Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/02/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 251

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/02/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 251

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-30-2015 – Release Date 07-02-2015

Production Number #251 – Wasteless

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Adam has a standard “mandate” intro and even does a “blah blah” to wrap it up ala mocking Tom Leykis and his radio nonsense.

Drew is commenting on Adam’s T-shirt and now they’re going to put the shirt up via the show page link above, Adam is explaining his pet peeve regarding addressing visual elements on an audio podcast.

Adam is unaware of the critiques about his show and the videos often played on them it seems.


Adam and Drew are now arguing about Adam’s shirt and Adam brings up his hat, which isn’t plugging someone else’s podcast like his ‘I Am Rappaport’ shirt.

Adam reveals he’s in a cranky mood and explains why, Drew asks if this is about the mugs, Adam says he woke up to the 70 inch TV running and why that bothers him, he brings up the wasted power and the x amount of hours of life for a TV.

Adam explains his wife pulls her mask down and just goes to bed with the TV running, she had the remote and he had to wake her up to then shut it off at 3am.


Adam says that they don’t take a night off, Drew says there is a reason the TV was on in the first place and that reason hasn’t changed, Adam says he can’t have the conversation the next morning because it becomes “why are you being a dick.”

Drew is now giving him some pro-tips for dealing with his wife and modifying behaviors, Adam is now using the TV as a potent/graphic metaphor and once again cites jet engines and the amount of hours used before they need to be rebuilt.

Adam says that stepping away from the TV for a minute while answering the phone, that’s on the far side of leaving it on while you’re asleep.


Adam says his goal in life is to waste as little, including the time he has to live itself.

Adam says he would love to have a list of time people spent looking for their lost keys before they died and he calls the person who spent the most time looking for their keys a dumb person who wasted their life.


Adam is commenting on how spending a Sunday washing and waxing your car on a Sunday becomes a waste of time when it rains the next day.

Adam asks why you are upset when the rain comes on Monday, it’s because you wasted your time.

Drew says it’s also helplessness and has to do with people who want to control the universe, Drew says it’s why people give up Adam’s type of crusade, and Drew says it’s not illogical or wrong but most people would wrap up Adam’s fight.


Drew tells Adam his life sucks after learning about his in bed earplugs, Adam says that living this way forces him to go through life double checking door knobs and Drew can’t give it up to Adam’s argument about needing the house secure while the kids are home.

Drew suggests the TV timer, it’s a sleep timer and Adam says it needs to be on constantly it can’t be something his wife has to turn on each time, she won’t do it.

Gary suggests a light timer for the outlet to remedy this, Adam has a killer “well!” then explains how this shouldn’t be so difficult, to turn off a TV set.


Gary is now on mic to confirm how fast Adam’s bathroom policy was confirmed.


Drew is doing an AVG Live Read

Hard drive shrinkage edition


Adam tells Gary he needs him to do something with his computer and needs to setup the sleep timer for them, Adam says he’s secretly jealous that he can’t fall asleep in front of a TV nor on an airplane.

Adam says that everyone thinks it’s about money, he would rather pay more money to not burn kilowatts then to burn them.

Drew addresses Adam’s “scale of justice” and he further gets to how waste bothers him, he even shuts off hoses as passing people’s homes if he notices it dripping into the driveway or on the side of the house.


Chris is on mic noting how Adam shuts the lights off in the greenroom while he’s on stage.


Drew is bringing up #ADSLOTJ for their weekly Lord of the Jungle contest for Amazon Click Through traffic where they highlight “unique” purchases and reward the winner with a swag bag of various merchandise from the network.


LORD OF THE JUNGLE: Brad Miller, he wants to start off with a quick story and says he was turned onto Adam’s work via his first book ‘In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ and cites the idea of a “crystal brain” and being a man of “compassion” which Drew then tries to clarify cause he’s a man of passion, like bedroom passion, for women.

Adam is now riffing about his comments on losing arguments with his wife, he says it puts out at a disadvantage if every argument can be countered with “why are you being an asshole” and mentions a cop pulling you over.

Brad reveals he is a cop, Adam is now using the IRS asking for money as an example of him being able to use the “why are you being an asshole” or threatening to stay at his sister’s house.


Adam is asking him about the starting pay for the Tucson Police Department in 2007, Adam says that’s probably less than school teachers, Drew brings up the point about teachers only working 8.2 months out of the year.

Adam says lets never forget about all of us working while kids are home and their teachers are as well, Adam is now doing the math on teachers and their pay.

