Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/07/2014 – Ed Asner and Matt Asner

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Guest Ed Asner and Matt Asner

Recorded 07-06-2014 – Release Date 07-07-2014

Production Number #1361

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Adam is opening the show with Ed and his son returning for their 2nd visit, Dawson has a funny joke intro courtesy of Dawson.

BB plays a classic #TopDrop and Adam is explaining how he finally had a normal weekend, his holiday weekend was just him hanging out.

Adam is bringing up the outdoor stereo malfunction and he’s joking about the rich guys he knows with the first world problem of their AV systems not working at their command, he’s citing the time Seth MacFarlane, Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno were all the phone with their “guy” and Alison says that must feel impotent.


Adam is further joking about the super successful guy being at the mercy of the guy who makes 60k per year, everyone is at the mercy of nerds.

Adam cited Phil Rosenthal as the one guy who doesn’t have this problem due to his weekly movie parties with his tech guy, AV Ed, the awesome AV Ed listed first on the guest list.

Adam is telling them about playing Graham Parker from his iPhone for him and Kevin Hench outside the pool for some late night beers while watching the kids, Adam explains he doesn’t have the backup system as he has the 100k unit, hence no Jambox.


Adam is now bringing up someone who tweeted him the remaining details of the Paul Bernardo case as discussed on the last show, I emailed him the links on YouTube, hmmm?

Adam is going through all of the grisly details of the case from HBO Autopsy, Number 5 I think.

Adam is now quoting the details and has a hilarious “drug and assault” rule of thumb that BB rolls with nicely.


Adam says that as they were talking about this case on the episode recorded last Thursday he was arranging his marriage in prison.

Adam is now getting an update on the story coming out as they were talking about the case, Adam is citing this as why he wants people killed.

Case by Case, he’s explaining how it would work, Adam has some brutally honest language “he took my 15 year old and just fucked her and dismembered her” – Adam as the parents of one of his victims.


Adam has a killer whaling ship method of death, now he’s joking about Canada and how they snub their nose at the USA, Adam is joking about the South Korean serial killer they held for several years.

Adam has some great one liners and a series of bizarre noises “yeee, yeeeh, yaaaah” exasperated pauses, Adam is now telling them about the commitment to not settle with personal audio and how despite the discovery and there being not enough for a trial what do they do, it’s a matter of pride for them, but pride over what.

Adam is now connecting their pride to Canada’s pride about standing up to the United States and Adam has a wise military explanation and a wish for sending over a shitload of acid rain, nice reaction from Alison.


Alison has a nice question about the friends of the women who fall in love with serial killers and how they react.

Adam says these people sever their ties long before making this move, great Wiccan analogy and Alison is helping him flesh it out.

Adam says that he’s found when you tell friends too much of the truth they stop being your friends, Adam is now making an analogy about lending money and how the people who need it are the ones who won’t pay it back.


BB has a “which of our friends will be most likely to go on a killing spree” list among his friends and Adam says he doesn’t have one.

“If you said Punched a cops horse, I’d say my buddy Ray” – Adam

“Fondiler would be last on everybody’s list for everything right…” – Adam


Adam is telling them about hiking a horse trail with the kids and Molly, he’s explaining how the trails run through the city and notes they could be fire trails, he is telling them how it weaves between the backyards of people’s houses.

Adam heard John Popper about three quarters of the way up the trail, now BB is playing the song, it’s the one that Adam told him to start playing live again.

Adam is at the top of the trail, its 8pm and there is a 30-45 walk back down, Adam is joking about it being the “Money Shot” at the summit.


Adam is sharing how they were warned about an angry coyote up at the summit before he could get there, Adam says you never have to tell him twice to head home.

Adam is explaining how there was a guy with a big German Shepherd pulled up and insisted they would be safe, the kids were egging him on and Adam had to agree.

Adam is saying he got into one of the conversations he’s always wanted to get into as an adult “so what line (are) you in?” and  how it’s always something good you hear in reply, Alison sums it up that he wouldn’t ask the question if he didn’t want to have it asked back.


