Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/17/2013 – Larry Miller

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Guest Larry Miller

Recorded 06-16-2013 – Release Date 06-17-2013

Production Number #1101

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Dawson has a sweet and humorous intro for Larry Miller making his return after over a 14 month absence from the ACS.

Larry is now telling the gang about his fall and what he underwent, he’s going super in depth on what happened and Adam is getting him to elaborate.

Adam has a killer joke about “Drive” while discussing Larry’s induced Coma, Larry is telling the gang about his wife and her reactions to his condition.


Larry is now describing his wife’s reaction to the doctor when she found he was out of the woods, Adam is asking Larry about her and her faith.

Adam has a great “Titanic” example for making a point about talking to god, the imagery is quite profound.

Larry is now telling the gang about his hand signal to his wife to denote he was ok, her discussion with the attendant about variations on it and Adam has a killer example for the all-time best one to give.


Larry is now telling the gang about his moniker of “Fred Stone” used to keep his condition and stay on the relative down low, hilarious reply from Ace.

Adam is sharing his attempt to visit Larry and how the fake name got in the way.


Adam is telling Larry and the gang about his father and stepmother coming over for a visit before he celebrated his annual tradition with Jimmy Kimmel’s parents later in the day.

Adam is now using his dad’s refusal of food and beverages to make a point, very similar to Doc B’s kids and Alison has a funny comment about why he was not eating.

BB is now calling Adam’s dad “the most efficient man” and Adam is agreeing while BB has another suggestion that Adam closes with a “Hyper Miling” joke.


Adam is now breaking down his dad and his super weird father’s day rejection of good times while praising the not as negative other aspects of his personality, heavy.

Adam is now calling the sharing of beer a social endeavor and citing his stepmom’s inability to maintain the lockstep when she asked for a room temperature glass of water, “passion for nothing”.

Larry has an anecdote about his dad and now Adam is taking it back to his father’s day efforts and Lynette’s observation on how unappreciated the food offerings were.


Adam is now citing the time he brought a pitcher of Mangria over to Kimmel’s and had a cup returned from a dissatisfied dude, he’s explaining what the appropriate reaction would have been, he’s adding that person to the “People I want to kill/make love to”.

Adam is going into the standard turf of the supreme narcissism that allows someone to reply in such a fashion and connecting it all back to the idea of sharing a beer with someone.

Larry has a killer Viking one liner and Adam tags it nicely, even weaving it into a stamps.com live read, Larry seem to appreciate it, good stuff.


Alison is silently choking and the audience might not have known but BB makes sure to mock her, Adam is now taking it to choking, he’s setting the scene with Eric Stromer choking on a piece of meat in Pahrump Nevada.

Adam is going in depth and citing his hyper vigilance as how he knew and quoting Eric’s reaction along with the probability of embarrassment vs. death in that scenario.


Adam is now quoting Weezer to describe the decline of American society and invoking the Coppertone dog to explain how fans tweet him signs and symbols of social decay.

Adam is describing the barefoot travelers who have been popping up in his twitter feed and Alison has a killer Greg Fitzsimmons one liner, even BB agrees.

Adam is now blaming the barefoot TSA lines for encouraging the midflight shoe removal, Adam is making a lot of sense while bringing up the carpets at the local airports and throwing out a nice Costco hypothetical.


Adam is now sharing a photo courtesy of producer Mike Lynch featuring some barefoot travelers, Chris Laxamana is on mic to confirm it as Adam breaks down what the picture means about the passengers.

Larry misunderstands the nature of the photo and tries to defend Mike, Adam is explaining how it went down and BB has a funny observation about the miserable existence Adam leads being tweeted these photos symbolizing the downfall of society.

Adam is now sharing his demand to listen to the 80’s station on the way to the Hollywood Bowl and how Lynette defused him with John Hiatt and Graham Parker, Alison has a great comparison to checking online comments and how it affects her.


Hypothetical Road Trip

Larry is explaining how he was on the ACS the night of his accident and now Adam is explaining the origin of this idea and the first two options given on the KLSX Adam Carolla Morning Show from 2006-2009 with writer Mike Lynch.

1st options “guy who drives with his seat reclined” and Adam is explaining his “can we spot a car under 500 dollars” game and the 2nd option is “guy who travels with a yoga may caddy” and Adam is calling him the world’s gayest archer, wow!

Larry just won his first ever round of the game, Gonna Fly Now!


2nd options, skinny Al Sharpton vs. fat Al Sharpton, Adam is mocking his “hero” status and appearance, he’s got some hilarious quips.

The Fix is in, this is wonderful!


3rd options, “guy from storage wars” or “chick from extreme couponing” and Adam wants to know the reasoning behind not being able to preview a storage unit before paying for it, he’s mocking the game show element and citing the weird laws in place.

Adam is now citing the hilarious story of the Paris Hilton storage unit that contained a Valtrex prescription, Alison has never seen the show and now BB and Adam are breaking down how it works, BB is clarifying the sneak peek aspect.

