Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/26/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 155

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/26/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 155

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-24-2014 – Release Date 06-26-2014

Production Number #155

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and he’s joking about the butchers wax in Chris Laxamana’s hair and they agree he looks like “Little Ricky” and Drew says “yeah” in reply to Adam’s question about Desi Arnaz Jr.

Adam is explaining why he removed himself from the Paul Newman documentary and addresses people who might call him paranoid by citing the time he was turned down by Sundance because they “didn’t like his politics.

Adam is explaining his “Jules Dash” character he told Lynette he should use instead of his own name for releasing these documentaries, is this a combination of Jules Asner and Stacey Dash?


Adam is declaring his new filmmaking name “Jules Dash” and Drew jokes along with him about it, Adam explains they got the New York Times paper to scrapbook, for his 3rd bestseller.

Drew is sharing his experiences with his book not being reviewed by the paper, Adam is offering up his take on the 0 reviews for all 3 of his bestsellers.

Adam is now citing the list, the “thing or not a thing” bulls eye article, Adam says it was in Esquire.


Adam is now addressing the lack of transparency and lying from the staff at the NPR show, the one that wasn’t aired.

Adam is bringing up the curious point about their hypocrisy in behavior in comparison to demands regarding the behavior of others.

Drew is now having Adam remind the listeners of the attempted ambush of him on air and how their choices are limited, they can’t edit it, and if they air it they expose their hypocrisy.


Adam is now responding to their claims they didn’t have time to prepare, he’s arguing they were the most prepared he’s experienced out of thousands of interviews, Adam wants to know how they can just refuse to air this.

Drew is telling him to tape this show again and bring this entire incident up, Adam doesn’t think they would take him up on it.

It’s the Brian Lehrer show and Drew has never heard of it, Drew is now commenting on Adam’s coffee, it doesn’t look right to him, Adam admits to over-splashing the milk.

Adam is not realizing that Drew is trying to make a point about him using a different mug and too much cream, Adam argues that everything in the building including Maxipada’s hair is his.


Drew is citing the smokers outside the building that he yelled at to dump the ash tray, he’s now bringing up Dawson’s oysters on the blacktop he had to be told to stop leaving.

Adam is asking Gary about Dawson and his former circle of loogie and says it’s interesting they needed to have that talk.

Chris calls it wildly uncomfortable and they declare it less uncomfortable than the time Bryan put a couch pillow on the ground for his dog.


Adam is now asking Drew to rank both moves, Dawson and the oyster loogie all slippery on the blacktop, vs. BB’s dog pillow move vs. the water mug incident with his buddy John and his dog and he’s calling it blind narcissism.

Drew says that Dawson was the winner for most “out of it” narcissism, Adam is addressing BB standing by the pillow move and Gary confirms that’s why it’s always more awkward.

Adam said his son reminded him of his fearlessness around germs citing his airport cashew rejected by the bird that he consumed without thought after it was rejected.


Adam is using his own attempts to disguise his snacking on other people’s food to how Ozzie would leave open bags of nuts on his counter and almost refuse to close the bag back up.

Drew is now doing a Bark Box live read.

Adam is asking Drew about his schedule from last week, he was tired of the Burbank airport, tired of Southwest and hotel rooms.

Adam is referencing the Barry Katz episode of the Adam Carolla Show and the high falootin move he pulled on him when he found out that Adam doesn’t perform for the love of the show or some inner need for validation.


Adam is now using his time with Dennis Miller and how one can look at standup as a pragmatic thing, Adam is explaining how he got defensive in response to Barry’s flawed logic, and he’s now connecting that to the publisher of his last book and the woman on staff who took offense at Adam not knowing their name.

Adam says we have successfully infused feelings into everything, why does he have to love everything he does?

Drew is trying to get Adam to affirm that he likes being on stage, Adam says he doesn’t enjoy it, he does say it’s better than breaking his back doing construction but he doesn’t like it.


Drew is citing their tour last summer, Adam is clarifying that he appreciated his ability to earn money by being on stage, Adam is explaining that he feels satisfaction being on stage, not happiness.

Adam says he doesn’t have feelings good or bad about being on stage, he’s saying it feels satisfying and that’s it.

Adam is telling Drew that the travel sucks and explains why he has to do two shows, he’s now transitioning to why he doesn’t 3 shows anymore, and Adam says he’ll never do that again.


