Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/08/2014 – Gabriel Iglesias and Deaf Frat Guy

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Guest Gabriel Iglesias and Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 07-07-2014 – Release Date 07-08-2014

Production Number #1362

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Adam is opening the show with a thank you to the fans for 5 years of keeping the pirate ship afloat, BB plays the epic drop from Ed as his #TopDrop.

Adam is now digging into Yoko Ono, he’s got an “if you can do it than you do it” summation for what he’s about to do.

Adam teases that his mom and stepdad visited over the weekend for some light muffin talk, he showed them the Paul Newman documentary.


Adam is citing his dad’s reaction to the doc and explaining how his mom would be a contemporary of Paul Newman and his career.

Adam is explaining how his mom has to frame her critique of the movie and Adam is joking about not being into the subject matter of most documentaries, citing “King of Kong” and ones about poisoned groundwater.

Alison defends Adam’s reaction after BB says this is a compliment, Alison is further backing him up and explaining how parents can insult you in a historical/hysterical way, something BB wouldn’t understand.


Adam is mocking the “it held my interest” reaction, Adam is sharing how he’s more interested in the non-reaction, he spent a year making this, yet no follow up questions.

Adam has a vegetable lasagna counter example and now Alison is asking if any part of Adam became vulnerable while showing his mom the doc.

Adam is now using Jimmy Kimmel as the example for the person who saved his life and yet he’s never brought up by Adam’s parents. Despite his huge role in Adam’s life.


Adam says that’s a complete lack of business acumen on his parent’s part, Alison has a great trumpet empire joke.

Adam is now using Babydoll as an example of someone who knows how to network in both business and his personal life.

Adam has a crush in high school analogy about feelings, you would rather someone be sitting on feelings and know of you then not even know you exist.

They’re all in agreement about how weird it is the way that Adam’s parents react to Jimmy.


Adam is now bringing up the Jules Dash idea and citing the Dinesh Dsouza documentary and its rotten tomatoes score, Adam says it’s not a great film, it’s just one immigrants answer from India’s response to the critiques about America.

Adam is comments on how patriotism is now a right wing thing as opposed to something all citizens, he’s citing the 82% from the audience and the 0% from critics.

Alison has a killer one liner and BB is now finally getting it.


Adam is now comparing some Michael Moore movies against the score for Dinesh’s doc, Alison asks if it’s unfair to put Adam’s racing doc up against something so political.

Adam is now explaining how the film ultimately could be politicized but is more sketching what it actually is, he’s back to the 0 garnered to it by the top critics.

Adam has a pro-Hungary example and now wants BB to admit what other documentary gets a 0, Adam is joking about how he had no idea that BB and Alison would be on his side of the argument, sarcasm.


Adam is once again trying to present his argument, BB is offering to not speak, Alison is now explaining things and Dawson even gets on mic to help explain.

Adam is once again driving his point home that he doesn’t like the beating up on America.

Adam is now doing a live read for Audible.com and joking about getting into Shrinkage, not BB’s book but his own dick problems he jokes.


DFG is now on the line telling them about an unfortunate accident while tubing with his bros, he’s refusing to apologize for America.


J.V. or All Balls

Frayed Jeans Shorts worn by dudes over Independence Day, Adam wants to know if they were frayed by the modification or made to look frayed.

Alison, Adam and BB all weigh in and agree.

Adam is mocking the 1970’s trend of cut off shorts, Adam jokes about the denim being wet for weeks and how they’re the worst trunks material.


Dudes that take pictures of fireworks on the 4th of July, Adam is giving his take on seeing the parents watching their kids grow up through a viewfinder, lacking the experience of being there.

Adam is sharing the story of the guy on the race track who he asked about a camera on his car and was told he had it stored in his head, didn’t need a camera.


Werther’s Original’s hard candy, Adam is now in defense of butterscotch, he says it’s been usurped by Passion fruit, Adam is describing the butterscotch vs. caramel syrup battle to VHS and Betamax.