Larry’s answer on this one is pretty great, Adam is working him into the live read and has a great riff about jumping rope and riding his unicycle indoors with little reaction from the wife and kids.


They’re back from break and Adam is rehashing the Andrew Cunanan discussion from the last episode with Mark Geragos.

Adam is bringing up Andrew’s father and his reaction, he’s mocking it while citing the only appropriate reaction in this situation.

Alison is now reading quotes from Andrew’s father and explaining his POV regarding his son’s serial killing spree, Adam is now getting stern in his reply to Alison about the appropriate reply.


Hooray for BaldyWood

Bryan saw Man of Steel and is giving his full review, Adam is now joking about these guys who have to get in shape to play Superman and how the notion of large biceps doesn’t equate the ability to lift a continent, Adam is once again riffing about “Superman Returns” without saying it.

Adam is now describing the real world Superman physique and BB is calling it “Superman Begins” and breaking down the narrative structure and plot elements.

BB has a nice explanation for the connection to the past movies and he’s now giving his take on the Rotten Tomatoes score.


Adam is sharing how bad he feels for the last guy to play Bond, Superman or another iconic character, Adam is now riffing about Brandon Routh and the idea of “going in a different direction”.

BB is now instead recommending “This Is the End” and praising it as the best comedy he’s seen since “Ted”.

Adam is now sharing his problem with the movie, it’s only his problem as he’s clarifying. Adam didn’t like the mid movie drug binge where the cast was “standing next to the premise/comedy”.


Larry is now giving his take on the Superman costume in the new movie and Adam has an “it’s not your daddy’s superman outfit” style reply and wisely observant remark about its similarity to the most recent Spiderman costume.

Adam is now praising the staff for so quickly putting the new and old Superman movie costumes side by side.

Adam has a great “parts unknown” themed Go to meeting live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Kim Kardashian giving birth 5 weeks early, she’s sharing the twitter reaction and Adam is reading the rumor about the baby name.

Gary is now mic explaining how he read this rumor online, Adam is now observing Kanye’s happy look in the photos as compared to his normal dour expression.

Adam is now posing a hypothetical dune buggy analogy to further explain the nature of dating a Kardashian and being involved in their world “A Dune Buggy Deal with the Devil”.


This is very similar to Adam’s “scene/look” riff about the pressure of trying to prepare your rockabilly look before going to the grocery store.

Adam is using his trip in the Vanquish to Sonny’s YMCA basketball game to further drive the point home of the importance of a solid “grocery getter” in cars, human beings and potential romantic/life partners.


Alison is now telling the gang about going to Topanga Canyon with her Fiancé Daniel, she’s trying to explain the new age’y nature of that canyon and Adam is now chiming in to confirm her take with some personal details.

Adam is sharing that the infamous “Elysium” nudist colony that his grandma tried to trick/convince him into attending is located in that very canyon.

Alison is sharing her “critter” anecdote and the possibly chambered and completely condescending reaction from the nearby diners.


Alison just revealed her great fear of mice and what they might do, BRYAN GET THAT DROP!

Adam’s now picturing the exact type of person Alison is describing and now he’s mocking the attitude of being above everyone yet not being desirable in the slightest.

Alison has a key observation about long grey hair, BB has a key drop of Adam’s mom and his pained reaction is priceless, Adam is now taking it back to his mom and her hippy pals discussing the man in his backyard.

Adam has an interesting patriotic reasoning for taking objection to the bullshit hippy logic.


2nd story is on a town in Spain that returns abandoned dog poop via the mail.

Adam is now telling the gang about a plan to get DNA samples for dogs, he’s citing the companion/sympathy animals at the airport for expediting this motion in society.

Adam is joking about all the black labs on death row that will be exonerated with this new DNA plan and how the ACLU you should be cool with it.


Adam is now reading from the story he was tweeted and telling the gang about his nightly walks with Molly and how he’ll handle her turds when he’s “off trail”.

Adam is now calling dog turds the world’s worst hacky sack and describing his “punt pass and shit” competition trying to manipulate her poop with his shoe.

Adam is now having the gang look up if the blue dog waste bags are biodegradable to explain why he finds them littering the sides and bottom of hiking trails.


Alison just invented a type of shit/chia pet and Adam has a nice food based reply, he’s now further explaining his biodegradable theory.

Alison is wrapping the news, Adam is doing a live read and Alison has a great delivery in reply to Adam’s crap bag question, nice IRA comedy from Adam complete with theory about the majority of IRA’s being handled by guys named Ira.

Adam is giving some plugs for the upcoming live podcast, his stand up gig in Vancouver and the trip to NYC for the Caroline’s shows next month.


Adam’s has a bizarre crap bag callback while plugging Alison’s latest episode with Ian Bagg and a wonderful plug for This Week With Larry Miller, very nice to have you back Larry!