Adam is saying that by the time you add up the weekends and say “whhhhhhhhaaaaaat!?” and Drew imitates it, this is hilarious.


Adam is explaining that someone asked him how his weekend was when he realized he had to work over both days, Adam is commenting on the idea of not having weekends.

Adam takes it back to Brad after asking Gary to get the math for the average vacation time for employees.

Brad explains he bought a torch attachment for a propane tank, for burning weeds.


Adam is telling Drew about membrane roofing, he says you can also use this for removing paint and stripes in a parking lot.


Adam is asking him about the backyard, he says they were going to buy the 100k torch but stepped it up to the 500k torch after clicking through the Carolla Digital Amazon link.

Brad jokes about strapping the tank and torch to his 2yr old and letting her do some of the work.

Adam comments on the cool hat he’s wearing that says ‘Lord of The Jungle’ and he goes over the entry requirements.


Gary is now on mic with the averages on vacation time for other professions, Drew defends Teachers and Adam clarifies his point about them never needing to drive a Rolls Royce or a Bentley, they chose a noble profession where they are unlikely to get “rich” but it was their choice to do that.

Drew brings up the recent ‘Jeopardy’ clue/question about Dr. Drew and citing Loveline, Adam credits some fan, it was a guy on Reddit, I tweeted them the link to that guys post.

Adam is commenting on the contestants, how none of them look like they got laid in high school, Adam talks about Chris and Ray and their gifted/touched by god physiques and athletic abilities.


Adam says that his friends discovered “hot pussy” at 16 and Adam asks if there is anything better than banging hot 16/17 year olds and explains they had no knowledge of the ways of college and were surrounded by free range pussy.

Adam and Drew are talking about motivation and “checking out” and explains his buddies didn’t even play their senior years, they were at the reservoir, why bother.

Drew says it sounds very empty, Adam says they didn’t have a road to look down unlike Drew.


Adam is doing a Mazda live read

Adam needs a manual transmission to practice his “heel/toe” technique and Drew says he wants a car too, Adam is killing this endorsement/advertisement.


1st Caller Zoltan, he says he’s in Oregon and Adam realizes he confused him with another Zoltan, Drew brings up ‘Zoltar’ from the movie ‘Big’ and Adam realizes he confused Zoltan with Constantino up in the bay area, the awesome self-made superfan who is killing it with pizza and other businesses.

Zoltan saw virtual bestiality via some hentai or something like it, he wants to know about virtual child porn and presumes it doesn’t’ exist much like the thing he described seeing.

Adam is talking about the future of fake nudes and bootleg porn links, Adam jokes about Chris Laxamana running to see Scarlett Johannsson nude.


Chris says that virtual generated porn wouldn’t be the same as the actual person, Adam thanks him for confirming it.

Adam takes it back to the topic and Drew says it will be illegal, again unaware it already is illegal regardless of what it does for impulses and acting out, not legal.

Adam is talking about needle exchange programs and Adam brings up the realities of HIV transmission, Drew and Adam agree that it might only reduce people acting out.


Adam says that if you like kids, you like kids, he’s bringing up some very interesting and complicated points about not being able to talk people out of their very being.

Adam is making it clear he’s not associating child predators with the transgendered community, Adam and Drew agree you’re not going to talk them out of pussy.


Drew is now doing a live read for ‘Self/Less’ the new Ryan Reynolds Sir Ben Kingsley movie

Adam is now giving out some plugs for upcoming live shows, including their Las Vegas gigs next week.

Adam brings up Chris Jones the hypnotist from ‘America’s Got Talent’ and now explains the way that Howie told him he’s crazy and he’s totally ok with people sharing his popcorn but not shaking hands.

Adam is now citing crazy and explains he doesn’t care about where it ends, he just cares about the crazy part.


2nd Caller Ty, he says that the podcast helps him and his team get through the day.

Ty shares how he used to listen to Loveline, Adam asks how this show helps him and he explains that his crew member Ben suffers from depression and despite being an avid listener he’s not able to put the helpful advice into practice.

Drew reads that he’s an alcoholic and has everyone spinning around codependent, he now strongly advocates for treatment and Adam chimes in that one cannot truly treat mental health issues until they get sober and in are in active recovery after treatment if that’s needed.


Adam is now giving some painting advice, Drew is asking about the tip and Adam explains it.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Adam plugs ‘Take a Knee’ and they wrap up the show.