Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/01/2014 – Rhett Miller and Jo Koy

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Guest Rhett Miller and Jo Koy

Recorded 06-30-2014 – Release Date 07-01-2014

Production Number #1357

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Adam opens the show with an almost chuckle at the #TopDrop, he snorts instead.

Adam is telling them about cleaning sticky shit off the warehouse floor over at Carolla #2 Studios, he welcomes Jo Koy back to the show.

Alison says it was a lovely time with fans and it felt really nice, Adam is praising how respectful and considerate all the fans were despite getting a buzz on.


Jo confirms that all of Adam’s fans are really nice, Alison is telling them about people wanting to get pictures with Daniel, and Alison has a killer one liner in reply to Jo’s joke.

Adam is explaining they were working in the edit bay until the party began, Jo is asking Adam about his cameo and Alison is revealed to still be in the movie.

Adam is giving out the plugs for Jo.


Adam is bringing up his way of working on things, in this case feverishly on the warehouse that was filled to the rafters with the shit and had loose wires.

Adam is explaining he has a quality that inspires him to clean off the façade of his home before a house party?

Adam is explaining that essentially you should have a Christmas party or event once per year where you invite over a dozen people to your home, Adam says it forces you to get your shit together.


Alison is telling them about their guest room clogged with junk, Adam is basically saying that no hoarder has company over and it essentially nullifies your ability to hoard junk, hilarious quotes, new riff.

Adam is telling them about Daniel Kellison and his “Live to Tape” theory from the Man Show set and how you don’t even want to put certain things in your head before something.

Adam is joking about an invite in response to BB and now he’s talking to Jo about the initial clean you get after cleaning up for a party, after said party but then it eventually descends back into chaos.


Jo shares his process for finding lost items, Adam is now saying the house version of getting laid for the first time in a long while is the same as Jo cleaning his house.

Adam is now making further analogies between people and homes, Jo has a funny “fade on your penis” joke and Adam wants to know who decided the high top fade was a good haircut.

BB is telling them it’s coming back and Adam is now brining up his viewing of 48hrs and how they interview the kids from Mississippi about killing a friend with a rock.


Adam is now saying the one guy who got freaked out early on and split, he has the greasy bangs, the white trash blonde hair with Puka shell necklace making his head swollen.

Adam is joking about that haircut, the greasy bangs look, Adam is asking what celebrity had that haircut and where they decided to style it that way.

Adam is now sharing his acne on the forehead theory and Alison says greasy bangs just exacerbates that and Adam says it’s a vicious cycle.


Adam is now joking about people breaking combs, mocking the unbreakable comb.

Adam wants to get to the bottom of the unbreakable comb and the oil resistant sole on boots/shoes.

Adam wants to know how these thing and hairstyles become popular when they’re never seemingly embraced anywhere in pop culture.


Adam is asking if these people are ever stopped and complimented, BB is now kinda of shitting on Adam’s point by mentioning “From Dusk Till Dawn” and Adam is agreeing, Alison hated that movie.

Adam is sharing his conversation with Dr. Drew about Linemen boots being the douchiest footwear for men, Adam is now looking at Tarantino in the movie.

Adam is now looking at the boots, saying they’re douchier than Cowboy boots, Adam says at least the cowboy boot you slide on and off, and Adam is mocking the guys at concerts wearing these who have never been on a jobsite.


Adam has a killer white supremacist explanation and now Alison is asking a genuine question and now Adam is referencing Lorena Bobbitt, Adam is arguing the douche factor of the boots.

Adam is now having BB setup a “live” Rich Banks song, this is great!

This is wonderful, I love this so much!

Adam is explaining the premise of the song, how he wishes Bruce Springsteen would echo Adam’s lamentations about life so his wife would finally understand his pain.


Adam is now doing a Richman Poorman on “no doors” like exotic resorts vs. absolute poverty and no home, Adam is telling them about a visit to one of these resorts.

This is the “Addison Texas” story where he had to leave Mexico and head to the Red Roof Inn while everyone else was chilling outside and getting outdoor massages.

Adam and Jo are now riffing about “Bottomless Blow-Jobs” Adam coined it response to Jo, Alison has a funny one liner.


Adam is telling the about calling his house between shows and hearing about his wife getting a massage while he’s stuck working in Phoenix during the summer.

Alison wants to know what troubles Adam so much, he can’t quote put his finger on it and Adam is now using men bitching about shitty bachelor parties to make women feel better about the debauchery you probably experienced.

Adam is joking about Frank booting and has a great “aftershave smells like vag juice” and BB has a great reaction to Adam’s verbiage, wow!


Jo says Saint Charles is where he wanted to kill himself, he’s telling them about his experience performing in a barn.

Adam is saying that the Atlanta Punchline is also basically a barn, Adam says he started to come undone at that venue, he’s quickly going through the Jim Breuer encounter and story behind it.

Jo is now having Adam go back over the history behind the incident and “feud” and now he’s telling him the loving origin and the KLSX morning show joke mocking the ranking of comedians.

Adam says he was beating Dag with a Jim Breuer stick!


Adam says they’re now good and he has since heard Jim on Howard Stern be very funny, he’s telling them about their patching up in the barn.

