Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/19/2013 – Steve Austin and David Wild

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Guest Steve Austin and David Wild

Recorded 06-18-2013 – Release Date 06-19-2013

Production Number #1103

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild in studio, he’s got a nice joke and Adam is teasing the new PSA’s he came up with for Steve Austin to rattle off later in the show after his hilarious off the cuff improv “The More You Know” riff on his debut visit.

BB has an excellent cabbage themed #TopDrop and Adam is lamenting being surrounded by strangers and BB has an accidental slip and plays some “Don’t Come around Here” by Tom Petty which David Wild accurately guesses and BB attributes to foreshadowing, which also totally works.


Adam is going in depth about the lack of time to “Put His Face On” and how he let a chambered series of contained farts go thinking he was alone, akin to his “first date/hold in a fart” idea and also echoing the story of the machine gun fart in the Vegas hotel room from his buddy.

Adam is breaking down “fart round number 2” and really going in depth so to speak.

Adam is going off on people barging in mid knock, BB has a hilarious Pulitzer reply.


Adam is now bringing up David’s son and he’s using his modern day ability to see boobs with ease and how in the past men would pull the “maid walking in the shitter” move in order to catch a peak.

Adam is now having BB play the PSA from the last Steve Austin appearance and it’s still gold, the laughs make it even more entertaining.

Adam is talking about the Chrome “Ultrabook” using Google’s new desktop OS and David is calling it the most important invention since “Fluffernutter” and David is giving some examples of why this device is superior to laptops and tablets, his son Alec is now on mic and BB is mocking him but it’s kind of funny.


David is now having Alec tell the “Ringo” story after Bryan’s great name drop comment, Adam is poking Alec a bit and he has a funny response.

Adam and David are now discussing “The Rutles” and Adam is taking BB’s angle mocking them for their mic technique.


Adam is now bringing up a Huffington Post “best pies” list and Adam is setting up how he’s going to go off, while mention David’s contributions to the website.

Adam has a great Danny Ainge metaphor with a nice Bill Simmons from BB.

Alison is now reading off the rankings and Adam has a great reply to the Oreo pie and an even funnier “Quaker Pie” comment.


Cherry Pie comes up and Adam hates both the song and filling, Alison has an unusual comment about what she has in common with Adam.

Adam’s really going off on chocolate in pies and reading off the definition of pies to wrap things up.


Adam is now taking it to the Music segment with David Wild and he’s explaining the history behind Tom Petty’s song that Adam chose and BB is bringing up the music video.

David is now having them play a song and he’s explaining why he chose it along with why it’s great because Tom Petty had nothing to do with it and he’s now telling him to cover it and David is advising people to buy “The Weight of Her”.


Steve is now making his return to the podcast after appearing on ACS 703(#1035) and Steve has a nice name drop for “Shroom Tech Sport” from sponsor Onnit Labs, a product that does totally work.

Adam and Steve are now riffing on the mind fuck of the BMI, Steve has a quick funny explanation for losing height from pro wrestling.

Adam is now telling Steve that 228 means morbidly obese according to the BMI and Adam is mocking him and telling him to shed 70 lbs., great ball comedy.


Adam is now setting Steve up for the PSA’s he would like him to read, he’s explaining the scourge of discarded gum and expressing how it’s harming his life to Steve to properly motivate him for his upcoming read.

Steve is bringing up the used gum left in a water fountain and I can’t help wonder if Adam is going to tell him about the chewing tobacco from his dad’s hospital, Adam has a great discarded tampon one liner that Alison runs with.

Steve is now riffing and possibly reading, he’s doing such an excellent job it all feels impromptu and off the cuff, great writing and reading if it is scripted.


Adam is now using the “Cum on the Tits” explanation to share his reasoning for his take on school lunch programs, Steve is killing it, this is gold.

Adam is asking Steve about where he lives and they’re joking about vehicles they can’t afford, Steve drives a Ford Bronco and traded it in for a Suburban and has excellent use of country swears.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the new Watermelon Oreo cookie flavor and BB has a solid joke about racism that might me kind of racist, good stuff.

Alison describes it as Alien Sperm green and she’s breaking down what the cookies look like.

Adam is breaking down the Oreo cookie deconstruction process for proper consumption and what they don’t tell you about what you’re left with.


