Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/25/2013 – David Alan Grier and Dave Dameshek

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Guest David Alan Grier and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 06-24-2013 – Release Date 06-25-2013

Production Number #1108

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Adam is opening the show to a great #TopDrop from former 2006 KLSX Adam Carolla Show “Webmaster” (Webmistress) Billy Moses, sharing what he learned about himself the Adam Sandler “Comedy” Anger Management, how appropriate with OG sports guy Dave Dameshek in studio.

Adam is sharing his experience in traffic after Lynette shared some of Drew’s wisdom from their discussions on her two appearances on the Dr. Drew podcast.


Adam is explaining that he’s not interested in working on the part of life where he overcomes getting resentful having to tell people the same thing multiple times.

He is saying he’s willing to change his “yelling at the dashboard of life” reactions though, pretty huge.

Adam is going off on the guy who was parked in front of him texting in the middle of the road, he’s now citing “this one” which really put him over the edge and he’s going off on the light cycle which could allow for all 10 cars had everyone been paying attention.


Adam is now going back to breakdown the “there will always be something else” discussion with Lynette where he was trying to get her to add Mangria signing dates to the website.

Dameshek is now citing the true peril of L.A. drivers, the mindless low speed searching for whatever it is they’re trying to find.

Dave is doing his best Adam rant, this is good stuff. Adam is arguing against the “maybe they’re from out of town” argument used to defend motorists who make dangerous and inconsiderate moves behind the wheel.


Alison is now sharing an anecdote about being stuck in an intersection due the traffic mistakes of others, Adam has a hilarious reply to her reaction of being caught.

Adam and Alison are bonding over the rude motorists who won’t pull forward to help you get clear of an intersection.

Adam is bringing up the “N word” discussion and the IROC-Z, Adam’s bringing up his brilliant point about racial slurs cutting deeper based on the level of prosperity of the group they’re about.


Adam is now breaking down “Italian Retard out Cruising” which was tweeted at him by a fan to explain what the IROC-Z means in New Jersey.

Adam and Alison are now clearing the air over yesterday and it seems there isn’t much to clear, they’re both agreeing and share the same POV.


Adam is now telling the gang about his buddy searching for talented female comedy writers in place of hiring someone to meet a hiring requirement.

Adam is now clarifying the “women aren’t funny” controversy, Alison is asking some very insightful questions and elicits a “oooh” from ace, Adam is now breaking down the classic playboy pictorial featuring women posing around hay bales.

Adam is using the toast at wedding from men vs. women to exemplify the innate natural tendency among the genders, this is a perfect point and I can’t find a flaw in the logic.


Alison is saying she ultimately agrees with Adam and thinks it has to do with women not being raised/encouraged to be funny and make jokes.

Adam is sharing why he doesn’t like the socialized argument, citing children and their innate toy preferences.

Alison and Adam are having a great back and forth and Adam calls men’s resistance to hugging it out a “defense of intimacy” and how comedy is used to keep people at an arms distance and how that runs counter to the majority of women who desire that intimacy.


Dave is now joining the discussion with some great points and a nice bit of praise for Sarah Silverman, Dave is agreeing with Adam and making some great points along the way.

Dave has an interesting point about the two kinds of funny, Adam objects to him prefacing it as interesting and Dave is breaking down the two masculine forms of funny, self-deprecation vs. attack humor and Alison helps him flesh the point out.

Adam is breaking down the people who try to attribute his sense of humor to his poor upbringing vs. people who try to credit Jimmy’s comedy to his good home life.


Adam is describing DAG as a “black panther” pacing back and forth waiting to join the show, Dave has a hilarious observation about what Adam’s getting at, that Adam tops by confirming it.


Creep of the Week

Dave is being a good sport about not getting to the sports and Alison has a funny lamentation about not hearing about sports today.

Dave is going off on “hidden TV’s” in homes and now he’s breaking down people who brag about not owning a television nor watching the programming meant for it.

Adam is telling the gang about discussing hidden television compartments and how ridiculous there are and the only possible excuse to attempt to hide them.


He’s got a great classic “put it in a crown royal sack” comment and a dig at Kevin Nealon for the red wine/Malibu incident that he’ll never live down much like the attempted elephant testimony.

Adam is connecting it to people and their love of technology, potential and themselves, Adam is riffing on the bike rack on SUV’s that people get in hopes they’ll change their behavior, Dave is remaking on Adam’s thoughtful nature today, I agree.


Alison wants to know how a TV interferers with a party atmosphere, Dave it taking this one home at full blast, Adam agrees and is telling the gang about the time he couldn’t get his TiVo shows for celebrity apprentice.

