Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/27/2013 – Hanson

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Guest Hanson

Recorded 06-21-2013 – Release Date 06-27-2013

Production Number #1106

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Adam has a nice intro for this special Friday recording, Adam is teasing Hanson’s 2nd appearance coming up later in the show, I can’t wait to hear them with all the new work done to the studio from Charles, Dawson and the gang.

Adam is thanking all the people who support the show and send in their fan art and items, Adam and BB are joking about most of the art coming from prisons.

Adam is giving a blanket thank you to all the people who have sent stuff in, BB is describing his thank you page in his upcoming book that I assume I won’t be noted in despite my assistance, hilarious riff from BB and Ace about how insulting “you know who you are” is when giving thanks to people.


Alison has a great “clapping circle jerk” response to Adam’s clap riff and now Adam is trying to figure out Mike’s full name as he wrote it kind of scribbly, Alison is now attempting to decipher it.

Hilarious drop work from BB that Adam mistakes for a bong, but it’s actually far more insulting, Adam is telling the gang about the items Mike sent in, including a Recyclarolla door cover.

BB is now taking attention off of the kind fan who’s been overlooked for some time to ask Adam about how he can make his own hypothetical Recyclarolla.


Adam is explaining the origin of the invention and name along with Drew’s claim that he never heard of it, Adam wisely pressed him until he remembered as it was brought up many, many times on Classic Loveline including the 2005 episode with “Make A Wish” recipient Jaimeson Jones(top of my head).

Adam is telling the gang why he recycles and how it’s worth it even if it makes 1% difference globally among all of humanity.

He’s going super in depth on the origin of the device along with the piled up bottles that can be a not so subtle reminder of a drinking problem and Alison has a cute comment about having a new understanding for why Adam invented the device.


Adam is explaining why he’s not interested in the 2 liter bottle market after being asked by one of the gang off air, hilarious and insulting to renter’s explanation from Adam.

Adam’s using his invention to comment on human nature when it comes to recycling and disposing of waste and how people are resistant to expending extra calories.

Alison wants to know why Adam doesn’t have a general trash version, he’s got a great answer and Alison is admitting she just wants to throw everything out of the house, hilarious measuring Daniel joke from Adam and a nice topper from A-Rose.


Adam is sharing Ray’s conspiracy theory when his tools were stolen from the TLC “Adam Carolla Project” build, Adam is walking them through his reasoning.

Adam is now comparing the sad sight of a broken beaked seagull to a set of needle nose pliers missing one of the heads.

Adam is asking about people not understanding and Alison labels them “impervious to his point” gold! Great dipstick tangent that Alison tops with her closing line.


Adam is talking about the new breed of tiny spiders he’s been seeing in the bathroom, I think he’s describing a funnel web as opposed to the traditional “Charlotte” style.

Great scarf comment from Alison that Adam is running with, nice alley-oop!

There going in depth on this topic, almost reminds me of the 2003 Classic Loveline “Tarantula Trilogy of Terror” episodes, where Adam had a captive tarantula he was trying to care for in his garage.


Alison is sharing a hilarious cockroach anecdote from her home, Daniel’s move is the best part and a great one liner from Adam.

Alison could never live in Hawaii, place is 90% cockroach.


Bryan is now asking Adam what he would do in his awkward gym situation, interesting anecdote and dilemma.

Hilarious “Bitch gave me cancer” comment from Adam as the gang deconstruct BB’s experience.

BB gets a nice “talk about it way too much” dig for the Aceman as he describes his various answers and how he doesn’t have any “I’m not going to talk about it” in him when it comes to interviews or conversations.


Alison has an anecdote about Fitzdog pulling that move and her explanation of how it makes one feel while conducting an interview is dead on.

Adam is now asking what country leads the world in “unnecessary rowing” in response to BB’s closing comment, hilarious ground the Aceman has just found himself treading, gold!

BB just dropped a killer “U.R.I.” comment as they further riff out Adam’s new theory/concept, this is so great.


They’re now taking this idea to children’s trains at theme parks and donkey/pony rides, he’s essentially talking about Griffith Park and now just actually said it, wow.


Hanson are now returning to the show for their 2nd appearance, they also guested on the morning show on August 14th 2007 during the “Red Menace Era”, the boys are super polite and calling themselves “brothers in arms” with Adam and his Mangria Pirate Ship, love these dudes!

They’re now discussing Hanson’s new beer “MmmHop” and BB just invented a combination drink with Mangria, along with Adam and the boys, similar to the “waffle crapper” invention and pulling the “Drew move”.

Adam is now demanding to try the combination beverage, this is gonna be great!


Adam’s got a hilarious description of his seagull like nature, whoa those are some evocative descriptors.

BB is telling the boys about his take on the beer, as everyone knows BB loves his booze.

Adam has “had worse” and is smacking his lips, he’s warming up to the combo and taking more sips, Alison has a great “is it chewy?” question, good stuff.


Alison wants to know at what age the Hanson boys started drinking, you can tell it’s not 21, now Adam is doing an improv with BB using his “right now” to connect it to their “when did we start drinking?”.

Adam say’s it might just be the Mangria/MmmHop combo talking but the boys are all separately handsome in their own way, they seem to take it in the spirit intended, great guests.

BB calls Isaac “a young healthy Stephen Baldwin” and he’s now explaining how he always gets that with a great anecdote.