Alison is asking the gang about letting dogs lick your mouth, Adam is explaining how he doesn’t go for that but does often “dive through” Molly’s Sneezes which is equally gross.

Adam and Alison are now going off the artificial flavors that work and the ones that don’t, Adam cites the green apple flavoring as the best and doesn’t like artificial grape once again agreeing with Alison on sweets.

They’re all going off on the cop out of crappy jelly served at restaurants, Adam and Alison love the wireframe caddy.


2nd story is on the paparazzi video allegedly depicting Justin Bieber hitting one of the photographers, Adam is joking about the able bodied and athletic built brothers who often don’t get hurt from phantom car accidents.

Adam is now bringing Stone Cold back into the mix and joking about his likely response if his friend tried that, Steve is sharing an anecdote about shopping at Home Depot and how he had to make a calculated squeegee adjustment to prevent a similar incident.

Bryan has a great pro wrestling/Home Depot hybrid joke and Adam is bringing up the wasted resources of the Ambulance and X Rays being done to indulge the photographer, Adam has some solid logic.


Alison is now quizzing the gang about ambulance rides, BB wisely cites Adam’s pop warner football shoulder injury and his dream/fantasy of insisting to ride in the back with an injured acquaintance.

Steve is telling the gang about the few ambulance rides and how he doesn’t recall much about them despite being awake.


3rd story is on the United States and the Taliban entering talks to end the Afghan war, BB has a hilarious cave joke and Alison matches it.

Adam is now asking if anyone could have predicted we would be this fucked up with international war in the 1980’s after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Adam is explaining how he thinks there may be no definitive end to the wars in the Middle East due to it being more of a mental issue.


Adam and Alison are now riffing on baby corn and who likes it, Steve is promising to research it and claims to have never tried it, great from the corn of the cob comedy.

Alison ties it back into the Middle East discussion using Steve’s open mind and willingness to try new things, Steve now recalls what Baby Corn is and has indeed sampled it.

Adam is building a hypothetical salad bar in everyone’s mind and walking them through a virtual reality simulation of what people prefer.


Alison is going off on avocados and Adam is offering up a Sophie’s Choice between the Cado and the Baby Corn, she apologizes to Dawson who has a hilarious reply to her answer and she has an even funnier “fart I can shove back in my butt” comment followed up with a “smell my own piss” topper.

Adam is offering up a new hypothetical choice, Adam is declaring the Rainier Cherry is 2nd only to Steve Austin when it comes to “God’s Creations”.


Adam is now riffing on Brown Nosing and how he wants people to go full head and shoulders into his redeye, Alison is reading off listener’s choices for who they would like to meet.

Adam is doing a perfect improv riff with the Elliot Gould drops, BB has excellent choices and Adam is working Steve Austin into it this is hilarious.

They all chose the Amanda Bynes tweet, Alison was sticking up for the Gandhi/Shaved bush entry and now Adam is telling Alison about Amanda Bynes tweeting him and Adam is cackling about her “ugly” response.

Adam is referencing “Eye of the Beholder” from classic Twilight Zone to explain how you want to be called ugly by someone who thinks beautiful people are ugly, he’s connecting it to his theory on how you want assholes to dislike you.


4th story is on the claim of a foiled plot from the NSA utilizing these surveillance techniques.

Adam is once again giving his take on government surveillance and how the social security number is the most Orwellian out of all the rules in society and everything pales in comparison.

Adam is now using his twins attempting to wash his truck and how they completely fucked it up over the weekend to explain how he feels about the Government, Alison has a nice catch on that and Adam has some “Gail Banks” love after Steve asks him about his truck.


Alison is bringing up “Limo Tints” and Adam has a great black porn star comment along with explanation of why they’re illegal, Alison wants to look through other cars and Adam is explaining how he does his braking based on the car in front of the one ahead.

Steve is now ranting about “Cushion Drivers” and how seeing through a vehicle can be a double edged sword.

Adam has some great comedy involving traveling back up the birth control, hilariously specific phrasing and now Steve is doing an impromptu PSA addressing “Cushion Drivers” that calls back the earlier school lunch program PSA.


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a great Lumosity live read that works in folding chairs used in pro wrestling and BB is adding to the live read nicely, good stuff.

Adam is wrapping the show and giving the appropriate plugs.