Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 158

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/06/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 158

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-30-2014 – Release Date 07-06-2014

Production Number #158

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and Drew has a full head of steam about his son and his time overseas, Adam is joking about chicks over 110lbs are called elephants in Thailand.

Drew jokes about the pictures of his son with “chicks with dicks” and Adam jokes about the lack of transsexuals in the Armenian community “that’s a tougher putt” – Adam

Adam is now arguing that the genetic variance and gap between the genders might play a role in the transsexuals around the globe.


Adam is getting to the chasm between male and female and Drew says people are actually working on the science of this and they both agree that very masculine men can become passing women.

Drew is telling Adam about his son’s angina and explains the difference between angina and angina involving the heart, Drew tells him about his son getting kicked out of a shop due to his gas.

Adam has a callback to “the elephants” and Drew is now setting Adam up for the story of Jimmy Kimmel and the Irvine Marriot shuttle bus that Jimmy farted up.


Adam is explaining he’s laughing on two accounts, he’s now giving a thumbnail sketch of the shuttle between the venue and the Irvine meadows for the annual KROQ weeny roast.

Adam is now making a point about the type of music played on the shuttle buses between the venue and the hotel, how the driver is always a 50+ year old black guy playing classic “black” music from the 70’s on KDAY.

He’s making a complex point about the white, alternative music employed and immersed passengers on the bus not needing “their own” music reflected back at them and using it to destroy the notion of racism.


Adam is back on his “I try to explain to my black friends” theory on how for every racist there are 10 white people trying to make up for it by being extra courteous, superhumanly courteous.

Drew is now setting up the Kardashian incident in Austria, Adam is unaware and Drew says he’s not a fan of her show but thinks she’s done a huge service.

Kardashian was forced to take a private jet after she was called “Nigger Lover” and her baby was referred to as a “Nigger Baby” along with a person greeting her in black face upon arriving at their version of the white house.

Adam is figuring out this is an older story and he’s now citing the bananas thrown at players of darker complexion and Adam is now going in depth on Spain being the most notorious for racism and winning the world cup in 2010.


Adam is now objecting to the term “van” and telling Drew its 30 souls deep, probably 28 on their drive where Kimmel was letting the gas fly.

Adam is giving a fairly in-depth version of this story, he’s at the traffic jam part, and Adam is describing the scene of people trying to force their heads up against the windows to escape the gas.

Adam is now lamenting the douches wearing the big lineman boots, way too much heal, way too much sole, Adam is sharing his take on shoes.


Adam is saying there is nothing more comical than when that guy, the douchey lineman boots wearing guy in a velour shirt and reds batting helmet and busts out the “dude seriously my lady is on this bus, hey dude seriously!” – Adam impersonating the first douche who protested Kimmel’s ass actions.

Adam is telling Drew about losing his shit in combination of the righteous douchebag and the bus driver spraying air freshener that was powerless to defeat Kimmel’s ass.

Adam is now back to the shoes, he’s making a point about people who have free time to focus on their footwear are not the biggest achievers in life.


Adam is getting to the extra 5min per day every day that only takes time away from your life, Adam is back to the payoff of the story.

He’s describing the mass of bodies spilling out into the foyer of the Marriot, or perhaps one of their famous courtyards.

Adam is explaining how everyone was now in line to check in to the hotel, Adam is explaining how Jimmy had one last round in the chamber and left it in the back of the line, for the people to suffer through.


Drew is remembering the story wrong, citing Jimmy getting serious, throwing Adam off from the true ending, where 1 year later Adam and Jimmy overheard someone describing what Jimmy did in the bus the year previous.

Drew is telling Adam that last time he saw Kimmel he reminded him of his favorite story of Adam, the time Adam made Drew’s kid get up and move so they could sit next to each other on the flight.

Drew is now bringing up the guy Adam started arguing with who worked for the Teacher’s union after Adam was balls deep in his bloody Mary(s).


Adam is now citing the Aaron James ACS, the argument about taxes effecting cigarette sales and Adam’s counter point about cultural stigma.

Adam is citing his cocaine at Hollywood parties’ theory, Adam says we aren’t using enough judging.

Adam is bringing up his time at Daniel Kellison’s Hollywood party, nobody was smoking or doing coke out of the 200+ in attendance.


Adam is doing a bark box live read, Adam jokes that you are actually getting this for your wife, Drew has a funny perfect for Valentine’s Day reply and Adam has a funny reaction.

Chris comes on mic and says “get out of the doghouse” and now Adam closes it “Get out of the Dog House with Bark Box.”


1st Caller Matt, he’s freshly sober and marijuana was his drug of choice, Drew is getting him to share his take on being addicted to pot based on his comment “believe it or not” and now Adam is sharing his take on his friends who have 30yrs of pot under the belt.

Adam says cocaine has a shit or get off the pot quality to it, unlike Pot.

Adam says pot is a little bit insidious and 30 years can vanish in a blink of the eye.


Adam is further expressing his take on the insidious part of pot, Drew is giving his expertise and they’re in agreement that people can get away with being high 24/7.

Drew is asking Matt about the dwindling euphoria and tolerance to the drug.

Matt says the shaming works and he wants to know how to maintain his sobriety, he doesn’t want to smoke and he reveals he’s in AA, he quit drinking as well.


Matt reveals he’s too far along the steps, he’s on his 8th step by his 5 month.

Adam is getting to his dislike for the Amends step, he wants to treat the 12 steps like a hotel without a 13th floor, he’s giving a thumbnail sketch of the amends encounters that leave him feeling uncomfortable.

Drew says that Matt’s sponsor shouldn’t be sponsoring without 5 years+ of experience in the program, Adam is joking about an “I just want to see other sponsors” theory.


Drew is giving many caveats and explaining that he doesn’t want anyone getting mad at him for weighing in on the program.

Adam is now citing the bathroom policy at the studio working flawlessly, this is just a day or so before Matt Fondiler violated the policy recently as discussed on the ACS this past week on ACS #1360.


2nd Caller Steven, he’s calling about his dad’s PSA levels and prostate biopsies and Drew is going all in-depth and technical with him.

Steven doesn’t know what the numbers mean, Drew is asking if he knows his “Gleason Score” and Adam says “it’s through the moon” and Gary was the only one besides Drew to get the joke, genius!

Adam is mocking the idea of a time where it was high comedy to threaten violence on your wife, Drew sums it up in plain language, wow!

Steven shares his take on his father not wanting to pursue this as something else will kill him first, Drew shares the 100% of men by 100yrs old have prostate cancer rule of thumb.


Drew is explaining how brutal the biopsies are and Steven is flippant saying “I’d rather be ass raped than have cancer” and Drew objects telling him that it laid him out at such a young age, image what it does to his older father.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.