Adam says that was when he was stupid and he would do 100min per show, I ran the 3 in Kirkland Washington while he performed on stage, after working on the previous 3 the day before, good times!


Adam has a Grinch themed live read, hilarious references by Adam and Drew.

Drew is now addressing the fans telling him that Apple has been sued by the patent trolls, Chris has some information and Drew says they need a patent, Adam closes it out.


1st Letter from Paul about their daughter preferring him over his wife, he’s sharing the difficulty and Adam explains that daughter have an ebb and a flow, he tells adults to stop putting their fully formed brain into the body and mind of pets and children.

Adam is explaining how they don’t know how they’re affecting people and Drew is agreeing with him, Adam is telling them about the elderly couple in a retirement community with an old cat level of peace at his house while his daughter was at a sleepover.

Adam is explaining how picky Molly is about eating and Adam is giving his take on how eventually she’ll get hungry enough.


Adam is explaining Natalia’s “Molly Eat Your Food!” screaming that Adam had to tell her to cool it with after asking her about heling get molly to eat her new food.

Adam is waxing poetic on the X chromosome in his and Lynette’s family, Adam is citing his eating comparisons from his mom’s home to his Grandpa’s place with the savory dishes made by Lotzi.

Adam is explaining how his grandma has a government gig and food on the table at 6:37pm and how different that is in comparison to his life, Drew is mocking the idea of Adam being stepped in traditional roles.


Adam is explaining the hypocrisy of flipping the genders in that scenario and a companion having a made scenario too, he’s advocating true equality.

Drew is doing a live read.

Adam is explaining how his grandma would make a sound upon getting home and Lotzi would get almost startled by her presence, Adam is explaining how he only had 3 seconds before a bellow came demanding for his response.


Drew is now calling Adam misogynistic and Adam is explaining how his grandmother was miserable and his grandfather was not, he’s explaining how the home life worked then in comparison to his own.


Adam and Drew are now theorizing on what his grandma would have done if his grandpa asked her to go to the market to pick up some food, Adam is explaining the barter system of the home life that this country was founded on and used to be understood.

Adam says this was good for his grandfather to go shopping on his 3 wheel bicycle and get laundry done too, it kept him thriving to 94 years old.

Drew says a simple life is extremely healthy and he’s telling Adam about his son doing some field work and was told “getting money from the government” as a job title by someone.


Adam is joking about Chris Maxipada and what would happen to him if he became a welfare recipient.

Adam is praising how engaged and full of purpose Lynette has become after starting her home based cosmetics business, Adam jokes about Drew sounding like Colin Quinn when he says “contributing life” and Adam is now bringing up how satisfying is beyond and more important than fun.

Adam is saying we need to stop asking everyone if they’re having fun, things don’t need to be fun, they need to be fulfilling and Drew explains that work doesn’t always have to be play.

They take it back to the letter, telling them that the wife needs the adjustment and not the child.


1st Caller Nick, he’s about to travel to Italy tomorrow and wants to know what to do in order to try and get lucky with some local gals while there.

Adam is saying that most of the people there will be speak enough English to work with, Drew tells him to stop it and says he’s not going to get lucky with an Italian Girl.

Adam is now joking about him making the V and putting his tongue through it and then the finger through the circle move to tell the gals what he wants to do, Drew is assisting Adam with it, gold!


Adam is now doing a live read for Life Lock and jokes about how much he would have loves someone stealing his identity as a young man and never come back with it.

Drew tells Adam about an attempt from Jakarta on his Google profile, Drew is teasing how he called the cops this AM and they’re finishing up the live read.

Drew explains he was driving earlier and smelled natural gas, overwhelming for a quarter mile and thought it was fucking crazy.

Drew wants to know if he should’ve called, Adam says his problem is he’s like a black youth living in the inner city, he’s been trained not to bother the cops.


Adam says the local fire department has been really good about the calls into them and helped Lynette with rattlesnakes to remove them from the property.

Adam says he never calls them and mentions the time his neighbor’s house was on fire, Adam is explaining his atheist take on the world, people will create their relationship with him, and he doesn’t give a shit.

Adam won’t burn your house down but he won’t pick up the phone either, especially not for colossal ass pricks, Adam asks Drew what that makes him.

Adam is now mentioning the hedge height that calls into building and safety that led to their beef.

This just aired on Classic Loveline.


Adam is now wrapping up the show with the kind words for the fans who support the show and his book President Me, he’s also plugging the NTBM hardcovers.