Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/21/2013 – Kelley James and Mark Geragos

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Guest Kelley James and Mark Geragos

Recorded 06-20-2013 – Release Date 06-21-2013

Production Number #1105

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Adam is opening the show with Mark in studio for his 4th visit, there is some opening comedy about Alison and her impending nuptials.

Adam now bringing up the paper weight riff from the previous show and he’s now crediting a fan who explained the death of the paper weight in office building is due to conditioned air.

Adam is now bringing up the charity event at his Malibu house for Cinco De Mangria and how he instructed Lynette to take Sonny to the Children’s Hospital to experience the weight and meaning of everything.


Adam is telling the gang about Dawson giving him a CD of the acoustic sets from the live performances, Adam is now playing John Popper’s classic track from Cinco De Mangria.


Dawson has a great Law and Order intro spoof for Mark and Adam’s new segment, nice work Dawson and Lynch.

Mark is telling Adam about representing the mother of one of the north Hollywood shooters, Adam is breaking down their crimes while joking about the nuttiness of Russian people.

Adam has been going off about this on air for over 17 years and it has even come up on one of my appearances on the ACS.


Adam is going in depth on the events of that day and how insane it is that nobody died except the shooters.

Mark is telling the gang about the other attorney who sued the city for the mother as he was representing her in the criminal case.

Mark is bringing up Susan McDougal and his work representing her.

Adam is now riffing about Sybil Danning and her appearance in “Chained Heat” and now BB is reading off her screen credits while Alison inquires as to why she was in prison in the “film”.


BB is bringing up Liberace winning a case against the “Guardian” and wants to know if he should have been forced to return the money upon coming out of the closet.

BB has a great he’s on the clock retort when citing Tom Cruise. BB is in character demanding his money back for Perjury, this seems to be an easy role for BB.

Adam is now wondering who has the longest running record for being a closeted homosexual, he’s now bringing up philanderers and how that’s now been shut down too due to technology.


Adam has a great question about what John Travolta is supposed to do in modern society.

Adam is joking about the name “Marty Singer” and how he was destined to be an attorney.

Adam is now bringing up Nike missile silos across the U.S. and how he was talking with a guy who worked on it, hilarious “We’ll deliver in 30minutes or less or the next one’s free” gold!


They’re now teasing the return of Kelley James who is making his 2nd appearance on the ACS.

Kelley is now back on the show and they’re asking him about his freestyle process.

Mark is now bringing up the case of the woman who was found in the water tank in downtown Los Angeles, he’s telling the gang about it being ruled an accidental drowning.


Alison is bringing up Adam’s joke about it being preferred it was an Asian woman as opposed to a larger Armenian male, Mark has a nice observation on the chauvinism implicit in this riff.

Adam is now joking about his grief counselling for the hotel guests who sampled the water, gold!

Adam has a great “Joy Luck Diving” joke in reply to Alison’s observation, Adam is now breaking down the order of events that would have to take place for her to find her way into the water tower.


Mark is breaking down possible other ways she might have met her demise, Mark thinks it’s treachery afoot and Adam has a great “porn name” riff complete with “bang!” flag chambered in his urethra.

Mark is explaining the concept of a “mass torte” as opposed to a class action lawsuit.

They’re now riffing and bringing up the greater minority factor of Asian women attending UCLA having difficulty getting into the school, even BB enjoys the rich irony and aggress.


Mark is telling the gang about his daughter taking the bar exam in 3 years, now they’re riffing about bi-polar Asians again.

BB is bringing up the “moral character” exam after complete the bar, BB wants to know if Mark knows anyone who didn’t pass that portion, he’s now sharing an anecdote.

Adam is inquiring if Mark is on any “blowhard boards” and Mark is quizzing Kelley about his priors real quick.


Kelley is now performing live in studio and he sounds great, nice work Dawson and Co and especially Kelley of course!

Adam is now doing some impromptu word association and he’s throwing it to Mark who’s “going dark literally” and there is a great “racism in stereo” joke from Mark, gold!

Kelley is now doing an extended live guitar/rap freestyle, it’s pretty solid!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the jury selection for the Zimmerman trial, Alison has vague details about the race of the jurors and now Mark is breaking down the facts and giving some professional unsolicited opinions.

Adam has an observation on the jurors all being women and how it doesn’t really qualify as “peers” when there isn’t a single dong in the deliberation room.

Adam and Mark are trading off profiling both Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin, very in depth discussion and Adam is bringing up the Spike Lee tweet that fingered the wrong suspect and didn’t get much media attention, great point Ace!


Adam is bringing up what is and isn’t admissible in a court room and why, he’s got a hilarious riff mocking Matt Fondiler and his flip flops.

Mark is now explaining character assignation vs. evidence, Adam is bring Matt Fondiler back into the mix and using Ray as a counter example, perfect logic.

Adam is now making it fair for Zimmerman’s appearance by citing the Hispanic “Big Cabeza Head”.


Her 2nd story is on the ban against gay males donating blood being challenged, Adam is now comparing it to women being allowed on the front lines of battle and how he would react if he was in either case, great Sally handling Land Mines comedy.

Adam is explaining why he took a break from donating blood, his multiple reasons for stopping and Adam has a great jizz joke.

Mark wants to know Adam’s tax rate and he’s explaining why he doesn’t want to know and what it would cause, hilarious sarcastic mocking from Adam “what do you need with all that money”.

Adam is telling the full story of why he stopped giving blood and now sharing an anecdote about a driver who keeps his blood type on his belt and suffered a horrific accident and returned to the track the next day.


Alison’s 3rd story is from Mrs. Lynch, Mike’s wonderful wife.

Alison is explaining the eyeball licking trend gaining popularity in Japan, Alison is reading some quotes and even tells BB to “stop it” as I’m sure he’s pulling a treasure trove of drops.

Adam is now connecting selecting areas to kiss to what animals we consume, he’s once again judging it from the POV of an alien and Adam is now suggesting a new “gross-o-meter”, great reaction from Alison.


Alison’s 4th story is on 560,000 being spent on two parking spaces in NYC.

Adam is now explaining how driving and owning a car in NYC can be extremely difficult, Alison has firsthand experience and Mark seems to understand why it costs so much.

There is a great call back to the eye tonging story and now Alison is wrapping the news.


Adam is doing a live read with another fine contribution from BB and Dawson, he’s giving him appropriate plugs and wrapping the show.