Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/18/2013 – Lisa Lampanelli and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lisa Lampanelli and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 06-17-2013 – Release Date 06-18-2013

Production Number #1102

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Adam has a nice classic Get It On intro and Alison is now joking with Adam about her chair and size, BB has a great classic KLSX morning show #TopDrop from Brusca.

Adam just revealed that he was finally roped into getting fingerprinted after years of resistance, he’s now explaining his reasoning for the battle against it and how he uses his assistants to sign things.


Adam is now giving a great example by citing the inflight cellphone rule, he’s now discussing how people attempt to fight with him over signing releases and he’s calling the telepictures contract signature his greatest victory, BB has a great question and Adam is now fleshing it out.

Adam just revealed that telepictures came calling for another deal, Adam has a great “fuck yourself for 1,000 years” response and BB has a funny follow up.


BB is making some great points and Adam is mulling over all the people he never wants to work with again, he’s now breaking down his initial “we gotta forge” response to the fingerprinting paperwork.

BB has a funny idea about Matt committing a crime and getting Adam in trouble.

Adam is now sharing Jimmy Kimmel’s take on the forced sexual harassment seminars and sharing an anecdote of the time he had to get a “one on one” coaching session for one of his pilots.


Alison is quizzing Adam about the experience of getting his thumb prints taken and his funny “went too far” response that echoes the reply he gives to the two keys question at hotels and to the prospect of a male masseuse.

Adam and Alison just coined “cuticle spooning” while describing the process of having your thumb rolled by another person, Adam’s joked in reply to them wanting both arms is insanely hilarious!

Alison has a hilarious “diddling” joke and Adam’s response is off the charts great, don’t miss this.


Adam is now using credit to make a great analogy and what his history should entitle him to, Alison and BB have nice understated reactions and he’s now explaining that we’re all considered “not yet criminals” despite never committing crimes, BB follows up and Adam clarifies we’re all “pre sex-offenders”.


Lisa Lampanelli is now making her 6th appearance on the ACS, she was last on episode #590 which is production number #922.

Lisa sounds pretty solid over the phone connection, she’s telling the gang about her impressive weight loss and giving an update on her husband Jimmy “Big Balls” who has also guested on the podcast with Lisa.

Lisa is telling the gang about her stand up travels and how she does bring an opening act, Adam is joking about Jimmy sitting at home eating bon bons.


Adam is now doing an improv with Lisa to explain what he would like out of his wife while he’s on the road, Adam is playing Jimmy, hilarious!

Lisa’s reaction if priceless and Adam is really bringing it, homemade sun tea.

BB has a nice Huell Howser drop denoting the classic KLSX morning show reenactments and Adam somehow was accurate with his Swiffer comedy.


Adam is now complaining about the lint roller paper being too hard to peel and describing it as a massage and is calling for a lint roller porthole that he could slide his body through, like the opposite of a “Double Dare” stunt.

Lisa is now crediting Adam with her policy of flying into the shows on the day of instead of coming a day early, Adam is joking about accidentally shitting on the small towns he doesn’t want to spend too much time in.


Adam and Lisa are now riffing about the people who work in these small towns and Adam is wondering if they truly exist or are merely automatons waiting in closets.

Adam is now listing off some of the bizarre smaller locations he’s played and flown into.


Adam is asking Lisa about feeling sorry for herself and is trying to set up a personal example but now he’s on a private jet tangent, using the flight home with Jay Leno.

Lisa and Adam are joking about yelling at Asian people and now Adam is bringing up the covert racism of martial arts in the 1970s due to portrayals of Asian people on television, he’s citing “Kung Fu”.

Adam is giving some plugs for Lisa’s new TV show and website, Lisa is wrapping up and promising to comeback in person to go over their mutual feud with Wendy Williams.


Adam is now further explaining the pain of multiple shows, Alison is asking about a specific experience, Adam is now picking up on it and citing the 6 shows in San Francisco and 6 shows I worked on in my hometown of Kirkland Washington in 2010.

BB has an interesting observation about the ladder of success making note of Lisa’s anecdote about Chelsea Handler and Adam has a great quote about flying on a private jet, Get that Drop BB!

Adam is now explaining “Net Jets” to the gang and how the pricing works.


Adam is now doing a great Tonx coffee live read and has a funny observation on Juan Valdez and his poorly chosen suit shade for his profession, gold!


Dave Dameshek is once again joining the show for his 51st appearance, depending on how you count his bookings (I.E. Guest, correspondent, weekly co-host).

Dave is now teasing a potential “mountain to Mohamed” edition of his NFL podcast with the entire ACS cast, Adam is now riffing about people sending him the link to their podcast and radio show after he records them.


Alison wants to know when Adam stopped listening to the podcast, as I assumed he never started listening and now Dave has a funny observation about bullshitting customer service people about writing down confirmation numbers.

BB is bringing up twitter and the tweets aimed at him disagreeing with a topic or point are the modern day version of “air checks” and now Adam is breaking down the process and how horrible it was Alison seems to Adam’s description.

