Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/19/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 153

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/19/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 153

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-17-2014 – Release Date 06-19-2014

Production Number #153

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Adam is opening the show with some plugs and referencing his conversation with Lynette about his corporate gig in Sacramento and his schedule vs. hers with a trip to Disneyland for Natalia’s birthday.

Lynette wished she could trade places with Adam, Drew states “you’re never happy with what you’re doing” and now Adam is recalling the days where someone could “pick his shift up” the McDonalds way of working.

Drew is now calling out a trip to Portland, Adam says that Drew is wired like a chick and now they’re fighting


Adam says it’s been a decade of Drew and his manager Howard, Adam’s former manager who is responsible for Drew signing the deal that ended classic Loveline.

Adam is now getting to the decade of Adam being blamed for missing one live how, he’s explaining how his flight was canceled and Drew is offering his expertise as the husband of a former travel agent.

Drew is giving his side of the argument after Adam wraps his up.


Adam is yelling like crazy, Drew is sharing how he was watching the southwest flights coming in, Drew is right Southwest does have a separate system and doesn’t play ball with other airlines, that’s true but doesn’t mean they have planes in the sky, just cause they we’re landing doesn’t mean more were taking off.

They’re back to “taking someone’s shift” and Adam says it’s a good thing that nobody can fill in for Adam or Drew, hilarious Colin Powell addition to the list from Ace, odd pronunciation too.

Adam is now sharing a story, he’s getting to the pets on every flight and how pets and pet owners have taken over the smokers terrariums with new “doggie relief” areas.


Adam is getting to how smoking has been decided to be evil and owning a pet is noble, he’s blaming the left and he’s now citing 3rd hand smoke and “pound saves/rescues” as language that indicates his point.

Adam and Drew are now talking about smokers and their actual impact on society, the made up rhetoric vs. how much tax they pay into the system.

Adam is now asking for the cost of cigarettes and telling Drew about the taxes for them and battling the pseudoscience of the BS about smokers costing the system.


Drew is in agreement that living to advanced age and using lifesaving measures is what costs all the money, Adam finds out the cost of cigarettes and the average cost in Manhattan.

Drew is bringing up the dog who pooped on the US air flight.

Adam is now setting up two dog incidents from this past, he’s going super in depth on the story of the time John used his workout cup from the garage to give his dog water.

Adam thinks he’s never told Drew this story before and Drew doesn’t seem to recall it either.


Adam is giving the full history of the mug, complete with photos and the mug itself in the room as a prop, Adam is now sharing his “I pay a person with a 3rd grade education to come into my house and fuck shit up for me” and he’s explaining how he finally told his maid to shut up.

He’s sharing how she would react to his presence with a frightened yell and he had to tell her to stop it in harsh terms, Adam is further describing his 2005-2012 problems navigating his maid in his own home.

Drew is telling Adam that these are millionaire’s problems, he’s getting back to the cup on the water cooler, to prove his point and he’s showing Drew the picture.


Adam explains he had to walk around his house and use nail polish to mark all of the deadbolt thumb turns and locks.

Adam is telling Drew about the French doors and the pool gate dilemma from when the kids were very young.

Adam says this is what you have to do for people living in an assisted living home with dementia.


Adam is now using the time he docked his gardener 50$ buck to make him learn the universal language of lock the fucking gate so my kids don’t drown.

Adam is now sharing another point he can’t drive home, he’s telling Drew about trying to clean French doors and he’s bringing up how they never latch both bolts to shut the doors, “you fucking unlatched it!” – Adam

Adam is expressing his concern for his families safety, Drew says Adam’s constant refrain is that other people’s brains don’t work like his.

Adam says they don’t fucking work! Adam now argues he’s not a genius and he’s not using an attention to detail, its basic human safety and negligence.


Adam is using the hypothetical drowning of his kids and the friends it’s happened to because the pool guy won’t shut the gate they fucking opened.

Adam and Drew are now doing a Go to Meeting live read with a heavy gardener yelling theme.

Adam is now back to the maid and his cup screaming “Put it the fuck back” great Jeremiah Johnson reference and follow up “Look it up bitches!” and he’s explaining the premise.


“That’s the thing about the wilderness, you’re either being attacked by someone or befriending someone, there’s no in-between” – Adam

Adam is now back to the mug with the “Do Not Touch” label and instructions, Adam is sharing he never thought this would be the world he was living in.

Adam is joking about all the work he’s doing with the people in his house and their brain injuries, hilarious pool rehab comedy with Dr. Drew.


