Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 369

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/05/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 369

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-19-2016 – Release Date 07-05-2016

Production Number #369 – Lettuce Amuse You

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Adam opens the show with Dr. Drew for their final appearance together in June, Drew asks him about their live show the other night.

Adam contrasts the Melrose Improv against the Pasadena Icehouse and why you get better audiences out in Pasadena, Adam says people like him telling the old stories and Drew setting him up for them, it’s not being lazy.

Adam comments on the notion of winging a 90-minute show in front of the audience and how even for him that seems daunting.


Adam says he’s now playing theaters doing this and wouldn’t have thought this was possible years ago, Drew says it’s because they cut their teeth on the road in the 1990’s.

Adam says he cut his teeth as a comedy traffic school instructor and Drew has forgotten the name when asked by Gary, Adam is now going over ‘Lettuce Amuse-U’ the now defunct traffic school where he taught.

Drew is mocking Adam and calls him a speed reader, Adam says he always had an instinct about how to do things and get things moving.


Adam immediately decided he would do the classes as he felt like just like he would host LoveLine the way he wanted, his comedic clock was way better tuned than the people who were trying to interfere.

Adam asks how much of that is passive aggressive behavior on his part, Drew says it’s hubris, confidence and really just clarity.

Adam says the class told him to get up and embellish his comedy career and history to impress the students, Adam says the school’s decree and impulse was to sell a fictitious product.



1st Caller Alex, he’s in his first long-term relationship and wants to move in but wants their take on how to know if he’s ready, Drew comments on Denmark and he says they’re all smart as fuck, smart as shit.

Adam says there must be some dumb people in his tow and tells Drew not to stereotype.

Adam jokes about him only having 19 bicycles and being early in his career.


Adam asks why we can’t take lessons from Drew’s reaction to Scandinavian people when it comes to other races and countries and behaviors.

Adam asks everyone to please stop with the comparing of stats for gun violence for the United States vs. Australia, Adam says 23 is the new 13 and people are pushing adolescence into their adult years.

Adam asks Drew if he had it all over to do again, he wants to know about moving in before marriage to see if they are compatible.

Drew shares how Cooper Hefner feels about women and how there is going a trend of young men who are not interested in the cliché of playing the field.

Drew tells Alex to listen to his doubts and thoughts about getting it out of his system, he hasn’t been with many partners and might need to wait.

Adam talks about the right time in a man’s life to get married and how men can only fuck things up if they get married too early.


Alex is studying brewing biochemistry and Adam gets a plug in for Endless Rant his signature IPA.

Adam is telling Alex what he thinks he should do, he says he would postpone moving in and setting a date for marriage, you live until 80 years old in Denmark unless you get hit by someone traveling on a larger bicycle.

Drew is telling Adam to see the Red Light District and Gary gets on mic to confirm it’s something you shouldn’t miss, just to see it.


2nd Caller Raphael, he is calling back and he references his appearance on the previous ADS episode ADS #361 and his next call into the DDP, Raphael asks Drew about his panic in college and Drew is now considering his pot use at the time as the possible culprit and he talks about being mishandled by the system that wasn’t capable of managing people with Drew’s relatively simple problem.

Drew says it was all about insurmountable tasks and building brick walls to space, you just start with one brick and get going, Adam asks about getting someone to get that conceptually.


Adam references his buddy Chris who could’ve gone to college and gotten a free ride with a Scholarship, he refused to go to Van Nuys High School to get the necessary grades to graduate and he shares how he couldn’t even see down the road 6 weeks, that was too long.

Chris wanted to be at the Reservoir, Adam says he should have just shown up and would have had many more hours of dick sucking near the reservoir once he got to college.

Adam talks about writing books and how to get things done by just starting them, Adam shares his previous thoughts about documentaries and romantic comedies, Adam says he doesn’t even recall making the 2nd documentary, it was so easy.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for

Adam is recommending A.J. Baime’s books and he asks people to focus on what people did vs. how they felt, Adam is talking about ‘The Arsenal of Democracy’ and how many of the people who liberated the Jews from internment camps were antisymmetric in speech but their actions speak louder and should.


3rd Caller James wants advice on getting his book published, Drew says he thinks it’s impossible to get it published by a legit big deal publisher in today’s world and he brings up adult coloring books.

Adam is now ranting about the concept and how the audience for them seven seems confusing, James is unclear on what defines fiction vs. non-fiction and Adam shares how people would react to the notion of writing on spec.

Adam is saying a spec script for ‘Frasier’ and another for ‘Home Improvement’ might not necessarily end up with anything, Adam is now riffing with Gary about “The Waze, Da Waze, ‘Tis Waze” with Gary which is quite fun and hilarious.


Adam is making a point about wanting a roadmap to success and these types of questions, he’s being very fair while pointing out what ends up dooming people to failure.

Drew brings up his business in 1999 and 2000 and how they had a great talk show but nobody watched it as nobody had broadband internet, he says they hadn’t factored that in, What!?

Adam is bringing up the local public access TV show he did, which led to Jimmy Kimmel later being able to see Adam’s comedic stylings, he did that for free and that led to his foot getting in the door.

I’ve seen this live call in home improvement show, it was amazing, The Hammer was a dude with a guitar who would play a riff live in studio, Adam’s costar from the movie ‘The Hammer’ also featured in the show.


Adam is saying that now 25 years later he will be doing a live call in home improvement show, he never got paid for the old public access show, he did about 10 episodes, ultimately it was a net positive and it’s good he spent the time doing it.

Gary is on mic asking if he can accompany Adam to one of the tapings as he’s very curious about how live television works and Drew shouts at him for not asking to come see his various live shows over the years, wow!


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


3rd Caller Andrew, he’s recently divorced and finds he loses interest in new partners after they sleep together.

Adam asks him how easy sex is these days, Andrew says god bless these dating apps and Adam asks if he’s talking about 23 year olds or older women post-divorce who don’t want to waste time and want to test the waters.

Adam is saying he doesn’t’ subscribe to the notion of losing interest with “the right person” and says that one shouldn’t label themselves with the “I lose interest after sex” rule, it’s not truly broken and someone like Scarlett Johannsson could keep him interested.


4th Mark he’s calling about a new chick that was hired at his company and they get along really well and have been sending e-mails back and forth.

Mark says there are two things that are giving him pause about asking this chick out, he says she agreed that interoffice relationships always end poorly, he also got a “I can’t talk to you now, I’m working” reply after they were emailing.

Adam and Drew says that women are very good at kicking the door shut when they detect interest they don’t want, Guys are bad at picking up on it, Adam has a demo tape in a trashcan analogy.


Adam, Drew and Gary are all talking about Gary’s faux pas re: “Live TV” topic and they wrap up the show.