Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/03/2014 – Jay Mohr and Matt Atchity

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Guest Jay Mohr and Matt Atchity

Recorded 07-02-2014 – Release Date 07-03-2014

Production Number #1359

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Adam opens the show to a music lyric quote from Mike Lynch and Mike Dawson, Adam is now responding to the lyrics and Adam says it’s one of the worst songs ever to be created.

BB has an amazing #TopDrop and is welcoming Jay and Matt to the show, Adam is sharing his love for Rotten Tomatoes and giving his take on “Enough Said” and the 96% it gets from critics on RT.

BB is instantly disagreeing while agreeing, Matt is now explaining how RT works to Adam.


Jay is praising Zac Efron and Channing Tatum for their comedy chops and how they have pretty girl syndrome where nobody reacts to their words.

Adam is calling a great actor and unknowingly echoing his wife Nikki’s take on him as an actor pretending to be a standup comedian.

Jay is oddly silent and Adam is trying to dig himself deeper into the compliment whole while filling up the insulting one with its dirt.


Jay is explaining his wife’s take on his persona and work, Adam is using a super intelligent person in one field who is capable to have picked any field.

Alison is joking about her equestrian talents and other work that earns one ribbons and shit.

Adam is now showing them a picture of the service porch he lived on, their reactions are varied, I like Alison’s the best and Jay has the funniest reply before seeing the photo, you can see it via the show page link above.


Jay has a funny “they didn’t want to spoil him” line about Adam’s missing bed, Jay is now reading some texts from his wife for Adam and Alison.

BB is the only one not mentioned and mocks Adam and Jay’s wife Nikki, Jay flubs the riff while trying to talk about his wife’s vagina in code.

Adam is trying to explain the game to Jay and now BB is asking what Jay’s highest rated movie is, they’re all guessing and Adam has a killer “King’s Ransom” joke.


Adam is asking Jay how “Jerry Maguire” came into his life and Adam is explaining what he likes about podcasting, he says these are things he wouldn’t talk to with Jay about face to face but you can have publicly.

Adam is explaining how Jay had to bump his shooting for Jay’s role in the movie as the king of late night TV, Adam is explaining how they show at JKL’s theater and their wait for Jay Mohr to show up including how he forgot about the shooting.

Adam is sharing his take on this day, worried about Jay and his ability to perform when he forgot about the filming, assuming he wasn’t that prepared.


Adam is fully on the compliment train and now he’s sharing how Jay is able to perform and change things up on the fly.

Adam is asking him how he became so capable of committing dialogue and adapting to script changes so quickly.

Jay explains that the “forgot about it” part was an absolute fabrication and Adam says his film producer Nate “speaks in hyperbole” often, interesting.


Adam is saying he’s going to kick Nate for the complete lie, Adam is now saying that Nate would say an imagined time frame for Jay’s arrival after finishing his radio show.

Jay calls him a dick and Adam is kind of shocked, Alison is confirming that he scribbled to Alison “complete lie” while Adam was talking.

Adam says that Nate will give him some in the middle answer that kind of makes sense, where Adam can’t stay mad at him, Adam says he’s going to yell at him.


Adam is explaining how he was thinking of this based on that misinformation, Jay says this script is written very well and thinks he fucks up Matt’s name and questions if he’s high.

Jay is further complimenting the “mathematical sense” of the scene in the movie, he’s comparing this to his time on “Ghost Whisperer” and mixes up his co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt with Melissa Joan Hart.

Adam is explaining what Jay’s saying, he’s using very simple “what time is it?” examples, now Jay is sharing an anecdote from “Street Kings” and how hard it was to memorize that script.


Adam is bringing up when he shot “The Hammer” and how he can’t understand English very well and the camera man had to actually push/shove Ozzie into the scene.

Adam is now doing a draft kings live read.


Rotten or Fresh Road Trips Edition

Jay is saying “Boulder needs help” and riffing with Adam about ticket sales for various cities and his typical conversations with August about this stuff.

Jay has a hilarious response to Matt trying to explain the workings of RT to him.


1st Movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

Adam is off by one point.


2nd Movie Tommy Boy (1995)

Adam says it’s a little bit a cult classic, Jay has a very insightful take on why Lorne Michaels’ involvement will give it a lower score than it deserves due to a bias against him.

Jay is now mocking Rotten Tomatoes in response to the score, Adam is having Jay bust out the Colin Quinn, giving the movie 100 tomatoes.

Jay smoothly sheds the Colin Quinn as they talk about Journey, the band.

Jay is busting out the Tracy Morgan and refuses to go along with Adam’s “how are you doing” question/riff opening, he does tell them he hears that Tracy is doing quite well, then does more of the impression.