Adam is now asking how Bung Lu Su would pronounce “Delirious” and now they’re riffing about the Bloods and the Crips after talking about Eddie Murphy’s leather suit in that standup special.

Adam keeps saying “brad” and he’s killing it, Alison has a funny muted reactions and Jo has a few great moments commenting through his character getting mad at Adam, this is great.


They’re now taking about Eddie Murphy Raw and Adam is joking about his ball sweat, Jo jumps back into the show and Bung fades back.

Adam is doing a legal zoom live read.


Adam is setting up some “Floaters” with Bung Lu Su, I was actually present in the car when Adam created this idea, and they play a sample without any contribution from Bung.

Adam is having Bung riff this, he jokes that he doesn’t have anything written down, freestyle.

Adam is joking about the zodiac differences and Jo is killing it singing along with the music adding the Chinese flair.


Bung is riffing about his dick and Adam is stopping it to tell him that taking black women from behind is not going to work with the Disney audience.

Funny LEGOLAND mispronunciation comedy, Adam is telling him to stop threatening the black ladies, Adam has a killer “oh bung” series of replies as he wraps up the bit.

Adam is doing a live read for Draftkings.com and Jo doubts someone won a million bucks, Adam politely shouts him down to the finish the read.


Adam is teasing the arrival of Rhett.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he’s living in a two bedroom apartment with his wife and his mother in law will be moving in to share the place with them.

Adam is now ranting about the adults who have to move in, Adam is saying that the people you lend money to are the ones without money, chances of being paid back decrease significantly.

Adam is ranting about the type of losers who have to move in with their kids, Adam is sharing the story of Chris having his dad move in with them, waiting his 30 days to start a jail sentence.

Adam is asking Matt about her living situation and lack of employment after making out on unemployment.


“I’m 59 I just need some gas money” – Adam, he’s now saying he wants to take his kids to see the people working at Home Depot or Wal-Mart well into their twilight years and have his kids sit-down and listen to them tell their story so they can avoid the mistakes.

Alison just got Matt to reveal that she’s a perpetual victim type and Adam is telling him to not let her move in, Adam is sharing how he would pitch this to his wife, now Jo is playing “Cheryl Anne” and Adam is getting her actual name Catherine with a C, Jo is mocking him for not pronouncing it with the proper sound.

Jo is killing it as Catherine, Adam is doing a fine job as Matt and now he’s being told to move and try being homeless.


Adam/Matt is offering to pay for half of her rent, Jo/Catherine is throwing the giant dogs Theodore and Richmond, Adam thought he was going towards a Chipmunk route, but no.

Adam is now losing it saying his mom was claimed by a commuter train, BB is telling him to stick to the script, Jo is losing his shit and they’re now just screaming at each other.

Rhodesian ridgeback, Richmond and Rib eye alliteration and comedy from the guys.


2nd Caller Jason, doesn’t get to talk wants to know if Adam would make a movie about his youth in the vein of the “Wonder Years” and BB is helping flesh out the idea as Adam tries to move past it.

Jo just brought up Danica McKellar and her math smarts, he says he met her after a show and she was very cool, Adam is now riffing that she stole all of the math intellect from all of the other women, Adam is killing it and joking about how Danica is “all into it” and now Adam is telling them about appearing on “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” and how he doubts his integer question was meant for such a young age.

Adam is doing a live read for “Monkey in a Dryer” the company that does the new shirt design for the ACS.

Adam is now playing the question from the show, a 2nd grade question and Jo says Adam looks very handsome.


3rd Caller Johnny, he wants to thank Adam for the Road Hard backers party last night, he wants to know if Adam would and could apply a mulligan to life what it would be.

Johnny can’t watch Adam’s first pitch attempt for the Dodgers? (Does he mean for the Cubs?) and Adam says he would regret the appearance on “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”

Adam is wrapping with Johnny telling him he’s an annoying guy who doesn’t know he’s annoying.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam is welcoming Rhett to the ACS making his debut, Adam is asking him about Vince Gilligan using their music as inspiration to write the finale to “Breaking Bad.”

Rhett is telling them about Bruce Springsteen telling him about enjoying his work, Adam is sharing how he has his own playlist of songs they bring to the clubs and theaters, in lieu of the stock chick music and Rihanna.


Adam is bringing up the appearance of Chester from Linkin Park on Real Time and the shocking statistic about their record for most #1 albums of the last decade.

Rhett is lamenting his inability to keep up with new music, Adam wants to know if the days of “The Hustle” and “The Macarena” are done, BB argues that “Gangnam Style” is the modern equivalent.

Alison is bringing up the Hokey Pokey and Adam says that’s how Nazi Germany started and BB has a funny riff in response.


Adam is giving a quick recap of how he overcame his bad genes with hardboiled eggs and preacher curls, Alison is joking about his egg farts after he wraps up a quick encapsulation of his history with athletics.

Adam is now asking Rhett about his athletic background, he’s telling them about playing on a 6 man football team in Jr. High.

