Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/09/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 253

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/09/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 253

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-06-2015 – Release Date 07-09-2015

Production Number #253 – Plumpy Nut

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, he mentions #ADSLOTJ and Dr. Drew is complimenting their hats, and Adam just doesn’t like the black writing.

Adam likes the subtle part of life, but part of the hat is a reward and also an advertisement.

Adam says that all it takes is one person to agree with you to then confirm something needs to be altered.

Adam says these 100 will be the collector’s edition hats.


Adam says his sister came over on Sunday, after he spent the 4th with Phil Rosenthal.

Adam says that he thinks his life would be better if he was gay and his partner was an AV guy.

Adam is now asking Drew to write this down, he has a Bryan McKnight talking to a guy with tool belt about how the system they setup will work wirelessly and ends up costing 10x as much and only works via universal remote.


Adam talks about the sonos system that wasn’t working when his sister came to visit.

Drew is talking about his dad and his fear of electronics and the never ending repair costs, Drew talks about using Bluetooth speakers to get around nonfunctioning stuff.

Adam is lamenting the sonos system not working after the 150k expense.


Adam says the wife and him have had many exchanges where they reach Lynette’s short fuse, Adam says it’s a unique chick thing where someone yells at you for politely asking them something.

Drew says that his wife and Lynette both aren’t able to direct their attention without somehow violating every fiber of their being.

Adam is talking about the “hold on” and Drew asks till when and asks how that makes them feel, Adam jokes about her telepathically communicating with their dog.


Drew ponders how they could ever practice medicine.


Drew is doing an AVG live read


Adam dreads the interactions with his wife where she’s trying to help him turn something on, Adam says it’s not the defective electronics, it’s the arguments they cause.

Adam describes how he shut off the main receiver and accidentally shut off Lynette TV, Adam tried to tell her what he turned off but she shouted back at him and he chose to move on.

Adam says these aren’t great qualities for managing a factory floor, Adam says these are better qualities for raising children, these feminine qualities.


Drew makes a point about their wives taking complaints about things as personal attacks, Adam shares how the feminine interpersonal abilities are superior to the opposite.

Drew brings up the Jeopardy question/clue and Adam says they got a ton of tweets, he comments on how certain shows seem to garner more social media activity.

Adam is riffing about how a ‘Bonanza’ reboot wouldn’t fly today, he brings up the Asian cook character.


Adam is calling him Hop-sing and Drew says he looks Japanese, they both presume the actor is Jewish and Adam explains they didn’t care about the Asian nationality in older media.

Adam talks about the American Indian roles that were given to white guys, Adam is commenting on the preferences for certain activities among certain cultures, Adam argues “because you do” and Drew brings up how some of this originates with what you’re born into.

Adam asks how that happens, Adam says that everyone acts like someone with a magic wand came to this conclusion, it wasn’t a blue eyed guy who laid out the world, Drew brings up serendipity and its role in outcomes.


Adam talks about liking the experience of other cultures, he doesn’t need to see a black face nor does he wants to see a white face among his sushi chefs.

Adam is explaining he appreciates the cultural differences involved in the typical sushi experience, Adam is now riffing about a LeBron James type trying to make sushi, Drew argues the counter of the sushi chefs out on the NBA courts.

Adam is mocking the lack of problems in Los Angeles while citing the bursting water mains and endless traffic.


Adam is asking why nobody ever thinks of favoritism when it comes to NBA line ups, Adam is making an ultimate point about why people gravitate to sports and competition.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Mazda

Adam says it’s hard to find a manual transmission on a new car, he reveals he’s only getting the car for a week and offers to let Drew ride on his lap.


Drew shares the purchase of this week’s #ADSLOTJ winner, a disposable urinal.

Drew is now wondering how it works, Adam calls it and Gary reads the information confirming Adam was right.

Kevin was the winner.


1st Caller Andrew, he’s telling them about a 4th of July party where his sister in-law brought her peanut allergic child, Adam is asking him about the “Snicker salad” that his buddy was bringing.

Andrew is telling them about the extreme reaction from the child’s mother.

Adam asks if he believes the child has an actual allergy, Adam explains his daughter’s best pal has allergies to many things, needing to carry an epipen but doesn’t make a big deal out of it.


Adam is explaining how his grandmother collected pseudo-intellectual nutjobs she called friends and they all had strict dietary concerns and sensitivities.

Adam says that after taking 15min to make it about them, he realized it’s all about “I’m” and is a bullshit inner child way of recreating some feedback loop.

Drew comments on how the New York Times is now reporting on Adam’s long held claim that the over-protective parts of today are weakening their children’s immune systems.


Drew is asking Adam about Plumpy Nut and the ’60 Minutes’ piece he brought it, Adam is quoting the peanut allergies that don’t exist in Africa.


Drew has Adam clarify his take, Adam is now sharing how he knew someone who couldn’t have any peanut butter in the home as his wife said no, despite the kid being able to access it.

Adam is allergic to horse sense, he shares his almost nonexistent hygiene rituals, and Adam tells Proctor & Gamble and Madison Avenue to pat themselves on the back for convincing everyone they must use their products to survive.

Adam is mocking the use of conditioner and shampoo, an endless cycle washing away the natural oils off your hair and then replacing them with conditioner.


Adam talks about his wife covering his kids in cream to keep them from chafing.


Drew is doing a Therabreath live read

Drew is going over how this product works and Adam gives some pro tips for carrying their lozenges.


Adam says a shampoo bottle will last him 7 years, he doesn’t scrub nor has any problems with skin chaffing or condition.

Drew comments on Adam’s possible genetic gifts, Adam is explaining he’s lucky to have good skin but thinks using creams and other products gets you dependent on them.

Adam talks about how he is dependent on sunglasses.


Adam and Drew wrap up with Andrew.


2nd Caller Grant, hello, hello, hello.


Adam is doing a Lifelock live read


Adam gives out the plugs and is wrapping up the show.