3rd Movie Midnight Run (1988) though it sounds like Matt says 98

Jay calls this completely overrated and the guys behind the glass are apparently staring and reacting in disagreement.

Adam is getting Jay to yell at him when he doesn’t lock it in, he’s going in and out of the DeNiro and Keitel impressions momentarily.

Matt explains the director Martin Brest hasn’t worked since he made “Gigli” in 2003.


4th Movie Thelma and Louise (1991)

Adam gives a quick recap and summary of the movie, Alison gives her number before Adam can finish writing his down.

Adam is joking about when dumpy chicks think they can dump their husbands by fucking Brad Pitt, like he doesn’t have any say in the matter.


5th Movie Harold and Kumar (2004)

Adam is asking if this is the one and he’s saying he still never saw it and not mentioning how they came on Loveline, twice to promote the same movie, because they loved John Cho and Kal Penn.

BB is just one point off.

Adam won by 5 points and Matt offers up a double or nothing tie breaker.

Adam is now doing a legal zoom live read, Jay helps him slide right into it, very 2004 Loveline “Julianne Nicholson” of him, and those who know that reference get it.


Jay is saying that Dawson has a cold, he denies it and now Matt is saving the tie breaker for next time, he’s thanking the fan who compiled a list of all the past movies, but not this sidebar that collects them all, odd.

Adam is ordering the outro.


Q and Ace

Big Momma is now joining the show, sharing attraction towards Matt and telling Adam about her son Champion, after a hilarious riff about Matt’s beard and moustache combo.

Adam is having great back and forth telling Big Momma to use the name “Nutella” for her next daughter, she’s telling them about peeing on a stick to find out she’s newly pregnant.

She’s telling them about her new daughter Jif (sound like Jeff) and is hilarious.


Adam is joking about guys doing comedy in full snowmobile gear after they bring up Sinbad, they agree not many men could pull it off like he did.

Big Momma is describing her ex and claims to have been at the restaurant the night of the shooting of Robert Blake’s wife at the Vitello’s Italian restaurant that preceded the murder.

Adam is taking it back to her latest pregnancy and tea leaves method for detecting pregnancy, she’s joking about tapering back on marijuana around the 8th or 9th month.


Adam is trying to give her healthy pregnancy tips and they’re commenting on the animated clip of Big Momma, they’re now playing the clip.

You can view it via the show page link above.


1st Caller Caleb, he wants to get into sports talk radio and has been interning for 3 years since he was 15, Jay is telling him some practical advice about offering up extra time to work with the editors.

To learn the corporate clock and then one day get the balls to ask for an hour of time on the weekend, Adam is now asking Jay about radio reps.

Jay is now doing his Jim Rome impression and tells Caleb to get a demo of himself with said editor he befriends.


2nd Caller Tracey, her husband just got a job where he’ll be travelling a lot and she wants to know what to do to keep him from cheating, she says he’s getting better and she’s getting worse.

Alison understands her lament and now Jay is bummed out, Adam is explaining his observations on men and women aging and how unfair it is for both genders at opposite ends of the age spectrum.

Adam is now asking Jay about his status at 19, he was on SNL and Adam is joking about BB being on Kids and the hall, now Jay says he was the model for Cailou.


Adam has a great “field manager for Ashley Madison” one liner and Tracey reveals that her husband is a pilot, she’s sharing the motto of the industry.

Adam is now giving his take on pilots, Adam is joking about pilots travelling with giant suitcases, Adam wants to know if they can’t just keep a tablet or laptop, many airlines are actually now experimenting with that, the FAA has a pilot program.

Adam is predicting her husband’s nature as a pilot and she agrees wholeheartedly, much like Drew often described fighter pilots, they’re all addicts genetically.


Adam is sharing how he was tweeted a picture of the stewardesses from the 1970’s and 80’s, Adam says that now “half of them are dudes and the other half you wish they were dudes” and Tracey is telling them about her husband’s upcoming flight plans.

She wants to know if she needs a boob job and Adam says no, not to drown in her own insecurity, there are things more attractive than just the physical.

Adam is now quoting Gloria Steinem about a woman needing a man like a fish needing a bicycle, Adam says let’s not introduce the concept of cheating into this.


Adam has a horrific terrorist themed worst case scenario for Tracey, now they’re all looking at the picture of these flight attendants.

Adam is describing a specific picture, you can see them via the show page link above.

Adam says they traded this for gay guys and dogs, Alison says she likes to think she was repping the classic stewardess with her portrayal in Road Hard, BB mocks her and then reminds her of what she said about his looks when his buddy Rich guested yesterday.


