Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/15/2014 – Matt Walsh

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Guest Matt Walsh

Recorded 07-14-2014 – Release Date 07-15-2014

Production Number #1367

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Adam is opening the show with a tease for some new “Fund Anything” rewards for contributors to the legal fund, he sets up BB for the #TopDrop and he oddly fumbles it.

Adam is setting up the return of Matt Walsh, he’s been guesting on air with Adam since 2001, and Alison is telling them about the good fortune to play his love interest in an animated pilot.

Adam is asking her what it was for, she says it was looking for what it was for and is trying to keep it vague while explaining what it is.


Adam is now getting to how you always have to work for free, there are no guarantees in this business and he’s telling them about the edit bay for Road Hard.

Adam says he had to shoot some pickups and explains why they’re needed for assembling a finished film.

Adam is now saying the “3 months later” move in filmmaking is like the duct tape of storytelling and a cop out, he’s explaining why he had to sit on the movie to come up with a way to make it work.


Adam is now mocking the movie “Good luck Chuck” and the plots of Adam Sandler movies to contrast the ending closing bits.

BB spoils the end of the new Larry David movie on HBO and Adam is further trying to dance around the “bridge” material regarding the decision made at the end of the movie.

Adam is explaining how he trusts his editor and was having a conversation with him, Adam is explaining how he offered the editor to come join them on set.


Adam was told by the guy that he’s happy being just an editor, it fulfills him creatively and now Alison is weighing and remaking on how amazing it is to find anyone who likes their job and is doing what they want to be doing.

Adam goes on a killer riff about not wanting to be here talking about him and what he wants to be doing, BB jumps in and says he’s mentally checked out, true and hilarious and the riff keeps going, ace awards 2014!

Adam is telling them about how he asked the editor about “Telepictures” and he hates them too, Adam is citing the confusing meeting with them where his agent looked at him afterwards in disbelief.


Adam is now doing a live read for “Life Lock” and BB is laying in some great Doctor Bruce drops before it starts up.

Adam has an “it takes a long time to unscrew you” explanation for getting out of identity theft and fraud situations.


Adam’s Favorited Tweets

Adam is bringing up “Monuments Men” and its flop status despite the A-List cast, Adam is setting up something that he was tweeted about the movie, he’s bringing up the R rating for his movie “The Hammer” and the bullshit reasoning for it.

Adam explains the 2 F-Bombs in the movie and he’s now bringing up the tweet.


1st Tweet Is on the PG-13 rating for “Historical Smoking” and now Adam is mocking the idea of such a concept, Adam is saying that we’re going back to the pilgrim days in some regards and then on the other hand we’re going to extremes of indulgence in others.

Alison has a nice follow on rant questioning the reasoning of applying this warning.

BB has a great point about violence and destruction in disaster movies, Adam riffs about time machine and future smoking, he’s now calling society cowardly, saying we all get behind arguments that have indefensible opposition, no duh stuff.

Alison is bringing up the light up freeway sign for police recruiting, expecting you to jot down numbers while driving, Adam is now ranting about this hypocrisy.

“Some people do read faster” – Alison mocking Adam’s illiteracy.


2nd Tweet Is a breakdown of the population of schools, Adam is bringing up the idea of white privilege and says we’re looking up some Asian cooze, we’re not on top.

Adam is now reading the stats on single parent households by race, the exact order mathematically as the suspension rate at schools, holy shit!

BB is asking what the argument could possibly be and now they’re playing a clip from the school superintendent who has the answer, yeah right.


Alison is asking about the school to prison pipeline and what it actually is, Adam is now explaining it and shares the theory on how it works.

Adam is now removing white people from the mix and trying to float the superintendent’s argument up against the black vs. Asian stats.

Adam is now arguing about the hard truths to rectify this problem, Gary is now playing the clip again.


Adam is killing it by arguing that this is him passing the buck, and jokes about him trying to change the subject away from this and what he can do, Adam mocks the idea of the teachers this guy hires being racist despite their wide ethnic base of hires.

Adam is now mocking this guy’s tongue swallowing answer and says he didn’t help one black child, nor Asian child thanks to Alison.

Adam is doing a live read for Stamps.com


Q and Ace

1st Caller Nick, he’s calling about his marijuana addict buddy who is dragging his friends down with him and his depression is overwhelming.

