Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 374

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/13/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 374

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Dr. Bruce

Recorded 07-10-2016 – Release Date 07-13-2016

Production Number #374 – Like Inviting a Homeless Guy In To Sleep On Your Couch

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Adam has the standard intro and he welcomes Bruce back for his 3rd and final visit of the week, Bruce is jingling his cup, mixing coffee.

Gary gets on mic to give an update on Dr. Drew’s travels across the globe, Adam says he doesn’t envy Drew but Susan’s ability to book travel is akin to someone who is related to a restaurant owner or has something to offer.

Adam says you want people with skills who can help you out and do favors for you, Adam is talking about his father working at 5 acres and his lack of perks.


Adam talks about how Drew’s wife Susan would hammer Drew’s first class ticket and get a refund on the $3200 back and have her rebook his ticket with mileage, making him earn even more from their old college and TV speaking gigs.

Bruce misunderstands Adam and Gary gets on mic to explain they paid for the whole trip with points, no cash used.

Adam is asking Bruce what he’s seeing in the E.R., if the people who frequent the hospital really need to be there just like the people who call 911 that could have walked over to their neighbors and politely asked them to turn the volume down.


Adam brings up the way Californians responded to the drought and saved even more water than they needed to do.

Adam says his theory on humans is that if you tell them they need to recycle and provide them bins they will use them, not his agent James Babydoll Dixon but he’s the exception.

Adam says most decent citizens who are reasonable will react accordingly and how you would like for them to react.


Adam brings turning right on a red light and Bruce brags about making a left on a red turn arrow, does he not know who he’s talking to!? He’s heard the red turn arrows rant, even back at LoveLine, my god man!

Adam is now asking for Gary’s percentage math on the number of Californians who turn left on red turn arrows and he wants that compared to the number of people who speed while driving to Vegas.

Bruce writes down his numbers, Gary is a math guy and says it’s 2/10th of 1% for the red turn arrows, he accounts for drunk people who blow through them and Adam’s listeners.

Adam put .01% and Adam is going over his numbers on the people who speed to Vegas, Gary has a point about truck drivers and the limitations on their vehicles.


Chris is giving his math, he rounded to the nearest whole number, he went with 0% for red turn arrows.

Bruce is now unable to admit a time he witnessed someone running a red light, Bruce is getting roasted a bit by Adam who ponders how he exits and gets by, let alone works as a professional doctor.

Adam talks about going around two lanes of multiple cars of lemmings’ butt-fucking in traffic.


Chris asks if it’s a doctor thing that they drive so aggressively, both Bruce and Drew.

Adam says it’s a risk assessment and action plan, it’s about assessing risk and making a split second decision.

Adam brings up the bigger question of why the intersections that don’t have red turn arrows on the same street are somehow safer than this one with the red turn arrow.


Bruce says it’s a traffic control issue and it should change to a flashing light when necessary, Adam says you can always tell based on behaviors.

Adam says take parking meters vs. red turn arrows, you can then accurately determine intent and capabilities, why are they Johnny on the spot with the parking meters.


Adam is doing a True Car Live read

Chris got his new used Prius through the app edition


Adam has Caelan looking for his money clip that’s lost in a bag from travelling, he asks someone to front him some cash and he gets to the smart parking meters that the city has deployed to further rob citizens.

Adam wants to know why there aren’t smart red turn arrows, Bruce says it’s because bureaucrats don’t give a crap, Adam says they care about their money but not your time, they don’t have the will to do it despite it being technologically possible.

This is your roommate who eats all of your peanut butter and fruity pebbles but locks up his food, Bruce says it’s situation ethics, or situational ethics and Adam is commenting on it.


Adam is mocking the notion of putting more money into the system to solve problems they’ll never solve.

Adam tells fans they can tweet him all they want about the 1% and he says everything he has he earned, he talks about luck and how people try and change his mind about life.

Chris gets on mic about the Switch plates and shares his rule of thumb for presuming Adam to be correct even when he misheard the switchblades thing.


Adam says that if he was unsure or wrong he wouldn’t argue about it; he says if you only argue about things you’re certain of you will win more arguments.

Bruce says Adam is like the 100 mph pitch batting cage, Bruce says Adam misses up subjective and objective arguments.

Adam says he knows exactly how he lived his life, he brings up Adam’s bias against American muscle cars and cites the time he had a Camaro and Adam didn’t’ want a ride in it.

Adam says he judged them like he does people who order strange items on their pizza like Bruce’s kids.


Adam talks about his Datsun 510 he loves so much and he breaks down the 1969 technology at play he still admires and he contrasts that against the American Muscle car of the time, it’s embarrassing from the frame to the interior.

Adam is not a snob, one is superior and it’s not subjective.

Adam says he never wants to drive the cars on CarCast as he doesn’t like driving cars on the street, he likes track driving.

Bruce asks who can afford driving on a track, anyone who can afford to buy a Miata and an annual membership or afford a few hundred bucks.


Adam hates people saying they can’t afford to do things in this country and he brings up people tweeting him about the coops that were killed asking if he regrets all of the shit he talks about them.

Adam clarifies his take on chicken shit ticket writers and who is actually to blame for the ticket writing party.


Bruce is asking how Lynette is driving now, she clipped her other Tesla mirror and Adam is choosing not to get involved in this one, it’s like letting a homeless guy sleep on your sofa, it never works out.

Gary is on mic with some concern and info about Lynette’s Tesla, they talk about Phil chewing through the cord and Adam jokes about the fictitious pot roast not waiting for him at home.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam is giving out some plugs and wraps up the show, a nice Trilogy appearance by Dr. Briuce!