Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 152

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/15/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 152

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 06-10-2014 – Release Date 06-15-2014

Production Number #152

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and Drew is immediately tossing Gary under the bus for his surprise half birthday party.

Drew attended the party and Gary’s awesome family love him a lot, so despite what Adam is about to probably say, at least Gary is still winning.

Adam has a funny “Blue Angles” joke about Gary’s actual 30th birthday, Adam seems slightly jealous, not envious, and who isn’t.


Adam is now telling Drew about the every weekend requirement to attend events for the kids and how it only seems to increase, Drew tells him he’s right and it will become more of a commitment as they grow up.

Adam is now citing his own after school activities and Drew is telling Adam about going to his kids little league practices and enjoying that.

Adam is sharing he’s fine with a hard in and hard out, he doesn’t want to hang out for 6 hours at Sonny’s school or the YMCA but he will happily go for a set amount of time.


Drew is calling Adam out and saying he’s like his grandma, he’s saying no he will happily do an hour or two and is making a good point about not wanting to watch other people’s kids, he wants to spend time with his kids.

Adam is now addressing the logic of “he or she really wants, it’s important to them” reasoning and how at some point its tough shit, Adam doesn’t know what the end game is for making what’s important to every kid what’s important to everyone else.

Adam is saying that won’t make good employees for the future of this country, Drew is taking it back to Gary’s half birthday party and Adam says it’s not Gary’s fault he’s a “product” and now Gary is getting a little heated on mic, it’s cool GPS, chill!


Adam is clarifying his statements in reaction to Gary’s obvious dissatisfaction, Drew is interrupting to praise Gary for his methodology of getting hired at Carolla Digital.

Adam is saying that Gary suffers from the “I need a day off” syndrome of people of his age range, anyone under 35.

Gary says he’s never taken a day off in 2014, Adam is now bringing up Matt and saying perhaps this is a better way to exist as an employee and Drew is calling Adam an independent contractor.


Adam is now citing his time at Loveline saying he could have stayed home from LL, the actual absenteeism from Loveline is as follows.

Adam and Drew did 2635 episodes of Classic Loveline, out of those about 40 were best of where neither guy came in, either due to a holiday or vacation time.

Adam was absent 63 known times during his 10yr run on LL, showing up late by 10min once, calling in once and doing a phoner, literally phoning it in and one time coming in for only the first segment and then having to leave because he was too sick.


Dr. Drew missed at least 125 shows during the Adam Carolla era of Classic Loveline 1995-2005, it might end up being closer to 200 absences by the time we get the full archive released and can count every show.

See Gary, they’re being a little hypocritical or having “selective memory” however it should be noted they were working on 95% of their missed episodes or too violently ill to come in.

Adam is blaming this attitude on the younger generation and citing his assistants picking up their parents at the airport and how he would have responded as a young man.


Adam is saying there is more of a sense of individualism now and he’s telling Gary not to shake his head, Matt does the same shit.

Adam has a funny “Arizona playing USC” example and now Gary is telling Adam that what Adam is saying is true and he’s being stern and clear replying how his peers get personal time off, PTO and how his peers can guarantee their days off and he’s citing the 6-7 days they work per week.

I feel on call 24/7 for Carolla too but don’t work out there, must be challenging for them.


Adam says it’s a cultural change and probably more civil, it’s not bad, it just didn’t exist 20years ago.

Adam is now bringing up the Grammy award date trip with Natalie Maines from the “The Dixie Chicks” and how he never thought of not coming in that night.

Adam jokes that some call him a hero, yes we do!


Adam is now saying that Matt and Gary are very good employees but there is a new mentality where people balance work and pleasure and he’s calls it an “evolvement” and Drew corrects his word choice.

Adam is now citing other cultures and how they treat work.


Drew is launching into a Bark Box live read.


Drew is now asking Adam about Gary’s parents and bringing up Gary’s time as a hockey player, Adam is now using soccer and hockey to make a point about poverty and parental love.

Gary has a killer one liner about what kind of person gets that kind of attention and love form their parents, for buying gear alone.

Adam says skating backwards is the coolest thing and Drew shares his admiration and now Gary is saying the first 2 and a half years that was his main goal.


Adam says he watches the guys skate when watching hockey, he finds the puck handling to be cool but it’s far more impressive to watch the skating.

