Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/20/2013 – Jeff Dye, Live at The Irvine Improv

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Guest – Jeff Dye, Live at the Irvine Improv

Recorded 06-19-2013 – Release Date 06-20-2013

Production Number #1104

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Adam is opening the show live from Irvine with Jeff Dye making his 2nd visit to the podcast and his first live show appearance, he was on ACS 530(#862) from 2012.

Adam is teasing the rest of the show and now he’s explaining how he had to get a medical physical in order to go race in Fontana, he’s going in depth on the urine sample portion of the exam.

Adam is going off on nurses and doctors being super casual with the super freaky things they do, Alison agrees and is comparing them to chefs on TV and has a great KY Jelly multitasking reply.


Adam is riffing on the idea of not wanting attractive people to do things for you and the concept of “good looking people not needing to do stuff”.

Adam is exploring the semi erotic urine sample and calling himself the “Whiz Lord”, hilarious “attract Bison” comedy and is joking about following his urine, this is great.

Adam is explaining how the nurse discarding his pee down the sink equated to vindication in his mind because of his years of sink peeing.


Adam and BB are now doing an improv about “Daddy’s Medicine” and the quizzing about his booze consumption during his physical.

Adam was cleared for racing and is now quizzing Jeff about his health, Adam is telling him to order a cocktail to take the edge off and explaining how the audience pays to watch people who “feel funny”, he’s connecting it to the “I feel beautiful, I buy Lingerie for me” cliché riff.

Adam and BB are now on a great “HBO’s Real Sex” riff in reply to Alison’s observation on the uninhibited people who could use some inhibition.

Adam has a great bar of chocolate vs. vat of chocolate metaphor.


Adam just told Jeff he’s got a little Liberace in him and Jeff has a killer reaction, Adam is now recounting the story about him and his chauffeur, hilarious sexual liabilities joke from Ace.

Adam is now discussing mic technique and how people either hold it two handed up to their face or casually around their hip, Adam is quizzing an audience member John who lives in Woodland Hills and whose son bought him the 100,000th bottle of Mangria

Adam is now on a riff about the phrase “as the crow flies” and Adam has a great joke referencing the old man who ran over people at the local Farmer’s market, BB has a too soon that is funny but a wee bit hypocritical.


Adam is on a roll mocking John and his mic technique as he quizzes him about his son sending the bottle as a Father’s Day gift and Adam is bringing up his standard “knee my dad in the nuts” in reply to John’s anecdote.

Alison has a great reply that sends Adam spinning, he agrees and the audience seems to be eating it up, nice work A-Rose.

They’re going super in depth on John and his son, Adam has a hilarious whipped noise in reply to how John’s son ended up in Rhode Island.


Adam is doing his first and insanely great “Uber X” live read, so many great quotes.


Audience Questions

1st question from Keitha, she wants to know about Loveline. Adam is mocking her name and the duality of the hottest chicks and ugliest dudes coming from Louisiana.

Keitha wants to know Adam’s all-time favorite caller, Adam is citing the phone sex worker from the legendary 2002 episode. The “Thinking about the Holocaust” call, nice pull Aceman!

Adam is now breaking down the call in amazing detail, BB has a lost tidbit from inside the studio and Tom’s red face, Adam tops it with a coke joke.


2nd question from Brent and Adam just declared there are no Brent’s in any history books.

Brent wants to know when Molly passes if Adam will get another dog, Adam is walking the gang and the audience through his anecdote about Molly and her gourmet giblet based dog food.

Hilarious Tarantino one liner from Ace while discussing her most expensive possible ear removal surgery, Adam is now digging into veterinarians and how nobody knows where a vet goes to college.


Adam is now riffing about the lack of guarantees in the veterinary world, Adam’s got a killer twist and is really going off.


Adam is going off on paper weights and their lack of use in modern society, hilarious.

