Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/14/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 246

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/14/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 246

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 06-09-2015 – Release Date 06-14-2015

Production Number #246 – Rude Jude

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Adam opens the 2nd hour with a Get it on! Intro and welcomes Rude Jude to the show, he gives out his plugs and Adam mentions Sway who is on the same station.

Adam is now talking about doing Rude’s show, he explains he is so sleep deprived to excuse why he forgot doing Rude’s show while in New York.

Adam says he was listening to Rude on The Howard Stern show and a conversation between him and Chet Haze the son of Tom Hanks. Adam talks to Rude about his book being optioned and laments his own books not yet being optioned.


Rude shares his problems with Chet Hanks/Haze and his behavior at Sirius, Rude is making some fine points and now Adam is talking about Chet identifying with black culture and Adam says that turnabout is fair play.

“I may be rich, I may be white but I identify as a poor black man!” – Adam

Rude agrees with Adam’s logic and Drew is taking it back to the on air interaction between himself and Chet, Adam is now sharing his rap knowledge and how he can tell good stuff apart from bad stuff but isn’t that nuanced.


Adam hits a few beats from Rude’s past and Drew brings up how he was with Jason Ellis when he was fighting MMA, Rude is telling them about his dad raping his mom.

Rude explains how he only asked his mother her permission but not his father’s and Adam agrees with his logic, Adam is now looking at a picture of Jason Ellis and forgetting who he is, Adam gets his memory jogged and remembers he did the ACS and they also probably met at various X Games throughout the 90’s and 2000’s.

Drew is explaining how he was in the corner for Jason Ellis during the fight and tries to identify Tate Fletcher’s business partner Keith Jardine.


Adam and Drew are riffing about ‘Hardy Har Har’ and they ask Rude about what’s going on over at Sirius and if they’re successful.

Rude shares how he’s able to keep a steady gig and how the money you make should be from various outlets removed from the show.

Adam is talking about MTV didn’t pay them and used the argument of exposure to explains why the pay was so low.


Rude shares how the people who bought his book aren’t regular readers but are fans of his show, Drew is making noise with paper and Rude comments on their dynamic.

Adam is explaining how he doesn’t call his ads a “read” nor flap papers into the mic.

Hilarious crumpling paper Foley work!


Adam and Drew are doing a True Car Live Read


Adam is back to the book optioning topic from earlier, Adam is talking about free money and how awesome it is.

Adam is talking about the windows for book options and cites a guy he knows was able to option a book 3 times in a row.

Rude is now explaining his POV and voice and now Adam is asking him about his HBO deal and the series development.


Drew wants to hear some clips from the interview with Chet, Rude says he has a problem with people having a problem with him saying the n word, Rude explains how you can’t pick and choose who gets to say the word.

Adam is giving his take and has an interesting insight into hip hop culture, Drew is arguing another angle to be considerate of other POV’s though he agrees with Rude.

They’re all in agreement about the term and Rude has a great point about the n word being turned from a racial slur into a term sold back to the grandchildren of the people who abused and enslaved their ancestors.


They’re now playing a clip from the radio show, Rude says it’s uncomfortable for him to hear this and he wishes he had handled it better, Adam tells him that’s good even though it was solid radio.

Adam says that just saying he would like to do better is probably the same part of him that led him from his horrible circumstances in Detroit to his life now.


Adam is making a larger point about the message sent by society regarding human potential and personal motivation.

Rude shares his take on feeling like he’s half of his old man and talks about his father playing the victim, Adam calls Rude a poet.

Adam is in agreement and says the scariest notion you can peddle to someone is to make them a victim in need of a savior.


Adam is telling people to internalize and assess their environments, Adam is giving his take on why politicians are hypocrites and how Obama and other people wouldn’t accept mediocre results from their own children.

Adam takes it back to Dr. Drew and says it’s a form of racism to expect less of others than he expects of his kids, Rude sums up Adam’s position and agrees on the racism of low expectations.


1st Caller Peter, he’s starting therapy next Thursday and Adam asks him if someone is asking him to get into therapy.

Peter is sharing how he feels anxious, Drew explains how the process begins and how his alcohol withdrawal might be affecting him.

Rude shares his experiences with therapy, Adam is telling him to treat therapy like the gym and to put in the work.


Adam is now asking Drew about anxiety and at what age it’s most intense, Drew shares his own experiences with anxiety and Adam wants to know how much of it can come on later in life.

Adam is saying once in a while he gets a flutter and now takes it back to Rude Jude and brings up Donny Osmond’s later in life stage fright after 45+ years of performing.

Adam and Drew are talking about fear of flying and Adam is talking about an MLB player, possibly named Steve and possibly a former dodger who lost the ability to perform the basic duties of playing the game.


2nd Caller Kevin, he’s about to have kids and very worried about nature vs. nurture, he wants to know if Adam would like it if his kid’s personalities were swapped.

Adam says he kind of likes it as his son would end up getting in a lot of fist fights, Adam says society encourages her to tone it down and would only encourage him to increase the energy.

Drew sums things up for him and Adam shares his fear of his kids developing into adults and Rude asks if Adam is really worried about his daughter growing up to be popular with boys.


Adam is now riffing about what he would have done if someone would have paid him attention and bought him stuff as a young person, he would have been sucking some older rich guy off all day long.

Adam is bringing up how his sister ran away at 14 and Adam says he wasn’t a commodity at 14, Adam says that attractive women always have the option of using their beauty as a commodity and brings up Marilyn Monroe.

Adam is hoping that his kids have that structure that they’re now craving chaos, Rude has a practical take and now Adam is sharing that Steve Sax was the former dodger who had that spontaneous poor season.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Ultimate plus Live Read

Rude jokes around about Adam needing to say this one from the heart, hilarious!

Adam is talking about this service is worth it just to avoid having to undo credit damage, Adam is now sharting his IRS payment plan dilemma and how he ended up with a debt equal to his original amount.

Adam finds out it’s 330 bucks a year for Life Lock, Adam talks about the ‘Animaniacs’ script payday that never came due to the IRS garnishing his wages.

Adam is giving his take on how the IRS fucked him over and will operate in ways they wouldn’t let a private company or creditor operate.


Adam is now making a point about the government fucking up and refusing to fix what they’ve done, Adam is sharing how his credit was marked up due to the bogs wage garnishment they wrongly initiated.

Adam is now mocking 9/11 truthers and brings up the old discovery specials where they show an old casino being demolished.


Drew plugs the PodcastOne Surveys and Adam is now giving out the remaining plugs and wrapping up the show.

Adam is now referencing his 92Y chat and explaining the “Evening With” shows, Rude Jude has a great closing comment about being an old-school Loveline fan, wow how cool!

Great Guest!