Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/10/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 159

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/10/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 159

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 07-08-2014 – Release Date 07-10-2014

Production Number #159

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Dr. Drew is opening the show with Adam stuck in traffic, Drew is bringing up what’s on his mind and he’s telling them about the bathroom protocol, Gary is now filling Drew in on a recent violation of the bathroom door rules/language.

Gary is telling them about Adam’s attempted modification on the hinges to keep the door propped open, Drew says it must be so hard to be Adam, within his skin.

Drew says that one of the “Ask Women” possibly Marni, the one who didn’t talk much? She apparently said it seemed like everyone was scared of Adam, Gary is now on mic with a great riff like a battered wife lying about falling down some stairs, gold!


Chris is now popping off asking Drew what they have to do to prove they don’t fear the Aceman, Drew is now doing a live read for AVG Cleaner.

Drew is bringing up an episode of his podcast “The Dr. Drew Podcast” that’s set to air in mid-august, Gary and Chris are now on mic giving their take on the man and Drew is telling them about his book “The Obstacle is the way” and he’s waxing on about the theme of the book.

Drew is sharing a “Ransom Olds” anecdote from the guest’s book “The Obstacle is the way” which was written by Ryan Holiday the unnamed author.


Drew is now informing how electricity used to charge a vehicle takes more fossil energy and causes more carbon emissions than regular combustion vehicles.

Drew is now sharing his take on why electric vehicles aren’t as environmentally conscious, Drew says it’s just a statement at this point.

Gary is now on mic offering up some insight and Drew says that change won’t happen until it’s financially pressured and now Adam is joining the show joking about “The Invisible Hand” and now Adam calls himself a “Philosopher Warrior” and Drew says he hasn’t heard that in 15 years, almost Drew, Almost!


Adam explains he had to go arrange some pick up shots for his movie and now Drew is telling him about his guest Ryan and his book, along with an another anecdote from it.

Adam is now giving his take on people taking credit for charitable acts, he accepts the charity just the same and now he’s using Drew’s wife being upset for his analogy.

Adam has funny joke about anyone having a beef with Matt Fondiler and how he likes harmony among the people he works with, while noting on the disparate group of strangers who all get along at Carolla Digital.


Drew has an example of his wife recently having to let someone go and her surprise that person was only interested in getting paid.

Adam is now offering up the idea that happiness only entered the workplace along with women, Drew has a manufacturing vs. service economy example.

Adam is further saying he doesn’t like it when people don’t get along and how it impacts him directly, he’s using the Carcast road trip to make a point about people getting along in various groupings among his staff.


Adam is now telling Drew about his “Ass Wipe” quandary, Drew tries to paint them for babies only, and Adam is telling Drew about the wide open container.

Adam is bringing up “the closure of things” ass wipes, potato chips, ketchup lids and he’s now trying to get Drew to help him understand what’s going on.

Drew is explaining that it might not be worth it for Adam to lose his shit over this, Drew says it would be too hard of a life to try and “educate the world” and Drew says maybe Adam is on the nobler path.


Adam is now saying you can wipe your ass with a dry paper towel and offers up zipping shut the bag to solve the problem, Adam says he just capsizes the bag.

Adam is now saying that the conversation that you would with have with your kid vs. wife is on the level of Gavin Newsom speaking about brown people and check cashing places and identification.

Adam is explaining the conversations he has with Lynette and how he has the boy coached up, not sure on the girl.


Adam is now further ranting about this and asking Drew about “auto-pilot” vs. needing to remember to snap the ketchup lid.

Adam says he laughs about this all the time, he’s bringing up the guy who shrieked “Excelsior!” in Muncie Indiana as he invented the plastic ketchup lid.

“Little did he know our resolve lethargy and laziness” – Adam


Adam is now bringing up the underwriters lab that tests smoke detectors and the decibel levels that can be tuned out by many people who refuse to change their battery.

Adam says that lethargy in humans will override any innovation like a pest, Drew is now using this as a positive example using quadriplegics who end up as happy as they were before the neck injury.

Adam is now asking Gary and Chris to weigh in, Adam is giving his breakdown on the squeeze mayo and ketchup being shut.


Adam is making a point about things more likely to be shut at home, it’s your mayonnaise vs. at the workplace when it’s not yours.

Adam screams “Yooooouuuuu!?” mocking Drew asking follow up questions and trying to argue Adam’s point interrupting him.

Adam is basically saying that money motivates people “so you’re saying the invisible hand needs to snap shut the mayonnaise jar” – Drew.

Adam asks Drew if he needs him to sniff for him, Drew gives a self-satisfied one in reply.


Drew is making a larger point about adults who act like children and now Adam is using the idea of a having a new car everyday as a negative analogy for people who don’t have a specific place for their wallet and keys.

Drew is saying that some people with ADD can’t physically do this stuff, Adam asks if he has some of this, Drew says no and wants to know why, Adam says he gets accused of having everything.

Adam says he used to be one of the people who had trouble keeping track of things, a mess.


Adam is explaining how he was before he had “coached” himself up and tells Drew how he would lose his sunglasses at pool parties.

Drew has a funny reply and now Adam is purposely misunderstanding him and telling him not to work race into the discussion.

Adam has another walking in a circle analogy for Drew and a deathbed “now much time wasted looking for keys, sunglasses and wallet” example too.


Adam has some micro and macro examples for this and how it works in society, Adam is now bringing up the Jonah Hill paparazzi controversy.

Adam says that people judge the little stuff in society but not the big stuff, Adam wants to know of any other voices in media advocating more judging.

Drew blames this all on the “Hey you’re not the boss of me” decades and Adam says you will either be judged to your face or to your back, he sniffs.


Adam is now giving an example of a hypochondriac friend and him both going to the hospital, what it would mean for Adam vs. this other person.

Adam says it not judging it’s an imprint, what you’ve earned is what they think about you, Adam is really knocking it out of the park with this point.

It’s not what Lynette creates about you in her head, it’s what you earned re: hypochondriac friend being admitted to hospital vs. Adam.


Adam is doing a bark box live read with a mention of Molly being restless during the night, Adam woke up to find her.

Drew is telling Adam about spending all morning at the prostate foundation and he explains how they give money vs. the federal government.

Drew is very excited to be a part of this and Adam is now asking about the meeting itself, Adam wants to know if he walked away with anything from the brunch.


Drew was inspired by the founder and shares how much it helps him to do good things for others, how he finds meaning from it.

Adam is telling Drew about putting the final touches on the Paul Newman documentary, he’s making a point about what people say about you after you’re gone.

Adam is thanking the fans and has a patent troll closer, saying it’s now going to the matt, waiting for them to tap out!

“They picked on the wrong motherfucker!” – Adam