Gary and AV Ed, arranged for Adam to utilize a slingbox device to send his shows to his hotel room in NYC, Gary tried his best but the pitiful internet at the trump hotel couldn’t provide enough bandwidth.


It’s too bad nobody had access to unlimited 4G LTE, if so Gary could have left his phone in Adam’s room powering the box for him with one of the disguised “tether apps”.

Adam is now blaming himself for having an EMF field or powers similar to “Jubilee” from the X-Men that causes all electronics to shit the bed in his presence.


Dave is quizzing Adam on the #1 player going into the new NFL season, Adam guesses and is breaking down he came to his choice and Dave is giving his take and plugging his own podcast.

Dave has BB turn the blaster on Adam as Adam giggles about DAG’s upcoming stint at the Improv in Dallas.


DAG (David Alan Grier) is making his 20th visit the podcast, he’s been a guest sine the original format ACP at Adam’s house all the way back to episode 7.

Adam is quizzing DAG about his schedule at the Addison Improv, Adam is clearly trying to get to the lodgings near the club.

He’s telling DAG about having to bail early on Jimmy Kimmel’s deluxe villa in Mexico in order to make it to Addison in time for his performance, he’s describing the pathetic hotel room in stark contrast to his VIP experience with Jimmy.


Peanut is now stepping in, Alison’s reactions are priceless, Adam is giving another analogy and rolling with Peanut’s barbs, this is gold.

DAG is out of character and Adam is asking what’s worse a plastic wine glass or a ceramic mug with wine in it, hilarious “no offense” comment from Adam mid-sentence.

Adam and Dag are discussing hotel accommodation power moves, Adam is telling DAG about the first place Stern put him up when he was doing a week of shows and he’s describing the sinking depression he felt upon entering the room.


Dag is describing “sexy” small hotel rooms of Europe vs. the suicide inducing ones found in the states.

Adam and DAG are riffing about Adam’s skin care regimen, they’re now riffing about dropping things in the toilet in reply to Alison’s question, hilarious and horrific description from DAG.

Alison has a great descriptor for the top of a toilet tank of what it’s akin to, Adam is sharing the man show bit where they put yellow dye in a toilet with a 20.


DAG is losing his shit in reply to Adam’s description, BB and the gang can’t believe his reaction.

This is new, I’m enjoying this reaction and tone from David.

DAG is telling the gang about dating a hot chick, but he’s interrupted with the man show clip, he’s now finishing the story or telling a different one about his ex-wife.


Adam is remarking on people who include their dating years in the amount of time there with a spouse before getting a divorce and how they try to make it seem like less of a failure.

Adam is asking DAG about his ex, he seems to have forgotten the in-depth discussion they had 2 visits ago about this very topic and how great it worked out for David.


Adam’s breaking down his type of touring that seems similar to DAG’s laid back snacking and TV schedule, Adam’s got a great point about troubled performers who wind up burning out and Alison just mentioned it happens to bands as well, good point.

Adam is now sharing how some clubs have blanket rules because of the mistakes of performers past, Adam has a hilarious and good spirited riff about Ira Glass, calling him a wild man.

Adam is telling the gang about how he had the staff get him the list of ingredients off of a can of Monster energy drink, DAG is saying that two people have told him not to repeat and jokes/bits from past visits (STOP INTERFERING WITH THE SHOW).

Adam takes credit for the douchey tweets trying to armchair program direct the podcast.


Adam has a hilarious reply to DAG’s “fixed income” comment, this is gold. They’re discussing the post office and the reactions to the cost of stamp increases and the possibility of reduced hours.

DAG doesn’t want to read the list, he’s got “a line too far” question for Alison, but she already answered it.

They’re discussing lifting a butt cheek while farting, Adam is telling the gang about the 2nd outdoor fart that stuck with him, much like last time at the race track as well.


DAG is now riffing at/about Bald Bryan, tony, Reggie, and Alison seems appreciate it as much as I do, solid.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the video of the guy who walked a tight rope across the Grand Canyon without a harness or safety line.

DAG is mocking the man’s outfit and it’s antithesis to the Evil Kevel look.

Adam is remarking on his family members who have died while attempting other stunts, Alison is filling in the facts and DAG is riffing up a storm at BB aka the President of Humor.


Adam is trying to match BB;’s delivery of the word “wire” in this bizarre meta riff, BB is riffing in turn and doing a decent job.

Adam is giving DAG 3 reads for safety and Alison has a great inverted/muffled laugh noise.

DAG is refusing to break out the Teddy Pendergrass too.


Adam is using the cold metal bedframe against your little toe being as painful as someone cutting your arm off, DAG is telling the gang about “stubbing his web” as Alison puts it and Adam has hilarious almost eugenics level comment about webbed feet and black people.