Adam is now riffing about tricking Daniel Baldwin, hilarious impression and riff.

Adam is teasing the two songs they’ll be playing, he’s citing a bachelor party story from the 1990’s where everyone had “an ALF moment” as Adam explains it, it’s a way for people to pussyfoot into admitting they like something society tries to shame them for enjoying.

Great LBGT+M joke from one of the boys and a nice “Tommy Boy” reference.


Adam is admiring the boy’s friendly demeanors and ability to get along with each other, he’s crediting their family and asking them their take.

They’re admitting this last record pushed them to their limits and it became a bit difficult and being honest that they don’t always get along.

They’re now comparing their hairstyles to the different branches of government in reply to Alison’s clever comment.


Adam has a funny comment “it’s crazy how young Zach used to be but now Zach’s everyone else’s age” and Adam gives “Bryan Whatever” some business in reply to his joke about taking Adam’s booze away.


They’re now playing their first of two songs, this is off the new album and it sounds great, nice work Hanson, Dawson and studio builder Charles!

They’re playing “Get the Girl Back”.

Hanson are telling the gang and the audience about their upcoming tour and how people can find out how and where to buy their beer.


Taylor is telling the gang about their beer giving back to the victims of the tornados in their home state of Oklahoma, they’re telling Adam about coming  from Tulsa and playing some of the schools that were wiped out in the disaster.

Adam is now joking about cutting a PSA for the damaged brewery that produces their beer, hilarious delivery from Adam with great drop work from BB, gold.

Great improv with BB, they’re in choice form today and the Hanson boys take in the spirit intended.


Alison’s News

Alison is lamenting Zach missing her news song due to his lack of cans and Isaac just admitted to being the daily Carolla listener of the bunch.

Her top story is on an article asking for airlines to do away with reclining seats, now they’re all discussing the idea and giving their takes on airplane seats.

Adam has a crazy explanation/one liner about the closest he’s ever felt to being raped.


Adam is now commenting on the self-entitled monsters who use other people’s seats as an impromptu handrail, Alison is telling the gang and asking the boys about the experience of long hair being grabbed in the same move.

Adam just invented a handrail they could add to all aircraft and now he’s explaining the present dilemma, BB has a killer one liner in reply.


2nd story is on a website ranking the most romantic cities in North America, they’re going to cover the top 10 and they’re all tossing in some guesses, Adam has a great new slogan for Virginia that seems to slip past everyone.

Alison is bringing up Los Angles ranking on the list and Adam is calling it a boner killer.

Adam is now joking about Canada and how “we” don’t count them as part of North America and now he’s praising the beauty of Vancouver.


They’re all now riffing on the other cities in the list and the Hanson boys are right in the comedy mix, great guests!

Adam has a great fuck on a refrigerator box on a landfill one liner in reply to Alison’s question about a romantic restaurant and ambiance.

Adam just riffed up the term “love skids” and Alison’s reaction is priceless, so much disgust and one of the Hanson boys is a now riffing a B-52’s song parody.


3rd story is on how to best protect your kids from your sex life as parents.

Adam is explaining how he would suggest door locks for kids on Loveline, the boys are calling Adam’s picture he’s painting “a little too vivid”.

He’s explaining you don’t need a lock to prevent someone from shouldering through your door but instead just to alert you that someone is trying to enter.


Adam is telling the gang about his kids locking him out of the bathroom by locking both doors and now he’s questioning how building can still have locks that allow for rooms to be locked without anyone inside.

Adam’s “piss all over the door” reply is hilarious and now they’re all talking about the story, hilarious banding the babysitter joke from Ace, BB is right in step and adds the comedy perfectly.

The boys are being fairly forthcoming while respecting their wives and Taylor says there is a point at which you stop caring, Adam agrees and is giving his “hard wired” explanation.


Adam has a great glory hole metaphor and BB just invented a new product for Adam to invent, Adam is now working in the “Real Doll” angle to explain men’s sexuality while leaving out the multibillion dollar female sex toy industry.

Adam is further going off on the difference between men and women in the bedroom when it comes to outside priorities, Alison has a funny reaction to the idea of a child knocking mid-session.


4th story is on a school in Illinois that is campaigning for the world record for having 24 sets of twins in the 5th grade and Alison is asking about the twins being split among class rooms.

Alison just suggested a twin classroom with duplicates in each class, whoa!

Adam’s theory on this being the result of multiple fertility campaigns, Adam is wondering why people dress their kids and wondering if it reduces your feeling of value to have a complete duplicate.


Adam is asking the gang where everyone stand on dressing kids alike and they’re all discussing it, Alison and BB have some great points, hilarious Sklar’s comment from Alison, gold.

Adam is telling the gang about his son being 1 minute older than his sister and how he never stops rubbing it in her face, cute.

There taking it back to Adam’s stepfather/door lock explanation.


Hanson are now playing “Mmmbop” live in studio and it sounds incredible, The ACS has the best sounding live music performances out of all the show’s I’ve sampled, quite a feat indeed.

A very nice wrap up with the boys and a little bit that was probably meant to be edited out with BB and Dawson, but I like the show with extra bits, much like the special “Director’s Cut” ACP DVD files that sometimes contain bonus content as was cleared by the staff.

Great Episode!