Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/14/2013 – Mark Geragos

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mark Geragos

Recorded 06-13-2013 – Release Date 06-14-2013

Production Number #1100

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Mark is now making his 3rd appearance on the podcast, it might be the fastest 3peat booking in the show’s history and now Adam is telling the gang about selling the 100,00th bottle of Mangria.

Adam is sharing how they found out that the guy who bought the bottles lives in Rhode Island and it was bought to send to his dad as a gift in Northridge CA, ultimately saving the network some airfare.


Adam is now asking Mark his take on his kid’s new tutor showing up early, Adam argues that it’s not a virtue when you’re arriving at someone’s home.

Mark just shared why it’s not necessarily a good thing to have your employees show up early and BB half-jokingly jumps in when he smells potential free money, wow!


Adam is back to his kids tutor and her early arrival that happened in the middle of his conference call while Lynette was stuck in the shower to boot.

Hilarious description of Lynette’s shower time, Mark is now telling the gang about septic tank living vs. with sewers, hilarious Jewish Submarine riff from Ace and a nice suggestion from Mark.

Adam is explaining how profoundly flattered he is by potential sponsors believing in him and the show, Mark has the same feelings about his clients choosing him.


BB just jumped in to take away Adam’s good nature saying it’s all about his classic cars, sigh.

Adam is now telling Mark and the gang about the “Nanboree” where the nanny’s gather at his house, he’s now telling all Hispanic women to stop being so easily startled, hilarious!


Mark is now telling the gang why L.A. County lock up is so awful, he’s comparing it to hell and explaining how the intake process works and how loud it is.

Mark is straight up saying that white people are immediately targeted upon booking, Adam has a fine sarcastic point about the races targeting white people, and Alison interrupts to give her take on noise, kind of sidestepping this heavy topic of racial targeting.

Adam is taking it back to the lock up and why white people are hunted, Adam is now asking Mark why Los Angeles has such incredible range, Mark is explaining the nature of the dichotomy.


Adam is now having Mark rattle off 5 of his most famous cases, he’s telling them about the “white water scandal” and now they’re getting to the “Paula Jones” scandal.

Adam is explaining the levels of addiction, using nail polish remover being consumed by alcoholics to create a perfect analogy.

Mark is calling Clinton a “Man of the people” and has a funny comment, now Bryan is once again jumping in to yell “facts” at Adam and the guest, seriously!?


Mark is telling Adam about the case he represented Nicole Ritchie for and the case with Mike Tyson being taken advantage of by his money manager.

Adam and Mark are now joking about Tyson being managed out of hundreds of millions and Adam has a nice Don King dig.


Adam is now explaining that he was watching “Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice” and saw a piece on the Gianni Versace/Andrew Cunanan murder.

Adam is doing a live read for Tonx coffee and explaining how he had to tell the staff that the stuff that comes there is for him and they get his scraps, not the other way around.

Of course Captain “put my dog’s asshole on your couch pillow” objects once again.


Adam is now breaking down Season 6 Episode 1 of Power, Privilege & Justice: Deadly Designs from January 2006.

Alison is reciting many of the details of the murder spree and Adam is breaking down the “tell” Andrew left the police, Mark seems to be enjoying Adam’s scrutiny of the cops and their botched search.

Adam has a great riff about the murdered cemetery caretaker and the notion of dying on the job while working at a graveyard.


Adam is now breaking down the “worst guy to be murdered by” and has a great Thomas Harris reference for Mark and his hypothetical demise.

Adam is explaining why being murdered by a gay prostitute offers an extra level of negativity and what people will assume even if you never met the guy nor interacted with him.

They’re now going super in depth on the case and the family relationship among the Versace clan.

Mark is joining Adam for a wonderful Scorebig.com live read, gold!


Mark is now asking Adam for his take on the NSA wiretapping scandal, Adam is explaining how he tries hard not to be a “toe the line” guy and doesn’t have a left or right wing team.

He’s going in depth on his thoughts on the program and explaining why he thinks the way he does.

They’re going in depth on the government and its priorities, Adam seems to sum it up quite nicely by calling the government the mob combined with a PR firm.


