Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/24/2013 – Ed Cunningham

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Guest Ed Cunningham

Recorded 06-23-2013 – Release Date 06-24-2013

Production Number #1107

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Adam is opening the show to a great #TopDrop and he’s teasing Ed’s upcoming debut visit while referencing some of the great documentaries Ed has worked on.

Adam is now breaking down his weekend in Fontana/FonTucky and how it serves a counter balance to the stereotypes about California.

Adam is citing the “excuse you” guy in line who correct you on having more than 10 items to make an analogous comparison to an anecdote from the track.


Adam is now describing he perfect storm of Jimmy Kimmel picking up a check while Daniel Kellison dines.

Adam is telling the gang about his various “modes” and his nightly routine he engages in regardless of his next day’s events and schedule.

Adam is breaking down the dinner conversation and how Daniel called a spade a spade and told everyone to abandon the charade of sitting near their spouses in order to enhance the dinner time conversation, nice Mike Judge mention too.


Adam is now breaking down a semi aggressive move from a fellow motorist while had the twins and Jeff Fox in the car, the other gent was rocking an IROC-Z Camaro.

Alison has a great observation about the type of gestures this gent is probably prone to make, nice callback.

Adam is describing this in even greater detail describing the other motorists attempt to pass him after being destroyed by Adam’s take off, Adam just got the facts and was almost dead on with his HP assumption about the Camaro and now Adam is pondering if Fontana truly is his kind of town.


Adam is now breaking down the race footage and telling the gang about what elements of the track can be intimidating while describing the feeling of the track.

Alison has a great question about car modifications and Adam is describing the “cheater” cars that do show up from time to time.

Adam is explaining why the 80mph in the shitty tin box feels more dangerous and exciting than racing in a modern or professional race car, Adam won the “Hard Charging” award for passing the most cars and he’s joking about the 150$ gift certificate.


Alison is quizzing Adam about his wonderful nails, he’s now explaining how he clipped them in advance after thinking about his racing gloves and boots.

Adam is now describing how much he dislikes the feeling of long nails and calling it almost unique to the 62yr old black men of society, Alison has a great couple one liners in reply.

They’re now breaking down the choice to “wear your fingernails longer” and how it seems like its intentional whenever he sees it.


Adam is doing a soft intro asking BB about movie trailers and why he couldn’t feature the urinal scene in the “Hammer” trailer despite Justin Timberlake peeing in the sink in the “Friends with Benefits” trailer.

Adam is now breaking down the masses of bodies shown in the “World War Z” TV commercials and he’s now asking what you would like your child to engage in as an adult, sexuality or extreme violence.

Hilarious one liners from Adam about his twins and what he would and wouldn’t like for their futures.


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB is now giving his review for “World War Z” from his non “zombie purist” POV.

Bryan saw it with his lovely wife and really enjoyed the movie, he’s giving a super emphatic review and claims that his wife also loved the film.

I wonder if not reading the book enhances ones viewing?


Adam is telling the gang about Sonny wanting to see “Pacific Rim” and how the missiles never seem to work in these big monster movies, Adam’s got a hilarious riff about the proper reaction one should give.

Adam has a great reaction to the “King of the Monsters” style premise and BB has a killer on liner before recounting what Adam said to him during the trailer for it when they saw “Fast 6”.

Adam’s now on his old favorite “C-130/spent uranium” tangent, BB is praising the sound and is telling the gang about being excited for when the movie makes it way to HBO.


Adam is now telling the gang what happened to Sonny while they were out to dinner last night and the kids were at home with Olga.


Sonny was convinced by Olga to attempt to be a big boy and check the lights upstairs in the office before sleeping alone, only to be attacked/exploited by Natalia.

Adam is breaking down Sonny’s reaction and Alison wants to know how parents handle these kind of things, Adam is explaining it’s hard to get mad at people for doing thing you would’ve done, he’s using public urination as an analogy.


They’re back from break with Ed Cunningham making his debut appearance, Adam is quizzing him about his former NFL days and Adam is breaking down how the average player’s physique changes after retiring.

Adam is telling Ed about his own physical transformation for football and now they’re discussing Leon Lett and his two all-time greatest NFL bloopers.

They’re now on the topic of Herschel Walker and Adam is describing his lack of football IQ that was supplemented by his physical prowess.


Ed is calling Barry Sanders the most fluid athlete he’s ever witnessed, Adam is asking Ed about thinks that are quietly impressive, he’s referencing Jerry Porter who was a rookie when Adam filmed his Man Show bit with the Raiders and could throw with laser accuracy ambidextrously.

Adam is describing Jerry and his modified “Kip-Up” he was able to do in full pads and gear without using his hands, Adam is describing the “Man Show” clip they’re watching and his touchdown dance he demonstrated for Jerry.

This episode is turning into an obscure NFL player name drop completion and it’s even delightful to a fair-weather sports fan like myself, Ed is telling them about a guy who could hold his breath the longest and how it benefited him and Adam has a killer one liner, nice reaction from A-Rose.


Ed is asking if anyone has ever seen someone bench press 180lb dumbbells let alone seen them, He’s describing one of his fellow players who now benches over 700lbs.