Adam is back to the story finishing up the disgusting and coincidental twist ending.

Drew is ironically bringing up people who fill in stories for themselves, Drew seems to now remembers this story, Adam is doing a great impression of Assistant Jay’s delivery and speaking tone, not voice or vocal quality, but perfect encapsulation of his speaking pattern.

Adam is now explaining the part that pisses him off the most, it’s not the germs, it’s the insane narcissism of not putting the mug back, Adam explains that helped him figure out who John is, he says nothing but kind things but makes note he did change his opinion based on John’s actions.


Adam explains that John is one of these guys who comes around asking to borrow his lender cars and motorcycles, Adam says it’s not that asking makes him a bad person, but it is a little bit of an “ask” a weighty request.

Drew is doing a Hulu Plus live read.

Adam is plugging the book signing and the hardcopies of NTBM he is selling away at cost essentially.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break and Adam is reporting some news from Pasadena, he’s’ filling him in on the fatal shooting and the false report case.

Adam is bringing up how the media changed the story from a computer to a backpack to make it more salacious.

Adam is explaining all of the details to Dr. Drew and Adam says it’s not the cop who shot the kid or the false report that got this kid killed, it’s the inept police department of Los Angeles.


Adam is bringing up the diabolical nature of the LAPD and Drew is trying to call Adam a hypocrite for saying he wants cops to focus on crime, Adam says it’s not just violent stuff, crime period.

Drew is now telling Adam about a sting he witnessed outside his office where they used a fake pedestrian and 19 motorcycle cops busting people for not following an obscure dumb law.

Adam is ranting about cops too bust pulling over the likes of Maxipada instead of tracking down thieves, Adam is telling Drew the very letter of the law he was just referencing, about feet and curbs allowing cars to continue to move.


Adam is explaining the logic of what happened with the LAPD and this shooting, Chris gets on mic to say that if his computer gets stolen he wouldn’t even think to call the cops.

Adam says they have trained them to do that, like Adam’s mom and her cooking trained him to stop asking or expecting to eat at home.

Adam is sharing why he wouldn’t call the cops, he’s not interested in being dressed down by whomever answers the phone and he’s telling them about the “lock it hide it, keep it” signs outside his old school.


Adam says that everything that happens in life is the move before it, he’s using plane crashes for his analogy, and Adam is now connecting that logic to this scenario.

Drew is helping him flesh out his point and in agreement, Adam is still trying to get Gary to confirm if the computer was removed from the story.

Adam is now sharing his theory on why the computer is now left out, for news spin, Drew agrees.

Drew is doing a live read for with Adam joking about being down that road in regards to trucks full of tampons and jokes about jumping on this before this awesome company goes out of business, implying the deal is too good.


Adam is now bringing up the mini sausages at Costco as the only missing component.


1st Caller Shawn, he’s telling them about the lack of sex in his marriage and the type of counseling they should aim for.

Drew is asking him why there is no sex going on, Shawn doesn’t have much backstory for them despite him being the cause of the problem.

Drew is asking him all the requisite questions, Adam is trying to get at that root of the issue, Adam is explaining that sex is a lot like working out, the longer between sessions the harder it is to go back.


Adam is getting Drew to back him up with this analogy, Drew says “Break it off tonight!” as his medical advice to Shawn.

Adam is now getting to his kids and his overt affection he shows them, Adam gets to how weird his relationship is with his mom and dad now 50yrs into it.

Adam is getting to the absence of affection and the missing spots along with hug confusion, Adam says he kisses his son on the lips and jokes about his 30yr old son visiting him in the home where they hug it out.


Adam says he’s never told his mom or dad that he loves them, he says he hugs it out with his son 5-6 times per day.

Adam is joking about them not making out in front of his girlfriend when he’s an adult, Adam tell Shawn to just have some sex, just physically do it.

Drew is telling him how to find a good couples therapist.


Adam is now doing a live read for Bark Box.

Adam is now bringing up the stickers that are put on everything now that won’t peel off, he’s mocking the methods people advice for removing stickers.

Adam says they could just build proper sticky backing, Adam is lamenting the sticker grease left on his mug and how it ruins the product.

Drew totally agrees, the stickers have come home to roost.

Drew is now working on the sticker for him and Adam is bringing up the bathroom scale that left a permanent ghost spot of dirt and pubes.

“Fuck you, you ass cunts!” – Adam, Drew’s reaction is priceless and understated.