Adam is confessing to listening to his own audiobook and how he’ll sample it while on a walk or on a flight and how he once had his headphones pop out of his phone broadcasting his audiobook to the nearby passengers.


Adam is now sharing the experience of MTV loveline being on at various bars throughout the late 90’s in response to Dameshek’s anecdote about the NFL network.

Adam is now telling the gang about going to buy Mangria at his local liquor store and the various thoughts running through his head before he arrived.

Adam is describing the scene of running into a guy holding a bottle of Mangria reading the back label and how he got a halfhearted reaction from the gent despite buying him a bottle, Alison once again seems to grasp the full weight of Adam’s story.


Dave is describing the time he witnessed a tow truck being towed and how it coincided with spilling Windex and being forced to clean up a cleaning fluid.

Adam is now describing the scene at the racetrack for his annual holiday celebration with the Kimmel’s and how a young girl and her father requested to get a picture, Adam is describing the hilarious ironic twist.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave wasn’t prepared to do a sports segment so he’s going to riff it on the fly, he’s sharing a hypothetical question he asked of Warren Sapp the other day.

Dave wants to know what sense each member of the gang is willing to part with.

They’re all now breaking down what senses they’re willing to part with and the plus and minuses for each choice, Dave has a great “pain don’t hurt” callback to the legendary first BCC on “Road House”.


Dave is now explaining how and why he’s known as “The Love Skunk” and asking Adam about boxing with a professional for a “Man Show” bit.

Adam is asking what movie featured Mark Breland and a stumped BB is being told about “Lords of Discipline”.

Some great Keith David and Rick Rossavitch love, BB has a great reaction to Michael Biehn and takes exception to Alison point it out despite every single time he’s done the same.


Alison’s News

Alison is turning to “mush” as he demonstrates his love skunk prowess, Alison’s top story is on the 60 minutes top ten list of the great game shows of all time.

Alison is explaining she’s ben criticized for not presenting these lists “correctly” despite Adam often dictating the order.

Adam and Dave are now riffing about “The Newlywed Game” and Adam is telling the gang about the time he was on the new Hollywood Squares and attempted to share it with his grandpa Lotzi.

Adam and Dave are now reenacting what happened, Adam is playing Lotzi and Dave is doing a reasonable Adam impression.


Adam is telling the gang about guesting on “Win Lose or Draw” during the game show revival of the 2nd half of the 1990’s, he’s going in depth on the experience and this Superfan remembers watching it.

This is a very rare breakdown of something Adam almost never brings up, the “Elephant never forgets” story as it were.

Alison is reading off the rest of the list, Dave whips out the blaster and BB has a nice high falootin comment about “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” shocking!


Adam and Dave are riffing about “The Price is Right” and Adam is comparing the audience members to the witnesses of someone threatening suicide on a ledge while questioning if they have your best interest in mind.

BB has a nice “Stampy the elephant” Simpsons Reference that Adam also recalls, pretty cool.

Adam is now further walking down game show memory lane and telling the gang about doing “Pyramid” and getting “smoked” by Betty White, another rare hilarious anecdote from Adam’s past.


Adam was just reminded of “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” and Adam is further explaining how he ended up getting robbed on the show.

Alison is comparing “Wheel of Fortune” to “Arliss” and Adam is claiming the worst part of Wheel is all the lame jokes from the 1980’s comedians, hilarious riff from Ace.

Dameshek has a great delivery of a funny compliment to Adam’s 80’s comedian character and Alison just revealed the number #1 Game Show “Jeopardy”.


Adam is now breaking down his appearance on “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader” and why it’s more embarrassing to lose on that show than on Jeopardy.

Gary has both of the clips of Adam on the show and he’s now playing them for the gang, Adam is objecting to the question difficulty and everyone is being polled about “integers”.

Adam is doing live commentary on the “shitty kids with their smug faces”, gold.


Adam has a hilarious one liner about his comment in the clip pertaining to his present finger print requirement for coaching his son’s basketball team.

Adam is now working the kids from the game show into his Academy of Sports Medicine live read, BB has a wonderful reaction and comment, and so far all of these live reads have all been great.


2nd story is on Jeff Garlin being arrested after allegedly smashing in the windows of a fellow motorist in a parking space dispute.

Alison is asking Adam if this sounds like him and Adam is describing him as one of the most confident human beings he’s ever met, he seems to be referencing the Phil Rosenthal movie night and he’s telling the gang about the time he saw him open for Jon Stewart.

Adam is breaking down his performance from back in the day, he’s further dancing around the topic and saying Jeff has a different confidence than the type people wish they could have.


Adam is calling him a sweet guy and saying this doesn’t sound like him despite Adam liking this behavior, Alison is reading the rest of the details.

Dave has a nice Karate Kid reference and Adam is now once again bringing up his argument from the Karate Kid III Basic Cable Commentary about Kreese and his quest to change the word of mouth about his dojo.

Adam is now joking about large men driving escalades and having fights that escalate, he’s jumping right into a live read and BB has a nice mildly incredulous response.


Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is wrapping the show and giving the appropriate plugs.