Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/03/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 157

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/03/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 157

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-30-2014 – Release Date 07-03-2014

Production Number #157

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Adam is opening the show with the standard get it on intro, he’s thanking everyone for contributing and keeping the pirate ship afloat, he’s listing so many things.

Drew is complaining about not getting to have any face time with Adam over at Daniel Kellison’s birthday party on Saturday night, Danny Two Sheets.

Adam was preparing for the Road Hard party on Sunday night, Adam is explaining how he was eating BBQ with Jeff and was told how great the warehouse was looking.


Adam is now sharing his “throw a party in your house” rule for life to make you keep your shit together once per year.

Adam says it makes you clear out the cobwebs, he’s now describing the nature of his life today, 2 movies, editing then cleans up transmission fluid.

Adam goes from the most cerebral creative shit in the edit bay to do the grease monkey work in the garage, Drew wants to know if he likes this or is bitching, he says he likes it.


Drew says this is what he loves about the latter years of his own career, the diversity from dealing with patients to talking to Ace, the spice of life.

Drew says it’s hard to obtain in life, Adam is saying you just have to do it and Drew is connecting this to his Son Douglas, Adam is taking it back to Daniel’s party.

Adam is explaining how he had a last minute alert about Lou Adler and Paul Newman’s older brother being in town, Adam is explaining who Lou is.


Adam explains they wanted to come see the documentary, so Adam is sharing how he had to leave the shop at 5pm, but didn’t want to be that early, so he found more busy work around the shop and showed up for the party at 645pm, Adam was there closer to 630pm.

Adam saw Susan but not Drew, he was there until like 9pm and just missed Drew, Adam says the kings of comedy were there and they’re citing a long spirited conversation between Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman.


Adam is now asking Drew about reactions, he’s saying he’s more this way and setting something up, Drew is laughing preemptively, Adam is praising Chris Maxipada’s musical abilities.

Adam is explaining how he was forced into seeing the full set, captive the entire time, not in a negative way, Adam says both Dawson and Chris were great.

Adam is saying this speaks to his justice gene, he’s citing the handful of people who do all of the work for these events, he’s describing the setup/clean-up crew, the party goers, the in-between group who belong in group one but act like they’re guests/party goers.


Adam says he’s not focuses on the Doctors without borders, just the warlords and Drew is hinting about this being Ray.

Adam is not talking about him, Adam is now using the lack of hustle and connecting it to the need of instant gratification.

Drew is explaining the difficult process of navigating a job environment and citing his son’s experience again, Adam is now hinting further about the people on staff who acted like guests.


Adam says the people who are doing the work always notice, Adam is breaking down how this effects your future self, the people who lose out and get excluded don’t realize it’s because they don’t pull their weight and work as hard as their peers.

Adam is explaining that people take the path of least resistance, he’s using movie montages as an example of the most “gratifying” part of the movie and contrasting that to enjoying something without putting in the work.

Adam is now quoting a conversation with Mike August where he noticed how hard Mike Altier worked with the crowd funding and wants to give him a bonus.


Adam is now arguing against the individualism of children’s programming and messages about self-esteem, Adam is making a larger point about earning self-esteem through achievement.

Adam is now giving a very brief but super details version of how became a catholic big brother while using that as an example of something that made him feel good about himself but didn’t get him anything, it cost him.

Adam is once again getting back to the individualism at hand and the hammering of the “Snowflake” message, he’s using Kim Jong IL’s golf score to prove a point.


Drew is bringing up the “Most Improved” topic covered on the show and how that resonated with listeners, Adam is bringing up the children’s television angle, he’s using his rants about Hannah Barbara and their hackitude to compare to the hacks of today making shit for kids.

This is just like his celebrities writing books for kid’s theory, they couldn’t write for an adult, Adam is now calling kids retarded adults, and he’s saying its art for retarded people.

Adam is going after Dora the Explorer and Drew points out some plagiarism from Pinocchio, Adam is bringing up how he would let his kids watch the Simpsons over Dora.


Drew is telling them about watching Looney Tunes as a kid, now Adam is setting up a clip of “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” he’s been ranting about this since his KLSX morning show.

Adam is breaking down the lyrics and the concept of being the coolest, Drew is in agreement and they’re objecting to the song’s take on the golden rule.

Drew is bringing up “Happy Birthday To You!” you by Dr. Seuss and using that as a counter message to this, Adam is now telling people to send young women messages about being able to read and learn not about their level of beauty, that shouldn’t be how they judge themselves.


Adam is further mocking the message from the song, Drew is jumping into a live read for Bark Box.


1st Caller Wilmer, he’s calling again and wants to know what holds people back from following through with change, Drew is now launching into his theory on change and how difficult it is to motivate, along with mourning away a sense of your own identity.

Drew is not bringing up his angle on disgust and the role it plays in this, Adam is telling Drew about getting into the “initial push back” on ever topic and how he discussed it with Lynette.

Adam is saying fuck you to Drew who says it’s his tone that makes people react so defensively.

Adam is sharing his fly swatter story and how he brought it up to his wife and the “we hardly ever use the fly swatter” defense from Lynette, used 3 times, Adam has a great fire extinguisher reply.


Adam is now using the gang behind the glass to make a point, he’s using a light shut off excuse that most people use the “I just stepped out of my office for a minute” defense that Adam doesn’t want to hear.

Adam is using his sunglasses and his method to make sure he doesn’t leave them, Adam is explaining how habits can lead to good behavior and good rewards.

Drew says that was the theory of Aristotle and he’s further quoting him, Adam is saying the enemy is Adam hassling his assistant about leaving the light on, not the defense giving for fucking up and leaving the light on.


They’re back to Wilmer and he’s telling them about his alcohol problem and how he’s benefited from the advice given by Adam and Drew.

Drew is explaining that the important point Wilmer brings up is the time it took, it takes years.

Drew is trying to get him to get to the “disgust in front of the mirror” angle he theorizes plays a huge role in change and overcoming addiction.


Adam has a killer “Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!” 2nd coolest joke and now he’s taking the reins and explaining how most people dread the process, of anything.

Adam is explaining that he comes from these people and he’s using the process of pulling out an engine as an example of what it takes to get something done.

Adam is back to the process as an abstract concept and says that it becomes a river you cannot cross, the other side of the river is success but you won’t go in the river.


Adam is connecting the process of getting a 4 year degree and restoring a car to a journey, stop focusing on the end, you want the journey, and you must embrace it.

Adam says stop talking about it in the way of “put your head down and get through it” instead learn from and enjoy the journey.

Drew is now using his college depression to prove Adam’s point and says your body will tell you the right direction, use your best judgment and start moving one brick at a time.


Adam is lamenting the patent trolls and thanking the fans as he wraps up the show.