Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/26/2013 – Adam Ray and Mark Geragos

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Guest Adam Ray and Mark Geragos

Recorded 06-25-2013 – Release Date 06-26-2013

Production Number #1109

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Adam has unusual almost “speedy” yet super casual intro, BB has a solid #TopDrop and Adam is telling the gang about Muhammad Ali’s brand of national supplements “GOAT” and Adam is mocking the acronym, hilarious!

Adam Ray is in studio making his ACS debut, Adam is recollecting meeting Adam at Harland’s place when they were getting stoned watching a UFC event.

Adam and Adam Ray are discussing him opening for Ace at the Peterson Automotive Museum and Adam is explaining the bucket of Mangria he brought along, great “goat’s bladder” comment.


They’re going in depth on the Peterson event and the advanced age of the average attendee.

Carolla is complimenting Adam Ray on his performance and how he overcame the perceived difficulties of the audience and the event.

Adam Ray is asking Ace about meeting John Lassiter of Pixar, Adam is explaining his role as one of the “Donut Cops” and Adam is giving some general praise for Pixar and their focus on plot and cohesive story.


Adam is now going in depth on “Finding Nemo” and the dentist office scene and Adam Ray is commenting on the parallels to the T-Rex escape scene from Jurassic Park.

Alison has a great comment describing it with “It was an action movie in a fish tank” and BB is calling “Wall-E” the best Pixar movie and Adam Ray is quizzing him as to why.

Adam like “Cars” and is singing its praises despite it being the least popular of their films and Adam Ray is pondering when they run out of creatures and vehicles what they’ll move on to.


Adam has a great riff about Horton hears wart/hort, Alison has a nice one liner that Adam Ray seems to appreciate.

Adam Ray and Ace are riffing about the “no talking for the first 30min” that was buzzed about “Wall-E” and now they’re doing a great improv bit, gold!

Adam is bragging about his multiple viewings of “Varsity Blues” on basic cable, they’re now off on a hilarious edited out “Ali Larter” riff and joking about extra whip cream on her body to further censor the movie, wow!


Adam is doing a hilarious Bruce impression joking about him missing Lynette at a live show and Adam is now telling Adam Ray about “la cucaracha” and how his nanny explained the meaning to him while watching “Wall-E” with the kids.

Adam Ray has a funny joke about the dark history of Hanson’s “Mmmbop” and the entire gang are amazed by the Great Magnet moment of Adam Ray bringing up the band since they pre-taped an episode airing later this week.

Adam and Alison are breaking down the marijuana component of “la cucaracha” and Alison calls it “almost a dieting song” as it’s the opposite of hunger inducing”.


Adam is bringing up his theory about male comedians who seem to be stuck in single bachelor mode, the Jeff Ross’s, The Harland Williams and Doug Benson’s of the world.

Alison is bringing up Harland’s incredulous reaction to the theory on Alison’s great “Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend” podcast.

Adam is further breaking down his theory and Adam Ray seems to agree, Adam is saying that everybody does exactly what they want to do all the time, interesting logic.


Hilarious Joey Lawrence comment from Adam Ray to follow up Ace and now Adam is calling his signature “Blossom” bit as a “Catch Noise” as opposed to a Catch Phrase.

They’re now breaking down all the known “Catch Noises” and Adam is bringing up John Stamos failed attempt at catch phrase, great use of “Blackie” from Adam and a nice explanation from Alison, gold.

Adam is breaking down the “Have Mercy” and the meeting with suits that probably led to it being changed from “Lord Have Mercy” and how the phrase wasn’t used enough to really sink in.

Adam has a killer one liner joking about the “catch phrase” that the Olsen twins abandoned, wow!


Adam Ray is telling the gang about his work in “The Heat” alongside Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

Adam is joking about the preferred horse to fuck, nice observation from Alison to follow up.

BB is telling the gang about Sandra Bullock being one of the few actors to show up to receive their “Razzie” award in person.


Adam is now digging into the latest commercial that bumped him and the “do not attempt” warnings displayed across the bottom of the screen mid advertisement.

Great riff with some funny comments and a nice “Joie Chitwood” riff from Ace.

Adam is digging into the attorney telling a knock knock joke “stabbing himself with his own sword” according to Adam, they’re now playing a clip of it.


Adam is now comparing Zimmerman to Chaz Bono and how they started so far apart but are now merging into the same look, great Scott Baio and Willie Aames riff, nice one A-Rose.

Adam is now riffing about getting his assistant to be his signature proxy and how he does it in front of the people now, killer “Helter Skelter” joke to boot.

They’re back to “Joie Chitwood” and Adam is explaining his legacy to BB and the audience, while joking about the older tamer stunts that he could pull off, unlike modern X games style events.


Adam is now telling the gang about watching an episode of “I Love Lucy” that Lynette had running, he’s mocking the simplicity of the early sitcom plots.

Adam is now connecting it to his own life and modern gender roles, he’s joking about Lynette’s “Breakfast Bluffs” with Alison.

Alison is telling Adam Ray about Adam’s new leaf of less anger behind the wheel and Adam Ray is suggesting more “Billy Ocean” music to ease his temper, Adam is now riffing on Billy working out the lyrics for the song, this is gold.