Rhett is sharing the “quit the team faggot” advice? He was tackled with each football practice, Adam is saying that the average football practice and “Bull in the ring” is what you would do to cause deliberate brain damage, might as well huff glue.


Rhett is telling them about his son playing baseball, catcher, Adam says it’s a man’s position.

Alison is asking about how often the catcher gets hit by bats or balls, they’re explaining it.

Adam is now bringing up the cool kid names from school, Adam says that “Rhett” and “KC/Casey” were cool kid names.


Adam is telling them about Rhett Winchell and K.C. Collins, Rhett responds to Adam’s fake middle name “Lakers” and BB has a great new drop, wow! That’s so creepy!


Alison’s newsQuit the Team Faggot Edition

1st Story Is on the “Hobby Lobby Ruling” in the Supreme Court, Adam is now asking about the statistics for employees covered.

Adam says he’s for anything that will cut down the flow of unwanted kids, Adam is saying he’s an atheist and is on because he’s lazy.

Adam is sharing his take on a company having the right to decide this, he’s saying people can then support or choose not to.


Adam wants to know the cost, Alison explains it’s for IUD’s and the morning after pill.

Adam is now trying not to sound like a colossal douchebag and sharing how he didn’t expect anyone to pay for his birth control.

Alison is addressing Adam’s take on poor people having kids, Adam didn’t know this was a yarn hobby store, not a remote control plane type.


Adam is explaining his take on “your body, you shit, take care of it” and how he wants people to be of the mindset that they pay for their own things.

Alison is combatting him asking if he doesn’t think that people need insurance to get their shit together, Alison is trying to argue a point and Adam is now explaining his take on how he doesn’t want things imposed on either party, but big picture he wants people having birth control all the time.

Adam is doing a live read for pet flow, Adam is riffing about dudes sitting on horses with their shirts off, Adam jokes about “poor posture models” and his father’s legacy as one, gold!


Alison is now addressing the idea of being against contraception, Adam is going to the old Loveline territory he’s been fighting for almost two decades regarding emergency contraception.

Adam is explaining how and why this exposes their hypocrisy and Adam has a great “anti-gang violence” pill analogy.

Alison is summing up Adam’s various comments and now Adam is telling them they don’t like people having sex without consequence.


Adam is now bringing up the tough puts in society, he says don’t alter yourself and don’t fuck are the two greatest challenges.

Rhett mentions his band’s new single and Adam mentions Muzak and Rhett tells him of the great magnet connection to their new video which does feature a Muzak version of the new single, holy shit!


2nd Story is on the death of Meshach Taylor

Adam is now saying he should have been called Shaq, before Shaq and he’s asking Alison what happened to him.

BB thought he was gay, Adam asks “aren’t black dudes born with 4 kids though?” and BB is telling them about his character on “Designing Women” and now Adam is mixing up LeVar Burton with the gay black character in “Revenge of the Nerds” and Adam is now mocking the javelin scene.

Rhett is bringing up Bronson Pinchot as Surge in the “Beverly Hills Cop” movies and now they’re having an in-depth discussion depictions of gay character in media over the past 30 years.


Adam is now trying to conjure a movie where a gay guy was anything more than just the token gay character, Adam is asking why people don’t look at with a more critical eye, and Adam says we all cringe at the black film equivalent.


3rd Story Is on Courtney Cox’s engagement to a band member of “Snow Patrol” and she’s giving the details on their twitter announcement.

Adam is now adding “if he wasn’t such and athlete…” to his bucket list of things he wants to hear before he dies, this one after surviving a terrible accident or event.

Rhett is now asking about Snow Patrol in a less than enthusiastic tone, they’re playing one of their hits and Adam is reading some stats about the band, using their career evolution over the past decade to make everyone feel old, a callback to the their opening music discussion with Rhett.

Adam is now mocking Rhett, saying for someone who says he don’t like Snow Patrol, Rhett seems to know all of the lyrics, he’s blaming the gym music bleeding in over his audiobook.


Rhett is now telling them about an actress who went insane on his hotel room door, mistaking him for someone else.

He refuses to reveal who it was, Alison guesses that it was Lindsay Lohan and Sean Young is brought up too, Adam is using this story to bringing up his complaints about old half eaten food in fancy hotel room hallways.

Rhett is telling them about the policy to dial a number to have them come pick up your spent food, BB guesses Tara Reid, Adam says Lindsay Lohan was a crazy person with no bullets and Rhett’s unused plates were now her ammo.


Rhett is telling them about the incident in further detail and an anecdote about his buddy at the New Yorker and the great title he came up with.

Alison is dying from the suspense and now Adam is saying wouldn’t it be safe for room service to be scheduled with a 60min return pick up, built in.

Adam is explaining the idea and everyone seems to agree, BB guesses Amanda Bynes and everyone has a telling Oooh.


Adam is saying that the thing you would miss most from room service is the metal lid for over your plates, without that it wouldn’t be room service.

Adam is now doing a live read for Heliocare skin care, Alison brings up cassettes being damaged by the sun and Adam brings up his dad checking out records from the library and the sad stickers on the record sleeve about not leaving them out in the sun.

The news was wrapped?


Adam is closing out the show and giving out the plugs while wrapping up the show.