Adam explains he builds the giant telescopes on the top of Maui, Adam is sharing how he was now bursting from the seams with confidence. He says they made it to the top at 825pm.

The guy was carrying on and left them alone, Adam and the kids got down to the bottom and it was pitch black.

The guy told them to take the streets back home, the trail could get dicey with bears and coyotes, Adam is sharing how he confused he was about the streets to get home.


Adam has a wait by the dudes car plan to get out of their “I don’t know he’s taking a peyote and committing suicide up there” – Adam

Adam is further explaining how he wasn’t returning after 40min and then finally saw a flashlight, Natalia started screaming at the man, saying his name.

Adam says it’s kind of nice to have the kid to the embarrassing yelling, she has no meter and he wishes he had the balls to ask for a ride, she did the heavy lifting.


Adam is sharing how the kids rush home to tell mommy about the scary adventure and Adam pretended that this mysterious Mark didn’t exist.

Adam was using his improv chops to fuck with the kids, Adam is killing it.

Adam is now giving a plug for Aaron Foster for contributing to Road Hard and Gary is now on mic explaining that he bought some of his work years ago.


Q and Ace

1st Caller James, he wants to know about the Anthony Cumia firing from SiriusXM and he’s filling Adam in on the details of what happened, being very fair.

Adam is drawing an interesting contrast between when you would get fired for what you said on air, on your company’s dime, compared to now where you’re fired for your personal comments.

Adam is telling them about watching Catfish with the kids and how they can’t watch MTV with the kids in the room due to how graphic the commercials were.


Adam is bringing up the era of radio where he couldn’t say piss and the time a guy ate a stick of butter on the Man Show and vomited.

Adam is explaining that race and racial issues have taken the front seat, Adam says he wishes people who claimed to actually care about black people or Native Americans actually did.

A rubber hits the road bit of proof, Adam wishes people actually cared more.


Adam is sharing his “don’t leave it up to the judges” UFC themed advice for how to deal with a boss and he’s giving several examples of when you have to be mindful of having someone in charge of you.

Adam says he hates the world we’ve created where people can be fired and relieved of their livelihood for people getting mad about what you say.

Adam says he feels bad that Anthony was fired and wish it didn’t happen.


Adam is now praising his pirate ship and how he can’t be fired, he says that SiriusXM has become the man, what started as a haven for free speech is now just radio 2.0.

Adam is now drawing a contrast between Duck Dynasty and Alec Baldwin and their most recent controversies and television fate(s).

Adam and BB are now using LeBron James and Aaron Hernandez to make an example and Adam implies his team may have known a lot more about Aaron and his dark past before the public, Adam is taking back to caller James and extends an open invite for both guys to come discuss what happened on the show if they want.


Adam is now citing the Jonah Hill controversy and how it’s a reverse McCarthyism going on, he wants to know if you’re no longer allowed to yell horrible shit a photographer harassing you.

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings and joking about Ed’s Emmy wins.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break with Ed and Matt Asner returning to the ACS, they’re sponsoring an Autism charity and explaining some of the details of the growing epidemic.

Adam is asking them about their family history with the condition, Ed shares the old sperm theory and Adam sums things up.

Adam asks Ed how old he was when he had one of his sons and Ed leaves what will surely be a new drop, a long protracted old man sigh.


Matt is telling them about the digital revolution of science when it comes to Autism, they’re up doing genomes.

Adam is now citing the accusations about him having something on the spectrum of autism, Adam is asking Matt how we can recognize who is on the spectrum.

Adam is asking them about any known high function autistics, they share the theory on Bill Gates and Adam is letting Matt further plug “Autism Speaks” the charity and its events.


Adam is now talking about celebrity poker games and how people assume celebrities aren’t good at things, he’s got a great Tom Cruise example, and they’re motivated people.