Adam is commenting on how 23yrs old is a tough for a man, he’s’ saying women tend to be doing better around 23 than most men, mostly because they have their hairstyles figured out.

Adam sums things up, it’s easy to be depressed at 23 as a man, add weed and boom, Adam is telling him about hanging out with people heading for success, Adam is citing Chris Maxipada as a kid with a motor and has a funny “who me!” dimpled cheek and finger reference, Alison seems to dig it.


2nd Caller John, Alison doesn’t know what’s going on as Adam and John riff about weirdness, John is now bitching about the happiness quotient number of 75k.

Alison picks up on his cynicism and now Adam is riffing about montages in movies and how they translate to life and trying to maintain what you have.

Adam is now riffing a montage sequence in response to the “Walking on Sunshine” music bed and now Adam is joking about painting across someone’s face and how unlikely that is in real life.


Adam warns of an upcoming sniff, BB has him pre-sniff and now Adam is using 40 ounces of water to make an analogy about needing a certain amount of money to get by, he agrees with the happiness quotient science and not caller John’s agenda.

Adam sums thins up nicely, very eloquent points.


3rd Caller Ray, has a fucked up hardwood floor, the call pots down and BB says it’s not him, Dawson is off mic researching it and Adam comments it happened earlier, while taping Adam and Dr. Drew?

Adam is ow giving advice on hardwood floors and sharing his history of painting floors.

Alison has a hilarious painting carpet joke and she’s now asking Adam how he came up with the right shade to use.

Adam is now doing a live read for “Satisfaction” on USA network, Adam is now breaking down the extended trailer, and he’s joking about viewing it after seeing an episode of “The Brady Bunch” last night.u

They’re heading to break.


Matt Walsh is returning to the show for his 7th appearance, he’s telling Adam about the cast of his hit show “Veep” and upcoming movie, Adam says he’s never seen “The Walking Dead” and he’s mocking the concept of the undead.

Adam is explaining his lack of interest in ghoulish material and fantasy stories, joking about the new sexy versions of these old stories.

Alison is sharing the super fruity spelling of fairy used on True Blood, Adam says he wants to see Cabin in the Woods and BB is praising it.


Adam is asking why they used the title with “in the woods” and BB explains it’s due to the nature of the film mocking the predecessors in the genre.

Matt is telling them about his upcoming Tornado movie and his experience filming stunts on set, including banging his head on jagged metal.

Adam is now asking Matt about Julia Luis Dreyfuss and her talent level, Alison is chiming in about a sandwich anecdote from set she read about.


Adam is now asking Matt about his history of improv comedy and Adam is explaining an anecdote involving his history in improv and Matt has an anecdote about someone taking a boot to the face during a theater league softball game.

Matt is telling them about the movie “Wild Oats” he did and he’s bringing up Billy Connolly and Adam is now adding him to the list of guys you would like to be leaving your house as someone else is entering, next to Quest Love.

Adam and Matt are now doing an improv scene as he enters his house when Billy and Quest love leave at the same time, Adam is killing it with real sugar Fresca offers and telling Matt he told the guys to leave so they could have Fresca and string cheese, nice reaction from A-Rose!


Adam is on a great Sir Elton John (Reggie) riff with Matt, Matt is great as the straight man, stepping over Maya Angelou’s corpse, and Adam says she’s kinda like the Stanley Cup.

Matt is finally taking his Fresca, and scene!


Alison’s News

Adam is quizzing Matt about his movie he mentioned before, asking about the plans for its release.


1st Story Is on Anthony Cumia’s first appearance on TV after the infamous twitter rant and his firing, it’s on the show “Redeye” and Adam says that we can agree that Greg Gutfeld is the nicest of the right wing guys.

Adam says he doesn’t have a problem with right wing necessarily, Alison says she does sometimes.

Alison is now quoting Anthony from the appearance.

Matt has a suicide by cop point after the question of “getting off the treadmill” regarding Anthony possibly unconsciously doing this to get fired, Adam has a killer “Asian woman paper route” follow up to the suicide by cop comment.


Now Adam is waxing poetic on the insincere apologies from Comedian’s over the past decade, BB jokes and mocks the ones Adam has made, Adam tells him to kiss his balls, gold!