Jay is asking Adam if he can use Matt to manipulate the score for his movies, Jay introduces the new character “Concert guy” and Adam confirms that Gary got the photo right with the 2nd one he posted.


3rd Caller Lucas wants to know about moving in with someone, Adam is asking Big Momma about her past living experiences with partners.

Adam is joking about her staying in youth hostels around the globe, Adam is quizzing her about sleeping them when she ventures from her home in Los Angeles to the studio in Glendale.

She’s got some hilarious pronunciations and they’re further riffing, now about cheese wheels, brie.


Adam is sharing his square footage and two TiVo’s advice, Big Momma is sharing her favorite types of shows. Adam likes “The first 48” and now Big momma claims to have been on the show.

Jay shares a “do it now” approach to establish the things you do and BB agrees, he says to pick 3 and Adam jokes his is to fuck strangers on the road.

Adam is now doing a live read for Heliocare, Adam jokes about Alison complimenting Jay Mohr and insulting BB, now Alison is telling BB she doesn’t think he looks like a complete piece of shit, he’s just not man meat like Rich.


Alison’s News

Jay is making asshole and vagina hand and arm symbols, Alison has a funny reaction.


1st Story is on a man who walked into a bank and took a shit, Alison is having Jay read the eye witness account with a great accent, and he turns Jamaican for a moment.

Great “doll/birds comedy between Adam and Jay while dismissing Alison.

Alison says she couldn’t save a little poop for each teller window even with fullest butt of poop, Adam is now describing Molly’s mini pisses used to mark her territory, Adam says she’s like a urine hoarder.

Jay tells Matt to say something, he never had to leave.


2nd Story Is on Robin Williams entering a rehab facility

Alison is quoting his staff about him not falling off the wagon, but merely trying to fine tune his sobriety and Adam doesn’t want to be the asshole who assumes everyone must be lying.

Jay is telling them about the rehab facility he’s at being very serious.


Adam is now joking about this being the least interesting angle for a celebrity rehab season.

Jay is telling them about a story he heard about Steven Tyler and Adam jokes about his thong back wardrobe.

Adam is joking about the ragdoll sound of Aerosmith and Jay is sharing Andy Richter’s riff about it and now Adam is joking about the evolution of tabloid journalism.


Adam has a killer quotes about a specific celebrity reacting to the Enquirer 40 years ago vs. today and then he jokes about their accuracy with the old alien news stories.

Jay wants to know how this becomes a public statement, Adam is citing how paparazzi get the flight manifest and someone will find him, so the publicist will get out ahead of the story.

Alison is sharing how pictures of him leaked at a nearby Dairy Queen, Adam calls Robin an immense talent and Jay agrees.


Adam is now sharing his theory on how your brain can start to work against your body, how too dumb and too smart are both potentially very dangerous.

Alison is asking Jay about his knowledge of rehab facilities, he’s sharing how he’s been to a certain facility over a dozen times to visit people he knows.


3rd Story is about a boy who was left in a car and overheated and died in Georgia.

Alison is reporting the horrific details including the computer search results about what temperature would become dangerous for children.

Alison is sharing the TV program she saw where all 3 of the panelists calmly agreed we shouldn’t rush to judgment.


Adam is now updating them with info from Gary, Adam says how about this in a world full of insane safety, a flag for child safety seats.

A pressure sensitive “dog boner” like system to keep kids from being “forgotten” intentionally or otherwise.

They’re all now arguing the points of this case and Alison does a great job of bringing up all of the perspectives and facts, Adam is arguing the aspect of routine and disruption leading to mistakes.


Adam says he needs more solid proof that he wanted his kid dead, Adam is now saying it was his schedule to bring the kid to daycare, Alison is now sharing her question about them wondering if they could skip day care and try to leave him the car to save money but not to harm him.

Adam is now sharing how if anything happened to his kids and you were to ask her friends if it was possible for her to do it intentionally and Adam argues that it’s different than the usual argument people give.


Adam is now telling Jay Mohr about the Dominique Dunne murder and how sexist it was that people kind of let that one get a pass because she dumped her murderer.

Adam is now bringing up his kids ability to have drowned in his swimming pool 145 times from birth till now, hilarious “they should have” reply and they’re all further arguing this case.

Matt is adamant the guy did this intentionally, he tells Adam to mark his words and Jay wants to what the fuck Adam is defending.


Adam is explaining he wants to know the truth, he’s not rushing to judgment based on emotions unlike the other men on the show.

They’re now wrapping the news because Jay has to go home, Adam is doing a live read for Bark Box and how he fears that if Molly dies when Adam is alone with her he will turn into Bill Bixby from The Incredible Hulk TV show.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.