!

Adam is bringing up how hard it was for MTV to use their own talent for their ward shows and how they could barely get tickets let alone present awards.


David is telling them about working with Danica Patrick and now Adam is talking about interviewing her for his doc about Willie T. Ribbs and their similar challenges getting accepted in a traditionally white male sport.

Adam is talking about how every actor fantasizes about being a rock star and everyone wishes they were doing something else on the big stage.

David has an LL Cool J bombshell, he’s not present for this award show and David is telling them about being nominated for an Emmy and mentions the Road Hard test screenings.


Adam is now ranting against the “variety “category being mixed in with shows like SNL and late night programs, David is now giving his take and Adam is once again referencing “Tommy Tune” and David is telling Adam he is right.

David has a funny joke about getting to meet Jim Brown and Adam warns him about his lack of a sense of humor.

Adam is bringing up his 1st class flight with Tommy Davidson and Jim Brown, there was a bomb threat in the terminal and they had to stay on the aircraft.


Adam is bringing up how when Tommy saw Jim they were hugging it out like they were bro’s and now BB has a killer Larry Zonka one liner.

Adam is sharing the “you lead” plan he joked with Jim Brown about due to the situation, he’s sharing the “I don’t Block” reply from Jim, shutting down his joke, too self-important to joke around with Adam.

Alison wants to know how people get to be that unfunny, Adam is bringing up how being a specimen at 14 it helps lead to that.


Adam is bringing up the common element between models and athletes and self-importance, BB has a great “he’s the Bill Cosby of football”.

Adam is now doing a live read for Reverie bed, Adam is joking about Lynette having the “vibrator” on her zero G bed position and allowing Molly to stay in the room.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Kyle, he work in the aerospace industry and they have a co-worker who pulls up to work with his bass pumping so loud they can hear it inside the soundproof facility.

Adam is now giving his take on the music with the bass, he says people don’t complain because the person driving the car has a higher likelihood of shooting you.

Adam is asking who drives with all 4 windows down and has a killer “Kissing potion” riff with Alison.


Adam is bringing up the acoustic cut of Hanson playing “Mmmbop” and how he gets embarrassed if the music is too loud.

Adam says he couldn’t think of a more uncomfortable situation and BB is offering a yes and of what he does when pulling up to a stop light.

Adam says the white guy version if the beveled exhaust on his Harley to annoy the people living in every neighborhood he passes.


Adam says the people who do this become satiated by this type of lifestyle and behavior and will end up nowhere in life.

Kyle says it’s an 8k stereo in a 2k car, Adam wants cops to bust people for this instead of chicken shit tickets for no front license plate.


2nd Caller John wants to know if he should head to a trade school or regular college, Adam is now repurposing the lyrics to the song “Send me and Angel” and doing an epic back and forth improv with Adam about the mastering of that song and the “handclap/slap” noise.

They’re now playing it again, Dawson says it’s a clap soaked heavily in reverb.

They’re talking about canned Foley work and BB shares an example.


3rd Caller Jose, he’s pointing out that the guys who played football growing up have quit sports after school, unlike the tennis or cross country guys.

Adam jokes about him and BB playing amateur ball still, gold!

Adam and BB are going in depth weighing in on what happens and asking him to clarify the weight gain point, BB predicted it.


4th Caller Eric, he’s in the process of becoming a big brother in the program, he tells them he’s in the matching portion and Adam jokes about him being asked about his match.

Adam jokes about the kid being tight and not chatty, hilarious and gross!

Adam kills it with an “uncut” one liner and shares how he wasn’t interested in a certain ethnicity. Race or age.

Adam brings up the sex thoughts and Alison can’t believe it despite hearing this before along with the drug question too.

Adam explains the reasoning for the questions and why they make sense, he’s using the victim/predator angle to explain why they need to follow this protocol to screen candidates.


Adam is doing a great reenactment of the scene with Alison playing the woman interviewing him.

“Don’t bogart that shit bitch” – Adam on getting high with kids.

Adam explains this got him to go out and do activities that were good for him, Alison has a killer one liner and Adam has a funny bumper sticker joke.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Jerry is making his ACS debut, he guested on the KLSX version a twice in 2006 and once in 2008.

Adam is asking him about “Entourage” the movie and he’s telling them about it hitting next June, Adam is sharing how much he loved the show early on.

Adam is sharing his early adopter status of “Family Guy” and “Entourage” and now Jerry is remembering Adam being hip to the show so early.