BB has a wicked “hey wait a minute” reaction and Alison has a nice laugh.

Adam is now sharing the “say thank you” Dr. Drew story from when his sons were younger in cub/boy Scouts and had to build their pine box derby racecars in Adam’s woodshop.


Adam is explaining that an apology is meaningless when it’s forced like that and as humans we’re all trying to get past the uncomfortable part, BB plays the Baldwin drop and Adam stops to marvel at it and brag about it to Matt.

Alison is bringing up the Guy Aoki controversy over Sarah Silverman’s late 90’s appearance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” where she told her “I love chinks” joke that then resulted in her appearing on “Politically Incorrect” with Guy in what turned out to be a bit of a trick booking.

Alison is not aware or doesn’t bring up the 2006 Adam Carolla and Dave Dameshek ACS incident with Guy.


Adam is now bringing up Comedians being forced to apologize now, as opposed to the bygone era of the Roasts and how society was seemingly ahead of this and has now retarded back to this language police state.

Adam has a killer “Urkel Kid” reply to Alison quoting Anthony about his firing and comments.

Adam is commenting on on how he now gets shit for saying the shit he used to say on Classic Loveline in 1997, he’s got a hilarious description and Matt has a nice understated reaction.


2nd Story Is on Tracy Morgan suing Walmart, Adam is commenting on how he predicted this would happen.

Alsion is now reading the definition of the word “consortium” in the legal sense, Adam is saying that he didn’t want to be one of the dicks talking about money until they knew Tracy would be ok.

Adam is going very in-depth and Alsion wants to know if Adam would sue if he was in Tracy’s shoes, Adam is now giving his take on lawsuits and morality.

Matt brings up the Dodgers lawsuit and how he felt bad for the organization, Adam jokes about Matt Walsh being for brain trauma.

Adam is now connecting this to his “nobody feels sorry for you” line that he hears, he’s saying that everyone could have done more, but it’s neither here nor there.


3rd Story is on the photo of Steven Spielberg’s photo of him next to a triceratops on the set of “Jurassic Park” and the insane reactions online.

Alison is now reading some of the long overblown ranting from crazy people who don’t understand reality.

Adam is killing it riffing about triceratops horn going for a fortune on the black market, Adam is now commenting on the photo, odd he’s Jewish comment.

Adam is doing a killer Bark Box live read with an impression of how Molly gets excited and breathes and how he does it right back at her, after they view photos of the Trump kids with their big game trophies.

Adam is now thinking that Steven is working on Jurassic Park, not realizing this was an old photo from 1992, Adam is singing the praises for the movie and it’s junk science plausibility, he’s contrasting it against “Liar Liar” and mocks the along with the last body swap comedy with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.


Matt is singing his praises for his love of “The Planet of the Apes” and Adam is ordering a scene from the original movie, he’s describing the “Everyone you know is dead” scene but the internet is down.

Adam says the original POTA is the most Charles Heston movie of all of his work, he’s now calling for BB to come up with a list of movies where actors are the most “them” in the film.

Adam is joking about G.I. Joe having a black friend and Alison bringing up Transformers, BB waxes on about the black character “Jazz” and Adam jokes about him being a Denali with rims.


4th Story is on sex Toy Company that has come up with a vibrator with a GoPro camera in the tip, Alison is describing the clinical image you would get from this, funny Pap smear joke.

Adam is joking about the “leash” on the vibrator and Alison has a funny light down your throat comment to get the proper scene.

Matt and BB are now weighing in, everyone’s assuming it’s for penetration and not for external stimuli, Adam is bringing up the way they check chimneys with cameras.


Adam is telling the “Bob the plumber” story, he’s sharing how he put the addition on his grandparent’s house.

Adam is explaining the shit stream that sprayed Bob as he was working on the house.

Alison is now wrapping up the news after Adam tells them about his grandma falling down the hole.


Adam is asking Gary, now they’re trying to come up with a list of actors and roles where they’re the most like their off-screen persona.

“Scent of a Woman” and “Point Break” are both brought up, Alison cites “The Matrix” and they’re back to point break.

Adam is doing a Deer Hunter live read, complete with Trump brother’s reference, instead of saying “even if you’re not a gamer” Adam says big game hunter, how odd.

Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out some plugs.