Adam is taking it back to the drive home with Jeff Fox from Fontana, Adam is sharing their Larry Allen discussion and shared a tidbit about Jeff’s nephew the powerlifted.

BB has a great Joel McHale follow up question, nice reply from Ed.


Adam is now asking Ed about his new film and his past work on “King of Kong”, Ed is sharing how he was working on another doc “New York Dolls” and how he got tapped to work on “KOK” upon returning to Washington State.

This might be the most in depth breakdown of the origin of the documentary I’ve ever heard, nice Redmond mention from Ed and a great “Breaking Away” analogy from Adam describing movies that focus on small stories.

Ed is now telling the guys about his latest project “Finders Keepers” with a quick “Undefeated” mention prior and is breaking down the premise and giving Adam the “toenail” sketch of the new movie.


Ed is walking the gang through the macabre nature of this story, Alison has a priceless reaction to the “oil” found by the subject of the documentary and Adam and BB have some funny comments.

Alison is getting Ed to clarify the lawsuit filed by the subject of the doc demanding to keep the severed leg of an amputee.


Adam is telling Ed and the gang about pitching “Aids Butler” to Mike Judge at the group dinner, he’s breaking down the plot and how “viatical agreements/settlements” play a role in it.

Adam is now riffing about oddities and sideshows, he’s bringing up the classic Jim Rose one done at Lollapalooza, Adam is sharing his time hanging out with Korn and meeting Jim and his wife who shot vagina out of her Vagina.

Adam is briefly referencing how he became the “spokesman” for Korn and Alison wisely attributes this story to a stop on the “Family Values” tour, gold!


Adam is sharing his theory about Mrs. Rose and her gynecologist, hilarious brief commentary from Alison and BB.

Adam is now sharing the lost details of the phone call he received about Jim Rose doing puppetry of the penis in front of a mixed crowd of allegedly underage concert goers.

Adam is now blaming “The Vagina Monologues” for the creation of “Puppetry of the Penis” and has some funny one liners to make his point.


Alison wants to know if any of the guys have ever tried it at home, Adam is telling her about his famous sock launching technique, BB wisely calls Adam’s dong a trebuchet, hilarious!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the recent Paula Deen controversy, Adam is telling Alison about bringing it up at Dinner and how nobody could figure out the actual details of what happened.

Alison is now explaining what actually happened and getting the facts straight for Adam, while citing Paula’s contract being severed from the Food Network.

Adam is now saying that nobody can say they’ve never dropped and N bomb but actually directing it at an employee is quite different, hilarious jokes about his kids.


Alison is telling the gang about the “defense of the N word” she’s seen on her twitter feed, Adam is using knifes and weapons being in possession vs. being used to harm someone to make a nice analogy, Alison compliments his point and is sharing her feelings about Paula.

Alison has another great point about companies and people being too afraid of controversy, she’s being very fair.

Adam is still bringing up his point, kind of a “spirit of the N word vs. letter of the N word” argument, BB has a smart point about using it while singing along to hip hop.


Adam is now bringing out another analogy, using masturbation to make his point, he’s discussing the nature of the word and the use with Alison, and this is a fascinating discussion.

Adam is once again bringing up the bullshit controversy over Alec Baldwin and his voicemail to his daughter, Alison has a nice point about Paula revealing something that society has agreed we don’t reveal to the public.

Adam is now making a larger point about people making jokes and saying shitty things being turned into a racist in the public eye regardless of their intent and what’s in their heart and mind.


Adam is wisely extending his point to explain how one has to actually “do something” to be a racist, criminal/murderer and that thoughts and words don’t necessarily intend what people extrapolate them to mean, wow.

They’re now discussing Paul’s realm of fame and how Adam first heard about her, Alison wants to know if Adam wants to hear the apology and they both agree it was the wrong move for her.

Adam has a great reply about how Paula apologized, Alison has a nice understated reaction, this is a great back and forth, the perfect way to have discourse and disagreements on the ACS, and I vastly prefer this to the “iPhone argument” style of discourse.


2nd story is about the name of Kanye and Kim’s new baby, Alison is apologizing to Gary who told her of the rumor about the name.

Adam has a funny comment about using the N word as joke about the name, Alison now just asked Adam about people defending the term on twitter.

Adam is now calling her out, but in a nice enough way. He’s citing her angle on the argument vs. his and how he doesn’t have an angle other than practicality.


Adam is using the idea of shit talking friends and coworkers while not mistreating them to further his point, Alison agrees and BB chimes in to confirm he loves shit talking coworkers, gold.

Adam is making a point about the current state of the black community in this country and he’s using the “K word” to slander Jewish people as a prime example to prove his very salient point.


3rd story is on the NSA leaker and his attempts to seek asylum

Adam is now giving his take that we should be able to get anyone from anywhere as long as we can crush them as a country.

Adam just brought up Roman Polanski and now he’s riffing about his quality of life with Alison and BB, Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a “Draft Kings” live read with a great assist from BB and Ed as well.

Adam is giving some plugs and thanking the wonderful Ed Cunningham for being such a solid guest, great episode!