Jerry is bringing up Kevin Dillon never doing a comedy until the show, Adam is sharing how perfect he is in that role.

Adam is now asking Jerry about his physique and he’s bringing up Arturo Gotti and his tragic/mysterious death and now Adam is riffing about dying somewhere besides America and how it’s never quite satisfying.

Adam is bringing up the Mickey Ward vs. Arturo Gotti trilogy of fights and how it lead to their success and friendship.


Adam is bringing up the Mark Wahlberg movie “The Fighter” and now he’s producing a “Gotti” movie and they’re talking about the first film focusing on Mickey.

Adam is bringing up how nobody would’ve ever thought of Jerry playing “Gotti” due to his former physique and he’s going in depth with how he was cast in the role.

They’re further commenting on the death of Arturo and Adam is saying he’s a very exciting personality.


Adam is explaining how heart vs. talent can get you into trouble, Jerry was at the very Gotti/Mayweather fight.

Adam is asking him about the plot of the “Entourage” movie and they joke about Sasha Grey only giving them herpes instead of spoilers.

Jerry is now explaining how the movie is structured and the idea of Vincent Chase being broke in the fictional universe, Adam once again references Kevin Dillon as “Johnny Drama” needing to keep hydrated in the Valley during the “Aquaman” episode.




Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the Chicago “Watersaver” system for Union employees and now Adam is asking if people are using the bathroom more because of the constant consumption of liquids, coffee, water etc.

Alison says the company is suspecting that people are using their smart phones in the bathroom and the “swipe” system they have implemented.

Alison says they have a spreadsheet on every employee and their bathroom time, Adam is weighing in as a business owner and bringing up the obesity epidemic resulting in more pooping.


Adam is now commenting on the amount of water recommended for people, Alison blames the super thin people with fast metabolisms for the rampant pooping.

Alison is now reading the protest signs and Adam is joking about a time machine for union people of the dawn of unionized employees to meet these people, BB has a killer riff as the time travelling 1930’s guy.

Adam is killing it to, great reenactment.

“We’re all just fat and fighting for our rights to shit” – Adam


They’re now talking about people who shit at home and Alison is asking about shitting while on set, how you’re not supposed to use the port-o-potty for shitting.

Jerry is telling them about the practical joke pulled on him, they took a shit in his trailer and turned the heat on, the infamous “Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard” on set prank.

Jerry has a couple more anecdotes and Adam declares that everyone would prefer you shit at home.


2nd Story Is on Andre Johnson explaining why he cut off his dick, Adam is now weighing in on how insane the behavior was and how a sane answer won’t be coming for a reasoning for what he did.

Alison is now quoting the man about his “god” status and penis removal as exorcism move.

Adam is now guessing how much dick he has left, Alison is asking about the Lorena Bobbitt attack, Alison shared her theory on how if you cut off any portion of penis they just say cut of the penis, what?


Adam is now commenting on how they found his dick in a field, John Wayne Bobbitt and jokes about him telling the cops that wasn’t his dick in a funny joke he could have played on them.

Alison and BB are now joining him and Adam is joking about them reattaching it upside down.

Alison says it would bring a woman more pleasure in reply to Adam joking about the alternate angle.


Adam is joking about being the world’s worst dick reattachment surgeon and is now riffing with BB about his tee time at noon.

Hilarious pelican scenario and rule for reattaching cocks as a dick surgeon.

Alison is telling them about a friend of her brother who lost a hand in a hydraulic lift, it was reattached and Alison is apologizing for sharing the details, she apologizes to Adam, what?

Could this be why they haven’t done the story on the home invasion/executions that every other show has at least mentioned?


Adam is now doing a live read for E-Voice.


3rd Story Is on Jenny McCarthy’s new Sirius/XM show and Adam comments on her shitty movie “Dirty Love” and how if you make a movie all by yourself and it sucks, it means you suck.

Adam is now asking for how her movie did on Rotten Tomatoes and he’s telling them about the time he did her charity and she then stood them up on Loveline twice in a row which resulted in Adam banning her.

Gary is now reading the RT score and Adam says that she will slough off as she ages away.

Alison wraps the news and BB has a funny joke about Alison, she has a killer reply about trying to discern how she should be offended.


Adam is now doing a bark box live read and BB mentions his shitty dog at the behest of Adam.

Adam is giving out he plugs and wrapping up the show.