Tales from the Cheap

Hilarious “stepped on” gum riff joking about Mark’s cheap parents, Adam is explaining the different between cheap and poor.

Adam is explaining how he was poor his whole life but never cheap, he’s citing his ex-waitress and stripper girlfriends who were great tippers because they knew the struggle.

Adam is sharing his theory on how people hide behind being poor in order to exist as a cheap person, Adam and Mark are now joking about Dr. Drew and his fear of “everything be taken away”.


Mark is rightfully attributing the depression era upbringing to explain his father and Drew’s father’s absolute cheapness.

Adam is now calling for people to “get over it” and not to use their past as an excuse.


1st caller Jesus has a cheap aunt and uncle who lie about children in order to eat off of the discounted children’s menu at Denny’s.

Adam is sharing the story of the time they stayed at a hotel with a “horn of plenty” buffet but Natalia had to have the chocolate chip pancakes.

Adam is now calling for women to stop using the omelet chef as their own personal dietary consultant and saying that’s a job where a person deserves a tip.


2nd caller Aaron has a single cousin who once bought a whopper at Burger King without cheese and topped it himself at home, BB seems to know it’s a 21 cents savings, perhaps from his days as a “Jack In the Box” secret shopper.

Adam is joking about Pop and Ashcans in reply to Aaron’s terminology, he’s now explaining why save a nickel mode doesn’t mesh well with earn a buck mode, Mark is telling Adam it’s a warren buffet style idea and now they’re riffing about Jimmy Buffet.


3rd caller Nick, he’s got some kids he has to quiet down and Adam just predicted they use an above ground pool, Nick tops him by telling them that they use their neighbors above grounder.

They’re now discussing above ground pools and Adam is bringing up Americas funniest home videos, Adam is telling the gang about Lynch sending him a picture of a well-worn above ground pool.


They’re now back from break and Adam is riffing on the Dawson intro about the “ghost hunters” style TV shows, Mark and Alison are jumping in explaining how the shows use tricks to attempt to manipulate the viewer into experiencing what they’re describing.

Adam is now sharing how he would react if he was certain he was of a belief that was going to lead him to heaven, Mark has a great point and Adam is now connecting all of religion and ghosts to various real estate scams.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Syria using chemical weapons, she’s reading the quotes from the Obama administration and Mark is predicting a scarily accurate future scenario by citing some Middle East history.

Mark is asking some key questions and pointing out the colossal failure, Adam is now arguing what American’s are supposed to do with the incredibly large group of people who just want to literally throw rocks at everyone else, whoa!

Adam is calling for energy independence and suggesting we cut off the Middle East, Adam is now essentially calling for a U.N. of Sanity and Mark is offering up his own interesting variation.


2nd story is on Rupert Murdoch’s impending divorce.

Mark and Alison are now reminiscing over his wife hitting a man who attempted to hit Rupert with a pie, they’re now watching the video and Adam is also a fan of her fisticuffs.

Mark has an interesting theory about the divorce and how it could possibly be an attempted “tax dodge” and now Mark is explaining how bulletproof an actual prenuptial agreement is.

They’re going in depth on divorce, prenups and community property, Mark is telling the gang about his wife who stuck by him through the good and the bad and comparing that to the typical “trophy wife” divorce scenario.


Adam is now bringing up why it’s funny when wealthy women get burned in a divorce, Adam is cackling about the Chris Humphries case.

Even more “Fiancé Daniel” comedy, Mark makes them replay the drop and now Alison is sharing a couple’s dilemma from their den of sin.

Adam has a killer one liner mid story and a funny observation on gay relationships and their longevity, he’s quoting the separate bedroom observation from his custom carpentry days.


Adam just invented a hilarious fictional TV network while explaining his argument for his own bedroom.

Adam and Mark are now riffing about people buying gifts for him with his money and how it loses some of its luster, Mark is explaining his “no gifts” rule complete with great exacerbated quote.

There now all mocking Alison’s “blah, blah, blah” from her earlier relationship anecdote, Adam’s launching into a funny live read with Mark who always brings it.


They’re remarking on the photos of “Winston Jackson” doubling their expectations, Adam is plugging the Wiltern show and his first live Vancouver appearance.

Adam just announced that Larry Miller will be returning to the ACS next week!