Wearing shades during the act in an adult film, the dude. Adam is now asking follow up questions about them type of shades, more angles on titties?

DFG says this is All Balls.


Gorilla’s having pet kittens. Not sticking your finger up your ass and smelling it.

Adam is saying we like this like we like Mike Tyson raising pigeons and Alison has a great Haiden Panettiere and the Klitschko reply.

Now Alison is saying that she’s the poor man’s Kristen Bell and Adam jokes about them in the face wash commercials with the splashing water effect, wow.


DFG is killing it, plugging the Mangria hurricane up and down the east coast and dropping hilarious one liners and pronunciations, nice reactions from the gang.


Adam is now doing a live read for “Monkey in a Dryer” and explaining how they came up with the eyebrow logo.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Sam, he’s having a rough patch in his marriage, he’s separated after being with his wife since high school.

He wants Adam’s advice on moving on or working things out in light of his wife’s infidelity during their “break” and now Adam is making a point about opportunity and cheating and what it means from women vs. men.

Adam is using a lost wallet analogy and BB has a killer drop from Sonny and explains that women cheat for reasons, it’s a missing attention and interest that they seek, Adam says it’s never fair because that person has never slept with you, it’s an unfair comparison.


Adam has an unfortunately women aren’t pragmatic, they’re emotional response and Alison has a killer response, Adam is telling them about watching a TV show of a guy who got a sky writer for his wife and a gondola ride.

Adam is saying his home modifications and custom sink go down as a 0, but the gondola and hot air balloon ride is huge deal.


2nd Caller? Wants to know best places to eat in Long Beach


3rd Caller? Wants to know the best gift Adam ever got, he says his twins and next cites a custom hardwood picture of him and his cars from Jay.


4th Caller? Wants to know if Adam would ever do a celebrity wife swap, Adam says the one thing you do learn in marriage is how to avoid the argument train, Alison is joking about Daniel still falling for the test questions about how she looks.

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.com

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with Gabriel Iglesias making his return to the ACS, it’s his 3rd visit.

Adam is now playing the clip of Yoko Ono from some festival, it’s insane and he says if she was Ringo Starr’s wife she would be killed.

They’re all commenting on her talentless work, Adam says you could play Alvin and The Chipmunks and some people would be high enough to be into it.


They’re all going in depth on The Beatles, BB asks if it isn’t almost better that John Lennon isn’t around so we don’t have to witness him sellout, Adam riffs about him on a TMZ tirade.

Adam is asking Gabriel about working on “Cristela” the new sitcom headed up his buddy Kevin Hench, they’re talking about her and the early buzz about the show.

Gabriel plugs Mangria, after his infamous dance with the beverage on his last visit, he says he’s been plugging it everywhere and Adam says a new formula and bottle is on the way, same company? Hmmm?


Adam is asking Gabriel is Cristela is ready for success and is now bringing up Brett Butler and her “Grace under Fire” success that led to a big head and some legendary stories.

Alison jokes about not being successful enough to be a full on cunt, hilarious phrasing used and BB has a nice reaction.

Gabriel references his last visit “you saw what happens when I don’t say no” and now Adam is using his kids’ temperament to make a point about people being predisposed to their own natural rhythm.


Adam is asking Gabriel about his concert movie, he’s now transitioning to a Deer Hunter live read.


Alison’s News

Alison updates them that it was “Yo La Tengo” backing up Yoko Ono.


1st Story Top 5 most played songs on radio of 2014, Adam says he’s out and now Gabriel is trying to think of an example.

Adam says the problem is that a DJ used to intro and outro the song, giving the title and name, now they’re playing the song that Gabriel guessed.

Alison is now listing off the tracks, Adam is commenting on Lorde and women who hide behind their hair, Adam is saying he was watching her sing the Nirvana song, Adam apologizes for his extra no’s in his reply to Alison.