Ed cites some basic facts about Tom and John Travolta and now Adam is telling them about his time in the celebrity grand prix and being around competitive celebrities.

Ed says he wasn’t competitive and wouldn’t have had the guts to enter the fray of show business in today’s climate.


Adam is joking about 19 year old Ed Asner and his young sperm, Alison is jumping in with a funny joke and they’re all talking about jizz again.

Adam is explaining how he would like his kids to work for 1 year so they would be begging for college, he wants them to endure monotony, and cites that as what makes jobs horrible.

“The shitty part is the conveyor belt part of life” – Adam


Ed shares why he likes the idea of universal service and Adam cites his year of cleaning carpets and digging ditches and how much he appreciated his friends college lives they took for granted by being able to see it from a more enlightened perspective.

Adam is now back to his hike with the dreamy Mark and how his son was heading to UCSB and how he has friends who went there and never came back, entrapped by the beach lifestyle.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on Joan Rivers’ recent interview where she stormed out in the middle, Alison is now setting up a clip and it’s insane.

Adam jokes that once you reach 83 you can’t storm off anymore and Ed has a hilarious comeback threatening to go, back to the old jizz comedy, gold!

Adam is praising Joan and says he loves her and mocks these types of interviews where politics start getting weaved into entertainment reporting.


Adam is now saying that Joan is the female Don Rickles and he gets to say whatever he wants, he says he’s hilarious and cites the “paper belt” one liner to prove how lucid she is.

Adam is on a feminist jag about how she should be give the same freedom we give to Don, Alison is impressed and Adam has a nice thought about how she doesn’t need to perform so much.

They’re all talking about her documentary and now her net worth.


Ed is now asking Adam about the different ages he keeps throwing out for Joan, he’s joking about neck skin and now Alison is examining Ed’s neck.

Adam is doing a live read for Heliocare.


2nd Story Is on the firing of Anthony Cumia, she’s reading all of the details and quotes from Sirius about the firing.

Adam is now saying that hate filled should be alright, the racial part no, but he should be able to be angry about being mugged.

Alison is now reading the quotes form Anthony’s twitter stream.


“Ass fuck face…” – Alison

She’s now reading the ones she finds especially bad, she says the part about referring to a human as an “it” is disturbing.

Adam has a great point about “animal” and wonders if it’s not racist to avoid using it for black people when you would use it for any other person who committed a crime in the street against you.

Ed says use “piece of shit” instead and Alison is now sharing her take on how historical context will make “animal” be viewed as racist by most people.


Alison is trying to explain her point to Ed and now Adam has a great Carl Sagan riff putting him in Anthony’s shoes.

Adam is now bringing up the “little monkey” Howard Cosell controversy and Adam asks who could be less racist than him and cites his support for Mohamed Ali and progressive nature.

Ed cites the old “bone density science” and BB has a killer one liner.


Adam is now putting this on context, he went outside to take pictures, was violated, went home and reacted, at his worst.

Now it’s all captured and on your permanent record, Adam says what he said wasn’t right, what SiriusXM did wasn’t right and now Matt has a point about the people who Favorited those tweets, Alison has a great reply about the replies to the tweets.

Ed is now bringing up the Donald Sterling case, Adam is finding some common ground and BB is now weighing in with a great point.


Adam is now giving his take on how people are entitled to be a bad person, to be wrong, to be in disagreement with you.

Adam says we don’t have to apply direct justice to the people we disagree with, he wants the market to speak for itself, let people decide.

Adam is on an epic closing rant, he really brings his point home and makes a lot of sense.


3rd Story Is on Community’s renewal for a 6th season on Yahoo, Adam is now asking Ed about the Mary Tyler Moore show and singing its praises.

Alison wraps the news with an “animals” closer.

Adam is updating them on the changing television landscape and the orders for episodes compared to the 1970’s.


Adam is doing a live read for loot crate.

Adam has a nice patent troll closer and wraps up the show.

BB uses the Ed Asner sigh/delayed reaction noise to close the show.