Adam Ray is joining in and they’re killing it in unison, BB tries to jump in and derails it a bit as the engineer/producer, Adam is much better in that role with DAG.


Adam is back from break telling the gang about his upcoming Vancouver show on the notion of adding a 2nd show and “leaving money on the table”, hilarious Kevin Hart reference from Adam.


Alison’s news

Her top story is on Broadway dimming it’s marquees in tribute to James Gandolfini, she’s now listing off his various productions to counter Adam’s claims he wasn’t in enough Broadway.

Alison is connecting this to Adam’s “Cindy Crawford getting the F outta DeKalb” joke and he’s sharing how it didn’t go over that well.

Alison is sharing an anecdote about a guy she dated who was obviously gay and Adam is wondering if it’s someone he might also know, interesting. They’re breaking down the public image of Gwyneth Paltrow and Adam’s hate fuck list.


Adam is breaking down the rankings on his list and how physical beauty needs to be coupled with a negative opinion of Adam and his work.

Alison is sharing her own tale of an early boy/girl interaction that went awry, interesting anecdote.

Adam is now back to Natalie Portman and giving an example of how she could be a closet LL fan, he’s now calling for a list of all the people who least like to have sex with you.


Adam Ray has an incredible list including “Reginald VelJohnson” and BB is like Adam and has never really put much thought into it.

Alison describes herself as “delightful and slutty” in response to her worries about how she can be perceived and Adam is riffing on how dimming a marquee is too subtle and honor, nice drop work from BB that everyone seems to miss.


Mark is now making his 5th appearance on the ACS, they’re jumping right back to the “knock knock joke” and Adam is remaking on the one person who is always coughing or clearing their throat at the worst possible time.

Mark is quizzing the comedians in the room about the setup, Alison is explaining that Adam was echoing that same sentiment about the attorney shooting himself in the foot.

Mark is explaining the post-amble that further dug a hole for the attorney and they’re now on a great riff about Mark dressed as a clown while handling cases.


Mark is sharing some “cone of silence” info about a discussion with someone close the case.

Adam Ray has a great one liner in reply, they’re back to the nature of the case and going extremely in depth on the confrontation between Treyvon and Zimmerman.

Adam’s explaining how he can detect guilt and he’s using OJ’s strained attempts to put on the glove to make his point. They’re discussing the recorded screams and how you can tell if Zimmerman is guilty if his scream was tested and he gave a halfhearted attempt.


Adam and Mark are commenting on the memory wiping aspect of an adrenaline surge and Adam is asking Mark’s opinion on who was screaming in the recording.

Adam and Mark are breaking down why Mark wouldn’t allow Zimmerman to testify if he was his client, very detailed.

They’re going super in depth on the case and what it’s going to come down to, Adam is remarking on the “risk assessment” abilities built into all humans.


Alison is talking about the ancillary details of the case and what determines what is or is not admissible in court, very solid question and Mark has some decent answers.

Adam is asking Mark about the Chad Ocho Cinco ass slap incident, Mark is explaining how the attorney should’ve reacted and Adam wants to know who is responsible.

Adam is remarking on the bailiff and his reaction, they’re now watching the video with the judge misunderstanding a basic action and getting upset about a perceived slight, justice at work indeed!


Adam is asking Mark if he can imagine “Villaretardo” defending him in court, Mark revealed he’s a personal friend and is taking Adam’s mocking in stride, nice one liner from BB too!

Adam is further riffing on the bailiff with BB, hilarious, Adam is joking about an inhaler in a donut.

BB has a great full circle moment by naming the cop from “Die Hard” one Reginald VelJohnson, nice work Bryan!


Alison’s 2nd story is on Texas executing their 10,000th inmate, she rightly guesses that Adam and Mark are on differing sides.

Mark is now breaking down the varied reactions and how being immersed in the system can ruin one’s life, Adam is now explaining his thoughts on death row prisoners and how the super obvious acts should be handled first.

Adam is now explaining how he loves DNA and science freeing wrongly convicted people and putting the true criminals behind bars.


Mark is now using the DNA praise to expertly judo Adam’s take on it, Adam is now explaining how a story can differ between friends and Alison wisely comments on how it’s always less flattering from someone else’s eyes.

Adam has literally just declared himself judge jury and executioner, nice reactions across the board.

Mark just invited Adam to join him at the courthouse for a day just to witness how 80% of superior court is devoted to cocaine and methamphetamine cases, Mark is calling for legalization and has a perfect FLAWLESS logic reasoning that Adam is right in line with Adam’s take on the matter.


They’re going in depth on the drug war and how it effects people, Adam is joking about Janis Joplin and her 50% dose of heroin that might cause one to complement their dealer while dying.

Mark is now telling the gang about the Mexican drug tunnels and Adam is inventing a new job for them “sandhogs”, BB has a great joke calling Adam racist that he roles with.

Adam is connecting this idea to his homeless bobsled team. Adam is remarking on the statistic among the people who claim to be going to Jr. College to move onto a 4yrs university, he’s now reading the stat mid live read.


Great Mark and Bryan comment from Adam to close the show followed up with Alison’s latest hilarious drop, she never fails to provide the best gems for BB.