They’re talking about the pain of root canals and Adam is citing the dentists always busting his balls about the nitrous that he demands upon setting his ass in the dentist chair.

Adam is explaining his classic idea for drive by dart based dentistry, Dag is telling the gang about having his wisdom teeth pulled, and Adam is in pain hearing the description and is now begging for peanut to return.


2nd story is on Jim Carrey and his stance on “Kick Ass 2” and the violence portrayed in the film after what happened at Sandy Hook.

DAG is defending Jim and explaining that he’s neither blowhard now insane, simply a quiet genius.

Adam is asking DAG about the “In Living Color” days and trying to full scratch Jim’s lottery ticket, asking if he’s weirder than Mike Meyers.


Dag is defending Eddie Murphy and how he set him up with his funniest scene in the cinematic masterpiece “Boomerang”.

BB is wisely throwing Steve Martin in the mix and Adam has an almost voice crack while telling DAG he makes the weird list, Adam is claiming that Ray Romano is going nuts with his neurosis.

Adam and Dag are breaking down the differences between Howie Mandel and Romano.


BB is telling DAG about the “mind bets” that Ray discussed on the ACS about a year ago, Adam is explaining how money only facilitates mind bets/OCD, great reply from BB about the cannery.

DAG is telling the gang about his mustard research for his food blog “Chocolate Glutton” which is almost as good as my parody food blog “White Chocolate Glutton” inspired by DAG and his foodie nature.

Adam is sharing the “Red, White and Blue” GI idea about David Carradine being found hanging in a hotel room and the differences in reaction in this day and age as opposed to the past.

Adam has a killer twist, somehow he made this even funnier, whoa!


Adam and DAG are riffing about Anthony Wiener and the women now being described as his “victims”, this is gold and Alison has nice “handle first” comment that seems to slip past everyone.

Hilarious Tommy Davidson comment from Adam, now Dag is telling the gang about hearing a female caller on the Howard Stern.

Adam is describing shame as the glue that holds society together, DAG is taking notes in hilarious fashion, Adam is now walking him through it word by word, killer bit!


DAG is almost getting into his “sex mode” from Classic Loveline as Adam recites the rest of his idea.

Adam is telling the gang about reading tweets @ him, almost like a human GPS reporting service keeping tabs on him 24/7, interesting.

They’re on the topic of paparazzi, Adam has a great point citing Brad Pitt and Dag is telling the gang about getting accosted and how you have to “go dead” when approached.


Adam, BB and Dag are now all riffing about “Draft Kings”, Dag wants to know the craziest dude/comedian and Adam is writing Bonaduce off as a “pro wrestler” while calling him a normal, thoughtful and sweet regular guy, wow!

DAG is fake snoring as Adam is walking the gang through the psychology of someone like Danny and Adam is putting his foot down while encouraging DAG to keep snoring, stern but fair!

Adam is explaining that Danny needed to embrace the “tell all” nature of his past, he’s citing the 2008 Maureen McCormick ACS booking where she claimed to do tons of coke in the 1980’s in Hollywood but didn’t know about the Wonderland Murders nor John Holmes.


Adam is feeling bad for the husbands of these women, where they have to enhance/massage/manufacture their pasts and how it must feel for the poor fucking guy married to them now, similar to the silent dudes in the herpes commercials from Adam’s other riff.

Dag is riffing about Leif Garret and his bandanna, how the one thing he won’t come clean about is his hair loss.

Adam is calling for a photo of young Leif and how his hair was responsible most of his success, Dag and BB have a nice back and forth about his “baldness disease”, and Adam has a great mocking comment about BB and an even funnier joke about Ron Jeremy’s dick shrinking.


Adam is telling the gang about how Leif was the only guest on MTV Loveline where the producers asked if they wanted to do another take, Adam was watching the “Behind the Music” about Leif and his buddy and how it led to Adam preparing questions.

Adam and Dag are breaking down the reunion from the TV special, Adam’s memory seems to be superior and he’s quoting obscure details about the radio Leif left for his paralyzed buddy.

Adam is a fountain of information on this case, great “I Just Want to Know Why?” delivery from Adam.


Adam and Dag are joking about demands for apologies and for people to “take that back”, great joke about fat people.

Dawson seems to have fired up the closing music, DAG thinks he’s trying to hint that he has somewhere to be and is playing them off, interesting reaction form Ace too.

Dag wants to join them in NYC if his schedule changes and he can end up making it, Adam is telling Dag about selling over 400 tickets to the Vancouver live show.


Adam is giving the plugs and wrapping this fantastic and unusual DAG episode, BB has an odd closing drop of Alison that plays pretty well.