Now Adam is waxing poetic on fast breaks and puck handling skills, Gary is now on mic using Adam’s MMA analogy to make a point about the evolution of hockey skills.

Drew brings up Tank Abbot, wow!


Drew is now bringing up a play from a recent playoff hockey game and Chris is sharing his argument with Mike Altier about why a Sumo wrestler wouldn’t be a great goalie.

Adam says that’s Jimmy Kimmel’s old idea and Chris explains why it wouldn’t work.


Drew is now asking Adam about the show “Louie” and if he watches it, Adam has seen a few episodes or more and like Louis C.K. but says he hasn’t signed off on him being the end all be all definition of comedy and what’s funny.

Adam is now sharing what bumps him about the format and structure of Louie, he’s comparing and contrasting it against “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and its episode structure.

Essentially Adam says “Louie” doesn’t connect the dots and the episodes are left open, like life in a way but it’s not satisfying as a viewer.


Drew says it’s decidedly not funny and Adam says he should be allowed to evolve as an artist and Drew is telling Adam that the mother character in the flashback episode about marijuana reminds him of Adam’s mom.

Adam is now getting to his upbringing and bizarre duality of meals, either super healthy or inedible or Swanson TV dinners cooked in the oven.

Adam is explaining how unhealthy this food was and he’s contrasting it against his mom’s terrible health food.


Adam is joking about the Swanson Salisbury steak being a bridge too far and now he’s getting to the free lunches he got at school, how terrible that stuff was too.

Adam is addressing the hypocrisy of his mother sending him to eat prison food at school, he’s mocking school cafeteria food and how terrible it was.

Adam wants to know if his mom was a health food nut, she was until she had a choice between healthy and free, she just didn’t want to burn the calories.


Drew is now making Adam’s point about parental responsibility, if not given a free lunch program would she have then been forced to prepare him food.

Adam says by 5th grade he was already a pro dumpster diver/beggar and shares how he would scrounge off his peers and their packed lunches.

Adam is explaining how the food topic made him think of his nightly after school activities and how he would be outside until his friends had to go home for dinner, he would be trapped watching Maude and how social media would have changed his life.


Adam is saying he used to just go home and sit, doing nothing and he’s asking if it possibly opened his mind up and contrasting that against his kids and how they never go into “creation mode” as they’re constantly experiencing and receiving other people’s content.

Adam thinks it’s a mistake to treat kids like this, Adam thinks it may have created his ability to use delayed gratification to motivate and his ability to create things.

Adam is now doing a great Nature Box live read where he jokes about Chris stealing and selling this stuff on the black market.


1st Letter from Kevin, he’s got a dilemma with his gf and her son, he’s sharing how he’s concerned about being severed from the child’s life.

Adam is now bringing up “what’s best for the kid” and how that used to be a concern, Adam is getting to adults who can’t remove their issues from the kids and their best interests.

Adam is now saying that women are more engaged in the welfare of their children 9 times out of 10 and says despite that their feelings of vitriol often take over and the child’s best interest takes a back seat in that one instance.


Drew is now binging up women who recreate the abandonment of their own childhoods without even realizing it, it’s a compulsion to re-experience the past.

Adam is now offering up some practical advice for how to best set this boy up for a healthy life and the words that Kevin can use to try to stay in the kid’s life.

Drew says the guy needs to stay in the kid’s life ‘Til he’s at least 15 and the good news is the kid isn’t a girl, it won’t be as bad on him emotionally and won’t recreate this exact same process for another generation.


Drew brings up unregulated male aggression and how the lack of a father figure doesn’t allow the brain to grow to regulate said aggression.

Drew is doing a live read for


2nd Letter from Mike, an ex-gf moved into his building in NYC and wants to know if he should or shouldn’t tell his wife.

Drew is explaining how he’s almost fucked if he does tell her and fucked if he doesn’t.

Adam says he would weigh the source of the information into this decision and asking about Mike’s acting abilities.


Adam says his experience with women is a “sleeping dogs lie” sort of strategy and he’s saying men are more wired for these pre-emptive stat out of trouble conversations.

Adam is getting to feelings and how women are more interested in that part, not the facts and he’s citing his own discussions with his wife where she uses feelings to steer around logical discussions.


Adam is now wrapping up the show with some plugs for the live shows in Phoenix and Long Beach.