Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 250

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/28/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 250

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-24-2015 – Release Date 06-28-2015

Production Number #250 – The Radio Industry

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Adam has the standard intro, he thanks Drewski, Adam says he’s easy to deal with and asks how long they’ve been together now.

Drew thinks it’s almost 20 years and guesses 1996, Adam started Loveline on October 1st 1995, and he guested in character as Mr. Birchum sometime in 1994.

Adam is sharing an anecdote form a conversation with Mike August about the lack of a “bench” and talent development program in radio, the industry.


Adam is sharing how radio prefers Danny Bonaduce and Riki Rachtman over Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel, he’s not being pejorative but saying if you don’t see the difference between Riki and Jimmy your business if fucked.

Adam is talking about how he would suggest they go down to The Groundlings and search for talent, Adam tells radio to fucking suck it as the ride is over, the industry will never be what it once was.

Adam says radio was stupid and arrogant, Drew says radio has stabilized and Adam asks if a station met a 26yr old Jimmy Kimmel today would they nurture his creativity and reward his talents, he’s not so sure.


Drew says that after Adam was gone from Loveline they tried out several hosts including Daniel Tosh who were deemed not good enough to replace the Aceman, instead they chose their local DJ.

Adam recounts the “Trio of Radio Death” Joel McHale, Louis C.K. and Zach Galifianakis, Adam further laments that ne and Jimmy never hosted a show together, holy shit what could have been!


Adam and Drew are doing a live read for Mazda


1st Caller Ivan, he’s sharing his interest in going to a school for drug counseling, Drew tells him to get a clinical degree and explains how that might be more of a career.

Adam talks about Mike Lynch working a full time job while working on the show, how he earned his higher degree and now practices.

Adam is talking about Mike August and the 2yrs he took off to get 3-4yr degree, Gary gets on mic to fill in some of the details and shares how impressive it is.


Adam is now preaching about how more people should do this, the 2 years of work goes by in the blink of an eye and now a decade later it’s like it never happened and you have these new skills and a higher education.

Adam and Drew are talking about the remote students enrolled in college, Adam predicts his kids won’t be heading off to a brick and mortar college in 10 years.

Adam doesn’t know why it’s necessary and shares the pushback he receives on this.


2nd Caller Scott, he has 4 daughters and realized he doesn’t like being a dad.

Scott shares his difficulty and how he’s going nuts, he wants to know if this is normal and has no plans of checking out.

Adam shares that women are wired differently and how they can be a handful, Adam shares how Natalia was in everyone’s grill while he was trying to screen something for someone at the house.


Drew suggests he spend some time around buddies who have sons, to refuel him.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Adam talks about the DirecTV deal, he says the deal breaker was the schedule and how he wouldn’t ever have a Friday night free, Adam talks about the flexibility of the podcast and how they can alter a schedule to accommodate their other work and time off.

Matt is now on mic and Gary explains how conscientious Matt is as an Uber driver.

These are fantastic spots, way beyond the concept of a “live read” and now Adam is riffing about working in the fudge packing plant, in the shipping department.

Adam could work in receiving if Joel McHale could work with him, this is a killer riff, holy shit these commercials sometimes go beyond and this is one of them.


Adam showers, Drew is talking about him cleaning out his anus with a sits bath.


Adam is back to his idea about the reverse narcissism, what he wrote about in ‘Daddy Stop Talking’ and he says he let his daughter have her phase of not caring for him.

Adam is going further in depth in how he let his daughter have her space and didn’t force her to care for him, Adam knew she would course correct based on her life and the people surrounding her.

Adam shares how Natalia gave him a back massage, he says that kids go nuts with the lotion and it looked like Drew and Joel McHale had finished the fudge packing factory on his back, holy shit!


Adam asks why can’t more people not take things personally, he wants to know why he has to internalize everything and Drew blames the primitive reactions humans have and how they make up stories.

Adam says you have no idea how little it’s about your skin color in society, he says it doesn’t serve people to steer into the story skid of every slight being done intentionally because of xyz reason you made up.

Drew says all we should be interested in is not getting in each other’s way, Adam jokes about the notion of a cheetah having a vendetta against “Gazelle 187” and further describes these insane traffic situations.


Drew talks about the human impulse to “pull people in line” and explains how people react to cheating, Adam thinks all roads lead to narcissism, “how could you do this to me!” and the ultimate pill to swallow is “I don’t know who you are.”


Adam and Drew are doing a Cremo Live Read

Just a dollop, less than is produced by him and Joel at the fudge factory.

“They got the pink stuff” – Adam on the Cremo made for women


3rd Caller Daniel, he’s calling from New Mexico and he mentions the 4 corners, Adam has him explain it.

He’s telling them about his weekend drinking problem, he fades out and then shares how the faith element of AA left him unable to continue.

Drew gives him some plain language and encouragement, Adam says he doesn’t know if he’s been to New Mexico and Drew tells him he’s been to Albuquerque.

Drew talks about his role in ‘Wild Hogs’ and Adam shares his reaction to the decline in faith based people in America and how it’s not necessarily a good thing when it turns into us worshipping at the altar of us.


Adam says he doesn’t care about the 10 commandments on the steps of the fucking courthouse, Drew brings up the response of the church and is parishioners after the terror attack/hate crime in Charleston.

Adam is sharing his complex feelings about faith and he asks how many conversations we’re going to have about the threat of abortion going away.

Adam says it will never happen, Drew now talks about the millions of frozen embryos sitting in cold storage at fertility clinics, Drew asks why that’s not their main concern, he explains how there are a million lives not yet lived.


Drew is doing a live read for the movie ‘Selfless’

Gary shares the photo of Adam and Ben Kingsley, Chris gets on mic to claim it was Ben’s birthday party.

Hilarious riff between Adam and Drew over the picture of Adam and Ben.

Adam is explaining they were backstage at the Spike up fronts at the Cipriani, Adam is explaining how it was built in the 1920’s and how the people must have realized their money was being used to build this grand arena for a bank.


Adam says this is why every celebrity drives a Prius and wears board shorts, Adam is asking Drew about George Barris and once Drew recalls who he is Adam explains how every rich Hollywood actor would get custom cars from George.

Adam brings up the Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors custom cars, Drew says that people no longer need fancy cars as they are the fancy cars.

Adam explains it’s because we punish those people and says that’s why Leonardo DiCaprio drives a Prius and not a Lamborghini.

Adam brings up Frist Class travel.


Adam and Drew are doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is talking about the pictures of the celebrities at George Barris shop, Adam plugs the upcoming Live ACS episode with Adam Goldberg, Winning at Cineplex Cinema in Toronto.

Adam wraps up the show.