Adam says if you can sing, fucking own it, don’t trying to hide behind your hair as if you’re an unwilling participant in your performance.

Adam is comparing her hair to Jenny McCarthy’s haircut designed to keep her hands moving during The View as it would fall into her face.

Adam is lamenting the performance of Lorde covering Nirvana and he’s responding to Chris giving him a strange look.


2nd Story a rare “Germany or Florida” involving a man who was head banging until he caused a brain bleed, she’s reading the quotes and details without giving any of the location information.

Adam says his prescription as his Doctor would be ordering him to attend a Yoko Ono concert, for a different kind of brain damage but at least he won’t be banging his head.

Adam is asking if Motorhead has umlauts and jokes about Motley Crüe having umlauts despite being from Indiana, everyone was right it’s Germany and Adam tries to tell Alison how to guess, cute.


Adam is now dreaming up a battle of George Clinton vs. Lemmy from Motorhead for a battle royal in the funk department.

Alison has not spent much time in the personal space of George, Adam is comparing the men and their funk, Alison mocks Lemmy’s face warts.

Adam says we might need to use dogs, Adam is now saying he always thinks about the lady friends of these guys who you can smell in their jeans from down the walkway.

Adam is basically saying how gross Lemmy’s mid sex crotch and ass smell must be, Alison is telling them about picking up the scent of a person for multiple aisles at the grocery store.


Adam is now explaining how rough people’s homes smell and how your brain will adapt after about 20min, Adam says that’s how we know there is a merciful god, comparing it to accepting blindness.

Adam is saying cab drivers should be forced to ride in another person’s cab to teach them about what we go through.

Adam is now telling them about riding the airport shuttle back from LAX instead of taking a cab when returning from NYC to head back to audition for Loveline.


Adam reveals he wanted to go first as he was the first in the shuttle, he had seniority, Adam is explaining how he bullshitted the driver as he needed out of the funky shuttle, he was almost the last person off the shuttle but ended up 2nd last.

Gabriel is bringing up people who have smelly breath and he’s referencing the lymphatic odor of un-scraped tongues and ketosis from diets.

Adam is asking where are the people who let these people know about their funk, the “you have broccoli in your teeth” person in your life needs to be the person who tells you about your B.O.


BB is telling them about a smelly Indian woman who would frequent his grocery store employment, Alison insists it’s always in grocery stores.

Adam is now having a breakthrough, when he’s in charge everyone will have to wear a “how am I smelling/acting/my hair?” windbreakers for a week.

With an 800 number for you to check your tally, he’s saying how much it would improve society and BB is joking along with him about “review week” and Adam is further exploring how it would work.


Gabriel is telling them about funky meet and greets and how he notices pals and couples with mutual odor problems.

Adam is sharing how he learned about the photography move from Gabriel, kind of…

Adam is bringing up the guy who wipes his hand while approaching you and how that’s always the guy who doubles back with a 2nd hand shake.


Adam has a great tiny cock nude beach analogy and Adam says he sees the hand wipe move in slow motion, he’s really going nuts with this description.

Adam is now explaining the dilemma of 2nd hand sweaty hand and Alison compares that to exiting a bathroom someone else destroyed, do you try to explain, great analogy A-Rose.

Gabriel is sharing how he uses hand sanitizer for his meet and greets, Adam is joking about bringing in a Dyson air blade running off a car battery.


Adam likes the guy who gives a heads up about the sweaty palm and gives the first bump, Alison is asking if cold and wet is worse than warm and wet for a hand.

Adam is bringing up the time he was in customs in Toronto behind the guy with the dreadlocks, the funky dude.

Adam went in depth on this on Classic Loveline upon returning from Canada.

Alison is wrapping up the news, great sample of her mock crying from the funny retort to Adam’s women are emotional point.


Adam is now doing a live read for CombatGent.com “or they just love sheep!”

Gary steps in for the assist, Adam has a patent troll closer and he’s wrapping up the show.