Adam is now recounting Mike August visiting the house and how he had the twins practice standup for him, he’s citing their bits and setting up the clip that Mike filmed.

Adam is now comparing Sonny and his standup technique to Janeane Garofalo and giving examples of his material and has a nice “Largo” reference.

Alison has a hilarious observation on both of his kids dressed up like Pauley Shore and Adam has a funny idea about how Pauley must feel about his old photographs.


Alison’s News

Personal news up top, Alison got her first ticket in a really long time and Adam is explaining why men find it funny when women get tickets, due to the general hypocrisy of chicken shit ticket writing cops.

Alison wants to know if she should fight it and Adam is calling for the citizens of California to fight every ticket and clog the system while citing Mike August’s willingness to demand court dates for minor traffic violations.

Adam is now recounting his own stoplight phone checking from earlier in the day and Alison has a nice reaction to realizing she was saddled with Adam’s karmic/Great Magnet style ticket.


Adam is going off on how you now need to look out for cops and keep your head on a swivel while stopped and not just while speeding or while in motion.

Adam and BB has an almost “1780’s Guy” improv reenactment.

Jeff just brought up “Click it or Ticket” not knowing the Carolla rant landmine it is, now they’re joking about tax payers having to pay for other people flying through windshields.


Her top story is on the death of James Gandolfini, Jeff claims to not be familiar and Adam seems bummed but does have some great one liners.

Adam is now going off on the age he died at and how surprising it was that he was so young.

Jeff wants a better story and Adam is now connecting the lack of icepicks in modern society to paper weights and Alison has a great “skate key” addition.


Adam is now opening a bottle of Mangria on stage, he’s joking about the most homoerotic way to open a wine bottle and his camel bag full of Mangria.

Adam is sharing his “Ted McGinley” idea for recasting “The Sopranos” and BB has some nice info to help flesh it out.

Alison is bringing up her “have fun with it” pre photograph instructions and Adam has a nice Chuck Manson related one liner in reply.


Adam is now bringing up the “scissor mouth” thing that hot chicks do in photographs and he tops himself with a “snap a cock off” comment, whoa!

Adam is now riffing on Courtney Love and her appearance at a celebrity roast, Adam is joking about the idea of a crowd objecting to seeing a woman nude and what it means, gold.


Adam is sharing the “please don’t ask him to take his shirt off” request in a male actor’s bio from Classic Loveline and now he’s mocking Lou Bega and his appearance on MTV loveline where he didn’t think the hot streak would end, similar to the “Jamiroquai” appearance.

Adam is calling Lou Bega a horrible Ricky Ricardo and BB has some nice observations.

Adam is once again bringing up Meredith Brooks and her “I’m a Bitch” hit single, Adam is has a great Swiss Army Knife reply and now he’s breaking down the necessity of the items in included in a Swiss Army Knife.


Adam is now joking about “Leatherman” tools and pondering if the Swiss Army Knife guy and the Leatherman guy have ever spent time in an elevator and he’s riffing about the name of the Leatherman.

Adam is going off on the notion of “all in one” and how it doesn’t work in vehicles or with people.

Adam has a great “Geechy Guy” joke and his telling the crows about seeing him on a 1997 Christmas cruise with Lynette, Jimmy and Jimmy’s ex-wife.


Adam is breaking down Geechy and his claim to fame regarding rollercoasters in the United States.

Adam is breaking down the terrible Kareoke night on the cruise that was terribly deflating, he’s leaving out the best story the “75 dollars in nickels” story as shared on the January 4th 1998 Classic Loveline, instead he’s sharing some rare lost details.

Adam is bringing up the bugs in his room and the lack of balsamic vinegar, he’s now touching on the Casino night and he’s riffing about explaining gambling to an Alien, gold!

Adam almost told the nickel story but got distracted or pulled back in order to wrap up the show.


Adam is having the crowd give a round of applause for the 100,000th bottle recipient and now he’s wrapping the show after giving some plugs.